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    It has been almost a year since the Jedi Outcasts defeated Kre?frey and his rogue ships. The core group of the Outcasts, weary of running and fighting, drifted away to their families and home planets, some retiring permanently.

    With the Outcasts out of the picture, forgotten or ignored by governments wanting the Outcasts' part in freeing the Galaxy from the Vong, Galactic politics have taken a turn for the worse, and many beings fear that the Galaxy is on the brink of another civil war. With no common enemy, the various factions? voices are growing more strident against each other, and the normal people have suffered.

    Into this fray come the reorganized Outcasts, joining up after attending and celebrating the wedding of Lissa and Lank, but only a few people know that they have come back together and are looking for recruits. Their cruiser, a large Mon Cal named the Ill Repute, has been landed on the planet of Dantooine, for there have been insufficient funds to keep her in space. The new chancellor Laine Snowtrekker hopes that the grounded Ill Repute will become a headquarters for the Outcasts of societies to come together and get things done for the Galaxy. She already has a job waiting in the wings for the group, but is just waiting for her team?her family?to arrive.

    Jedi Outcasts Role Playing Forum History

    [link=] New Jedi Outcasts RP...V. 2.0[/link]
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    [link=] Jedi Outcast RP Thread (V 2.0)[/link]

    Character Sheet (to be sent to the Chancellor, Laine_Snowtrekker, and the Vice Chancellor, Earwen_Lightrider):

    ---Skin Color:
    ---Hair Color:
    ---Eye Color:
    ---Other Attributes:
    ---Other Details:
    ---Hyperdrive Class:
    ---Sublight Speed:
    ---Max Cargo (kg):
    ---Interior Description:
    ---Other Details:
    The Force
    -----Handle Description(s):
    ---Force Abilities:
    ---Force Weakness:
    ---Other Force Object(s):
    ---Personal History:
    ---Military History:
    ---Traumatic Experiences:

    Jedi Outcasts Roster

    Message Status: High Importance
    Message Clearance: All Personnel
    Message From: Vice Chancellor Earwen Lightrider
    Message Subject: Jedi Outcast Official Roster Update

    Rank List
    Vice Chancellor
    Grand General / Fleet Admiral
    General / Admiral
    Colonel / Rear Admiral
    Lieutenant Colonel / Commodore
    Major / Captain
    Lieutenant Commander
    Senior Lieutenant
    Lieutenant Junior Grade
    Cadet / Flight Officer

    * indicates On Leave
    ** indicates ?On Leave? but still consulted


    Supreme Chancellor: [link=]Laine Snowtrekker[/link] (Human Female) ? Laine_Snowtrekker
    Call Sign - Kotakjera
    Vice Chancellor (VC) Negotiations: [link=]Earwen Lightrider[/link] (Melmeolalaithian Female) [Preventer Trainer]
    Call Sign - Mahtar
    Executive Officer (XO): [OPEN ? Earwen to fulfill until another is appointed]
    Call Sign -
    Wing Commander & Jedi Academy Liaison: Commodore [link=]Jim Palso[/link] (Human Male)
    Call Sign - Quagmire
    Chief Medical Officer: Commodore [link=]D?nari L?oche[/link] (S?kytri Female) - DarthFacetious **
    Acquisitions: [OPEN - Jim to fulfill until another is appointed]
    Sims Training: [OPEN ? Laine to fulfill until another is appointed]

    Falling Stars

    Lead - Lieutenant [link=
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    IC as Earwen:

    "That was such a beautiful wedding. I hope they find great happiness and enjoy peace. They deserve it. It really was so good to see everyone. Now it is time to find out who wants to come back."

    Earwen pulled out her datapad to send the message she and Chancellor Laine had prepared.

    Dear Outcasts,

    After spending much of the year pursuing our own paths, it is time to once again come together. Those of you who have chosen to retire, we wish you peace. To those who would like to return, we welcome you with open arms. If any of you know of others who would like to join our cause, please contact them. The Outcasts are back and we will make our impact on the Galaxy once more.

    Laine & Earwen
    Chancellor & Vice Chancellor

    "The call has been sent. Now we continue to prepare as we wait to see who answers it."

    Tag: Laine & all Outcasts (old & new alike)
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    OOC: Um, I'm a tad confused with the CS...
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    @HW: What's there to be confused about?
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    Laine looked over at Earwen. If she's as nervous as I am...

    "You think we'll get a good number of people? The job that I've been approached with--well, we need them. Scouting, et cetera. I think we're in a good location and can build up a bit before announcing to the entire Galaxy that we're back in business. How are the kids?"

    Unspoken was the question of how she was holding up after Skye's death. Laine had worked with her for the past couple months (as Chancellor, anyway, she'd known Earwen for at least four years) and knew that something still seemed to eat at her. She hoped it didn't; Earwen was a valuable vice chancellor. Granted, she felt that it would be weird, holding the same position that her husband had had.

    And thinking of husbands led her to an entirely different topic altogether, but she shoved that aside and focused on Earwen. Laine had asked her a question.

    TAG: Earwen, as we wait for others to send us their character sheets or for them to post
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    IC as Earwen:

    "You think we'll get a good number of people? The job that I've been approached with--well, we need them. Scouting, et cetera. I think we're in a good location and can build up a bit before announcing to the entire Galaxy that we're back in business. How are the kids?" Laine asked.

    "I'm hoping for a good number. We'll make due with what we get. I'm sure we will be able to handle the job. As for the children, they should be arriving shortly. Xanteth is bringing them back from a visit with their grandparents. You will be amazed at how much they have grown in such a short time. Menelluin loves taking things apart... he just needs a bit of help in putting them back together. I'm not really sure what to do about Elerrina. She's taken a huge interest in medicine - which is great - but she tends to spend more and more time alone or withdrawn. They are excited to be coming back. The Outcasts are family after all."

    Oh Skye, I wish you were here. It seems like so much to juggle helping run the Outcasts and raise children as a single mother. Glancing at the concern etched across Laine's face Earwen ammended her thought. But then again, I'm really not raising them on my own. There are many here who love them too.

    Tag: Laine and anyone arriving [just check in (either by tagging one of us or interacting with:
    Base personnel NPCs: Captain Lucas McCallum, Commander Hera Sunford, Cordam, Cordia Dee?nalme OR
    Security NPCs: Lieutenant Da?lek, Commander Pete Salm OR
    Hanger Tech. NPCs: Holls, Crazy Mike, Dermott )]
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    GM APPROVED! I think?

    Name: Fyar Escalos
    Gender: Male
    Age: Chronological age: 32. Actual age: 27.
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: Galactic Alliance
    Personality: Laid back off-duty, focused on-duty.
    ---Traits: Best with a projectile weapon, such as a sniper rifle or shotgun. Stronger, faster than normal human.
    ---Likes: Well-made gear. Blasting battle droids in half.
    ---Dislikes: Battle droids. Insane Criminals.
    ---Habits: A tendency to keep one hand on his weapon. Tapping the floor with his foot when bored.
    ---Skin Color: Fair
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Green
    ---Clothing: Usually brown, with light body armor most of the time.
    Weapons: Prefers projectile weapons, has a sniper rifle and a shotgun, both capable of firing various loads, from tranquilizers, to explosives, etc. A projectile pistol, and a modified E-11 Blaster, as power packs are easier to come by than explosive rounds.
    ---Class: TIE Defender
    ---Hyperdrive Class: 2
    ---Weapon(s): Four laser cannons, two ion cannons, and two proton/concussion missile launchers.
    ---Shields: Moderate
    ---Sublight Speed: High
    ---Crew: One
    ---Max Cargo (kg): Unspecified
    ---Interior Description: Being spherical, it as more interior space than say, an x-wing.
    ---Other Details: Torpedo capacity has been reduced from eight, to four, to make more room for equipment.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: None
    ---Religion: None
    ---Force Abilities: Impossible to detect in the force, or have force powers used against.
    ---Personal History: When he was a baby, a jedi on the run from Darth Vader found him, and realized he was force-sensitive. The jedi knew that if Vader found Fyar, he would probably kill him, or turn him into a dark jedi. Not wanting either to happen, the jedi did something that changed the nature of the force in him, taking away his force sensitivity, but also making him invisible to the force, like the Vong. This ?force change? had two side effects: one, for the first five years of his life he was in a ?force coma? that was like stasis in the fact that it prevented him from aging. Two, he?s stronger and faster than a normal human being. He was twenty years old when the Vong attack on the galaxy began, and he found out about his above-normal capabilities when he fought his way through two Vong warriors to reach one of the few remaining space-capable ships left after the conquest of Coruscant. The ship was a TIE defender, a craft he has retained ever since. Afterwards he decided to become a mercenary to work for the Galactic Alliance. After the Vong war ended, Fyar looked for other jobs, eventually falling in with the Outcasts during their last mission. Shortly after the Outcasts disbanded, Fyar joined the mercenary group headed by ?Commander? Maranya Lirian.
    ---Military History: Mercenary
    ---Traumatic Experiences: Being on Coruscant when it was conquered. The usual experiences one gets from working as a mercenary.

    Name: Maranya Lirian.
    Gender: Female.
    Age: 28
    Species: Human.
    Homeworld: Nar Shaddaa.
    Affiliation: Her Mercenary Group.
    ---Traits: Extremely loyal to the people she works with.
    ---Likes: Durable and reliable equipment.
    ---Dislikes: Trandoshans.
    ---Skin Color: Fair
    ---Hair Color: Brown
    ---Eye Color: Irises are red due to minor genetic mutation.
    ---Clothing: Normally wears medium-weight armor.
    ---Other Attributes: Height is 5?11.
    Weapons: Wrist-mounted rocket launcher with light blaster built into the same system. Variety of convention weapons; blasters, vibroknives, etc? Quantum-Crystalline enhanced long blade ? Unknown Origin
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Unknown
    ---Religion: Unknown
    ---Force Abilities: Unknown
    ---Force Weakness: Unknown
    ---Personal History: History prior to eight months ago unknown, recently formed and led a small, moderately successful mercenary group best known for never taking unethical, or unscrupulous contracts.
    ---Military History: Observation in the field leads to conflicting accounts of capabilitie
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    OOC: Here we go baby! :cool:

    IC: Jim Palso
    Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

    Jim Palso head-butted the unlucky human male, sending him and his would-be blaster pistol clammering to the now slick with liquid drinks floor of the Mos Eisley Cantina. All around fists, broken bottles, virbo blades, and blaster pistols swung around wildly as smugglers and freighter pilots of all types engaged in a free for all drunken fight. As the unlucky smuggler settled to the floor, Palso reached back to the bar table and grabbed his glass of water.

    "Don't touch the water," Jim said matter-of-factly to the now passed out smuggler on the floor as Jim took a sip of the water Suddenly a rather large alien, a Wookiee in fact, bumped into him, sending Jim clattering backwards into a table and his glass of water flying out of his hand and shattering on the liquid spilled floor.

    Jim's eyes flared with anger as he looked from the now broken glass of water to the drunken Wookiee, "That," Jim said sternly, "Was my water!"

    The Wookiee growled something back and Jim took one decided step forward, raised his right arm, and right hooked the half bent over Wookiee across the face. The solid punch landed squarely and the Wookiee---much to his drunken nature---fell haphazardly across the bar stools and to the floor.

    Jim's facial expression took one of sudden pain as he shook his right hand vigorously to swipe away the pain that raced through his hand, "That hurt!" Palso yelped, taking a look at the drunken Wookiee on the floor who grunted some mumbled grunts over his drunken state.

    Palso took a overall look over the Mos Eisley Cantina: bodies were being flipped over shoulders, tables broken, patrons thrown over the beer counter, and still some taking drinks of their beverages in between beating up the next patron that came their way. Jim shook his head, a lop-sided grin coming across his face, "Home sweet home!"

    Palso's comlink beeped and Jim heard it among all the noise, "Go ahead Library," Palso said into the comlink.

    "Captain Palso! You better hurry! We have the last of the goods---but we're being shadowed by thugs to the Hunk of Junk Classic!"

    "No one touches my droids or my ship!" Palso replied, "On my way metal head!"

    "I really wish you'd stop calling me names---" Walking Library, his full name, a 3PO Protocol droid started to reply but was cut off as Palso reattached the comlink to his belt and started jogging towards the main entry and exit way, jumping clear over a overturned table.

    Reaching the door, Jim made it out into the hot morning sun of late morning, shaking his head at the fact that there was already a drunken fight at Mos Eisley Cantina this early.

    He came out into the open street to find C-5PO (Walking Library) and Bugger (R2-D5), Palso's R2 astromech droid, making for all they were worth his way. By reflex, Jim already had his right hand near his DL-44 blaster pistol on his thigh when four tugs suddenly appeared out from behind the two droids and their care of a hover cart in front of them. The thugs didn't wait for Palso to identify himself and just started firing wildly his direction.

    Jim smirked. He loved three things as a Corellian smuggler: fast starships, bar fights, and blaster fights. Jim had held the title of "Fastest Blaster in the Galaxy" for many years (recently having to regain the title back after not challenging it for years) and his blaster pistol was out even before the first red blaster bolts sailed past him. Palso understood blaster fights in the open like this very well: you kept running and moving.

    Jim didn't miss a beat as he turned each way and that as he ran towards the four would-be gunmen. These thugs were clearly after Jim's shipment---a rival smuggler must have hired them to take Palso out. Jim felt right at home being back in the smuggling business.

    More blaster bolts flew his way, citizens on the streets by this time running for cover, and Jim still held his fire. A screaming Walking Library and whistling Bugger were Pa
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    Name: Zayl Kraer
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Chandrila
    Affiliation: SpecForce Infiltrators
    ---Traits: Quiet, calm, and patient which could be the product of his previous occupation. Also prefers a ?lone wolf? sort of mindset but he has no problem with socializing with others and helping them out with one of their own problems that may be plaguing them.
    ---Likes: Reading, slugthrowers, the quiet, target practice, the outdoors.
    ---Dislikes: The usual kind of things that first got him into service; the evils that an individual or a race ? whether human or Vong or other ? can do to another such as torture, genocide, and other injustices.
    ---Habits: He likes to play with his knife, whether to just take it out of its sheath and fiddle with it or run a cleaning cloth over it even if it isn?t necessary.
    ---Skin Color: Tan
    ---Hair Color: Black with silver streaks that had been dyed into it.
    ---Eye Color: Gray
    ---Clothing: When off-duty he tends to not care about his appearance, throwing on a tunic, pants, some boots, and being settled with that. When duty calls, he wears a uniform similar to his time as an Infiltrator; black bodysuit, tactical vest, combat boots, belt, and gloves.
    ---Other Attributes: His right leg has multiple scarring due to bacta treatment having come too late and a refusal of having them removed. The two, more prominent, scars are the ones on the lower portion of his leg with one running diagonally across the front and another going all the way up from his ankle to kneecap on the side. The kneecap itself has its own small cluster of scars, hinting to a shattered kneecap where the bones managed to burst through the skin.
    Weapons: A vibroknife that is usually sheathed at his side, a SG-4 blaster rifle that can be found in an oversized leg holster, and a Tusken Cycler Rifle that he had managed to acquire during a mission on Tatooine that he had modified with a few upgrades ? such as a scope, improved firing chamber, strengthened barrel, and flash suppressor ? to turn it into a full-fledged sniper rifle.
    ---Name: N/A
    ---Class: N/A
    ---Hyperdrive Class: N/A
    ---Weapon(s): N/A
    ---Shields: N/A
    ---Sublight Speed: N/A
    ---Crew: N/A
    ---Passenger(s): N/A
    ---Max Cargo (kg): N/A
    ---Interior Description: N/A
    ---Other Details: N/A
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Weak
    ---Religion: Not a very religious person, but he tends to curse with the Corellian hells; something he picked up from a Corellian comrade.
    -----Crystal(s): N/A
    -----Blade(s): N/A
    -----Color(s): N/A
    -----Handle Description(s): N/A
    ---Force Abilities: His sensitivity to the Force, while weak, has given him a Force Sense that allows him easier detection of individuals whether enemies or friends when putting his sniper rifle to work.
    ---Force Weakness: Everything else
    ---Other Force Object(s): None
    ---Personal History: Having been born on Chandrila, Zayl was born in a place that suffered relatively little compared to the rest of the galaxy. Ever since Operation Shadow Hand that had been led by the Reborn Emperor, Chandrila had never once been invaded or attacked again. Even during the Yuuzhan Vong War the planet had been ignored by the alien invaders due to its lack of military value. However, it was used as a haven for thousands of refugees from several New Republic worlds that hadn?t been so lucky.

    It was the suffering that had taken place during the Vong War and the threat of galaxy-wide genocide that had convinced Zayl to leave the protection of his homeworld and dive headfirst into the bloody conflict by signing up for the New Republic military. Proving to be an excellent marksman in basic training, Zayl was trained to become a sniper due to his high scores. Unfortunately, no matter how well of a marksman he was, he couldn?t single-handedly stop the tragedies that occurred on countless worlds or the breakdown of the New Republic government. More often than not he would find himself on a shuttle that would take him away from one doomed world and bring him to the next. Alas, a
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    Laine was opening her mouth in order to answer Earwen when someone knocked on the door. "Looks like our first arrival."

    When the door swung open, she saw a armed, tanned and dark-haired man enter. He looked slightly confused, but then straightened and saluted. "Zayl Kraer reporting."

    Zayl Kraer, former Galactic Alliance soldier. One of the retirees had dropped her a note saying that he'd recommended Kraer to them. Though he was of lesser rank than her, she still stood respectfully and returned the salute.

    "Welcome, I'm Chancellor"--that felt weird to say, almost as weird as saying 'Master' or 'Admiral' when she'd earned those ranks--"Laine Snowtrekker. I see you found your way here just fine. You're welcome to take a seat and wait for the others to arrive for the briefing. Do you have any questions for us?"

    TAG: Sarge/Zayl, Earwen, other arrivals
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    OOC: It?s a little boring right now, but the action will pick up soon enough.

    IC: Maranya

    In Commander Maranya Lirian?s experience, the most popular way pirates, rebel, mercenaries, or any other semi-legit group obtained a base of operations was to find an abandoned asteroid mining base and refurbish it, her own base was no exception. The asteroid in question was over ten kilometers in diameter, and virtually every cubic meter had been hollowed and processed. From the outside, it was pockmarked with craters, both natural and artificial, mining debris was scattered everywhere. If one were to go inside, they would find hundreds, perhaps thousands of kilometers worth of tunnels, ranging from massive highway-like lanes for transporting equipment and ore, to little holes barely large enough to crawl through. Out of all of this, the massive hanger bay - large enough to park two Corellian Corvettes ? and living areas composed only a very tiny part of the asteroid?s interior area, and out of this tiny part, only a very small area was actually in use.
    Maranya stood on top of the gunship that comprised one-third the mass of her six-ship fleet, and surveyed the hanger. With less than fifty people who worked for her, and with such a small collection of ships, it was small wonder that most of the hanger was dark and unused. Had she stepped outside the lit area ? a small corner of the cavernous bay ? she knew that the dull chill would turn into a icy cold. In the maze of old mining equipment that cluttered the unused hanger, it was very easy for a person to become lost. Bilkam had found that out the hard way, wandering into the debris, looking for a usable hydrospanner, and finding his way out an hour later, freezing and still without a working ?spanner.
    But right now, Lirian was really seeing the shapeless darkness, with the starry void beyond it, she saw, in her mind?s eye, dozens of ships, hundreds of people, the largest motley collection of guns-for-hire in the sector. It was an ambitious dream, but if all went according to her expectations, obtainable, maybe within five years, or less.
    Abruptly, Maranya was yanked out of her vision by a banging noise below her. She looked down, and saw Jarvis, her short, toadlike chief mechanic, holding a semi-lethal looking dull grey device that he had obviously hit against the hull of the gunship, to gain her attention. She took a step, dropped to the hanger floor in a crouch, and stood back up.

    ?Yes?? She asked simply.

    ?Just wanted you to know our sensors were down again.? He said irritably.


    ?Yes, again. Third time this week. Odd, I thought I fixed the problem. Can?t say I?m looking forward to walking all the way back down there again.? He finished with a shudder.

    Maranya understood his reluctance. The sensor array main control was conveniently located two kilometers walk away, through darkened tunnels that no-one wanted to trudge through. She looked at him sympathetically.

    ?I could send someone else, if you don?t want to go again. I?m pretty sure Bates hasn?t had a turn down the twisties.? But Jarvis shook his head in a negative.

    ?Naw, I?m fine. And anyway, I?m the only one who knows how to fix the blasted thing. Thanks anyway.? With that, he trundled off.

    Maranya watched him go for a few moments, then she turned and started walking. She didn?t pay much attention where she was going ? passing several of her crew, who nodded respectfully as she approached. She did them the courtesy of returning their greeting. When her wandering feet finally led to her quarters, she was unsurprised. Maranya walked inside, and surveyed her habitations. She could have easily gotten a larger room, but hadn?t, for the simple reason that she didn?t need anything larger. With a simple bed, desk with a computer, and refresher, the room was spartan, clean and tidy. Any possessions she had that were of any real value were either weapons and armor, the latter of which she wore now, or small knickknacks that were packed in her panic bag stuffed under the bed.
    She pulled th
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    IC: Zayl Kraer
    Dantooine, Mon Calamari Cruiser

    The Chancellor's - Laine, she introduced herself - return salute did give Zayl a small measure of relief and comfort before he dropped his hand down from his forehead and looked towards the available seats that she pointed out to. Upon her asking if he had any questions, Zayl shook his head with a reply of, "The only ones I have I'm sure you'll answer in the briefing."

    With that, the soldier turned and stepped over to one of the empty seats which he dropped down upon. Even then he didn't seem to relax much, however. Despite having left the Alliance armed forces, Zayl still found his back becoming military straight, his hands folding and being placed upon his knees as his gray eyes stared forward. Not to say he remained as a statue, of course, as his gaze found itself slowly moving up and down to examine the room and then look towards the Chancellors themselves.

    He now knew the name of the brown-haired Laine, but the blue-skinned woman with her was still a mystery to Zayl. The Vice Chancellor he would have to assume but didn't know for sure. These were the leaders of these Outcasts then? A bit surprising, especially as Laine looked years younger then Zayl himself. The other woman made any guess of age invalid for Zayl. He didn't recognize her species so while she may seem like around his age, he had no idea if her race aged better then humans.

    Putting his eyes forward again, Zayl's hand twitched for the familiar feel of his knife which was at his side. A habit that had grown from something that occurred before the start of a mission to any moment of waiting. The soldier didn't delve into that habit, however, not just because it would look unprofessional but he didn't want to worry who could be his superiors. While he was apparently allowed to keep his weapons - something that surprised Zayl - when he had showed the invitation to the security personnel of his cruiser, he dare not touch them so as to make his hosts nervous. While his blaster was in it's oversized leg holster and his knife was at his belt, his rifle - a Tusken Cycler that he had dedicated several days of modification to - was disassembled and packed into a case that he brought and was now resting on the floor next to him.

    So, remaining seated, Zayl simply waited to see who else he may be working with. Course, the decision to work with these Outcasts would be after he saw and heard what they were about.

    TAG: Earwen, Laine, Other Arrivals
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    IC as Earwen:

    Earwen was in the middle of sending a reply to a possible new recruit when Zayl walked in. She missed the saluting as she sent off the message.

    "Looks like we may be getting a few more recruits." Earwen told Laine before standing up and making her way over to where Zayl had sat down*

    "Hello, I'm Earw... err... Vice Chancellor Earwen Lightrider." Earwen said as she extended her hand. It was the first time she had said her title aloud and it sounded funny to her ears.

    Tag: Zayl, Laine, and anyone else
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    IC: Zayl Kraer
    Dantooine, Mon Calamari Cruiser

    "A pleasure," Zayl replied as his right hand raised to take hers and shake it.

    This close, Zayl couldn't help but take another examination of the Vice Chancellor. The faint blue skin, red hair. As his mind tried to form some kind of link between her appearance and a species, he ended up failing; he just didn't recognize her species. Chiss and Omwati were the only blue-skinned humanoids that he could think of but she didn't possess any other characteristics that belonged to them other then skin color.

    What he did notice, however, was the hesitation upon introducing herself. The rank was unusual to her? Not yet comfortable enough to speak it with confidence? Recently promoted to said rank? What did that have to say about Laine then?

    He couldn't help his analytic mindset that now took over; a mindset that tended to take over when he was sizing up a target through a sniper scope.

    "I don't recognize your species," he couldn't help but finally admit aloud.

    TAG: Earwen, Laine, Arrivals
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    IC as Earwen:

    "I'm Melmeolalaithian. My people tend not to venture much beyond our homeworld. Myself, Xanteth - who is another Outcast, and my children - who are half-Melmeolalaithian are the only ones in recent memory who have choosen to live off-world." Earwen replied with a smile. The silver streaks through Zayl's black hair made Earwen wonder if Jim would try to recruit him to the losing side of the prank war. Not that it mattered.

    Tag: Zayl, Laine, Anyone
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    IC: Zayl Kraer
    Dantooine, Mon Calamari Cruiser

    "I see," Zayl replied with a nod of understanding. "I was born on Chandrila but ended up venturing out to join the Republic during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong." He shrugged. "I was told about this meeting from an old friend and thought I'd investigate after I decided to leave. Not exactly time for children of my own you understand."

    His interest, though, was piqued by hearing that Earwen's children were half Melmeolalaithian which made him ask, "Who's the father?"

    TAG: Earwen, Laine, Arrivals
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    OOG: Sarge, you'll get a kick out of Peter Times when I introduce him. :D

    IC: Jim Palso
    Mos Eisley Cantina, one week ago from present time, Tatooine

    Jim Palso cooly stood up from the boxes, holstering his blaster pistol as he did. He motioned for the droids to stay hidden where they were. As his feet started to sound throughout the docking bay, the thugs turned around to see the new comer, some of them bringing blaster rifles and blaster carbines to bear on Palso, but not firing.

    Hack "Slicer" Tod, a green skinned Duro male, turned around, a fat smile on his face. "AH PALSO! How foolish of you to walk into my trap set for you!"

    Jim stopped walked, sizing up the various aliens before him. He flashed a lop-sided grin as his right hand hung close to his DL44 blaster pistol. "We'll see who the fool is here soon enough. I don't like you standing by my ship."

    Hack mocked suprise as he put his hands to his mouth in surpise, "Oh, I didn't know that this was your ship!" A sinster grin came across the Duro's face, "Last I checked, it belonged to me."

    "Over my dead body," Jim said.

    "That was the other part of it---you being dead!"

    Palso caught the key word the Duro would use to make his thugs attack just at the same moment that the hired gunmen raised their weapons at Palso. Jim was fast at the draw, but out-numbered non-the-less. The quick draw came in handy as Jim was able to take down one of the two closet gunmen to him before having to roll out of the way of the other thug's blaster bolt, and as he ran forward punched two quick bolts into him. Keeping in mind the notion of no coverage in an open space, Jim kept moving, rushing up to the next thug who swung the butt of his blaster rifle at Jim after missing him with a blaster bolt.

    Jim avoided the meele assault just barely before flipping his blaster pistol around and knocking the thug in the side of the head with the butt of his blaster pistol then, without pause or delay, ran up to the next thug standing behind him, this time using the Force to Force push the hired gunmen across the docking bay.

    Jim's Danger Sense flared up and Jim dropped to the floor faster then a led weight as two blaster bolts sailed through where he would be standing. However successful the 'fight them up close to defeat their superior numbers so they wouldn't fire at their own soldiers in fear of killing them' tactic worked, now Jim had to use a new tactic. Although he had been successful in the initial campaign against these thugs, he was now being surrounded by superior numbers.

    Luckily he had the Force---this would have been a suicidal mission if not for the Force. Twisting around, Jim spotted the two gunmen running towards him, getting around the one gunmen who was just starting to recover from the pistol hit in the head. Jim dropped one of the thugs with a quickly placed head shot, while the other one came at him too quickly for a blaster shot. Jim rolled desperately out of the way as a blaster bolt hit where he had been. Jim popped off a quick shot that missed high to the left. Jim re-centered quickly realizing he was on the wrong end of a gun battle here with this gunmen. That shot caught the gunmen in the arm just as he was firing his blaster rifle, sending the re-directed blaster bolt into the ceiling.

    Whoever this human gunmen was, he was better then most and instead of wasting anytime, he dropped and rolled away from where he was, spoiling Jim's next shot (which he hadn't taken yet). Jim knew time was running out. He stuck out his left hand and Force grabbed a thug running towards him from out of the corner of his left eye's vision. He threw him towards the remaining cluster of thugs and their boss Hack, making a mess of falling bodies.

    Palso decided to move and fast. He got up from his kneeling position and darted at an angel to the arm shot smuggler, taking a quick snap shot at the thug he had pistol hit in the head as he raised his blaster rifle towards him. The thug fell quickly in a forward heap as Jim ran past him, bringin
  18. Laine_Snowtrekker Jedi Grand Master

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    Laine could feel Zayl watching every move that they made, listening to every word they spoke. It was funny, really. Had she done that to Knight or Lissa? She couldn't remember. He looked to be at least a few years older than herself, and the silver streaks in his hair amused her. If he chose to join, he'd probably make a good member of the Jim and Kal Comedy Show--maybe.

    He was slightly Force-sensitive, that was obvious to her, but the depth of the analysis seemed to be a lot. Probably a result of his military training. Then again, joining the Outcasts was a risk that people had to think about before joining. Laine knew what sort of pasts could follow and drive a person--hers wasn't the worst, but it wasn't exactly the most stellar, either.

    "I'm Melmeolalaithian. My people tend not to venture much beyond our homeworld. Myself, Xanteth - who is another Outcast, and my children - who are half-Melmeolalaithian are the only ones in recent memory who have chosen to live off-world." Earwen replied with a smile.

    "I see," Zayl replied with a nod of understanding. "I was born on Chandrila but ended up venturing out to join the Republic during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong." He shrugged. "I was told about this meeting from an old friend and thought I'd investigate after I decided to leave. Not exactly time for children of my own you understand. Who's the father?"

    She waited for Earwen to answer, or not answer, depending on whether or not she'd talk about Skye yet to a near-stranger. Who knew what the Alliance had told its soldiers about Skye? Laine waited for a good place to come into the conversation, and so let her thoughts wander.

    Jim was a week late--and that was worrisome. Not as worrisome as when he'd disappeared for months on end and had only been found again through Torsy giving her the information. Not good times, those. What was Jim up to now? Probably in a blaster fight, again.

    She leaned forward and rested her chin on her hands. Hopefully it wasn't completely and painfully obvious that she was new at this. Lissa and Lank had had confidence in her, despite her youngish age. She certainly didn't feel young.

    TAG: Others (I really am waiting for a good spot in the conversation to come in)
  19. Earwen_Lightrider Former RSA & Spokantina CR

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    IC as Earwen:

    "I see, I was born on Chandrila but ended up venturing out to join the Republic during the war with the Yuuzhan Vong. I was told about this meeting from an old friend and thought I'd investigate after I decided to leave. Not exactly time for children of my own you understand. Who's the father?"

    "My husband, Skye Lightrider, he held my current rank until he died in battle. He was Primean." The words came before Earwen could attatch emotion to them. She missed Skye, but now was neither the time nor place to grieve. She had a duty to fulfill and she would do so to the best of her ability.

    Tag: Zayl, Laine, Any
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    OOC: Approved! Character #1:

    Name: Doctor Aran Crypt
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Coruscant
    Affiliation: New Republic
    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Hair Color: Brown
    ---Eye Color: Brown
    ---Clothing: black boots, trousers, and a white short sleeves shirt; he likes wearing a dark red trench coat when off-duty
    ---Other Attributes: Height: 5? 6?; a little overweight, though not as much as would be suggested by his appetite, hair is pretty ragged short as he cuts it himself
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Little
    ---Religion: Undecided


    Doctor Aran Crypt looked up from his main lab table and took in the datapad millimeters from his nose. ?You got a message. Why are you giving it to me??

    The young man with the datapad was four years younger and five inches taller than Aran and continued holding out the unaccepted device. ?I think ?trying? to give it to you is more accurate.?

    ?That was not an answer for my question.?

    He shrugged, but Aran could tell the youth wasn?t doing this on a whim. ?Look, Aran, do me a favor and just read it.?

    Aran wondered for a moment how reading his friend?s mail with permission qualified as doing said friend a favor. After all, he?d merely been interested about the reason behind the request and hadn?t planned on refusing. The doctor decided however that his friend wanted the datapad?s information revealed first before discussing the information and motivations, so he took the pad and read the message.

    Dear Outcasts,

    After spending much of the year pursuing our own paths, it is time to once again come together. Those of you who have chosen to retire, we wish you peace. To those who would like to return, we welcome you with open arms. If any of you know of others who would like to join our cause, please contact them. The Outcasts are back and we will make our impact on the Galaxy once more.

    Laine & Earwen
    Chancellor & Vice Chancellor

    Aran looked up. The youth had already mentioned his time with these Outcasts and how much he respected them. ?You?re leaving.?

    The answer was a shake of the head; a surprising negative. ?No, but I think you should.?

    ?Me? I?m not a soldier.? Freelance groups didn?t normally accept those without any sort of combat training.

    ?So? They need good doctors too, and you need to work in a proper facility again.?

    ?That is not a requirement to my continued existence.?

    ?You know what I mean.?

    Aran read the message again. ?You mentioned these Outcasts have connections to the New Republic.? When his friend didn?t pick up on the implication within a reasonable time span, Aran said, ?There would be returning issues if my location was discovered.?

    ?Oh,? a dismissing wave of the hand, ?don?t worry. The Outcasts wouldn?t let anything like that happen. Besides, it?s just as likely they?ve all forgotten about you. There was a war after all.?

    ?When you?re someone like me, you?re not forgotten easily.?

    Another shrug. ?Maybe, maybe not. So are you going or do you need more time to think about it??

    ?I?ll go.?

    Even his friend looked surprised at the quick decision. Aran knew all the details he needed and while it had been enjoyable working with his friend again, they had both decided to part ways for various reasons before this conversation came up.

    ?Good. Then I?ll arrange some transport for you.?

    ?Why aren?t you going back??

    A faint smile came to his friend?s face. ?Because I have to do some things. At least working with the Outcasts made it clear that I had to do all this. Maybe I?ll come back one day, just not today.?

    Aran shook his head. He really hated it when his friend was in one of these vague-mystical moods. ?Let?s find me a ride then.?

    NO TAG

    OOC2: More later.
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    IC: Zayl Kraer
    Dantooine, Mon Calamari Cruiser

    Primean. Another race that Zayl didn't know but once again that was hardly surprising; there were supposedly twenty million sentient species known to the galaxy and he wouldn't exactly know every single one at the top of his head.

    A species he knew or not, the condolences that he shared with Earwen were genuine as he spoke, "I'm sorry to hear that. It must be difficult for you to raise your children while honoring your husband's position."

    Zayl had managed to avoid such his family anyway. While he had joined the Galactic Alliance military, his parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins had remained relatively safe from the Vong on Chandrila; none of his family had sought to venture from their homeworld. He had actually been on Chandrila before making his trip here, having decided to take a vacation at home after he had left the Alliance military. Everyone had been as happy - and alive - as they could be.

    The same, of course, could not be said from the lives he had seen extinguished during his service, whether by his hand or the Vong. He got his front row seat as to how bad the war was and the deadly use of Yuuzhan Vong bio weapons. Amphistaves that could slice through armor and the flesh beneath or bring about a slow, painful death due to the venom of the living weapons, razor bugs that could flay a man alive, Fire Breathers that could douse military personnel or fleeing civilians in liquid flame and all kind of horrors. The worst of their box of horrors, however, were the surge coral that they implanted into prisoners that were then transformed into mindless cannon fodder.

    That had been what had truly shaken Zayl, having made it hard for him to sleep the past couple of nights when he had first looked upon one of them through his sniper scope before, with great hesitation, pulling the trigger and ending it's suffering.

    And then there had been Ylesia and Captain Ralli...

    "I hope your children are well," he added sincerely.

    TAG: Earwen, Laine, Others
  22. Earwen_Lightrider Former RSA & Spokantina CR

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    IC as Earwen:

    "It is a slight transition moving from Executive Officer to Vice Chancellor and children always add to the equation. I only hope to fill the shoes of Lank - our recently retired VC and the others who served in this role. As to my children, they were well when I left them and I am sure they are up to trouble as usual. They are scheduled to arrive today."

    Grateful for the condolences Earwen took a seat a few chairs away.

    "You mentioned you decided to leave the Republic. May I ask your reason for doing so?"

    Tag: Zayl, Laine, Anyone
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    IC as Menelluin:

    The ship couldn't dock fast enough and Menelluin was off running before the landing ramp was fully open. He had requested to know his Mother's whereabouts while landing. His boots clanged as he raced through the halls. Pausing only once impatiently as he waited for the door he had palmed to open just enough to grant him admittance.

    "Mommy, mommy, guess what I..." he inhaled sharply and did his best to come to a stop without falling. He only barely kept his balance as he noted Chancellor Laine and another in the room. Doing his best to impersonate the military style he had observed over the years, he straightened his back, saluted, and said in as commanding a voice as his squeaky vocal cords could muster. "Menelluin reporting. Requesting permission to speak with the Vice Chancellor." His eagerness, however, continued to display in the anxious tapping of his right foot. The blush on his face revealed his embarrassment as he averted his gaze to the ground awaiting a response.

    Tag: Anyone
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    OOC: Character #2, also approved

    Name: Sia Kalayn
    Gender: Female
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: CLASSIFIED
    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Hair Color: Black
    ---Eye Color: Black
    ---Clothing: Long-sleeved shirt, knee-length skirt, leggings, and boots, all white
    ---Other Attributes: height: 5? 9?; weight: average
    ---Other Details: Hair comes down to middle back and is kept braided
    Weapons: Hold-out pistol, blaster rifle.
    ---Name: Nenima
    ---Starship Class: CLASSIFIED
    ---Crew: 1
    ---Passenger(s): 1
    ---Other Details: craft is black with green highlights
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Moderate
    ---Religion: Light Side
    ---Other Force Object(s): Ring set with a small, yellow stone.
    ---Personal History: CLASSIFIED
    ---Military History: CLASSIFIED
    ---Traumatic Experiences: CLASSIFIED

    IC: Sia Kalayn

    To her perspective, the planet was hanging above the cockpit of her ship, as if ready to come down and smash her. Of course, Sia Kalayn was merely in high orbit over Dantooine and had flipped her ship over to get the best view through the biggest windows of her small ship. Her scanners had confirmed that her intended destination, a Mon Calamari cruiser named the Ill Repute was on the planet below. Even if the vessel could be seen from orbit however, some rainclouds obscured it for the moment.

    Her quest to find the Outcasts had been long and sometimes difficult, but otherwise uninteresting. When she?d first heard of them and some of their honorable deeds, she began unraveling their history and following their trail in detail down to the present. A Mon Calamari cruiser is hard to miss, but even then there were times she needed to track the paths of teams it had sent out in order to uncover the ship?s next movement. She?d been methodical and patient and used the time between clues to take small jobs to fund her quest or track down information on other potential groups. When she found out the Outcasts had disbanded ? almost a half-year after the event - she?d been disappointed, but lingering on lost opportunities was a waste of time. So, she had moved on, until a few days ago when she discovered the Outcasts were reforming.

    Since no other more preferable opportunities had come up since the original end of her investigation, she had returned to the Outcasts? trail and was now here. During the trip ? between the hyperspace adjustments and her meditations, Sia hadn?t been able to keep herself from wondering to the point of worrying about what the reception would be for her unannounced arrival. Her worries were probably natural considering how long she?d spent searching for them, but the excuse didn?t keep her feelings from becoming distractions. The meditations had helped though to the point that she knew, whatever happened, she would be able to adapt.

    With a flick, she opened her comm.

    ?Starship Nenima to Ill Repute, requesting permission to come aboard.?

    TAG: probably an NPC, but since it?s been a while, I don?t suppose someone else could play it? *puppy eyes*

    OOC2: I?ll write more Aran later.
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    IC as Commander Hera Sunford [NPC]:

    "Starship Nenima. This is Commander Sunford of the Jedi Outcasts. Please state your name and purpose for landing."

    Tag: Sia

    OOC: I never could resist puppy dog eyes.
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