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  1. Twi'lek Babe

    Twi'lek Babe Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 26, 1999
    My cats are nicknamed after the characters they are most like. The fat one is Jabba, the clumsy one is Jar Jar. My ghost kitty is skittish and has big glowey eyes, so she is Jawa. (She is the ghost kitty because she suffered acute total kidney failure two weeks ago, and I had to have her put to sleep. *sniff* But she is still here in spirit!)
  2. Wizards

    Wizards Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 18, 1999
    i would name my cat obi-wan kenobi if i had one.
  3. skyhopper7

    skyhopper7 Jedi Youngling

    Dec 3, 1999
    i think taht i would name my pet wicket. becaue i like the name and he just reminds me of a cute pet. but my dog is named panda.
  4. Grand Moff Jerjerrod

    Grand Moff Jerjerrod Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 14, 1999
    I'd have either a hairless cat or chiuahua named Yoda.

  5. Salla Zend

    Salla Zend Jedi Youngling

    Jul 5, 1999
    I have a pleco fish (algae eaters that suck onto the sides of the tank) named Mynock.

    I used to have fish named after other pairs (Ben & Jerry, Bert & Ernie, Luke & Leia), but when some of them died I ended up with weird pairs like Luke and Ernie and it was too hard to explain.
  6. LeiaB

    LeiaB Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 30, 1999
    I don't have any pets named after SW, yet...but I do have a friend named YODA.
  7. Xizora

    Xizora Jedi Youngling star 3

    Mar 17, 1999
    I want to name a cat Ampris. (not starwars, but lucasfilm anyway)

    I had a puppy I named Yaddle. She looked like a Yaddle the day she was born.
  8. Fribble

    Fribble Jedi Youngling

    Sep 24, 1999
    We've got a cat named Yoda. She's over 18 years old now, and medium-gray in color. My parents said they named her Yoda because when they got her she had a sorta domed head and big pointy ears

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  9. klingklang

    klingklang Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jan 12, 1999
    At one time I had a tan cat named Ben (after Obi) and a black rabbit named Darth.
  10. emilsson

    emilsson Jedi Grand Master star 6

    Oct 5, 1998
    I would like to call a cat Leia. But it will depend upon how it fits with the pet´s character. Ben, Chewie are also good names. I might even call a pet Palpatine .
  11. Defiance

    Defiance Jedi Master star 3

    Jul 16, 1999
    If I had a particularly vicious dog, I'd name him Darth Maul.
  12. IG88A

    IG88A Jedi Youngling

    Oct 2, 1999
    I would call a mouse Piett.
  13. wedge3210

    wedge3210 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 7, 1999
    I called my kitty cat Chewie.
  14. lindzee

    lindzee Jedi Youngling star 3

    Aug 16, 1999
    My schnauzer looks a lot like Yoda. She's about the right size and she smells wierd too...but she's named, quite inappropriately, I may add, Lady Luck. Considering she's blind and deaf and ancient and going bald and losing her teeth...that's a dumb name. But Yoda...she just looks like Yoda to me. But she isn't green...yet.

    My Golden Retriever should be named Jabba...or Porkins...he's huge!

  15. jedigirl

    jedigirl Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 2, 1999
    If I had a pig I would name it Palpy. I actually have a stuffed animal (pig) and I named him that.
    For any other animal it would just have to be which character it looked like to me.

  16. AnakinTurned

    AnakinTurned Jedi Youngling

    Dec 14, 1999
    I've always thought Anakin was a great name for a dog... then, when I wanted my dog to come or fetch or whatever, I could be like Qui-Gon in the Tatooine desert: "Anakin!"
  17. Alderaan21

    Alderaan21 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 24, 1998
    I have a black and white cat named Chewie. I love that cat. No kidding? Ampris? I thought about that name too-- Alien Chronicles is a great series, and I've really taken a liking to the series' heroine. Next two pets I get, they will be named Anakin and Ampris; I've always liked the name Anakin and Ampris would be a cool name for a cat; if I'd known about the series when Chewie was born he would have been an Ampris. If I get a third it'll be Amidala.... heh, what's with the A thing I've got going here? That'll sure make things hard when I try to call them, I can't keep the names of the pets I have now straight.
  18. JawaJediTy

    JawaJediTy Jedi Youngling

    Jan 4, 2000
    I wanted to name our dog Yoda, but no one else wanted to. So he's named Buster. It fits him better anyway.
  19. Bob the Jedi

    Bob the Jedi Jedi Youngling

    Nov 23, 1999
    I know a family that is really into SW and they named their pets after SW charectors. And their newest pet, cat, is named Jar Jar. And I feel very sorry for that cat to be named after such an annoying charector.
  20. Storm Starling

    Storm Starling Jedi Youngling star 1

    Oct 19, 1999
    This thread it too cool to die......


  21. Charlemagne

    Charlemagne Jedi Padawan star 4

    May 15, 1999
    Absurb situations!


    * A psychopathic P2 Unit (predecessor to R series) whom the players keep as a pet despite a desire to build a rep by killing humans.

    * Starved for ideas I create the "Key and the Gate" one jedi in all the galaxy who appears and has the power of teleporting through space/time.

    He uses it to try and pick up Nomi Sunrider...
    (and suceeds)
    The First Dark Lord (lady actually) of the Sith
    (and suceeds)
    Queen Amidala
    (still working on it)

    * The Jedi suceed in stopping a Hapan Civil War and destroy all the forces of the false Prince of the realm who has assembled legions to destroy it.

    The Hapan Queen intrigued offers them her gaurds and several noble women to be their consorts and concubines.

    The Jedi graciously accept...for a few weeks.

    * A Ewolk tags along from the Battle Of Endor. They teach him Basic, how to use a blaster, and some force tricks.

    He promptly uses his knowledge to take over Endor

    * The First <Evil> (the Living Embodiment of the Dark Side) has manifested in the universe and possesed one of the caurousing Jedi (who don't know they're father and son) and one is forced to battle his sister/love interest whose possesed by him.

    Tearfully he stabs her to stop the darkness.

    The Father of her promptly exists battling the First to backstab him.

    * It turns out that the the caurousing elder Jedi was actually Darth Vader's son by ANOTHER woman than Queen Amidala (he got around that Anakin did)

    * Yet he's still not given up on trying to get Leia despite she's been married twenty years...

    * A Player character who decides that he wants nothing but solid gold cybernetics..

    "Cut off dem arms!"

    * All the prophicies about force sesentive children, the Dark Side evils, and the like were told to them by a talking cat.

    * Apparently the spirits of dead Jedi enjoy playing golf (getting hit with a spectral ball was a way to ensue that they were about to arrive).

    * Stopping the Imperial Suncrusher torpedoes (combining the Galaxy Gun and the like-becuse I hated them both) the Bounty Hunter can't resist using one to blow up the 100 million Imperials in the system it's built on.

    * Emperor Palpatine's ghost haunts one player character...from Hell as the dimensions crumble (even he doesn't want to see the universe destroyed).

    He is redeemed.

    I think I win here...
  22. Phoenix928

    Phoenix928 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Dec 2, 1999
    One word... WHOA...

    Wish I hadn't found this thread so late in the game, but ah well...

    Just wanted to mention that all these tales of wackiness and zany antics have made me proud to be a long time player of the SWRPG. Ok, I've only played for about five years, but considering my first experience with SWRPG was GMing it, and that I'd only been playing RPGs in general for the last six years or what have you...

    Anyways, to the author of the post describing the little SpecOps techie who wooed her way into the heart of a Dark Jedi apprentice - you didn't happen to give that player a nice little CP bonus for good roleplaying, did you? I would have. <G>

    Anyway, I've got a story to share... it's kinda what I tell everyone when they ask me what kind of ludicrous behavior went on in that campaign.

    Just to set up:

    New Republic Privateers, around the time of the Rogue Squadron series of novels... and all of this stuff DID happen... maybe not all at the same time, but this is just cobbled together from memories of the rather absurd situations we've been in...


    Mark: GM

    Brian: Captain Piotyr "Cap'n Crunch/Goldfish" Kasprotsky

    Darrow: Harry "Lonestarr" Mono (1st Officer)

    Matt Arch: Angerwain "The Mad Bomber" Jarl-og-shaw (Boarding Captain)

    Matt Laz: Orin "Malpractice" Banner (Chief Medical Officer)

    John: Denarith "Skippy" Lemlar (Gunnery Sergeant)

    Danny: Dirk "Grease Monkey" Nukem (Chief Engineer)

    Mark: Ok, guys, the base you're at is under Imperial assault... Harry, you're in the Firebird starfighter on patrol around the Revenge

    Brian: Ok... switch transponder codes to Throat Tearin' Shewolf...

    Mark: Done... what now, Cap?

    Brian: Ok, I power up the weapons on my NovaTech...

    Mark: You're wearing it on the bridge?

    Brian: Sure, why not?

    Mark: There's a mini proton torpedo launcher on it!

    Brian: So? Fine... I'm wearing a cape... I flash the Imp Admiral...

    Mark: Um... how about you, Harry?

    Darrow: Attack... shields off...

    Mark: What? There's 72 TIEs out there!

    Darrow: We don't need shields, trust me...

    Mark: <SIGH> Ok, Arch, what about you?

    Arch: Board that bleedin' thing!!

    Mark: It's an Impstar Deuce! There's thousands of people on there!

    Arch: What's your point, lad? I've got my thermals...

    Mark: <SIGH> John, what's Denarith doing?

    John: Nothing...

    Mark: Why not?

    John: Those TIEs don't have shields... as a moral, upright Jedi, I have compunctions about shooting unarmed opponents...

    Mark: But they're gonna kill you!

    John: Then we die for the Force...

    Brian: Idiot! Fire the damn guns!

    John: No!

    Brian: That's an order!

    John: Jedi don't listen to stupid orders...

    Mark: Oh God... Matt, what's up with you?

    Laz: Ok, I'm gonna disable that fleeing Imp shuttle... the ion cannons won't destroy it, right? Just knock out the electrical systems leaving it stranded?

    Mark: Yep...

    Laz: Ok... I fire... (Rolls dice) Hit! It's stopped... just disabled right? Not destroyed?

    Mark: Actually, when it just stopped like that, a TIE rammed it... they both blew up...

    Laz: I hate you...

    Mark: How about you, Danny? What's Dirk doing?

    Danny: I don't know...

    Mark: What do you mean, you don't know?

    Danny: What's going on, again?

    Mark: Danny, the cargo hold is on fire, the engines are overheating... toxic plasma is being vented into Engineering, half of your crew is dead, the shield generator is slagged, and the main reactor is going critical! What do you do?!

    Danny: I roll dice... to fix things...

    Mark: This is NOT good...

    Add in the exploits of crazies jumping from moving cargo skiffs and landing on the steering vanes of following speeder bikes...

    Add in the wonderful charm of Marvin the Manic Depressive Droid that has been reprogrammed to swear every 3rd word...

    Add in a crazed Imperial Admiral who foams at the mouth as he speaks and has a rabid hatred for Admiral Pallaeon...

    Add in the perfunctory time warp / alternate universe where R2D2 never made it to Tatooine and Luke ends somehow ends up as the new evil Emperor...

    Add in hordes of SpecForce assault teams dropping through t
  23. Miguelburrito

    Miguelburrito Jedi Youngling star 1

    Feb 2, 2000
    two funny stories to add to the list of wackiness.
    First is the medical droid that our group paid 500 imperial credits for. It had a thing about killing twi'leks. Any time it came near one, it would try to kill it. No wonder we got such a good deal. Our twi'lek PC did not get healed for two weeks game time.

    Second. The opposite of the wildly high die roll, is rolling all ones three times in a row. We were locked out, by the stormtroopers we just killed, of the spaceport berth that our ship was in. After failed attempts at picking the lock the group decided that we should attempt to throw someone up to the top of the wall. So that they may drop over and unlock the door. Since i was the smallest player i was elected as the projectile. The first attempt i nearly made it. Instead i hit the wall a foot from the top and the two characters who threw me missed catching me one the way down. I took little damage, so we tried again. They missed but caught me this time. Third time is a charm, right? Well maybe not. This time they used their character points to throw me. They missed. However instead of hitting the wall like the previous tries i went right on over. Bounced off of our ship and hit the ground hard. I had to use most of my own character points and the willpower skill to reach the door release before collapsing. Needless to say i spent the next few days in a bacta tank.

  24. DarthHate

    DarthHate Jedi Youngling

    Feb 23, 2000
    I have some pets named after star wars characters, One cat is named Kenobi (not obi-wan kenobi, just "kenobi")
    I had one cat called Anakin( but he died from respiratory problems)
    And another cat(a girl) called Amidala(Was Anakin's sister)

    we think Kenobi and Amidala are going to be parents.
  25. Jedi Amy-Wan Kenobi

    Jedi Amy-Wan Kenobi Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 5, 2000
    I'm campaigning for another cat (ours now is named Midnight), and I'm wanting a hairless one. I'd probably name it Chewbacca Bigglesworth. Chewbacca cause I'm a fan of irony and Bigglesworth because, well, it's rather obvious. If we get any other kind of cat, it'll be named Kenobi. (Somebody else had a cat named Kenobi, no?) My mom wants a dog and she's agreed to let me name it, and I've decided on the name Darth Maul. I'll make allowances for if it really reminds me of some other character.
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