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Before - Legends Jedi Knight I: The Protectors of Liberty UPDATED Ch-18,19, COMPLETE STORY

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by unseenally, May 23, 2004.

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  1. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004
    I have finished three large fan fiction stories and am currently working on a fouth. These stories are collectivly known as the "Jedi Knight" series, which chronicles the young life of Qui-Gon Jinn. These stories are not like most fan fiction on the net, they do not have alot of deep thought or great works of literary art. They have been modeled after the Jedi Apprentice stories so they are actually geared toward a young audiance. I tried to stick close to Jude Watson's format, but at times it was difficult. These are stories that I think are fun to read and remind me of the Star Wars movies. Don't be concerned if you think the story has a poor plot and chunky diologue, becuase it does, but what Star Wars movie doesn't?

    Also, the series even has it's own website I've been experimenting with,[link=]HERE[/link]. Many of the parts are not updated yet and the Databank is yet to be posted but I am working on it, so feel free to look around there if you like.

    This is the first three chapters (there is 18 chapters) and note that these three chapters don't have to do with Qui-Gon Jinn, but he will appear in Chapter 4. So, sit back and take a few minutes to read a few chapters of Star Wars Jedi Knight I: The Protectors of Liberty.

    Comments are highly anticipated.
  2. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004

    Zi Tacklen watched as the hiss of soft red laser fire penetrated through the stale air in the long hallway. The hall was massive and well illuminated. Its flat gray walls were blackened with the marks of many lasers.

    The hallway was one of many that filled the ship, a large Dresselian transport called the Expedition. It had been returning to Coruscant from the Outer Rim Territory of Klatooine when Togorian pirates attacked it.
    Zi Tacklen stood in a doorway on the left side of the hall hiding from the Togorians who were blasting their way from the hangar bay. He reached up and pulled his hood off his head. He slowly shifted his long hair, which was blond but long since turned brown. An accomplished Jedi Knight, Zi Tacklen was in his early forties. Zi had experienced countless life threatening situations and had been through many similar situations.

    He concentrated hard, using the Force he communicated with his apprentice. He had to use the Force in order to avoid the Togorians hearing him. His apprentice stood in a doorway on the opposite side of the hall, waiting for a command.

    His apprentice was nearly twenty-six, at the end of his Jedi training. He was a well-built, handsome man with dark hair and green eyes. His name was Shack-Tah Kath. Shack-Tah had been his apprentice for over ten years, and in that time, Shack-Tah and Zi had grown close. They trusted each other with everything. The bond between master and apprentice was great. Zi was sad to see his friend leave, yet proud to see his apprentice become a Jedi Knight.

    Zi summoned the Force, allowing his apprentice to hear him. Shack-Tah, the Togorians can?t see us. I will move first, and then you follow. The apprentice gazed at his Master and nodded to show his acceptance of the order.

    The Togorians were large hairy creatures, twice the size of a man. Their eyes were mere glowing green slits. They were some the most fearsome predators in the galaxy and were known by all species to be lethal.

    Zi tightened his body and mind. He could hear the Togorians begin to lumber down the hall. The two Jedi could hear the sound of their breath creeping closer. At the right moment, Zi stepped out and activated his lightsaber. He trusted it?s green blade forward and ran it right through the chest of a Togorian. It howled in pain for a moment and fell in a heap. Shack-Tah somersaulted out of the doorway and deflected several shots from the blasters, spun and sliced off a Togorian arm.

    Three more Togorians burst through the door and started firing. Saliva dripping from their long fangs and light bouncing off their black armor, the creatures charged forward blasting at the Jedi.

    Shack-Tah marched forward twirling his lightsaber. He deflected six shots and leaped into the air, somersaulted and landed behind the Togorians. He trusted his saber forward through the chest of the Togorian. It screamed and around the wound, the black armor glowed orange. Simultaneously Zi swung and decapitated the same Togorian before Shack-Tah could pull his saber from its body.

    Zi spun in a circle and deflected several shots. Realizing their defeat the Togorians retreated through the damaged hangar bay door. Zi and Shack-Tah watched as their fur disappeared into the smoke behind the passage. Shack-Tah slowly shifted his head from left to right examining the floor.

    ?This is worse than I thought,? Shack-Tah broke the silence. Zi sighed and crouched to one knee.

    ?We must contact the bridge and inform them of our whereabouts and our situation,? the Jedi Master said slowly, cocking his head to see his apprentice. Shack-Tah nodded.

    Zi wiped the sweat from his forehead. From his tunic, he retrieved a small projector. He placed it on the floor and turned it on. A miniature hologram of the ship?s commander, Dakkla?na, appeared.

    Dakkla?na was a young Pemposian, a race of creatures from the planet of Nogah. He wore battle fatigues, tight leather-like material with a grayish hue. His smooth sk
  3. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004

    Twelve-year-old Qui-Gon Jinn leaned against one of the large support beams in the apprentice dueling chamber in the Jedi Temple. His legs ached; he was also bruised and burned from long lightsaber battles in the chamber. He watched as two other apprentices, friends of his, Rav-Rukawa and Hacdu battled.

    The students fought while other students and some of the Masters watched. Sweat stood out on Qui-Gon?s forehead. His eyes followed his friends and he laced his fingers together. Qui-Gon had been dueling for most of the day and was completely exhausted. He hoped above all else that one of the Jedi watching was impressed and would accept him as his Padawan.

    He had been in the Temple for many years. He had seen many friends become Padawans and others not. Becoming a Jedi was all that Qui-Gon thought about in the recent months. It was hard for him to be sure if one of the Masters was impressed with his performance. Many times he could feel the eyes of Knights on him, but they never asked him to become their Padawan.

    The students ended their battle with Rav-Rukawa coming out the winner. The other students cheered along with Qui-Gon for Rav-Rukawa as he held his lightsaber above his head.

    ?Done well,? Yoda called as the Masters had conversations about the fight. ?Good you are, showing your practice is.?

    ?Thank you,? Rav-Rukawa said bowing before the Masters.

    It was dinnertime, and the students were all rising from their seats and making their way towards the dining halls. Rav-Rukawa walked past Qui-Gon and made a sudden turn to face him.

    ?Aren?t you coming?? He asked Qui-Gon while attaching his lightsaber to his belt.

    ?No, I?m going to ask Master Yoda something. But I?ll meet you there in a few minutes. Don?t let anyone eat my food,? Qui-Gon replied cheerfully.

    ?Well than I will save you a seat. See you later!? He called as he walked away.

    Qui-Gon walked slowly up towards Yoda. He stood, cane in hand, watching out a large window to the gigantic city of Coruscant. Although he knew Qui-Gon was standing behind him, he didn?t turn to face him.

    ?Question you have young Qui-Gon?? Yoda asked finally facing the student.
    ?Yes, I was curious if he has returned yet,? Qui-Gon answered looking down to meet the small Master?s eyes.

    ?He has. Hoping to be his apprentice yet, hmmm,? Yoda spoke, his ears rising.

    ?Do you still think he will accept me?? Qui-Gon asked.

    ?Long time since he has had a apprentice, ready again he is. See you soon Rai-Jel will,? Yoda remarked nudging his cane towards Qui-Gon.

    Qui-Gon felt warm inside, Yoda?s foreseeings were not often wrong. Qui-Gon thought it must be the will of the Force that Rai-Jel Karoo was going to accept him as a Padawan. Yet what if Yoda was wrong? Yoda had always said, ?Strange are the ways of the Force,? and ?Unexpected the future can turn out.? Qui-Gon tried to clear his mind and only think of the positives. He would be so proud if he could be Rai-Jel Karoo?s apprentice.

    Rai-Jel Karoo was a powerful Jedi Knight. He was often in charge of the utmost dangerous of missions. He only came to the Temple on certain occasions and would spend his time meditating and consulting with the Masters. Most of the apprentices never even bothered trying to impress Rai-Jel. He was very strict on his students and only accepted the very best.

    Knowing this, Qui-Gon longed to be his apprentice. Qui-Gon often had troubles controlling his fear and anger, paths to the Dark Side. Although it was common amongst apprentices to have these problems, Qui-Gon felt that he needed more control over his emotions. Sometimes when Qui-Gon battled other students he lost control of his emotions and with a hot head fought ferociously. He felt that becoming Rai-Jel?s student he would be able to use the Force in a more controlled way under Rai-Jel?s leadership

    He had known one person who had become Rai-Jel?s apprentice. He was one of Qui-Gon?s best friends when they were younger. His name was Nanges Cardec. Nan
  4. Kynstar

    Kynstar Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 2, 2004
    Looking good! Looking good! :D :D Keep up the good work!! Love the OCs!
  5. jeday

    jeday Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jan 4, 2004
    Yes, very interesting. I am in it! :D
  6. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004
    Kynstar, Jeday, thank you. Comments are highly appreciated.

    Chapter Six

    Qui-Gon wished he could see the stars from Coruscant, but the lights were too bright. The sun had set and Yoda had returned to the Council Chamber to discuss the decision of Qui-Gon going to Chandarann with the rest of the Masters. Rai-Jel had gone to the transport, Expedition, in order to get it ready for the journey to Chandarann. Zi Tacklen sat up against a large stone pillar; his legs folded in Jedi style. Shack-Tah and Qui-Gon leaned on an ornate stone railing that surrounded the gardens. The gardens were peaceful at night as Zi meditated, while Shack-Tah and Qui-Gon talked quietly.

    ?This has been the best day at the Temple,? Qui-Gon remarked, running his fingers along the smooth rail.

    ?You will have many more like this,? Shack-Tah said proudly. ?Becoming a Jedi is no easy thing to accomplish. When you chose this path, you leave behind so much. There are so many other opportunities that you miss when you become a Jedi Knight.?

    ?I?m ready,? Qui-Gon replied confident voice.

    ?I have seen you fight before Qui-Gon Jinn,? Shack-Tah nodded. His green eyes gleamed from the light of nearby buildings. ?I would have to say that you will become a great Jedi Knight.?

    ?Rai-Jel seems to believe in me. I will not let him down,? Qui-Gon stated firmly.

    ?I am sure you won?t. This is my last mission, I want to be delighted but some part of me is still nervous,? he said slowly.

    ?You? Nervous? How could you be nervous?? Qui-Gon said astonished.
    ?Yes, Qui-Gon even Jedi get nervous. There is no way around emotions you only can learn to control them,? Shack-Tah explained.

    ?I have to control my anger and fear,? Qui-Gon murmured staring off into Coruscant.

    ?You will,? Shack-Tah said flatly. He placed his hand on Qui-Gon?s shoulder. At that moment, the two could feel a bond start to form; they had become friends.

    ?So tell me of our mission,? Qui-Gon flashed a small smile.

    ?We are heading to the bloody world of Chandarann, Shack-Tah said, turning around and leaning his back against the railing. ?Several days ago, the Senate received a plea from the Royal Congress of the System of Chandarann. The Congress pleaded for the Senate to help reach a peace settlement for the world. Chandarann for the last few years has been in a terrible revolution. Bands of rebels have been attempting to overthrow the tyrannical monarchy of the planet. Recently the revolution entered a radical stage. At first, the rebels only asked for a congress and now they want to completely change the government. Many have been killed. To complicate matters the neighboring world of Moltak has became involved with the revolution. Moltak has been trying to resolve the matter of Chandarann cutting off all trade to their world. Because of the trade problems, Moltak has gone as far as declaring war on Chandarann. The Moltak have sent troops in to help the Monarchy put down the revolution. We are to be guardians of peace and attempt to reach a peace settlement,? Shack-Tah informed the boy.

    ?This is a very dangerous mission, I agree with that,? Qui-Gon remarked. His eyes scanned the gardens. Everything was quiet and there was not a breath of wind. Thick bars of golden light stretched across the orchards from the nearby windows of the Jedi Temple.

    ?Are you ready for such a challenge?? Shack-Tah prompted.

    ?Yes, I?m ready,? replied Qui-Gon steadily. ?Of course I am, I have been training for this most of my life.?

    ?Were is your lightsaber?? Shack-Tah asked quietly.

    ?Here,? Qui-Gon said pulling it from his belt. ?It?s pretty nice, I?ve been working on it for quite some time.?

    He handed it to Shack-Tah, who examined it closely. ?Fine craftsmanship you have here. You might need it on Chandarann, you never no what to expect.?

    His green eyes gleamed at Qui-Gon in the darkness.

    ?Our mission may take a unexpected twist of fate.?

    Chapter Seven

    The Expedition zipped through the
  7. Kynstar

    Kynstar Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 2, 2004
    Cool a corrupt government ;) how ironic! :D :D Great work loving this!!

    Hope the splitting of the group doesn't spell doom like most campaigns do! ;) though that's mainly in RPGs though hehehe and the GM laughs insanely! hehehe

    So gonna have an OC be Qui's Master in this story instead of Dooku? That'll be cool :D different indeed!
  8. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004
    "So gonna have an OC be Qui's Master in this story instead of Dooku?"

    Yes, but not really. I know that makes no sense, but all will be explained in the stories.

  9. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004

    Chapter Eight [/b}

    Mulu had led Rai-Jel and Qui-Gon from the transport to deep inside a thick forest. The forest?s trees were thick and tall with new red leaves. The afternoon light gleamed against the moist bark. The wind blew softly, making the leaves shiver and rain down from the canopy. The three had been walking through the forest for some time and Qui-Gon wondered how Zi and Shack-Tah were doing.

    ?How much farther?? Qui-Gon questioned as he pressed his hand against an olla tree, its bark moist and leathery.

    Mulu?s feet stopped rustling the leaves underneath them and she moved a thick branch out of her way. ?We?re close,? she murmured as they came up to a wide river. It was crystal clear water rushing through the thick forest floor.

    For a moment, there was silence and then a clinking sound echoed through the forest. Mulu?s face paled, and she placed her finger to her lips.

    ?Don?t make a sound, war droids,? she whispered.

    Qui-Gon glanced at Rai-Jel. Rai-Jel showed no look of emotion, unlike Qui-Gon?s face, which was at present contorted with worry. Mulu pushed her arm straightforward in front of the Jedi, as the sound of moving metal grew closer. Mulu knew the Jedi were ready to do battle.

    ?We will bring no peace to my world by dying today,? she said in a very soft voice. ?We must hide.?

    She held Qui-Gon?s wrist and motioned Rai-Jel to follow. She crept slowly behind a large tree and pushed Qui-Gon to his knees. Rai-Jel followed and kneeled along side Mulu.

    Qui-Gon could feel how powerful she was, and wondered if she was a leader amongst the rebels His shocking brown eyes gleamed in the light and although she acted as if she was in fear, her face was as confident as it had always been.

    Suddenly they could see the war droids, their wiry bodies moving among the trees. There were a dozen moving slowly through the forest floor as their heads looked from side to side and their feet clinked against the ground.

    ?They?re on patrol,? Mulu whispered to Qui-Gon.

    Qui-Gon again looked at Rai-Jel and noticed that his hand was resting on the hilt of his lightsaber. Rai-Jel slowly stepped backwards until he was hidden behind another tree. He stood as steady as he could when a war droid walked closer. The armed droid grew closer; he could hear its metal joints scraping against each other.
    Mulu and Qui-Gon held their breath. They were sure that the droid would notice Rai-Jel. As they watched, suddenly Rai-Jel?s lightsaber was activated and it sliced through the wiry neck of the war droid. The droid fell into a heap and two other droids began to blast widely.

    Rai-Jel flipped out from behind the tree, spun and struck a war droid down. Mulu closed her eyes and shivered for a moment. Qui-Gon placed his hand on hers as sparks flew from the trees.

    ?We will be just fine,? he said carefully.

    In a second Qui-Gon had somersaulted out from the tree and his lighsaber was a buzz of flashing blue light. He twirled and smashed it as hard as he could into the silver chest of a war droid. The droid sizzled for a second and fell to the forest floor. Qui-Gon leaped high into the air, landing with a punishing strike to the neck of a droid. His blade hummed as he quickly spun to slice off the head of a droid behind him. Qui-Gon could feel the Force enter him as he reached out for it. It surrounded him and flowed in every limb.

    Rai-Jel?s lightsaber crackled and hissed as it slashed through the metal bodies of the war droids. The droids fired nearly hitting him. Bolts released a splash of sparks when the blasts hit the large trees. A blast flew past his feet and he jumped to avoid it. Rai-Jel came crashing down with a powerful blow to a war droid?s foot then fell backwards, striking another, where the droid sputtered and stopped moving.

    Qui-Gon threw himself into the air and landed less than a meter from a droid. Before the droid could react, Qui-Gon swung down with strength and sliced its blaster in two. Qui-Gon summoned the Force and thrust
  10. Kynstar

    Kynstar Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 2, 2004
    Oh boy! What a post! Action packed this one was! :D
    Great postie!! Uggg underground mines? Gonna get drafty and dirty, eh? hehehe Excellent job! :D
  11. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004

    Questions and comments are very helpful.

    Chapter Nine

    The tall stone buildings in the ancient, but very active city of Darann were crumbling. The city had been the site of countless battles and the people who were not made homeless struggled to survive on the warring world. Deep into the city was the royal palace. It too was scarred with the marks of war.

    Shack-Tah, Narkook and Zi stood along side one of the devastated buildings. Narkook?s eyes scanned the city for soldiers. He saw none.

    ?This is good,? said he as he gripped the edge of a gray stonewall.

    ?When will the meeting take place?? Zi asked earnestly.

    ?Not until the Moltak representatives arrive,? Narkook answered
    Shack-Tah stepped forward slowly. ?Why are they meeting if the Moltak have declared war this world??

    ?TooGaw and KinDola want to work out a peace settlement and once again begin trade with Moltak.?

    ?I don?t see anything wrong with that,? Shack-Tah stated softly.

    ?Even if they sign a peace settlement with the Moltak our rebels will continue to attack and TooGaw will still need the aid of the Moltak. The settlement is just another attempt to make the Senate believe that everything is going smoothly here,? Narkook explained as he kept watch for droids and soldiers.

    They walked slowly through the city reaching closer to the palace and seeing the great destruction that had been done to the once proud city. Shack-Tah was stunned; he hadn?t realized how much devastation had been done on Chandarann. Seeing the suffering of the city made begin to agree with his Master?s choice to get involved with the revolution.

    ?Are you sure that it is safe to walk through the streets like this?? Shack-Tah asked.

    Narkook stopped walking. ?If it no longer becomes safe we will have to find shelter,? said he.

    Suddenly a group Chandarannian guards appeared as they walked in formation down the road. Norkook?s face was ghastly and he quickly motioned for the Jedi to hide in one of the buildings nearby. The guards grew closer, and as they did, Narkook and the Jedi were safely hidden inside the door of a house. Shack-Tah crawled to a window and watched as the guards marched off. He looked around; the house wasn?t in good shape at all.
    Narkook broke the silence, ?That was close.?

    Zi stood up noiselessly and walked towards the window that Shack-Tah watched the guards pass by. Zi asked, ?How far to the palace??

    ?Just a block down,? Narkook said as he brushed himself off. ?We will have to some how sneak in.?

    ?Then that is what we will do.?

    The mineshafts that the Coalition had built their headquarters in were dark and melancholy. Near freezing water dripped down the walls, which gleamed from banks of artificial light. It struck upon the damp faces of the mine walls. Unlike the opening shaft of the mine, which was narrow and rough, the inner sections were quite striking when Qui-Gon Jinn first viewed them. Inside the mine?s long tunnels and dark passageways were the majority of Rebel Coalition. Chandarannians and some Humans were numerous along the halls as Mulu led Rai-Jel and Qui-Gon through the headquarters.

    The headquarters were actually quite pleasant. There were training rooms, where rebels could practice fighting skills. There were also personal quarters for every member of the Coalition, along with rooms filled with various weapons, food supplies, and bacta, a miracle-healing agent.

    ?We will supply you with quarters if you like,? Mulu said in the act opening a door in the passage.

    ?That won?t be necessary,? Rai-Jel said. ?This will be over soon.?

    Qui-Gon slowed his pace for a moment as he tried to make sense of what Rai-Jel had just said. How could he know when the revolution would end? Often Qui-Gon was slightly confused by what the Masters would say back in the Temple. He missed the Temple, its beautiful gardens and diverse people, now he was in a long abandoned mine shaft trying to help liberate a planet. He knew that his friends at t
  12. Kynstar

    Kynstar Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 2, 2004
    Uh oh! More action heading our way, eh? Ummm he seems awfully confident that it's gonna be over quick. Let's hope that isn't to prideful! ;) Great update!
  13. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004

    Chapter Ten

    The plan had been set. Rai-Jel had notified Shack-Tah and Zi so they were ready. Shack-Tah and Zi agreed to sneak into the palace and eavesdrop on the meeting between the Chandarannains and the Moltak. Once the meeting was over Zi would contact Rai-Jel, who would be waiting outside waiting to attack.

    Zi, Shack-Tah, and Narkook stood along side a large wall of pale blue stone that surrounded the royal palace. The wall and the palace were pitted and scared with the marks of war. The sky had turned thick, cloudy, and rumbled with thunder. The Jedi followed Narkook until he stopped suddenly at a small ditch filled with water.

    ?Are we there yet?? Shack-Tah asked earnestly.

    ?Yes,? Narkook answered. ?We can sneak into the palace through this water pipe.?

    Narkook began to climb into the water pipe, which was about a meter and a half across. Zi followed, and then Shack-Tah began to crawl into the pipe. The inside of the pipe was musty, foul and very dark. To Shack-Tah, the crawl through the pipe seemed endless as he tried to avoid getting wet by the water that ran through the bottom. Finally, he could see a light begin to appear, slow at first and then faster.

    ?We?re at the end,? Narkook called.

    One by one, they emerged from the long, foul pipe. The room they entered was not much better; it was storage room deep inside the palace. Shack-Tah and Zi wiped themselves clean of the dirt that they had collected in the pipe and scanned the room.

    ?Storage,? Narkook muttered.

    Suddenly a loud humming sound could be heard. Zi looked around for a moment and then walked towards a window on the wall that had golden light shinning through it. He climbed up some large crates marked Bacta and peered out the window.

    He watched as a large transport landed gently upon the ground near the palace. An entrance ramp lowered to the ground and several war droids marched out in formation. In the middle of them were several Moltak, most dressed in crimson colored robes.

    The Moltak were tall creatures with glossy eyes set far from their head, droopy ears and grayish colored skin. The Moltak and the war droids marched down the ramp and out of Zi?s view.

    ?Master, what do you see?? Shack-Tah asked eagerly. ?We are short on time. We must reach the meeting chamber.?

    ?The Moltak have arrived. There is a score of them entering the palace right now,? Zi answered. He pointed to a door in the corner of the dim room. ?We can use the cargo elevator to reach the upper floors.

    Caw reached his hand down to help Mulu out of the mineshaft. Qui-Gon and Rai-Jel were next, and they covered the shaft opening with broken branches.

    ?We have speeders hidden over there,? Mulu pointed into the dense forest. ?We can reach the city quickly with them.?

    The Jedi walked through the forest following Mulu and Caw until they came upon two speeders. They were hidden by brush and were in good order. Caw and Rai-Jel pulled the brush from them and revealed the sleek aqua colored speeders. Caw and Mulu climbed into the first speeder. Rai-Jel and Qui-Gon climbed slowly into the second speeder, with Rai-Jel at the controls.

    Qui-Gon scanned the inside of the speeder. He had flown speeders on Coruscant and was one of the best pilots among the Jedi students. Rai-Jel touched some of the controls and flickered his cape so it would be comfortable.

    The first speeder?s engine turned on with a loud hum. ?Follow us,? Caw said as he pushed forward on the accelerator. The speeder zipped forward around a large tree with a wisp of engine noise.

    Rai-Jel started the speeder and slowly pushed down on the accelerator. Qui-Gon jerked back in his seat as the speeder darted quickly away from where it had been parked. Qui-Gon watched large trees and small shrubs sped by as the speeder gained momentum. He turned his head forward to see the first speeder in front of them.

    He felt strangely comfortable with Rai-Jel at the helm. Partly because he felt a stro
  14. Kynstar

    Kynstar Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 2, 2004
    Woohoo! The skirmish w/the speeders was fun!! hehehe

    Uh oh... caught! Wonder how they're gonna get out of that one! Guess we'll see soon! ;) Great work! :D
  15. unseenally

    unseenally Jedi Youngling

    May 8, 2004

    Chapter 12

    Qui-Gon Jinn?s and Rai-Jel Karoo?s speeder flew out of the forest into the city of Darann. Following them was the speeder which Mulu and Caw sat in.
    Rai-Jel swung a hard right around a building and headed toward the palace.

    "Do you think we are too late?" Qui-Gon asked.

    "No, I think Zi would have contacted us," Rai-Jel replied with his brown eyes flashing in the evening light.

    Rai-Jel maneuvered past the palace, he zoomed left to a large courtyard behind the palace. The speeder hummed to a halt and the other speeder stopped a few meters behind them. Qui-Gon and Rai-Jel stepped out of the hovering speeder. Caw jumped out of his speeder and helped Mulu down.

    "I want to fight," Caw said clenching his fist.

    Qui-Gon bit his lip, "We have agreed with Zi that we will wait for his order to attack."

    "You have great confidence in your friend," Caw replied softly.

    "This is where we should wait," Rai-Jel told the others.

    Zi?s hand fell on the hilt of his lightsaber. He knew it wouldn?t be easy to defeat the dozen or so guards that had him, Shack-Tah and Narkook trapped. He knew that he should allow the guards to take them away and attack as they were. He also knew that they were short on time.

    In a blink of an eye his lightsaber was activated and it sliced through the barrel of the guard?s lightsaber. Zi kicked the guard in his stomach and he fell backwards.

    Shack-Tah leaped into the air, his lightsaber on and smashing into two war droids. They sputtered for a moment and collapsed.

    "What is going on up there?" KinDola called.

    Blaster bolts zipped through the air, mixed with the flashes of lightsabers. "Get down!" Zi ordered Narkook as he reached as far as he could to deflect a laser blast back at a droid. He somersaulted through the air and slashed into the crowd of guards.

    Shack-Tah ran forward to stop a group of war droids form escaping out of a door. He lightsaber whirled in the dark air and destroyed the droids with precise slashes. He watched in amazement, as always, at how good of a fighter his Master was. To him it seemed that his Master gracefully destroyed the guards effortlessly.

    To Zi of course it was slightly different. He simply allowed the Force to move through him smoothly. And allowed it to aid every move of his.

    Smoke filled the room, as the guards were defeated. Toognaw and KinDola watched helplessly as their guards were destroyed and shamed them if front of the Moltak.
    "The Jedi have survived," Toognaw said desperately.
    Zi and Shack-Tah walked over the devastated parts of the droids. They moved to the edge of the balcony and stared down at Toognaw and KinDola.

    "You are finished villain," Shack-Tah said firmly.
    With that said the Jedi leaped off of the balcony. They landed in front of the Chandarannian?s and the Moltak. Toognaw?s face was pale and shaky.

    "We had an agreement," Zi started. "It was understood that we would be safe on your world and we are left to die."

    "I, I can e-explain everything," Toognaw?s cowardly words slipped form his mouth. He and KinDola, as did the Moltak, walked slowly backwards. Behind them a large door slid open and they escaped through it.
    Shack-Tah ran up to the door as it closed.

    "Let them go," Zi called to his apprentice. "We will catch up to them later, first we should contact Rai-Jel."

    Chapter 13

    Rai-Jel Karoo pulled his comlink from the pocket of his tunic. He, Qui-Gon, and two Chandarannians were waiting in a courtyard behind the palace. The sun was becoming steadily lower and the pale moons hung in the sky like glowing stones.

    Qui-Gon gazed around the courtyard and beyond to the forest and mountains in the distance. He thought of all of his friends at the Jedi Temple. He wondered what they were doing and if they thought about him a lot. He looked at Rai-Jel; the Jedi Knight looked old and wise, even though he was only in his early thirties. He felt the Force strong whenever he was near Rai-Jel. He was confident that he would choose him as his Padawan.

    "Rai-Jel, we have been d
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    Wooooooow 2 close shaves!! Great action!! :D :D Totally had me on the edge of my chair on this post! :D

    Great job!!!
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    Chapter 14

    Shack-Tah turned his head sharply as he heard the sound of footsteps coming from the balcony. He paused and scanned the balcony. Two Chandarannians walked slowly out next to Narkook. One a woman with heavy blaster, the other was a man holding a vibroblade. They were of course Mulu and Caw.

    "Mulu," Shack-Tah said.

    "Jedi, may I introduce the Coalition?s best warrior and my good friend Caw," Mulu?s words full of pride. "We have been separated from Qui-Gon and Rai-Jel. But we are sure they are alright."

    "Good," Shack-Tah said coolly. "This is were KinDola and Toognaw were meeting with the Moltak. They all fled out of this door. We could have followed them but we waited to contact you and wait for you to arrive."

    "Well we have arrived," she flashed a smile.

    Shack-Tah raised his eyebrows. He spoke in a humorous tone, "Of course your force is only half."

    "Come up here, we have to capture and arrest Toognaw and KinDola before they and the Moltak escape."

    "Yes," he replied. He turned to Zi, who was working on a control panel near the door, trying to open it.


    The two Jedi strode to the balcony and leaped up to meet Mulu and Caw. The Chandarannians lead them out of the door that they had entered through. They came out in a large corridor, adorned with large convex windows.

    "We must hurry Jedi. The guards and droids have been sent to our headquarters in the forest. I don?t know how long the Coalition can hold them off," Caw said urgently.

    "He?s right, we must act swiftly," Zi said steadily as he nodded his head.

    The two speeders that Rai-Jel, Qui-Gon, Mulu, and Caw had driven to the palace suddenly exploded violently. Hot vapor erupted from a large ball of fire that rose into the stale air. The blast was followed by rain of debris that landed in the courtyard.

    The Jedi were hidden from the gunners on the palace in dense trees in the palace garden.

    Qui-Gon winced. "Now what do we do?"

    "I am not sure," Rai-Jel replied flatly.

    Qui-Gon walked slowly through the thick trees. He pushed them away from his face as he moved. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed something. It looked to Qui-Gon like another gate into the palace.

    "Rai-Jel," Qui-Gon spoke just loud enough for Rai-Jel to hear him. "I have found something."

    Rai-Jel paced up to him. "What have you discovered?"
    Qui-Gon pointed towards the gate. "I think it is a gate into the palace."

    Rai-Jel squinted and walked close to the gate. The gate was old and deteriorating. Thick leafy vines draped over the gate?s face.

    Rai-Jel leaned down and pulled the vines from the gate. He gripped the gate?s handle firmly and pulled strongly. The door squeaked and slid slowly open. Qui-Gon cocked his head as he peered inside of the gate. Inside the door was a flight of old stone steps that led into an inky blackness.

    Rai-Jel stepped cautiously down the steps. Qui-Gon followed reluctantly, but he knew it was better to go down the musty steps then to stay out in the courtyard and get blasted. It seemed to Qui-Gon that the steps had not been walked down in years.

    They reached the end of the steps and were faced with a large door. Rai-Jel pushed his shoulder into the door. He was a powerful man and pushed the door open with ease. The room behind the door astonished the Jedi completely.

    The room was well illuminated and filled full with supplies. Crates were packed to the ceiling with supplies. Boxes were marked: Bacta, Med Supplies, Food Supplies, and Weapons. In one corner, leaning against the wall was three vibroaxes, six vibroshives, and ten proton missile launchers. In another corner were several datapads and two swoops parked.

    Qui-Gon strolled into the room examining all of the great supplies that was at their fingertips. "These supplies could be very useful to us and the Coalition."

    "I agree," Rai-Jel replied coolly.

    "I could be very helpful for you," Caw said in a cold voice.

    "What do you mean?" Shack-Tah prompted.

    "You see I used to work in the palace," Caw said. His face was h
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    Uh oh... if this was a game and I was the GM I'd be laughing insanely now! The party has split up even more! Becareful Qui! You too Master!

    Great update! Can't wait for more! :D Explosives in a hangar... now that can definitely be dangerous for sure!!
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    Chapter 16

    Qui-Gon continued to follow TooGaw and KinDola. He grew closer and closer. One of the two protocol driods that had been following them was lagging behind. Qui-Gon speeded up his pace to catch up with the driod. He griped its shoulder and pulled the driod into a doorway on the side of the hall.

    The droid had silver outer coverings and its eyes flashed at Qui-Gon.

    "My, what is the meaning of this?" The driod asked.

    "Quiet," Qui-Gon ordered softly. "Can you tell me where you are heading to?"

    The droid?s head wobbled a moment. "I am P6-J2 protocol droid and servant of the palace of Chandarann," P6-J2 said proudly. "And I only answer to TooGaw or KinDola."

    Qui-Gon revealed the blaster that Rai-Jel had given him. He flashed it before the droid?s face. "Tell me where you were heading." Qui-Gon ordered, keeping the same stern voice.

    The droid?s eyes flashed once more. "I see, sir," it replied unsteadily. "We were heading to th--"

    "You don?t need to tell him. Soon he will see himself," a voice rang out from behind Qui-Gon.

    The boy turned sharply to see KinDola standing firmly behind him. His black eyes were as dark as drops of oil as they narrowed at Qui-Gon. In his hand was a large blaster.

    "You didn?t think that we wouldn?t notice one of our interpreters was missing, did you?" His teeth showed through an evil smile. "Such a foolish young Jedi. You will pay for your mistake."

    War droids marched into the hall with their rifles raised. Qui-Gon swallowed hard as his eyes scanned the hopeless situation. Helplessness surged through him.

    I shouldn?t have stopped the driod. Qui-Gon thought in his distressed mind. He knew it was a rookie mistake. He should have thought it through before he made the decision, but it was too late for that now. Now there was blaster rifles pointing at his face.

    "Drop your weapon," KinDola ordered. Qui-Gon did. "And your lightsaber, Jedi always carry those," he hissed.
    Qui-Gon reached for his belt. He had no other choice. Qui-Gon knew that if he attempted to defeat the driods KinDola would probably kill him. His mind burned, his body tensed, but he could find no where out of the situation. He was puzzled. Finally his hand touched the hilt of his lightsaber and he dropped the handle to the pale green stone floor.

    KinDola reached down and retrieved it from the floor. He turned to one of the war driods. "Here, take this," he ordered as he placed the lightsaber into the icy grip of the war driod. Next he placed electro-cuffs on Qui-Gon and began marching him down the hall.
    Qui-Gon had never felt so helpless. He should have listened to Rai-Jel, he knew that now. He hoped that Rai-Jel would be able to find the transport and destroy it.

    The droids marched him forward down the hall. Qui-Gon guessed that they were heading for the hangar. Qui-Gon felt a jolt of hope inside of him. If they were bringing him to the hangar and Rai-Jel destroys the transport in time, TooGaw and KinDola would have to surrender. It was a long shot, but it was the only one he had.

    A wave of the Force swept through Qui-Gon. At first he was unsure, but then a blue flash of light and then a green lit up the hallway.

    It was Shack-Tah and Zi with their lightsabers activated. KinDola turned around swiftly to see the Jedi destroying the war driods. Qui-Gon called the Force. With the droids distract, he ran towards Shack-Tah and Zi.

    "Shack-Tah," Qui-Gon called, holding his hands out, which were bound with electro-cuffs. Zi moved forward to protect their flank as Qui-Gon held his hands apart as far as he could.

    "Hold still," Shack-Tah warned. With that said, Shack-Tah raised his saber and crashed it down hard on the electro-cuffs. They split into two.

    Zi slashed through the war droid that carried Qui-Gon?s lightsaber. "Qui-Gon!" he shouted as through Qui-Gon?s lightsaber to him. Qui-Gon leaped high into the air. The Force guided him to his lightsaber and he grasped it in midair. He landed gracefully in front of KinDola and activated his saber. Its ice blue light b
  20. Kynstar

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    Wow... talk about total and full intensity of a posting!!! That did the ticket! Qui getting captured (and rescued! woohoo!) and that last bit... poor Qui... his possible Master gone. That was so sweet of him to call him Padawan... dying to save someone; yep that's the Jedi way.

    Great post!!! Totally kept me at the edge of my seat! :D
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    Chapter 18

    The next day brought a wave of commotion in Darann. The Coalition forces had defeated the armies that had invaded the forest. The Coalition left their mineshafts and had started the long reconstruction of the city. For the first time in ages the city of Darann was flourishing with life.
    Rai-Jel had been right about something else, the revolution had ended. Toognaw had been killed and KinDola had fled in the transport. The last ties to the old monarchy had been stripped away. Of course peace was not attained without a price. Fifty-three freedom fighters had died in the battle with the war droids. Caw, one of the Coalition?s most loyal members, was killed. There was also the life of a Jedi was lost.

    Inside a small building in Darann, Qui-Gon Jinn sat in a chair while a Chandarannian healer was applying ointment to his wound. Earlier they had removed the piece of durasteel debris that had tore into his arm. They applied glue to the wound and wrapped his arm with a special fabric from the world of Pasmin.

    The healer was a Chandarannian girl, about Qui-Gon?s age, named Jass. Her appearance was quite striking to Qui-Gon. He skin was a creamy peach and her hair was long and golden blonde.

    "All finished," she smiled at Qui-Gon and patted his shoulder gently.

    Qui-Gon bent down and retrieved his tunic from the floor. He had received a new tunic and through away his damaged and cut one. He slid the tunic over his body. He sat back down and inspected his arm.

    "You did a good job," Qui-Gon commented as he stared into her lovely sea-green eyes.

    A slight pink flushed in her cheeks. "Well I have been healing most of my life," She admitted in her soft voice. She felt something wrong with Qui-Gon. His arm was going to heal but there was something deeper. She moved closer to Qui-Gon and placed her hand on his shoulder again. "What?s wrong?"

    Qui-Gon had his eyes fixed on her?s, but when he heard the question he turned away quickly. "I have lost a great friend," he said quietly.

    "Oh," her voice was barely a sound. "I lost some friends too."

    "Mine was more than a great friend, but a great warrior," Qui-Gon remarked.

    Jass stood up quickly, her mouth tightened. "And mine were not?"

    Qui-Gon shook his head. "No, that?s not what I meant," he replied as he reached for her hand. He held her soft hand. "I am sorry to hear that you have suffered losses too."

    Just then the door to the building slid open and Mulu stood in the doorway. She was warring a long ivory colored dress with crimson embroidery. Her face shown brightly in the morning sun.

    "Oh, I?m sorry," she said with a grin. "I can see you two are having a private moment."

    This time both Qui-Gon?s, and Jass?s faces turned pink as Jass slipped her hand out of Qui-Gon?s grip. Qui-Gon hopped off of the chair.

    "We were just discussing the ending of the revolution," Qui-Gon said.

    Mulu raised her eyebrows and nodded her head. "Sure," she replied with a giggle. "You two kids have to come out and join the celebration. Especially you Qui-Gon, you were instrumental in saving our planet," Mulu explained.

    The city of was swelled with continues parades and parties. People lined the streets, cheering, yelling, and waving. Bands marched continuously, as Chandarannians danced and reveled in their victory. People were beginning to rebuild their houses and stores. Tevvon was unanimously voted as the governor of Chandarann and he finally got to be the ruler that he rightfully was. Surviving members of the old monarchy who were still loyal were thrown in jail.
    An indescribable sunrise bathed the city in a warm glow. The sky was bright pink and orange and streaked with clouds.

    Mulu, Qui-Gon, and Jass walked out into the busy streets. Qui-Gon and Mulu were greeted as heroes whereever they went. Mulu was happy to tell Qui-Gon and the rest of Chandaranns that a statue of Caw was going to be built to commemorate the liberation of the planet.

    Qui-Gon enjoyed every moment of the celebration. He earned it. His stomach rumbled because he had
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    Cool ending! That's one way to do it :D Hope they catch those varmin! ;) Great job!! :D :D
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    Thanks Kynstar for all of the comments. They are helpful. I just wanted to bump this a little before I abandon the thread and move on to Jedi Knight II, the sequal to The Protectors of Liberty.

    Any more comments are welcomed.


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