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SWRPF Archive Jedi Outcast RP thread (v2.0)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Entil`Zha, Jul 13, 2002.

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    SECRETSISTER Jedi Master star 8

    Nov 18, 2001
    OOC to Lance and Dinn: Just be prepared to move....


    IC: In the Chancellor's office...

    Lis, I'm not disappointed in you. I'd be disappointed if you didn't learn from this. Now you know how easy....

    *Lissa finally raised her head and looked into Lank's eyes, accurately reading what she saw there.*

    He still loves me...

    Oh, Lank! I feel like I've aged a hundred years!

    *She let herself slip fully into his arms and rested there for several minutes. Then she softly kissed his lips and turned back to her onerous duty, comforted with him at her side.*
  2. PrelateZeratual

    PrelateZeratual Jedi Padawan star 4

    Aug 28, 2003
    *he sat in the armory, devoid of any feeling at the moment. His helmet and shoulder armor was off, but the look in his eyes suggested he didnt care at the moment what was left. Knight was gone and command had been given to Lissa Rosque. He had received the message from Zeratual shortly after the Whirl Wind had gone back into Jump Space about them giving his fiances ashes to the Void and it only made his heart tighten with grief. Knight was a personal friend of Zeratual...and Zeratual had told many a stories during the supper times in the mess, and it seemed to only bring him that much closer to knowing the Jedi that had perished on that Star Destroyer. He would deal and live, he had to. It was in his best interest to do so.*

  3. Bravo

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    Sep 10, 2001
    Jim Palso sat there, starring out at the stars. He had learned to deal with death now. It was just another part of life.

    Jim Palso remembered an old saying from Frank from long ago, just before Jim Palso would become the infamous smuggler he is known now.

    "Jim, you'll learn two things about life. First, it isn't fair all the time and when you really want something, you're gonna have to work for it. And second, death happens to us all. There's no point in complaining about--it won't bring back the dead if you complain about it. Just move on. If anything, you'll get more done by working then complaining and you'll do more respect to the dead that way. Oh, and one more thing Palso. If you ever cry and complain over my dead body when I'm dead, I'll come back from the dead and kick your ass."

    Palso smiled at that little word--or words--of wisdom. Getting up, he said to his two droids and Alfred, "We're going to the hanger to get some work done."

    Upon entering the hanger, Jim Palso, his droids, and Alfred who more directed then anything, started to help the mechanics fix up Jim Palso's X-Wing.

    There was work to be done. No use in wasting time.

    OOC: This will probably be my last post for this RPG, unless we have the furnel (sp?) or something else group wise until the new one opens up.

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    Nov 18, 2001
    *At last, with Lank's help, Lissa finished the letter to Knight's family. She filed it in the COM system, directing it to the capitol city of Vabea on the planet of Onas. Once it was on its way, she commed the helm.*

    Helm, make our course for Spira.

    Ensign, you have the Com. I'll be in my billet if you need me.

    Ensign: >Ma'am, are you going to move into the Command Suite?<

    No. Not yet... it's too soon...I'm sure you...understand.

    *For a moment it looked as if the Ensign was going to break down but he managed, with supreme effort, to maintain control. Lissa took a step closer to the man, reached out and layed a gentle hand on his shoulder.*

    I know, I know. Few on this ship realize how much he depended on you - how much he trusted you...and how well you knew him. We all mourn with you.

    *She stepped back, nodded to the man and acknowledged his sharp salute. Then turning, she left the bridge, slipping one hand into Lank's as the door closed behind them.

    By the time the turbolift reached the NOVA ERA corridor, Lissa was shaking with pent up grief and clutching Lank's hand as a drowning person clutches at a life preserver.*

    TAG: Lank Pavail
  5. PulsarSkate

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    Nov 4, 2003

    Dinn paused and watched Lance as he worked.

    "I know you care..." she started, but no other words could come out. She shook her head - something that was becoming a fast habit - and returned to her own work.

    The cloth Dinn was using was a brown mess, but she continued cleaning with it, washing away the blood of the soldiers she had killed. No faces came to her minds eye, no pity, no regret for their deaths...and that worried her. For only the second time in her life, she had let rage guide her. The first had been the murder of her betrayer. That - in Dinn's mind - had been justified. It hadn't been right, but they'd had it coming.

    This time had been different, but the same. She'd lost family and gone directly to cold violent mode. What would happen next time? She looked back over at Lance, then down at the ring on her finger, just a bump under her gloves. If he died...who would I kill? How many would I kill? many as it took to balance the ledger... the voice slithered through her mental barriers. It seemed softer than before, like it was losing power.

    Dinn intensified her cleaning and blocked out everything. She finished quickly and rushed to put the equipment away.

    "I think the better we tackle this...presence hanging over me the better." she said quietly, turning back to her beloved and trying to wait pateintly for him to be done.

    tag: Jeff
  6. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003
    IC: Capt. Soltaris

    Preventer Staging Area

    A soft sigh, like one from a parent. The red eyes looked up at Dinn, glowing softly, and the suit of armor slowly floated to the bench, resting in a position that indicated it would be finished later.

    "Certainly," he said, a soft voice coming from him. He found it odd that he was in this position, solely because it required of him something he had never thought possible: in order to get help in becoming himself again, he would be needed to bring one back from the brink of madness. Never before had the Dark-Sider been required to save in order to be saved.

    A strange muttering came from him, and the room flashed a bright white for all of a second before reverting to normal again. There were now three occupants, of which one was in spectral form. This ghost presently held the ghastly form of a skeleton, robed all in black.

    TAG: Jessie
  7. PulsarSkate

    PulsarSkate Ex-Mod star 7 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Nov 4, 2003

    Dinn took a huge step back from the spectre, her hands out in front of her, preparing to ward off any attack.

    But there was nothing.

    Aware that she was behaving like an untrained child, Dinn's features became sharp and she pulled out her lightsabre. The pale yellow blade sprung to life and lit up the air.

    "So," she said, addressing the spectre in a hard voice. "You're the one whispering in my head...I expected something a little more...original than Death." she taunted, her main defence always being her humour. But her voice lacked its usual playfulness. Dinn kept looking over at Lance, like he was goin to give her the answers...

    Tag: Jeff
  8. KnightHawk

    KnightHawk Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 17, 2003
    IC: Capt. Soltaris
    NPC: The voice of Darkness

    Preventer Staging Room

    Lance sighed. His mission was to save in order to be saved, and each passing second made it look like his chances were going down the toilet. He almost wanted to snatch the sulfurous weapon from his fiancee's hands, just to keep her from causing a massive calamity.

    The demonic specter paid it no heed, however, and kept the ghastly smile ready. "Charming," it said after a few seconds of silence. "Perhaps you would be quiet, if you knew how 'original' I could get." Fire seemed to envelop the monster for all of a few seconds; when it finally died down, it revealed a far different figure. The ghost was now a horribly twisted image of...


    Piercing dark eyes stared out from a pale face framed by wiry dark hair, and dark lips curled into a sneer of hate. A foul expression of rage formed on the black-clad ghost as she lit her blood-red lightsaber, letting the blade stand tall and triumphant in front of her. A dark scar could be seen on her right cheek, visible in the vulgar glow cast by the blade. The scar was in the shape of the Imperial emblem. The same exact image was burned into tattoos on the ghost's wrists.

    TAG: Jessie
  9. Lank_Pavail

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    Sep 26, 2002
    *Lank wrapped his arms around Lissa. He stroked her hair and sent a wave of comefort through the Force to her*

    Tag: Lissa
  10. ShasaWaterwalker

    ShasaWaterwalker Jedi Knight star 5

    Oct 18, 2003
    Shasa walked slowly to the observation deck.
    A great sadness had filled many. Even though crew walked through the halls, it was in a quiet reverance.

    Sitting in the cold darkness of the observation deck alone, she watched the stars pass as the trek to Spira began.

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    Nov 18, 2001
    *With Lank's arms around her, Lissa stumbled to her old billet. The two sat on her small sofa, holding on to each other as Lissa released the racking sobs that she had held in for so long. Finally, worn out in body and spirit, she fell asleep in Lank's arms....*

    OOC: And with that we say farewell to version 2.0 of the Jedi Outcasts RP. This thread will be locked. Please post in "[link=]New Jedi Outcasts RP[/link]" thread. May the Force be with You.

    EL Edit: Added link to next rendition of Outcast thread at user request.
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    Feb 21, 2003
    In before the lock.

    Bye Bye RP v2. :_|
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