Before - Legends Jedi Knight II: The Shrouded Treachery-(Young Qui-Gon Series) UPDATED! Chapter 14 and 15! Aug-19th

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    I have finished three large fan fiction stories and am currently working on a fouth. These stories are collectivly known as the "Jedi Knight" series, which chronicles the young life of Qui-Gon Jinn. These stories are not like most fan fiction on the net, they do not have alot of deep thought or great works of literary art. They have been modeled after the Jedi Apprentice stories so they are actually geared toward a young audiance. I tried to stick close to Jude Watson's format, but at times it was difficult. These are stories that I think are fun to read and remind me of the Star Wars movies. Don't be concerned if you think the story has a poor plot and chunky diologue, becuase it does, but what Star Wars movie doesn't?

    The Shrouded Treachery is the sequel to The Protectors of Liberty.

    Title: Star Wars Jedi Knight II: The Shrouded Treachery

    Author: Unseenally

    Released: April 2001

    Length: 21,708 words

    Characters: Qui-Gon Jinn and Yoda, and Original Characters.

    Summary: After liberating the war torn planet of Chanderann, Jedi Knight Zi Tacklen and Jedi Student Qui-Gon Jinn are dispatched to the nearby planet of Moltak. On the lush world of Moltak corrupt government officials have made it their intentions to declare war on Chanderann. It is up to the Jedi Knights to call for peace. They must not fail.

    Also, the series even has it's own website I've been experimenting with,HERE. Many of the parts are not updated yet and the Databank is yet to be posted but I am working on it, so feel free to look around there if you like.

    Comments are highly anticipated.
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    Chapter One

    The green planet of Moltak glowed brightly as Qui-Gon Jinn watched it from a viewport. Qui-Gon stood in a sizeable lounge inside the massive transport ship, Expedition.

    The lounge was pretty close to the hyperdrive, which caused the room to shiver and rumble a bit. Qui-Gon didn?t mind though, he was used to the ship. It had brought him to the planet of Chandarann, where he had his first true adventure.

    ?We?re close,? mentioned a voice that was no louder than the hyperdrive. He recognized the voice as his friend, Mulu Paq. He hadn?t heard her enter the lounge.

    ?Yes,? Qui-Gon said softly. He liked Mulu and felt comfortable around her.

    She was a young Chandarannian, around twenty. She was on the Expedition with Qui-Gon as a representative of Chandarann. Only a few days ago the planet of Moltak declared war on the newly liberated Chandarann. Mulu was going to Moltak to work out peace between the two worlds.

    Qui-Gon took a deep breath. ?Do you think the Moltak will agree to stop??

    Mulu?s eyes slid back and forth as she watched out of the viewport. ?With two Jedi Knights ordering them to stop their advance, I think they will be swayed,? she answered.

    ?Do you know what Zi?s plan is going to be?? The boy questioned.

    ?I?m not sure,? Mulu shook hear head slightly. ?I am just going to state my planet?s position and firmly order that a settlement be reached.?

    Qui-Gon?s eyes wandered. ?I remember the last time we tried to reach a settlement,? he murmured.

    Qui-Gon was far from the only home that he knew, the Jedi Temple. Several days ago his life changed dramatically. A Jedi Knight that he idolized, Rai-Jel Karoo, had volunteered to take young Qui-Gon to the warring planet of Chandarann. On Chandarann two evil brothers, KinDola and Toognaw, had named themselves rulers of Chandarann. The locals had ganged together to form a Coalition against KinDola and Toognaw. The violent civil war caused Chandarann to completely stop trade with the neighboring planet of Moltak. Angered, the Moltak sent war droids to stop the civil war and once again regain the ability to trade. With the help of many freedom fighters and two other Jedi, Zi Tacklen and his apprentice Shack-Tah Kath, Rai-Jel and Qui-Gon were able to bring peace to the planet. Unfortunately Rai-Jel had been killed in an explosion. Shack-Tah had returned to the Jedi Temple, leaving Zi and Qui-Gon on Chandarann. Toognaw had also been killed, but KinDola had fled to Moltak and urged them to declare war on Chandarann. Jedi Master Yoda persuaded Zi to take Qui-Gon with him to Moltak to work out peace. Reluctantly Zi agreed.

    Suddenly the door to the lounge swung open and Zi Tacklen strolled in. His gaze immediately fixed on Qui-Gon?s.

    Mulu walked toward Zi. ?I must send word to Tevvon,? she said, naming the governor of Chandarann.

    ?Good,? Zi nodded. Mulu left the room quickly and the door hissed closed behind her.

    Zi moved until he was along side Qui-Gon. Zi was a large man, and towered over Qui-Gon. His face was rough and his eyes where locked out of the viewport into space. Qui-Gon wanted to say something to Zi, but he didn?t know what.

    An eerie silence was between them.

    ?We are going to land in a few moments,? Zi said at last. Still he did not face Qui-Gon.

    ?Mulu seems confident that the Moltak will agree to a peace settlement,? Qui-Gon said softly. ?She thinks that with us there the Moltak will change their minds.?

    Zi raised his head a bit. Finally he looked at Qui-Gon. ?Rai-Jel always enjoyed diplomatic missions,? he said gently. ?He said it brought out the best in a Jedi. We negotiate first and only fight as a last resort.?

    Qui-Gon turned his eyes away. ?Rai-Jel is dead, don?t remind me,? he said evenly.

    ?Have you completed your meditation?? Zi asked. After the death of a friend in the Jedi Order, a Jedi must undergo long periods of meditation and thought.

    ?Yes,? Qui-Gon?s words were very quiet.

    ?Qui-Gon, I don?t want upset you, bu
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    They're still sadden by his death that's sweet.
    That's cool the Prince is around Qui's age. Perhaps those two can strike up friendly relationship :)

    Great post! Can't wait for more, totally glad you're continuing this! :D
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    Chapter Three

    The cloud car purred to a stop in front of long stone steps that led up to the Prince?s chambers and a large meeting hall. The door to the cloud car hissed open and the Jedi and Mulu stepped out.

    Zi examined the buildings around him. They were all made of polished white marble. Numerous statues of different Moltak rulers snaked along side of the many buildings.

    Suddenly doors at the top of the high steps slide open. Four more war droids walked out. Their wiry bodies made there way down the steps to confront the Jedi and Mulu.

    Zi?s hand landed on the hilt of his lightsaber. He knew that he would not bring about a peace treaty if he destroyed the droids. But he didn?t trust the droids. Something felt amiss with the mission, but he couldn?t put his finger on it. He, Qui-Gon, and Mulu had tangled with Moltak war droids on Chandarann and knew that Jedi could easily defeat them. Although, now they were on the enemies planet, and had to be submissive to them.

    The war droids formed a line and one-stepped out from the line. ?You will come with us,? said the droid, in their cold mechanical voice. The droid pointed its thin arm back toward the door at the top of the steps. ?This way, the Prince is waiting.?

    Zi said nothing; he merely looked up at the building?s façade. The building was many stories high and adorned with large windows. He pulled his hand from the hilt of his lightsaber and began to follow the droids up the high steps. Qui-Gon and Mulu briskly followed.

    The droid escorted them into the building and through a long hall that had doors every few meters.

    ?These are your quarters,? the droid explained ?The Chandarannian representative?s quarters is here, and this room is the Jedi?s.?

    ?Thank you,? Zi said as he opened the door to his and Qui-Gon?s room.

    Mulu, too, opened her door and looked in carefully. The inside of the room was elegant. A magnificent sleep-couch lay in one corner and the finest of furniture was scattered about the room.

    ?The meeting with the Prince will be in one hour,? the droid said as it began to leave.

    ?One hour,? Zi nodded.
    Qui-Gon walked in side the room as Zi closed the door behind him. The Jedi?s room was the same as Mulu?s except there were two sleep-couches. Qui-Gon moved over to an engraved table.

    ?They sure spare no expense,? Qui-Gon flashed a smile to Zi as he touched a basket of maji fruit that lay on the table. Qui-Gon picked up one of the fruits and bit into it. The fruit was juicy and tasted great. He sat down on his sleep-couch and ate his maji fruit.

    Zi stood facing out of a window, watching the activity in the city slowly stop as dusk fell upon the steamy planet. He turned to face Qui-Gon noiselessly.

    ?Qui-Gon, do you feel that there is something wrong here?? Zi asked earnestly.

    Qui-Gon shook his head. ?No, not right now. But I did sense a slight disturbance in the Force when we entered this building,? Qui-Gon explained. He took another bite from his maji fruit. ?Is something troubling you??

    Zi?s eyes moved up and down. ?Yes, I felt a ripple in the Force when we entered too,? Zi said. ?I still feel that something is amiss.?

    Qui-Gon shrugged his shoulders and finished off his fruit. ?They sure have treated us good, you couldn?t ask for better quarters. Perhaps the Moltak truly want to form a peace treaty,? Qui-Gon said hopefully.

    ?But stay mindful of any danger,? Zi warned.

    Suddenly someone knocked on the door. Zi walked slowly to the door and opened it. Mulu strolled in briskly, her pace never slowing down.

    ?Hi,? she said looking at Qui-Gon. ?I came to see what you two were planning.?

    Qui-Gon flopped backward on his sleep-couch. ?I don?t have a plan, Zi is the one with all the plans,? he murmured.

    Zi gave a short smile and looked back to Mulu. ?I think it is best if we inform the Prince that Chandarann is struggling to revive after just winning the civil war,? he said.

    ?I agree,? Mulu nodded her head.

    ?KinDola must be here somewhere and is telling
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    Uh oh! Bet they weren't expecting that one! Great post! :D I know I wasn't expecting ole Dola again!
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    Chapter Four

    Mulu?s body tensed. It had been the first time she had seen KinDola since the day of Rai-Jel, Caw, and Toognaw?s death. She hated KinDola and had wished she would never see him again, but there he was. Zi and Qui-Gon weren?t delighted to see KinDola either, but they needed to get to the bottom of this mystery of why Romm has declared war. And KinDola could be the key.

    KinDola?s mechno-chair crawled to the table and stopped. Mechno-chairs were neither practical nor comfortable, but were expensive. They were usually only purchased to impress others. His gaze swept the large table. It fell instantly on Mulu, Qui-Gon and Zi.

    Mulu stood up swiftly. ?This man is a liar and a murderer!? she accused.

    KinDola drew back in his chair. His gaze stayed fixed on Mulu. His head turned slowly to Romm. ?Your highness, please excuse dear Mulu here,? KinDola said. ?She was one of many who lost friends because of the civil war that had engulfed my planet.?

    Mulu?s mouth tightened. ?There wouldn?t have even been a civil war if it wasn?t for your tyranny,? Mulu snapped.

    A waiter droid placed plate in front of Qui-Gon. Qui-Gon stared down at the salmon colored plate that had malla petals, ronto rib steak, and laglo salad on it. He stared down at the plate. He picked up his food-fork and tried some of the ronto rib. Qui-Gon enjoyed the tasty meat.

    Mulu sat back down promptly. She constricted her eyes at KinDola. Zi could feel the tension between the two. They both hated each other, he knew that.

    ?Why have you declared war on Chandarann?? Zi asked earnestly.
    ?Chandarann is now a peaceful world and poses no threat to Moltak.?

    KinDola poured a large glass of Dresselian beer as his eyes slid over to Romm.

    Romm leaned forward in his chair and cleared his throat. ?I has been seven years since our planet has received any aruzanite. The Chandarannians mined it and traded us with it. We supplied them with credits, droids and miners in return for the mineral. When Wonrett became the King of Chandarann tensions between our worlds started to form. He slowly supplied us with less and less aruzanite,? Romm explained.

    ?We can re-open the mines soon,? Mulu said.

    ?KinDola tells me that you won?t,? Romm?s voice was intense. ?He has been our friend and ally ever since you and your followers tried to kill him.?

    Mulu shook her head. ?Who tried to kill who? KinDola is a worthless, squabbling liar.?

    KinDola?s black eyes narrowed at Mulu as he lit a Telosian cigarette and drew from it. He turned to Romm. ?Your highness, don?t listen to her. You know how much of a contribution I have been to your planet. I love Moltak. As did I love Chandarann and I would like to return to my home, but there is not much of a home for me to return too.?

    Mulu stood up once again. ?Don?t let him brain wash you,? Mulu ordered.
    Zi reached up and griped Mulu?s hand and eased her back to her chair.

    ?Mulu, it is no use trying to change Romm?s mind. KinDola has been too much of an influence to him. And as long as KinDola is with him our reasoning will be useless,? Zi whispered to her ear.

    ?We will take back what?s ours. And we will take it back by force,? Romm spoke up. ?Our two great worlds have always promoted peace and strengthened bonds with each other. But Chandarann has broken that most sacred of trusts.?

    Zi laced his fingers together and tapped them gently against the surface of the table. ?The planet of Chandarann is recovering from a long period of hardship,? Zi said evenly. ?And I will not allow this simplistic trade dispute to lead to bloodshed.?

    ?It is about more than a elementary trade variance now,? KinDola said as he blew gray greasy smoke out of his mouth.

    Romm nodded, ?thank you, KinDola. The exchange difficulties are at the heart of this disagreement, but there is more now.?

    ?Why would you invite us to your planet if you won?t even listen to our reasoning?? Qui-Gon bursted out.

    KinDola leaned forward in his mechno-chair. ?I reme
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    Sneaky sneaky KinDola!! Romm shouldn't listen to him! But prob will... poor guy! Been mislead and misguided by a twisted man!

    Great work!!
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    I've had some massive computer problems so I've been unable to post in some time but here you go. I'm busy working on Jedi Knight IV and it should be done soon. But here is chapter five of Jedi Knight II.

    Chapter Five

    Zi Tacklen leaned back in his chair and ran his fingers through his brown hair once. Things felt even uneasier now. He was confused about KinDola?s sudden change of heart. He dug deep into the cosmic Force trying to answer his problems. But it was no use. If there was something hidden it was well planned and very elusive. He decided it was best just to see what unfolded and only act when something happened.

    ?Your highness, KinDola,? Mulu nodded to both of them. ?Before we can officially announce peace I would like you to address Chandarann?s Governor and your brother, Tevvon.?

    ?As you wish,? KinDola?s said venomously.

    Mulu turned to Zi. ?Master Jedi, do you have a projector??

    Zi nodded and pulled a hand held halo-projector from his tunic pocket. He reached forward and placed the projector on the table. Mulu turned it on and a bluish-green hologram of Tevvon appeared. It wavered and crackled for a moment.

    KinDola tightened his eyes as he glazed at his brother, Tevvon. KinDola hated his brother and had tried to kill him in the past. Tevvon had opposed all what KinDola and Toognaw had constructed. And in the end it was Tevvon who became the leader of Chandarann and KinDola fled to Moltak. Suddenly all of KinDola and Tevvon?s past emotions of hatred were coming full circle.

    Tevvon raised his head a bit. ?Mulu, has something been worked out??

    ?Yes, Tevvon, but I think KinDola and the Prince should be the one?s to inform you,? Mulu responded and flashed a look at KinDola.

    Romm cleared his thought and stood up from his chair. ?I am Romm, Prince of Moltak. KinDola and I have come to in agreement with your representative and the Jedi Knights that we will call off our imminent war campaign on your world,? Romm declared.

    ?KinDola,? Tevvon said very slowly in a puzzled voice.

    ?Yes brother,? KinDola interrupted. ?I have helped the Prince make the decision. At first I was still angry with all that has happened. And then I realized that Chandarann is my home and I could never advocate something going to endanger our home. I don?t want to see Chandarann in danger anymore than you do. Help me regain the great bonds that once existed between our two great worlds.?
    ?This is hard to?tha?,? Tevvon?s words became a series of crackles, clicks and mumbles. The hologram wavered back and forth. Tevvon?s image was engulfed by static and quickly disappeared.

    ?What?s wrong,? Qui-Gon asked curiously.

    Zi examined the projector. ?I?m not sure exactly,? he answered.

    A Nootian placed an ornate cinder mantel in front of KinDola. He drew one last time from his cigarette and rubbed it into the cinder mantel. KinDola snapped his fingers. ?I think I know what happened to the transmission,? KinDola said. ?A little while ago lightning struck the transmission reactor. The reactor is damaged and has obstructed most of our communications.?

    Romm sloped back into his chair and blew out a drawn-out breath past his lips. He shook his head nervously. ?This is no good. We now have a big predicament.?

    ?What is the trouble your highness?? Mulu asked.

    ?I have already deployed an assault army force to Chandarann. One of our troop conveyors has already left for Chandarann. The other is waiting for the assault army to reach it. With all of our communications lost there is no way to notify them that the battle campaign has ended,? Romm said gravely.

    ?I forgot about the battle force we dispatched,? KinDola said as he sighed.
    ?How far away would the conveyors be?? Qui-Gon asked.

    ?It would be a long way,? KinDola answered. ?The conveyors are usually stored in a large subterranean hangar. The hangar is underneath Cedoc, it is a small Nootian city in the jungle.

    ?Great, another hangar,? Qui-Gon muttered.

    ?And you said that the ot
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    Things are looking a bit troublesome there for them... but they'll make due! ;) they always have! :D :D

    hehehe those two at the party unsupervised? :eek: uh oh!!! Dun dun duuuun! *snrk* hehehe Teenagers... ;)

    Great work! Glad to know ya back in business! (well so to speak hehehe)
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    I stumbled upon this little story and the title made me curious so I had to check it out. I am very glad I did because I truly enjoy this story. KinDola is one bad dude. :)

    KinDola hated his brother and had tried to kill him in the past.

    What kind of freak trys to kill their brother? Oh wait, me. Just kidding. :D

    I can't wait to read more!
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    Kynstar, thank you again as always. You have certainly been the Jedi Knight Series's most faithful fan. Thank You.

    VadersMistress, thanks! I'm really a new writer here and I don't have too much name recognition, so thanks for the comments. As I'm sure you know, there is nothing a fan fiction writer likes more than feedback. If you want to know more, Jedi Knight 1 is floating around here somewhere.

    Anyway, back to the action. Now things start to heat up a little.

    Chapter Six

    NS-O2 and NS-6 had lead Qui-Gon and Mulu back to their quarters. Qui-Gon laid down on his sleep-couch and relaxed. Thoughts raced through his mind. He wished he were with Zi and actually helping the situation. He wanted to prove himself in front of Zi, but instead he was stuck in the city negotiating. But behind all of his thoughts he knew that doing whatever Zi wanted him to do was best.

    Qui-Gon?s eyes slowly started to slip closed when Mulu slowly opened his door. Qui-Gon sat up quickly and looked at Mulu.

    ?Do you need something?? he asked.

    ?No,? Mulu shook her head slightly. ?The thunder has kept me awake and I was curious if you wanted to talk.?

    Qui-Gon shrugged his shoulders. ?Sure,? he replied quietly.

    For the next few hours Qui-Gon and Mulu talked about all that was happening and how it would all turn out. Mulu laid down on Zi?s sleep-couch and fell asleep. Qui-Gon lay looking at the smooth gray ceiling for almost a half an hour until he too slipped into slumber.

    Kor showed Zi down through the lower floors of the building. The walked down a long, well illuminated corridor that lead to large blast doors. Kor walked over to a keypad and began entering a number code.

    ?What is a lift-bar?? Zi asked.

    ?Transports,? Kor answered just as the blast doors hissed up and revealed a small hangar with two-dozen sleek lift-bars sitting in it. The two walked forward to the lift-bars. Zi examined the lustrous one-man transports.

    ?You ever operate one of these?? Kor asked as he jumped onto the seat.
    ?No,? Zi replied staring down at the lift-bar.

    ?They?re the fastest small ship this side of the galaxy,? Kor boasted. ?You have to hang on tight and steer sharply.?

    ?I will have no problem with that,? Zi remarked as he climbed on to the lift-bar. He griped the steer handles.

    Kor started his lift-bar and it hummed off of the ground. He gunned the motor and made the repulsolift buzz. He pushed forward on the handles and darted out of the hangar and into the bustling city. Zi gently pressed against the steer handles. Immediately the lift-bar shot forward with remarkable speed.

    Zi sped forward trying to catch Kor. In under a second he was right on Kor?s tail. Although going through such a large city on such a fast machine wasn?t very easy. They bolted around large buildings, towers and other transports. In a blink they were at the city?s limits and Kor slowed down as he got to be parallel with Zi.

    ?We?re going into the jungle now,? Kor pointed towards the thick undergrowth. ?Take it a little slower, it can get pretty tight in here.?

    Zi nodded his response and the two zipped into the forest. Kor was right the jungle was dense, but Zi channeled the Force. It let him know exactly when and how much to turn. The night had fallen and the forest was very dim. The two lift-bars darted gracefully through the woods at tremendous speeds. Zi was now starting to get used to it and was feeling more comfortable. He hoped that Qui-Gon and Mulu were doing well with the negotiation. But in the back of his mind he knew that this was going to be the easiest part of the mission.

    A sharp beam of sun shot through the magna-glass window in Qui-Gon?s quarters. The sunlight struck Mulu?s face. She had spent the night sleeping on Zi?s sleep-couch. Mulu stretched her arms and legs. Her eyes fluttered and then she slowly opened them. Her eyes quickly widened at what was by her face. She looked fearfully up the barrel of a war droid blaster ri
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    Oh man oh man! What a thing to wake up to! ...barrel of a war droid blaster rifle.

    I was almost expecting Qui to say "A solution will present itself in time." hehehe

    Great work!! Those two... and Zi going into a trap?? :eek: trouble for our heroes!
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    Chapter Seven

    The morning sunlight sent thin bars of golden light shimmering through the forest. Zi and Kor had parked their lift-bars a few meters away. Both were eating, Kor a meal he had packed and Zi a Jedi food capsule.

    ?We are over half way to Cedoc,? said Kor taking a bite out of an oval shaped fruit.

    ?Good,? Zi replied squarely. ?This is going more smoothly than I thought.?

    ?Yeah,? Kor remarked. ?I don?t think there?s going to be any trouble at all.?

    Just as he said that a large blaster bolt hurled past his head. Kor ducked just in time. Suddenly four more blasts shot out from the dense jungle. Zi and Kor quickly jumped behind their lift-bars. More blaster bolts zipped past their heads.

    ?It must be the invasion force,? Kor called to Zi. ?I thought they would be farther by now but the storm must have slowed them down.? He looked back at Zi and suddenly Zi was no longer there.

    Zi had leaped out from behind his lift-bar and activated his lightsaber. The Force waved through the jungle as Zi deflected countless blaster bolts. He still couldn?t see who was firing, but he deflected the shots back into the thick forest.

    Suddenly he could see the enemy, a squad of war droids made their way forward through the forest. Kor jumped up from behind the lift-bar and drew his heavy blaster. He stood parallel to Zi, blasting down the many droids. The forest was quickly engulfed with blaster bolts. War droid after war droid fell.

    Zi charged forward and with fluent grace he chopped down several droids. His lightsaber glowed bright green in the morning dimness. He spun smoothly and cleaved two more droids in half.

    Then an unfamiliar sound stamped through the underbrush, the sound of metal. Quickly four enormous ion bolts struck the ground. The blasts erupted into large fireballs.

    ?Zi, we have to get out of here,? Kor called.

    From behind the thick trees walked out a large cannon droid, its six insect-like legs stepping over fallen trees. The massive droid bombarded the ground with an overwhelming amount of fire.

    ?We can?t defeat these droids I?d say we better get out of here well we still can,? Kor suggested in a yell to Zi.

    Both quickly darted for their lift-bars. They jumped on them and gunned the engine. The lift-bars zipped forward at blinding speed and in a blink Kor and Zi had escaped.

    Kor slowed down his engine. ?That too close for comfort,? Kor said. ?Soren must have sent those droids.?

    ?Who?s Soren?? Zi asked as he turned sharply to evade a large tree.

    ?He?s the greatest general that Moltak has. He is legendary among most of the planet,? Kor explained carefully. Kor hesitated for a moment. ?But, if he sent droids after us than he must know that we?re here.?

    ?Then we?ll have to get to Cedoc as fast as possible,? Zi replied coolly.

    They whisked through the forest. As they banked hard a large clearing emerged out of the dense jungle. Small rivers shimmered as they snaked through meadows and large fields. In the middle of it all stretched the city of Cedoc.

    Qui-Gon Jinn shivered as he sat quietly in the small jail cell that enclosed him. He concentrated as hard as he could trying to figure out someway to get out of the cell and warn Zi. Suddenly another thought shot through his head. Would if Zi had already been trapped? He knew one thing for sure though; he wasn?t going to get far without a lightsaber or a comlink.

    ?Qui-Gon, I?m worried about Zi,? Mulu said quietly and almost as if she didn?t want him to hear.

    ?He can take care of himself I?m sure,? Qui-Gon reminded. ?Right now we have to concentrate on breaking out of here.?

    Before Mulu could reply a strange voice responded to Qui-Gon?s statement. ?Howwy yous gonna breaky out of heres,? said the unfamiliar voice.

    Qui-Gon shifted around, nervously trying to determine where the strange voice was coming from. He looked out of the thick cell bars and could narrowly make out the features of a Nootian prisoner.

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    Hehehe Odio reminds me so much of Jar Jar hehehe maybe this is why Qui didn't like Jar Jar at first? ;) *snrk* I'm not slamming Odio mind you, I think the OC is great :D

    Don't lock new prisoner doors? hehehe probably cuz they hope they DO try to escape so they can kill them for 'target practice' eh? I've heard of baddies doing that before.

    Great work! Oh I do hope that isn't their plan for Qui! Behead him? Oh no... Hurry guys get to Qui quickly!

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    "Hehehe Odio reminds me so much of Jar Jar hehehe maybe this is why Qui didn't like Jar Jar at first? *snrk* I'm not slamming Odio mind you, I think the OC is great"

    Yeah, Odio reminded me of Jar Jar too. Originally he was to be more of a serious character, but then I wanted to show that the Nootians were an even more primitive race then the Moltak.

    And after a while I decided, yeah, this helps show that by the time Episode I rolls around, Qui-Gon is pretty tired of "locals".

    Don't lock new prisoner doors? hehehe probably cuz they hope they DO try to escape so they can kill them for 'target practice' eh? I've heard of baddies doing that before.

    Yes, I suppose a better explanation is that the Moltak had never imprisoned someone like a Jedi Knight. Normaly it was local criminals and nootians, who were far too frightened to even try to escape.

    "Great work! Oh I do hope that isn't their plan for Qui! Behead him? Oh no... Hurry guys get to Qui quickly!"

    Thanks. And we'll see if our heroes can save him.
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    Chapter Eight

    The morning sun glistened off of the roofs the small smooth pod houses that made up the town of Cedoc. All around Nootians were just waking up and beginning to start their work of farming.

    Kor and Zi had driven their lift-bars into the town and parked them along side a large planting field. Kor led Zi confidently into the heart of the village.

    ?I think this should keep Soren from finding us too easily,? Kor said, looking back at Zi to make sure he was still behind him.

    ?Canny Ies interesty yous in some maji fruit?? asked a Nootian fruit seller as he walked past Zi and Kor.

    Kor gave a quick glance at Zi. He pulled two maji fruit from the basket and handed the Nootian a Republic credit. Kor handed the other fruit to Zi and the two continued into the city.

    ?The entrance to the subterranean hangar should be at the end of the town,? Kor explained, finishing off his maji fruit.

    ?How far ahead of the assault army are we?? Zi prompted.

    ?Well, it?s hard to say, but the lift-bars are incredibly faster than the rasswas the army would be using. Besides, most of the droids would be on foot,? he answered.

    ?What is a rasswa?? Zi cocked an eyebrow.

    ?A beast of burden,? he commented as he looked in all directions trying to find a rasswa to point out. ?There,? he pointed out into planted field to a Nootian riding on a rasswa, a large reptilian creature that was pulling a primitive farm plow. ?The hangar door must not be too far away, this town isn?t very big.?

    All around Nootian stared and examined the two strangers that had entered their village. Kor tried to communicate with some but most could only speak in a primitive basic. They made drumming sounds by clapping their lips together.

    Unexpectedly a wave commotion broke throughout the town. Nootians clapped incessantly and many ran from their farm fields. Mothers grabbed their babies and dashed into their pod houses, swiftly locking the doors. Parades of Nootians flooded down the main street that Kor and Zi stood on.

    Zi and Kor pushed their way through the crowd trying to figure out what was scaring them. Zi could feel a small ripple bounce its way through the Force. Something dark blew its way through the town. Kor and Zi reached the end of the village and were astonished at what was before them. Out across the Nootian planting fields stretched the Moltak assault army.

    Zi and Kor had no idea that the army was so large. Tens of thousands of war droids marched in long lines. There were also thousands of Moltak soldiers. The higher officers rode on lift-bars or rasswas. The force was heading to the conveyour hangar and was already there.

    A sense of hard frustration fell upon Zi?s mind. He knew it would be hard to convince the army that there wasn?t going to be a strike on Chandarann.

    Kor released a long drawn out breath. ?I had no idea that the army force was going to be this big,? he said, eyeing up troops marching across the long fields. ?We have to go and try to stop them.?
    ?I have a bad feeling this might not work,? Zi replied as he climbed on his lift-bar. ?But, we don?t have any choice.?

    Zi pushed forward on the accelerator and the lift-bar zipped forward. With blinding speed he and Kor reaching the assault army with in a few moments. As they reached closer Zi felt something wrong again. He moved closer to Kor and then noticed the raised blaster rifles of the war droids. Blasts rang out from the droids and blew past Kor and Zi?s heads. Most shots missed them by millimeters.

    ?Don?t fire at all,? Kor warned as he quickly shifted to avoid a stream of shots. The two did the best they could to stay at the same speed, but the deluge of blaster fire forced them to slow down.

    From the congested line of firing war droids, on a rasswa, stepped a large commanding Moltak. He raised his hand and ordered for a cease-fire. They all obeyed immediately.

    Kor and Zi stopped a few meters from massive army. Kor reached over and nudged Zi. ?Soren,? he
  17. unseenally Jedi Youngling

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    Chapter Nine

    NS-O2 forced Qui-Gon into a small cold room without windows. Qui-Gon?s face turned pale when he saw what was inside the room. In the center of the small room was an execution droid.

    Qui-Gon had never felt so scared and helpless in his life. He was without his lightsaber, and without his comlink. He didn?t even have a blaster. To make matters worse there were twelve war droids surrounding him. He did the only thing he could think of; he reached out for the Force. He could feel its power embrace him, but even the Force couldn?t help him now.

    NS-O2 griped his metal fingers on Qui-Gon?s electrocuffs and pushed him forwards to the execution droid. Two other droids forced him down into the chair. With thick bands of carbon strap they bound his hands and feet.

    Something suddenly caught Qui-Gon?s eye. It was the glint of metal, his lightsaber hilt. It was attached to the leg of a war droid. He felt the Force along side of him, but it was shorted. With his hands and feet bound his lightsaber was useless.

    Possible is anything, if complete your concentration is, Yoda?s calm wisdom rang out in Qui-Gon?s burning mind. He had to try to think of what Zi would have done in such a hopeless situation.

    Qui-Gon?s eyes widened as he saw the laser arms lower down from each side the seat. A thick blue energy beam shot between them.

    Qui-Gon could see all of his life go by as if he had already lived it. This was the end. He quickly tried to remember the first day he had been at the Jedi Temple. He could see the entire Temple in his brain. Its beautiful fountains, lavish gardens and unimaginable peace, all flooded into him.

    The laser arms slowly crept closer. Qui-Gon could hear the crackling laser as it grew inches from his neck. The heat of energy beam made his eyes water. He closed his eyes and held his breath in preparation of the end.

    Laser blasts rang out from doorway. Qui-Gon quickly opened his eyes to see Mulu and Odio surging into the door. Mulu held her blaster steady and blasted down upon droids. The room filled with laser fire and smoke.

    ?Mulu!? Qui-Gon yelled. ?I need a little help here.?

    Mulu ducked away from a blast and shot four times at the execution chair. One of the shots missed Qui-Gon by a hair. Two of the other shots smashed into the laser arms and tore them apart. The beam between them disintegrated. Qui-Gon could feel the hot sparks fall past his face.

    ?Odio, cover me. I?m going to free Qui-Gon,? Mulu told the Nootian. She shot several blasts and ran towards Qui-Gon. She rolled several feet as blaster fire peppered the wall behind her. He quickly rose and blasted down a droid next to Qui-Gon.

    ?Thanks for the rescue,? Qui-Gon said with relief as Mulu unstrapped his hands and feet.

    Then Qui-Gon felt the rush of the Force into him. He swung around and, with the Force, pulled his lightsaber off of the war droid?s leg. He leaped up and the second he felt its metal handle in his hand it was activated.

    He landed to his feet and slashed down upon droids neck. He twisted and sliced off the arm of a droid behind him. With Qui-Gon using his lightsaber and Mulu and Odio with blasters, the three were able to quickly lay waste to the droids.

    Several more blaster bolts shot into the room from the hallway. Mulu, Odio and Qui-Gon dove out of the way. Mulu crawled forward and slid the heavy durasteel door shut. They could here the blasts hitting the other side of the door.

    ?That won?t hold them for long,? Mulu said worryingly. Qui-Gon could see the door beginning to get hot from the blasts.

    ?When I say go, I want you to open the door and dive for cover,? Qui-Gon instructed. ?I?m going to go out into that hall.?

    ?Okay,? she said softly.

    Mulu and Odio leaned away from the door. Mulu reached out and slowly slid the latch loose. The door slid open. Qui-Gon surged out into the hall, his lightsaber an almost invisible glow. The war droids out in the hall were caught by surprise. They had no chance of fighti
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    Wow! Double posts nearly! Great work!! Loved the part of Qui reminiscing his past while thinking it was the end. :D At least he didn't freak! ;) Great control there Qui!

    Awesome rescue :D Yippee! And they got a message about help being on the way. But yeah... they'll be attack once they land!

    Can't wait for more! :D
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    Chapter Ten

    Zi Tacklen and Kor walked slowly through the streets of Cedoc. They made sure not to encounter Soren. As Zi was walking he was also formulating a plan to stop Soren. He had to work quickly.

    ?How are we going to save your planet?? Kor said in slight desperation. ?Soren is so bullheaded, he won?t believe anything unless he sees it.?

    ?Then we will have to force him to stop,? Zi remarked as he made his way towards a small overhanging roof.

    The clouds were thick and swirled as rain began to poor down into the town. Zi and Kor crept down underneath the small overhang. From there they could see Soren talking with another Moltak. They had to figure out what he was planning. Zi noticed the boots of a Moltak soldier walk up to the overhang through the muddy road.

    ?Who are you?? Zi prompted. Zi couldn?t make out the soldier?s features.

    ?A friend,? replied the soldier, stepping out into better light. He was a tall, strongly built Moltak soldier. He wore thick plasmashield armor and a thick helmet.

    ?Why would you be a friend of ours?? Kor asked angrily.

    The soldier pointed to himself. ?My name Wold and I am here to try and help you.?

    ?We don?t need your help,? Kor snapped at him.

    ?Oh yeah, then how are you going to stop Soren? He?s going to organize the troops tonight and leave for Chandarann,? Wold explained.

    ?Quiet down both of you before you get all of us killed,? Zi interrupted their bickering.

    ?Listen,? Wold said softly. ?I believe you that the Prince has called off the attack. Besides you?re a Jedi, I have to believe a Jedi.? Wold took in a deep breath. ?I, and most of Soren?s men, have become tired of him. His leadership is legendary, but he has become completely obsessed with destroying Chandarann. Most of us think he?s on the edge of sanity. No matter what happens he?ll never stop his blood quest against Chandarann.?

    ?You had never told me this,? Zi said to Kor.

    Kor shook his head. ?I had no idea. I?ve never served under Soren.?
    ?I have seen a few mutiny attempts. Needless to say I?m not the only one to loose faith in his leadership,? Wold added. ?All of the attempts to overthrow him have been quickly extinguished. We don?t think another would work.?

    ?So you plan on giving up?? Kor threw the statement at him.

    ?No,? Wold said calmly. ?I?m planning to lead another one, even if it doesn?t work. I will do all that I can to help you two.?

    ?Thank you for your help,? Zi replied in a whisper.

    Another Moltak soldier approached Zi, Kor and Wold. He resembled Wold and held, at his side, a heavy blaster. Zi noticed the startled and almost outraged look on Wold?s face.

    Wold took two quick steps forward. ?Why have you come here?? He said, disgusted.

    ?I?ve came here to try and save you,? the other Moltak answered.

    ?Save me!? Wold snarled. He tried to spit out another word but it wasn?t there. He dove at the other Moltak. Kor and Zi rushed forward to stop him. They struggled to hold Wold back.

    Zi held Wold?s arms until he was yield. ?Settle down!? Zi struggled. ?Wold, who is this?? Zi pointed to the Moltak soldier that Wold had tried to attack.

    ?This is Yani, one of Soren?s flunkies,? Wold glared at him. ?He is more loyal to Soren than he is to himself.?

    ?Well, at least I?m not crazy,? Yani fired back at him. ?I follow Soren for a reason. He is the greatest leader we have.?

    ?He is a tyrant over his soldiers and is constantly disobeying orders. He brainwashes you and makes you think he?s your friend,? Wold added. ?You and your friends would follow him to hell.?

    ?And back!? Yani screamed. ?He would get us back!?

    ?You really believe that don?t you?? Wold choked.

    ?All I know is that you three better stay away from the army. We?re going to attack Chandarann whether you three like it or not,? he pointed at all three of them. ?You have no way to prove that the Prince or KinDola have stopped the advance.?

    He spit down on the ground next to Wold?s feet and quickly walked of
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    Oh that was good!! Great combat there :D Liked how you described Qui reaching for the lessons :D

    Sounds like Zi and his buds might have some trouble of their own coming up!

    Can't wait for more :D
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    Chapter Eleven

    The deluge of water continued to rain down on Zi, Kor and Wold. It would only be a matter of hours till Soren would deploy the conveyors, on their way to destroy a helpless Chandarann. Time for action was now and Zi Tacklen was certainly the perfect person to take charge.

    His plan, although wasn?t the surest course of action for success. He only had Kor and Wold at his side. Both were good warriors, but against an entire assault force they were useless. Their only hope was that when they tried to overthrow Soren, the other soldiers who doubted him as Wold had spoken of, would help. It seemed to be a far off idea, but it was their last resort.

    ?Wold, where would Soren be staying for the night?? Zi asked.

    Wold sighed. ?If he is keeping on his normal habits, he would be staying at the Cedoc Grand Plaza. It?s at the far end of town and is the largest pod building in the city. It will be well guarded though.?

    ?Well, that won?t be a problem. The Jedi could just use his mind tricks to get us through security,? Kor responded.

    Zi sighed, he understood his ally?s enthusiasm, but he could hardly admit that the plan was going to be easy. ?My use of the Force can only go so far. It can help, but it cannot win an entire battle.?

    ?He?s got a good point,? said Wold. ?Everything is going to have to workout perfectly if there is going to be a chance of us defeating Soren.?

    ?Wold, bring us to this main plaza,? Zi told him. ?We will attack immediately.?

    Wold nodded his reply back and began to lead them to three lift-bars parked on the side of the street.

    ?I hope all of this rain doesn?t rust the power couplings,? Kor remarked as he climbed onto the lift-bar. Zi and Wold followed and all three activated their high-powered engines. Wold flew down the street ahead of Zi and Kor.

    The heavy rain made the machine a bit more difficult for Zi to control, but his precise actions and lightning reflexes were able to counteract the miserable weather. With the incredibly fast lift-bars it only took the three a few minutes to cover the ground to the main plaza.

    As they grew closer to the plaza they all began to slow down. Wold suddenly veered off to the right, behind a pod house. Zi and Kor did the same, trying to act as casual as they could. They parked their lift-bars behind the small pod house.

    ?The plaza has a back gate around this way,? Wold said softly as he pointed to the large pod house plaza. It was at least ten times the size of the rest of the pod houses. Most of the houses were two stories and had only one chimney. This massive building had seven stories and five chimneys. ?The back gate will be much easier than then trying to get past all of the security.?

    They crept away from their lift-bars and down onto the plaza?s back garden. It was easy for them to sneak through the densely leafed garden. In addition, the dark sky and pouring rain also contributed to their ability to move undetected by anyone.

    Wold showed them which way to go, but Zi took the lead. They figured that a Jedi be the best at moving stealthily through the thick garden. Kor and Wold followed behind closely. Zi reached the back gate, which was slightly lit up with a torch that hung from the pod plaza?s wall. Zi was not exactly sure whether to arm himself with the Force or with his lightsaber.

    Kor crawled up beside Zi and pulled out a large blaster. Wold looked deep into Kor?s eyes. He knew that Kor was giving up everything he had in order to help. Kor was risking court marshal and maybe even execution, but he had the bravery to fight for what was just. He felt a sudden connection with Kor. Kor and Wold nodded to each other.

    ?It?s now or never,? Wold said softly. ?We are going to have kill many in here and if we fail it will be we who die.?

    Wold reached for door handle and slowly opened it. Kor peered inside and could quickly see four war droids standing in lines of two. He nodded to Wold and Zi to let them the time was right. With
  22. Kynstar Jedi Knight

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    Great fight scenes! I'm really enjoying those! :)
    Excellent work! Keep it up :D
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    Chapter Twelve

    Qui-Gon Jinn and Mulu were more than delighted to see the last of the war droids falling to the ground, from sharp blow to the neck, delivered by Qui-Gon. Tevvon and Narkook walked down the exit ramp of the Victory to greet Mulu and Qui-Gon.

    ?I happy to see you survived our meeting,? Mulu said cheerfully as she reached out for Tevvon and Narkook.

    ?I would like to introduce, Odio,? Qui-Gon interrupted. ?It was from his help that we were able to help you.?

    Narkook and Tevvon nodded to the unusual Nootian. Odio smiled back at them, although he did appear to be nervous.

    ?Well, we almost didn?t,? sighed Narkook. ?The Moltak are truly determined to destroy us and our planet.?

    Mulu shook her head slightly. ?We have much reason to believe that certain higher levels of society here on Moltak have been influencing others.?
    ?KinDola,? Tevvon murmured.

    ?The Prince is young and nieve,? Mulu continued. ?KinDola has him like a puppet. I?m almost positive that the Prince himself has no hatred for Chandarann. He is too young to feel such hate.?

    ?Then we should find KinDola,? Tevvon spoke up.

    ?He would be more guarded than anyone,? Qui-Gon added. ?It maybe unrealistic, making an attempt to capture KinDola.?

    ?Possibly,? Narkook broke into the conversation. ?But if we could capture him this whole thing might be brought to an end.?

    ?He is right,? added Mulu.

    Qui-Gon wanted to agree with his allies and friends, but something kept whispering to him that it was a bad decision. He had crossed paths with KinDola in the past and felt wary to do it again.
    ?The buildings are so massive though,? Mulu continued. ?We will never be able to find him.?

    ?I knowey were hey is,? said Odio suddenly. ?Hissy mian office isey in the third leveleys.?

    ?We know were the third level is,? said Qui-Gon ?We had been down their for the party.?

    ?Would you be able to lead us back to there?? Narkook asked.

    Mulu hesitated for moment. ?It would be no problem.?

    ?Good,? said Tevvon as he recharging his H-12 blaster rifle. ?We are going to have capture him and get this whole operation over and done with fast. We are running out of time as we speak.?

    ?Then come this way,? Qui-Gon motioned with his hand back to the building?s exterior electrovator.

    All five of them ran to the electrovator. Qui-Gon pressed the control panel that led down the third level, nothing happened. He pushed twice more with the same results.

    ?What?s wrong?? Narkook asked impatiently.

    Qui-Gon let out an exasperated breath. ?KinDola must have jammed any of the electrovators that go to the third level. We will have to stop at the fourth level.?

    The electrovator pulled upward until it reached the fourth level. The heavy durasteel doors slid open to reveal a long corridor. Qui-Gon could see there was many droids around a bend farther in the hall.

    ?There is a lot of droids up there,? Mulu said in a worried tone.

    ?Yes, but if Narkook and Odio distracted the droids, Qui-Gon, Mulu, and I could sneak up to the down to the third level undetected,? Tevvon suggested.

    ?That?s a good plan,? Narkook agreed. He and Odio crept forward through the corridor after the droids.

    Qui-Gon looked down at the hard durasteel floor. The third level was just below them. He reached for his belt and pulled forth his lightsaber. He activated it and plunged its ice blue blade into the floor. The metal quickly grew white hot as he worked his saber around to cut out a hole. The metal gave way and tumbled down to the next floor with a loud thud.

    Tevvon lowered Mulu down through the hole by her wrists. Tevvon leaped through the hole to the third level. Qui-Gon peered through the hole and then slowly lowered himself down. He landed easily on his feet in between Mulu and Tevvon.

    Suddenly laser blasts hurled past their heads. All three immediately ducked down to the floor. More blasts came flying by as Qui-Gon activated his lightsaber and deflected them away. He leaped to his f
  24. unseenally Jedi Youngling

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    Chapter Thirteen

    Zi Tacklen fought off waves of droids and foot soldiers as he worked his way to a large set of winding steps that led to the second floor. They were running out of time. It wouldn?t be long until Soren would deploy the second conveyor.

    Zi fought his way up the long spiral stone steps. Kor and Wold covered him with fire as best they could, but the war droids were a formidable opponent. In addition to that, there were many Moltak foot soldiers. They were an enemy, but it was hard for Kor and Wold to kill their own kind.

    Zi reached the top of the steps and the second floor. He looked around, dodged a shot from a war droid and sliced through its wiry legs. Zi used his lightsaber, for which became a blur of green light, to deflect blasts downward to aid Kor and Wold?s fight with the war droids.

    In Soren?s room war droids had notified him that three mutineers had breached the security and were after him. Soren had kindly nodded the war droid away, not showing a sense of worry.

    Soren could here the sound of Zi outside his heavy wooden door. He recognized the familiar sound of attacking war droids. Although there were three mutineers outside of his door, Soren stayed neutral. He calmly got into his traditional battle outfit, a brilliant suit made from highly priced shimmer silk. Soren attached a long saber to his belt and grabbed his W6-06 blaster rifle. He walked towards the large wooden door to confront the enemy.

    As he reached for the door, suddenly Zi?s green lightsaber plunged through it, quickly catching the door on fire. Soren was so startled he almost tipped over. Zi and Kor charged through the door just as Soren regained his focus.

    Soren immediately blasted at Zi. The powerful Jedi deflected the shots back at as Soren rolled to avoid him. Quickly the hall and Soren?s quarters began filling with soldiers.

    None these soldiers had ever fought Jedi Knights before; they were not sure on how to go about attacking Zi. On the other hand, Zi dreaded the thought of killing Soren?s soldiers, but the number of soldiers that were spilling into the room was over whelming. They were advancing from all sides of him. Zi battled them off the best he could, using the Force he was able to disorient as many of them as he could.

    Wold rushed into the room and dove after Soren. The commanding general merely snapped his fingers, sending several Moltak soldiers upon Wold. Everybody in the room began to become more and more nervous every moment. The fire on the door had spread to the floor and Soren?s quarters were quickly becoming a raging inferno.

    The Moltak soldiers wrestled Wold to the floor. Soren drew his blaster once again, and began firing at Wold. Wold desperately tried to fight off the soldiers and dodge the blasts from Soren.

    Kor came running into the room and tackled Soren to the floor. The Moltak general?s head came so close to flames that he could feel his left ear being singed. Soren cried in pain for a second as Kor ran to the aid of his friend, Wold. Soren leaped to his feet and ran towards Kor.
    ?Kor, look out!? cried Wold as he delivered a sharp punch to a Moltak soldier.

    Kor turned around in time to see Soren draw his saber and run him through. Kor felt the cold metal blade pierce his body with a fiery pain. He released a shot grunt as Soren pulled the sword from his body. Soren?s face was swept up with an evil smile that seemed to penetrate Wold as deep as his saber could. Kor fell limp to the burning floor; all of his life was fading out of his damaged body.

    Wold pushed the last soldier away and rushed to his dying friends side. He looked into Kor?s fading eyes. In them he could see a brave and loyal young soldier who was now just a casualty of war. He saw in those eyes a promising sergeant who was now bleeding to death and a dying hope that the war with Chandarann could end.

    ?I wish you were not here, I wish you were at your home, somewhere safe,? Wold whispered to him as he tried to pick
  25. unseenally Jedi Youngling

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    Chapter Fifteen

    Soren climbed down from the window and on to a balcony. He jumped from there on to the muddy ground. He could hear Zi and Wold jump to the ground right behind him. Soren began to run. He guessed that if he could reach the rest of his army, who was camping on the outskirts of Cedoc, that he would be able to defeat the Jedi and his friend. Besides, Soren had never lost a battle before, especially one that was a mere revolt. He wanted the other conveyor to be deployed as soon as possible. He wanted to destroy Chandarann.

    Zi knew that Soren would be running towards the rest of his army, so he knew exactly which direction to go. Cedoc was not very large and within a few minutes Soren had reached the military camp, but Zi and Wold followed him closely.

    Wold?s mind was an iron trap. All he could think about was getting to Soren. He was sure that Soren was the vilest individual he had ever known. Was not going to let Soren get away with his murder of Kor. Wold was now not only fighting for honor and what he felt was right, he was fighting for Kor.

    Zi and Wold ran through a small clearing in the underbrush and could see the military camp. It was composed of over a score of tents, that housed Moltak soldiers, and dozens of war droids stood in rows.

    Soren ran into the base camp and leaped on the first lift-bar that he could find. He gunned the engine and took off towards the direction he had come from. Zi and Wold snuck into the base camp and hid behind a large canvas tent.

    They both could suddenly hear a loud humming sound approaching them at great speed. Zi looked up to Soren on the lift-bar, swooping down at them. Wold dove away as fast as he could.

    Zi reached out and grabbed the front of the lift-bar. The massive pull from its engines combined with inertia almost ripped Zi?s arm off, but he was able to flip himself to the bottom of the lift-bar and get a firm grip. Soren drove as fast as the lift-bar would let him go. He also veered from side to side, trying to knock Zi off of the bottom of it. Zi slowly began to pull himself upward onto the front of the lift-bar. Soren continued to make this difficult by weaving in and out of thick brush.

    The thick trees that Soren drove through scratched and cut Zi?s hands, but the Jedi became more and more determined. He called upon the Force to give him more strength. Zi leaped up into the air and came down almost on top of Soren. Zi tackled Soren and almost fell right out of the lift-bar. He regained his balance and punched Soren several times. Soren lost focus on the controls and tumbled off of the lift-bar. Zi leaped to the ground after him as the lift-bar zipped to the right and crashing in a ball of flames and sparks.

    Meanwhile, Wold was steadily watching the base camp from behind the tent. He heard the sound of someone walking in the mud behind him. As he went to turn around a sharp knife blade came down into his left shoulder. Wold felt a white hot pain burn down side of his body. Yani stood behind him with a bloody knife in his hand.

    Wold ran at Yani and tackled him to the ground, knocking the knife from his hand. This noise began to wake up the other soldiers at the base camp. Most of them were either supporter?s of Soren or strongly against the General. All of the sudden quarrels and fighting began breaking out between hundreds of the Moltak soldiers.

    Wold gripped his hands around Yani?s neck, choking him as hard as he could. Yani struggled to fight away from Wold?s ever tighting grip. Soldiers all around them were fighting and in some cases killing each other. Yani managed to roll Wold around and pry his hands away. Yani punched Wold two times in the shoulder, where he had driven his knife blade.

    In the meantime, Zi landed on his feet, after jumping from the lift-bar. He could see where Soren had landed in the mud and ran back towards the base camp. Zi could hear all of the commotion that was rocking the camp. Wold became the first thing he thought about. He had already l
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