Beyond - Legends Jedi Beginning- SCRIPT- Danielle Skywalker/Luke, Leia, some others. FEEDBACK WANTED!

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    Title: The Jedi Beginning
    Rating: PG to PG-13
    Summary: One of Danielle's adventures...
    Authors note: This is a script I started writing...maybe back in my junior year of high school. I'm trying to give myself the inspiration to write scripts again, like I used to when I was younger. Maybe I'll end up rewriting this one. Now, if you guys give me feedback, I'll post more. But if not, I'll just stick to trying to get feedback for my other story, A Jedi's Fate. This script has Earth in it, but PLEASE ignore it and pretend it's some...planet. I haven't completely figured out how to change her storyline so it makes sense and I don't butcher it.
    Also, just so you guys know, I did post a lot of other stories on my old username. JediDannySkywalker is my old one. I don't want to post them a second time and somehow get in trouble for it, unless it's not a rule and I can post them again so that newer members can read them. Let me know if you want to read or reread them again.
    True Love- Jaina and Jag songfic
    Somewhere Out There- Songfic (Danielle Skywalker)
    Far Longer than Forever- Han and Leia songfic
    Crash and Burn- Danielle Skywalker songfic
    All For You- Han and Leia songfic

    Any votes?

    Oh yeah, I also wrote one a loooong time ago about Luke and Mara's kids...I might decide to rewrite it and repost it. If any of you remember it, any voites for that, too?

    Disclaimer: Basically, I own uh...any unfamiliar Star Wars characters...I don?t own the last name Skywalker, George Lucas does. I don?t own Star Wars in general. Thanks!

    Jedi Beginning
    Scenes 1-3


    Danielle Skywalker- is the niece of Darth Vader, and a very powerful Jedi Princess. When she was eight, her brother died to save her life and she has blamed herself for his death since then. Because of how powerful she is, she now has many enemies. Her boy friend is Joseph Sanderson, the nephew of the Sith witches who killed her brother, and her twin brother is Jesse Skywalker.

    Jesse Skywalker- is the nephew of Darth Vader, and twin brother of Danielle Skywalker. When he and Danielle were born, they were separated, and he was adopted and taken to Corellia. They found each other when they were about thirteen, and Jesse struggles to keep his sister from danger and from turning to the dark side.

    Joseph Sanderson- is the nephew of the Sanderson Sisters, the Sith Witches who killed Danielle Skywalker?s brother, and he is also Danielle?s boy friend. He is a Warlock Prince.

    Luke Skywalker- Luke is the older cousin of Danny and Jesse. He is training them at his Jedi Academy on Yavin 4 and is a very powerful Jedi Master.

    Alison- Danny?s friend, she was there the night Max was killed. She and Binx have taken care of her since her foster parents died. Alison was close to becoming Max?s girl friend.

    Binx (Thackery Binx)- More than 300 years old, Thackery was once a human but as a punishment, was turned into a cat after he tried to save his little sister Emily from drinking the potion that Max died to save his sister. He still blames himself for his sisters death, and lives with Alison. Until Danny found out who she was, he and Alison took care of her.

    The Sanderson Sisters- 300 year old Sith witches who are very powerful and evil. They turned Thackery Binx into a cat after he tried to save his sisters life. When Danny was eight years old, they were brought back by the Black Flame Candle, and in the end, Max drank the potion that Binx?s sister drank, only he drank it to save Danny?s life. Now the three witches seem to haunt Danny, and want to see her in pure pain.

    Serra Palpatine- The twin brother of Emperor Palpatine. He wants Danielle Skywalker to turn to the dark side, knowing how powerful she is, but he has accused her of killing his twin brother on the second Death star.

    Medusa Palpatine- The adoptive niece of Serra and his twin brother. She, too, believes that if the young Skywalker were on the dark side, she?d be very powerful. She also believes that Danielle killed her uncle.

    If I missed any other characters mentioned (other
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