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Beyond - Legends Jedi In Ruins (AU, 2/22)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by Darth_Morhs, Feb 22, 2006.

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  1. Darth_Morhs

    Darth_Morhs Jedi Youngling star 3

    Sep 11, 2005
    Title: Jedi in Ruins
    Author: Darth Morhs
    Timeframe: 90 years after Battle of Endor
    Disclaimer: All original Star Wars characters belogn to George Lucas.

    Intro: Ninety years after the battle of Endor, the New Republic Thrives under the reign of Supreme Chancellor Ularo. The Jedi Academy on Yavin 4, however, is in chaos after the death of Master Korr, the Jedi who defeated Tavion and Marka Ragnos, seventy-three years before his death.

    The Jedi Order is divided into clans, most of which follow the Dark Side. But the strongest of these, the Followers of Katarn, is controlled by The Light. The clans of Darkness and Light are constantly at war with one another.

    Hatrian Fatrayn, a young aspiring Jedi recruit, is on his way to the base of the Followers of
    Katarn, hoping to be accepted into the clan?

    (I hope this goes along as well as possible with the EU after the OT, but because of my limited knowledge of the EU, it is mainly modeled after the PC game Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy. The story is set up like a script, so I hope that doesn't do anything wrong.)

    Chapter One

    (N-95 starfighter exits hyperspace above Yavin 4. It flies to the surface, heading towards a clearing in the forest.)

    (Shows Hatrian, inside the cockpit, wearing a verpine headband.)

    Hatrian: There?s the base R7.

    (Voice comes over comlink.)

    Head of Dock: We?ve detected an N-95. State your name and business.

    Hatrian: Hatrian Fatrayn, I?ve submitted an application to the Academy.

    Head of Dock: Name verified. Shield is being lowered.

    (Hatrian?s starfighter lands on the landing platform. He exits the fighter, and R7-G1 follows him. He goes off the platform, and is greeted by a protocol droid.)

    Droid: Hatrian Fatrayn, we are pleased to have you here. Allow me to lead you into the Recruitment Office.

    (Hatrian follows the droid down a path to a speeder.)

    Droid: Our Academy is dispersed, for protection. We travel by speeders to reach each location. You have to know the access codes to the speeders to use them.

    (The speeder goes through a path in the forest. After a few miles, it reaches a medium sized building.)

    Droid: Here. The password to the dock is 3224. Good day.

    Chapter Two

    (The droid leaves as Hatrian enters the office. He sees a receptionist at a desk across the room. He walks over to him.)

    Hatrian: I?m Hatrian Fatrayn, I?m here to speak to the Consular of Recruitment.

    Receptionist: Ah yes. Unfortunately, Master Zhar is not available at the moment. But luckily, I have your application here. We regret to inform you that you are not eligible.

    (Hatrian gets a confused and angry look on him.)

    Receptionist: I?m sorry, but we are only accepting students that are 13 years of age or younger.

    (Hatrian fights back the disappointment.)

    Hatrian: I see. Good day.

    He turns around towards the door, and begins exiting.

    Receptionist: Congratulations, you?ve passed your first test.

    (Hatrian turns around.)

    Receptionist: The first test is seeing your reaction to being told you are not applicable. Master Parda is upstairs. You can see him now. Level 5.

    (Hatrian looks relieved and surprised. He walks towards the elevator. He gets in, presses the level 5 button, and goes upwards. When he reaches the destination, he steps out. In front of him is a Twi?lek male. He is typing on a datapad.)

    Hatrian: Master Parda?

    Parda: You must be Hatrian. I?ve been expecting you. You are one of the most promising recruits. You are welcome to stay here at the Academy until we?ve made a decision about letting you join. Good day.

    (Hatrian turns around to leave, but a masked man blocks the door. Hatrian is startled. The man draws a vibrosword and charges towards Hatrian.)

    (Hatrian turns around and rolls towards Parda?s desk. He jumps over it and grabs Parda?s lightsaber, thinking that he has been ambushed. He jumps over Parda, and attacks his opponent. After a short fight, Hatrian has the enemy unarmed.)

    Parda: Good. Test two passed.

    (Hatrian deactivate
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