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"Jedi No More..."

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Mace_Wu-Tang, May 22, 2000.

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  1. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    Alright...I've got a little time and nothing to maybe you all will enjoy this loose Star Wars adaptation of the current hit Gladiator...

    I'll try to post at least one update a day...I welcome comments and requests, but i want to do the writing myself...

    so without further ado...


    Sem-Nol Khan, Jedi knight of the great Galactic Republic, sunk to his knees and gathered a fistful of dirt, running it through his hands slowly, with purpose. Though the directed chaos of battle preparation swirled all around him, this ritual never failed to bring him into focus.

    He was here on Republic business. The Gait-Oree, a savage tribe of thugs and marauders, had descended on this out-of-the-way world like a swarm of locusts: harassing legal settlers, murdering native populations, hunting indigineous species to near extinction, ravaging the planets natural resources. There seemed no limit to their basist appetites. Furthermore, they'd made it quite clear to the Jedi that there would be no negotiated peace when Sem-Nol's arrival was greeted with the heads of the Settler's Ruling Committee.

    "So be it," Sem-Nol had thought. "If war is the remedy they choose, then let them have their fill of it."

    The Jedi warrior rose to walk the lines.

    For the past month his leadership had inspired resistance in the settlers and natives, so much that Sem-Nol had made it a point of honor to refuse reinforcement from the Republic military.

    And so, slowly but surely Sem-Nol Khan, Jedi Knight of the Galatic Republic, had crafted his "Light Side Legion" and driven the savages back to this, their last hive of scum and villainy. Today, they would seal the victory and return the light of civilization to this world.

    Meanwhile, that same light was flickering to darkness at the very heart of the Republic...

  2. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    These men and women who made up the Light Side Legion were former farmers, traders, miners, colonists, tribesman, but under Jedi Khan they had all found the heart and discipline of hardened soldiers.

    Now they all turned their attention to the Jedi as he strode towards a nearby hill to deliver his final speech before the would move against the Gait-Oree invaders.

    For a moment, the Jedi just stood there on the hill. The pause was partially calculated for effect. Sem-Nol knew the strength of his his own image and he knew his troops would draw strength from it.

    Indeed, he did cut an impressive figure. He was only 33, still in his physical prime, but his scars might have suggested a war-weary veteran in his 50s. Hard features and close-cropped raven hair framed eyes that were bright with morality and wisdom but cold with a harshness and brutal efficiency. His brown Jedi cloak flapped gently in the wind, softening the sillouhette Khan's thin, sharp, muscular frame made against the gray sky.

    The respect these volunteers felt for their leader was palpable as their eyes focused on the hill.

    Slowly, Sem-Nol Khan, Knight of the Jedi Order, Servant of the Galactic Republic, drew and lit his lightsaber and ordered the charge...

  3. Kirixchi Kenobi

    Kirixchi Kenobi Jedi Youngling

    Apr 24, 2000
    I like your story.
    Loved Gladiator as well. Keep up the good work- just wanted to say hi- I know how annoying it can be when all your readers are lurkers.
  4. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    5 years later...

    Sem-Nol Khan struggled to maintain his composure as he was led in chains towards the Imperial Court room.

    He'd been on the Outer Rim, pursuing the last remnants of the broken Mandalorian army when the word had come that the politcal stalemate had finally been broken and the Emperor had moved to end the Jedi Order once and for all. He'd returned home to find the Jedi Temple in flames and most of the Council dead. Only Masters Yoda and Kenobi had escaped. Khan prayed that the Force was with them for they seemed the last hope, not only for the Order, but for the Republic and indeed the entire Galaxy...

    Khan's own teacher, Master Windu, had reportedly been the last to fall. He had put wave after wave of the Empire's storm troopers into the dust before he was cornered in the Council chambers. There he had fallen to Palpatine's new apprentice, the black knight, Darth Vader, as the tower burned all around him.

    It had taken all of Sem-Nol's discipline to contain the rage he felt when he'd arrived at the Temple to find the head of the man he'd loved as a mentor and even as a father, Master Windu's head mounted on the spear of an Imperial Guardsmen at the Temple gates.

    And so it was with a hardened heart that Sem-Nol Khan went to meet with Emperor Palpatine.
  5. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    The setting sun cast an odd, red haze through the Imperial thrown room's giant picture window. At the far end of the room, Emperor Palpatine watched with pleasure as smoke and flame rose from the Jedi Temple and floated accross the galactic capital's skyline.

    "Guards, leave us," the Emperor said calmly as he turned and moved toward Sem-Nol, who stood still, focusing his resistance against the wave of cold, dark energy that the Emperor exuded. "It is good to see you, my old friend."

    Sem-Nol maintained his outward composure but he bristled internally as Palpatine taunted him with their mutual history. Indeed, the two men had become friends during the Clone Wars, when Khan was the Supreme Chancellor's closest military advisor. It was only now, at the end, that the Jedi saw the past events for what they truly had been. All of Palpatine?s principles, all of his strength, all of his eloquent words about ?protecting the light of galactic civilization from the forces of chaos? were nothing but political slight-of-hand. Sith schemes and traps planned for a millenium to put an end to the Jedi order, place the Sith in the control of the galaxy?s fate, and subvert once and for all the balance of light and dark.

    The Emperor smiled as he finally stood face to face with Sem-Nol, making no attempt to hide his self-satisfaction at his apparent victory. Khan?s spirit thirsted for his saber, but, again, his discipline won the moment. There would be a time for that, but this was not it. Patience. Patience. You will do no justice by dying in battle now.

    ?Fear not, my friend,? he said in a tone that was both concillatory and taunting at the same time. ?There will be a place for you in my New Order. You will return to the outer Rim, with my sanction, my blessing. There you can once again set yourself to your true calling. Master the crime and senseless conflict. Bring the light of civilization to the chaos and help me build a utopia under the law and order of the Empire. It is your destiny, my friend. Do not deny it.?

    For just a moment, Sem-Nol Khan?s dark side, so long held in check by his communion with the light, exploded to his consciousness. This is your chance. Take the offer. Build a new Republic, away from this megalomaniac. Bide your time, gather your strength, and one day you can return to crush the Sith. To make them pay for all their crimes. To avenge your comrades and, most of all, Master Windu??.

    The Sith Master?s smile widened as he felt Sem-Nol?s hate swell beneath the calm Jedi exterior, but his dark victory was short lived as Sem-Nol remembered his Master?s words: Light cannot come from darkness anymore than stone can bleed, young Padawan. If light is your destination, you cannot walk a dark path. No enlightened civilization could rise under Sith rule. There could be no coexistence and Sem-Nol would not allow himself the luxury of believing such a naive fantasy.

    ?I?m afraid not, Emperor,? he said, spitting the title out like a rotten piece of meat. ?I am Sem-Nol Khan of the Jedi Order, a Knight of the Galactic Republic. I will not be an instrument of evil. I will not be a tool of your conquest. No matter the lies you cloak it with.?

    Palpatine?s gaze narrowed and he turned to exit the room. Dismissing the situation with a flip of his hand, he sighed a casual reply: ?Very well then, Jedi. Guards, take the esteemed knight back to the Temple and see that his head finds a place of honor next to his master?s??

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  6. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    "On your knees, Jedi," the Guardsman said from behind his blood red mask as he stood to the side. Slowly, Sem-Nol did as he was told, sinking to his knees in silence.

    "At least give me a warriors death," he said as he unhooked his lightsaber from his belt and held it out for the executioner to take. While the Jedi were far from a superstitious lot, they did tend honor those who fell to saber blades high than those who died by less elegant means.

    The Guardsman squinted at the saber skeptically, exchanging looks with his two partners. The request seemed reasonable enough. Besides, he figured, the Jedi must be resigned to his death if he's willing to hand over his weapon.

    "Very well then," he said, taking the weapon and bringing the hilt to shoulder level in the classic executioner's pose. The other two guardsmen watched as Sem-Nol bowed his head and closed his eyes, apparently awaiting the death stroke.

    It never came.

    In a single moment the deep blue blade sprung from the hilt, the executioner began his cut, Sem-Nol sprung to life.

    Moving in a blur, the Jedi warrior shift his weight to his right, catching the executioner's swing by the wrist and firing a kick to his knee, which promptly collapsed in a sickening crunch. The blade fell from the man's hand, collapsing back into its handle, while the guardsmen fell forward onto his one remaining good leg.

    Shocked by the Jedi's sudden transformation from passive prisoner to ferocious opponent, the other two guardsmen fumbled their pikes before coming to their comrades assistance. Sem-Nol took full advantage of their mistep, rolling backwards and springing to his feet, buying himself space and time, while never letting go of the first guardsman's wrist.

    Once, on his feet Khan moved to finish off the fallen first guard, killing him instantly with a crushing palm strike to his neck. Still, there was no time to celebrate.

    The death of their comrade had brought the other two guards rapidly into focus and they threw themselves at the Jedi, one from each side.

    Both pikes found only air as Sem-Nol lept backwards into a handspring, landing in his fighting stance at the same moment he brought his saber flying into his hand. The blade sprang from the hilt with the signature snap-hiss and instantly Sem-Nol had gone from defense to offense. The Jedi warrior danced forward into the guard of both Imperials, who, despite years of training at the Galactic Military Institute, looked like sheep flailing helplessly against a wolf.

    Sem-Nol, spun the blade through the air with blinding speed and efficiency and soon it found a home in one of the guardsmen's stomachs. The man made no noise as he sunk to his knees and collapsed face first into the rubble. The last opponent died less easily.
  7. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    Sem-Nol thrusted forward, his blade aiming for the Imperial's head. But the guardsman was well trained, sidestepping the blow as the energy blade found only the red fabric of the cloak. Following up on his dodge and taking advantage of the Jedi's overextension, the Imperial sunk his pike into Sem-Nol's thigh and his elbow into Sem-Nol's midsection, breaking two ribs and puncturing the Jedi's kidney and lung.

    That moment of Imperial victory was hard bought and short-lived though, as Sem-Nol recovered and cleaved the all-too-aggressive trooper clean in half.

    Though Sem-Nol had escaped the Emperor's death sentence, the damage was done and the blood was flowing freely from his leg. Still, there was no time to rest.

    Khan dug through the rubble in a grief striken fervor, madly searching for his Master's body. All the discipline he'd mustered to weather his encounter with Palpatine and his battle with the guards crumbled instantly as the emotional weight of the situation finally penetrated his concentration and broke his spirit like so much stained glass.

    The Jedi Temple lay in ruin all around him. His friends, his allies, his comrades were buried in its remains. The Sith were now the rulers of the galaxy.

    Khan wailed uncontrollably as he force blasted the rubble into smaller and smaller bits, weeping and flailing left and right with his saber, all in a vain effort to find the man who had mentored him since he was 9 years old. But Master Windu's body was no where to be found.

    He made no attempt to dress his wounds or flee the area. Cursing destiny and the evil Empire, Sem-Nol stumbled towards the burnt and twisted spire on which his surrogate father's head was displayed.

    In a final frenzy before the blood loss won him over, Sem-Nol tore the wicked symbol down and dug a makeshift grave for it with his bare hands.

    Only then, with his grief finally satiated, did Sem-Nol Khan sink to the dust and rubble of the fallen Temple and resign himself to death.

    Afterall, there was nothing left to live for...
  8. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    Requests? Criticisms? Suggestions?

    Compliments even?...
  9. Senator Palpatine

    Senator Palpatine Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 6, 1999
    I used to be a lurker ...but then I started writing ...I hate lurkers mad.gif ...I want people to respond , so here's mine.

    I love this story!!! And I think Gladiator is the best movie I have seen this year.

    Senator Palpatine

    "It's a little childish and stupid, but then again, so is highschool."
  10. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    Sem-Nol awoke to the smell of grease and overworked energy conduits. As his head cleared and he realized that he was indeed alive, Sem-Nol took account of his situation.

    Somewhere in the background he could here the rythmic thrumming of a freighter's hyperdrive. He could only assume that Coruscant was far behind him.

    His clothes and, more importantly, his lightsaber were gone. He wore only a pair of plain brown shorts that covered the essentials but not much else. To the positive, whoever had retrieved his body was apparently caring for it. His leg wound was patched, though a nasty scar remained. A medical stimulator patch covered the huge purple-black bruise on his ribs. No doubt it was their to control and repair the internal organ damage and it seemed safe to assume that prompt application of the device had saved his life.

    Khan scowled. He wasn't certain that he wanted to be alive. What was he, a Jedi knight, to do when the only possible motivation for his life was revenge? It seemed there was no light left to follow.

    Sem-Nol was snapped from his melancholy contemplation by the sound of the room's door. A rotund, greasy looking Twi-lek entired the room.

    "Welcome returned to living, friend," he said in heavily accented, broken basic.

    "Tuta misca-so Huttesse," Sem-Nol remarked that he spoke Huttesse in a half-interested tone. The Twi-lek smiled and continued in his native tongue.

    "You are lucky to be alive," he began with no introductions. "My medical droid had quite a time patching up your guts. Whatever hit you, hit you hard, huh?" The Twi-lek chuckled and adjusted his lekku which hung one over each shoulder.

    Sem-Nol's patience was already nearly nil and he had had quite enough of the small talk already.

    "who are you? where am I? And what is going on here?" he fired away in tense, but perfect Huttesse.

    The Twi-lek just chuckled.

    "Slow down, mystery man. You are in no position to be asking questions," he said.

    Sem-Nol's lip curled. He was in no mood to play interregation tag with this louse, but he was far too weak to focus the Force against the man's mind. Indeed, he doubted he could even stand.

    "Come clean, Twi-lek," he barked impatiently. "Whats going on?"

    Again the alien laughed dismissively, touching a button on his wrist. Instantly, Sem-Nol began to feel his consciousness slipping away. As the darkness of a drug-induced sleep closed all-around him, Sem-Nol finally realized where he was.

    This was a slave ship and he was cargo.
  11. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    For the first time in his life Sem-Nol Khan found himself totally without motivation, totally without purpose, and totally out of touch with the Force.

    He didn't care that he was bound and shackled. He didn't care that he was being poked and prodded by slavers reeking of sweat, blood, and cheap ale.

    The slavers, both human and alien, swarmed into the market like flies seeking rotting flesh on a battlefield. Landing here and there to sample a little bit of each broken life before flitting off to the next.

    Such was life here in lawless periphery of the Outer Rim, a world without the benefit of the "light of civilization". The thought stuck in his consciousness like a knife.

    Light of civilization? What civilization? Look at this, you fool. Look what you fought and sacrificed all your life for. He spit in the dust as two slavers bid with the Twi-lek for him. He resumed his internal rant: The Republic was a lie. Light of civilization? The best hope for life in the galaxy? All a lie.

    The Republic was just as lawless as the Rim. The only law was power, Palpatine had proved that. He'd spent to long in his fantasies of peace and justice, now their was nothing left for him.

    Lost in his new world of nihilism, Sem-Nol was led away by his new owner.

    And yet, he refused to hang his head...
  12. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000 appears i get no love from the audience, but nevertheless, i'll keep writing to please the lurkers...and because its fun...

    Sem-Nol was one of 5 slaves bought by an older Corellian man. The men walked single file into the caged back of a large transport and began a trip to some undisclosed, but undoubtably nasty, location. Not that it really matterred to the former Jedi. Whether he lived out his life in a spice mine, laboring in a machine shop, or as some noble's house servant made little difference to him.

    Khan took a look around at his fellow captives. Two humans, dirty and skinny; probably drifters their whole life, they're eyes where dull and their demeanors did little to set them apart. The other two of his compatriots were more interesting.

    A huge man, even by Gait-Oree standards, sat at the other end of the cage. Like most of his race, the man was thickly muscled with next to know body fat and the dull olive skin featured natural camoflage-like markings. The man was clearly a soldier by trade, and his skin featured a veritable dictionary of wounds: blaster marks, electrical scorches, blade scars, out-of-place bones that had healed wrong. Yet, despite all these apparent flaws, the reptillian seemed to be in peak condition: strong, aware, and alert. No doubt he was old enough to remember the crushing defeat the Gait-Oree horde had suffered at the hands of a certain Jedi general. Sem-Nol resolved to give the ruffian room.

    The final slave was marked as a Zabrac by his crown of short ivory horns. He was only the second Zabrac Sem-Nol had ever met, the first being Jedi Master Eeth Koth. Tall and lean, the man had the look of a natural athlete, but none of the alertness of the Gait-Oree. Clearly his mind was on other things, sad things. Sem-Nol sympathized. Fruits of the Empire- misery. He thought dejectedly.

    It wasn?t long before the men were loaded on a transport and bound for another Rim world. In the meantime, their new owner had lined them up shoulder to shoulder in the cargo hold. Perhaps now Sem-Nol would get some answers as to how exactly he would live out the rest of his now insignificant life.

    ?Welcome, slaves,? the Corellian said with gruff matter-of-factness. ?Welcome to the thrilling world of gladiatorial sport.?

    gladiators? Sem-Nol?s mind snapped to attention and the slave master?s oration faded into the background.

    Gladiator contests were a part of ancient galactic history. Once they had been used to decide rulers, settle disputes, and make law. The establishment of the Republic, the ?dawn of the light of civilization?, as Sem-Nol used to teach his students, had brought an end to such barbarism. Palpatine is determined to purge the galaxy of the light. Its disgusting. He looked around at the other men. These men will die very, very soon. Totally devoid of dignity. And for what? Amusement through misery and destruction; the debasing of common decency.

    And at that moment, Sem-Nol felt the Force return to him in an invigorating rush and he was refilled with purpose.

    He would see that these get men their due. The entire galaxy would see them fight with the strength and honor of the light of civilization and the spirit of Sith brutality would not possess the hearts and minds of the citizens.

    If he could not best Palpatine down as a Jedi, then he would do it as a Gladiator.

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  13. Lyf Mantoe

    Lyf Mantoe Jedi Youngling star 1

    Mar 9, 2000
    *reads the story, and cries out when it finishes* WHAT HAPPENED?!

    Wow! That's really good! I've seen Gladiator too, I think it's GREAT. The same as your story!! MORE!
  14. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    thanks so much for the encouragement :)

    more to come tomorrow night...
  15. Mace_Wu-Tang

    Mace_Wu-Tang Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 21, 2000
    Sem-Nol Khan could feel the entire universe slow down as he ran a fistful of dirt through his hands. His breathing slowed and the Force flowed fully through him. He was ready to show this barbarian backwater the true meaning of strength and honor.

    The 6 slaves had been shackled to each other in pairs and were now awaiting the start of their very first match in the sand-floored corridor that led up to the stadium floor. Sem-Nol studied each of them with the critical eye of a general. Most of the slaves were most certainly destined to die. One of the drifters bought with Sem-Nol was so frought with fear that he started to faint. Unfortunately for him, he was chained to the Gait-oree, who promptly yanked him back to full consciousness and crippling anxiety.

    Khan was chained to the Zabrac. He counted himself lucky in this respect. The alien had apparently set aside his melancholy and seemed to be fairly ready (as ready as one might expect, anyway) for the fight.

    The Corellian appeared at the end of the hallyway dressed to the nines in a smooth, tight cut suit of the finest material. Such austentation in the face of the surrounding misery made Sem-Nol sick, but he pushed it aside.

    The Corellian's motivation was short and half-hearted.

    "All of you will die," he said with a grim chuckle as he tossed them each a short combat knife. "The question is- will you retain any dignity?"

    The man started to walk away, but turned back and said, with a great measure of callous sarcasm: "May the Force be with you."

    Sem-Nol and the Zabrac were to be the third pair through door. Outside they could he the stadium's roughneck population screaming for carnage...
  16. Jean

    Jean Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 7, 2003
    Upping for the move
  17. Jauhzmynn

    Jauhzmynn Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 16, 2002
    Wow, I hope this continues on. Very well done.
  18. son-of-kenobi

    son-of-kenobi Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jul 16, 2004
    good stuff great work never seen gladiator but by this it sounds good...jeez that emperor is cruel to have Mace's head as a sign....
  19. darshaassant

    darshaassant Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 13, 2005
    More pleeze!
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