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Star Wars Jedi Outcasts RP, v.6 [The Adventure Continues]--All Are Welcome!

Discussion in 'Role Playing Forum' started by Laine_Snowtrekker, Feb 21, 2010.

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  1. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Kal Jeti
    [link=]Silent Night[/link], Dantooine, Present Day

    Seeing the world come up below, once more in sight, he sighed a sigh of relief. Despite the clishe' it was good to be back here, back with others who watch his back and not ask the pesky questions of why it needed watched, and take the prank so well.

    "Outcasts, this is [link=]Silent Night[/link]. Returning home to roost."

    "Do not forget sir, to get paid." came a deep voices response to broadcast upon the air waves.

    "I believe payment is more implied this time around, now be silent and let me land." came back his hasty reply.

    "You had emphasized the need sir."

    "Yes, but that is negotiations, details, not the big picture." sighing he rubbed his head, what had he ever done to deserve this. . .oh, yeah. Well that wasn't a good enough reason.

  2. Zandoran_Celix

    Zandoran_Celix Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 16, 2005
    Russton Xelcron
    Tech Lounge, Ill Repute, Dantooine

    [blockquote]Russ sat in the Tech Lounge located just off the Locker Rooms and behind the Main Hangar.

    He drank the stout Corellian bourbon and sighed. Life. It was funny how things went for people.

    Russ went from a no good loser, involved in petty crime, to a murderer, to someone who had to serve in the Yuuzhan Vong war as community service, to homeless, to Hangar Chief for a group that was like family.

    Now a bunch of new recruits were coming in. New members of the family.

    He laughed. It was about time They got back into the swing of saving the Galaxy./i][/blockquote]

    TAG: Anyone who wants to see Russ.

    Cyrus Morgan
    Bridge, The Nonchalant, Orbiting Dantooine

    [blockquote]Cyrus stood beside Licros Tisman, his Pilot and Captain for his ship.

    [link=]The Nonchalant was a pretty Luxury 3000.[/link] It was however, not what it seemed. The interior was rebuilt to custom specifications. Cyrus had been fortunate enough to take the money he was compensated from the War, and other things, and then place them in various stocks and investments.

    He was virtually rich, and had decided he needed something that was his and not only gave him some place to sleep, but something to aid in his jobs.

    The Hull was double thick, the interior redesigned to fir the smaller interior space. The inside though, looks like a Luxury 3000 yacht. The slight discrepancy in size almost impossible to tell unless you intimately knew ships.

    State of the Art Military Equipment was used in all aspects. Military Grade weapons, shields, engines, bridge controls, sensors, hyperdrive. You name it, The Nonchalant had it.

    Licros, open a Comm channel with the Outcasts please.

    Yes Sir.

    The Comm crackled to life.

    Jedi Outcasts of the Ill Repute, this is Cyrus Morgan, Galactic Alliance Intelligence. I'm asking permission to speak with the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.[/blockquote]

    TAG: Laine, Earwen
  3. Jim_Palso

    Jim_Palso Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 23, 2004
    IC: Jim Palso
    Briefing Room A, grounded Ill Repute II, Dantooine

    Laine pulled up another file--this one had four planets hanging in the holographic projector. "But if that's the preliminaries, we do have a job already on the docket. We have been hired, pending the group's agreement, to find a rogue group that has split off from the Galactic Alliance. No one knows why, except that they took along some top scientific research. Our informant and or employer had already narrowed down the possible planets that this rogue group is on. Once we have the wings formed, we will send each wing of the Outcasts to the separate lead planets to gather information about the rogue scientists, and, if possible, locate their base. Once the base is located, we will fall back and plan for the neutralization of the splinter group. Any questions?"

    Palso raised his eyebrows at the announcement of a mission already. Two things went through the Wing Commander's head: First, Jim thought, I need a starfighter. I don't mind the old A-Wing I had---but I would sure like one of those T-65XJ3 X-Wing starfighters instead. It'd be nice having a R2 unit again like Bugger riding with me. And second, man, I gotta get these recruits trained faster then I thought! So long 4:30 AM...once these new recruits find their quarters, I'm taking them to the simulators tonight!

    Jim had a thought of hope, ever so slight. Maybe Laine and Earwen got me a X-Wing...I didn't know about this mission, so maybe I won't know about a new X-Wing. Jim hoped. :p

    Jim looked over the group again, his mind back to the here and now. And oh so quickly flashes of memories of the Kingdom of Jod---where the new recruits sat, Jim saw instead Kingdom of Jod pilots and how, each day, fewer and fewer of the Kingdom of Jod pilots came back. One by one the seats emptied, as new, inexperienced pilots took to the skies to defend their planet and never returned home. Then the memory vanished and the Jedi Outcasts pilots were in the seats once again.

    Jim gained a level of determination he had once in the Kingdom of Jod---he would not see another Kingdom of Jod pilot die and he would train these new Jedi Outcasts recruits to the best of his abilities. He didn't want to see those seats emptied as he had for the Kingdom of Jod---and at the Kingdom of Jod, he had been one of those pilots in the seats that watched his comrades all around him disappear. Now he, like the Kingdom of Jod officers, was now sitting at a desk looking out at the new recruits that would defend the galaxy.

    Jim wanted each and every recruit in those seats to come home. And as Laine had put it, Palso would be training everybody in starfighter training, not just the ones that wanted it the most---ground pounders would be starfighter pilots and starfighter pilots would be ground pounders. So that meant Jim needed trainers...Wing Leads, people he could trust to help train the new recruits, but also lead them into battle. Who...who...?

    As a stray thought, Jim reminded himself to push Earwen's buttons in the Pink Prank Wars---these recruits had to pick sides sooner or later and he wanted them with Kal Jeti and himself---part of the Brothers from another Rebel or BAR.

    Tag Briefing Room :)
  4. Blade_of_Silver

    Blade_of_Silver Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 17, 2007
    IC: Aran Crypt

    The trip to the medbay was taken at running speed. They could see the door when the woman?s heartbeat flat lined.

    Between hooking up even more equipment ? including emergency blood to replace much of her own that was lost ? attempting to resuscitate the woman, and preparing a table for surgery, Aran and the small team were continually moving. There wasn?t enough time to appreciate how well the Outcasts? medical group worked together. Fortunately ? even though he was the new guy ? they all were deferring to his judgments, which meant the conflict level of the room remained low.

    They breathed a collective sigh of relief when the woman?s heartbeat returned in response to their efforts. When it was steady enough, Aran ordered all the surgical gear to be put in place and began to work on the wound. Bacta was an extremely useful medical resource, but its effectiveness was limited if the wound wasn?t prepared beforehand.

    There was no need to keep track of time as he worked inside of the wound. Eventually, he leaned back from the table and nodded at the medics, indicating they could now prep the woman to be placed in the bacta tank.

    Jefferies looked at Aran, concern on his face. ?What do you think??

    Aran collapsed on a chair. ?Your kid got her here in time, and his first-aid skills are commendable. The woman should come to in a few hours, though I wouldn?t bring her out of the tank for at least 6 hours. I can set up a therapy program for her to go through to get her back onto her feet. Meantime though,? Aran cocked his head at Jefferies, ?I don?t suppose you all are fed??

    TAG: eh, no tag right now; I?ll write more later

    IC: Sia

    After following the Chancellor back into the room, Sia found a spot on the wall to stand while listening to the briefing. Her face remained impassive, even when it was revealed the group already had a mission lined up. Inwardly however, she cringed. Sending a group of individuals who barely knew each other on scouting missions wasn?t a recipe for success. At the same time, the thought of the challenge made a smile threaten her face.

    Hopefully they could get some sim time in before they left. Just by looking around, Sia could tell that everyone had their own flying styles. In her experience, such a wide training base rarely meshed successfully without strong leadership and correct preparation. It would be interesting to see if the Outcasts could pull off both.

    TAG: Room/No Tag
  5. Katana_Master

    Katana_Master Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 27, 2007
    IC: Fyar

    ?Any questions?

    Should he ask? Perhaps he hadn?t come to join up, but he was here now, he had the necessary skills, and he owed them. For another few moments, he considered, then he raised his hand.

    ?Just two, Chancellor. One: Would you permit me to join the mission? And Two: If you do, when do we get started??

    TAG: Room, Laine in particular.
  6. Laine_Snowtrekker

    Laine_Snowtrekker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 8, 2003

    Jim looked frantic. Probably was trying to figure out how to do all the simulator training. Sia--the woman who'd interrupted her conversation with Fyar and had known about that sword--looked a bit skeptical; Laine assumed that if she were in her position, she'd be skeptical, too. No one here knew each other--and to create a team out of that, well, it would be a challenge. Good thing Laine enjoyed challenges.

    [hl=yellow]Just two, Chancellor. One: Would you permit me to join the mission? And Two: If you do, when do we get started??[/hl]

    "Fyar, I know it was not your plan to rejoin us, but you are more than welcome to stay with us and work with us until your friend is better and can make her own decisions as regarding us."

    Laine swept her eyes around the room. "As for your other question, the mission wouldn't start right away. If you all have decided to stay, you will need to get settled in and Commodore Palso here will have to slog you all through the simulators for both the starfighters and the groundwork. We haven't officially agreed to this mission, since its acceptance is pending on whether you all are going to join or not."

    But Laine knew that if the Outcasts didn't take the job, no one would, despite there being quite a few people who wanted to handle it, especially a sarcastic-tongued friend of Pavail's. Bureaucracy was never kind to people who wanted to get things done. She hoped that she, with the help of Jim and Earwen, could forge this group of people into a team, into a family.

    "If you want to join, you can pick your living quarters and make sure all your paperwork is right with General Lightrider here," she said, indicating Earwen. "I will assume that Commodore Palso will want to set you all up in our simulators tonight after supper. So get settled in, and be ready for Palso to put you through your paces. If you don't want to join, you know where the door is."

    It wasn't meant meanly in any way; it was just a statement of fact. Laine hoped that they did want to join and would get settled in. If so, Jim could put them through a sim tonight, and the heavy-duty planning of the scouting missions would be able to get done.

    TAG: The room

    IC: NPC

    Sunford was just settling down again after that fly-by that Palso had done. The nerve of that man. She wondered sometimes, but would never say out loud, about what Chancellor Snowtrekker saw in him that wasn't annoying.

    [hl=orangered]Jedi Outcasts of the Ill Repute, this is Cyrus Morgan, Galactic Alliance Intelligence. I'm asking permission to speak with the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor.[/hl]

    She remembered Morgan and indicated for the staff manning the comm to step back, and they obliged. Also, she had no real love for GA Intel, especially after all they had done to the Outcasts. His ship looked just like a yacht on the monitors, but then again, experience had taught her that appearances could be deceiving.

    She pressed the transmit button and spoke. "Mr. Morgan, the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor are currently in a meeting. If you would land, a small security force can escort you to a waiting room and I will notify them of your arrival."

    She waited for his response. While she waited, she also sent a message to Chancellor Snowtrekker and Vice Chancellor Lightrider about Morgan's arrival. They'd be able to sort out his intentions, GAI or no.

    TAG: Cyrus, Earwen for the message
  7. Zandoran_Celix

    Zandoran_Celix Jedi Knight star 5

    Feb 16, 2005
    Cyrus Morgan
    Bridge, The Nonchalant

    [blockquote]"Mr. Morgan, the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor are currently in a meeting. If you would land, a small security force can escort you to a waiting room and I will notify them of your arrival."

    Cyrus motioned to Licros to prepare to maneuver and land.

    Certainly. I'll come unarmed and my associate will remain on my ship.

    Licros took the ship down and landed not far from the Ill Repute.

    The Security Team arrived and Cyrus submitted himself to their custody. Licros remained on the ship and began setting up Security Measures.

    Soon he was in the Ill Repute surrounded by the Security Team, being escorted to where ever they wanted to take him.

    TAG: NPC, Laine, Earwen
  8. Whitelight

    Whitelight Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 10, 2007
    OCC: Just wanted to say I'm sorry that this isn't very long and not grammer or spell check at the libary doing this one.


    Nikki colorful eyes as some have told her was scanning the bear rooms that was gaven to them. She knew that they would need her own personal touch if they was to call these walls home from now on. Her mind flashing back to some of the last year or so they had been gone. Bring a soft smile across her face now as to what had all taken place the good and the bad. This brought her mind to Juerr, how their cortship had been then their married in Juerr and time that was to spend away from everything to get to know her life mate better as she had learn to call him now. She wasn't with the outcast for very long but still didn't even leave a note telling them that she had to leave or why. That reason is a very long a drawn out reason to one that she had more question to then answer right now, she is no closer to solving where her mother family line came from why they would have a book in their hands that was passed down for so long.

    Going out of the room for now she would have to see what kind of paint supples they had on hand while she was out and about. Now to find out where her little fuzzy wuzzy wonder up to he had said something about the hanger bay as she wonder down towards that part of the base. On the way down she did pick her comm. link speaking into it clearly now. "Juerr where are you my little wuzzy"

    Tag: Open and Juerr
  9. Historical_Shadow

    Historical_Shadow Jedi Youngling star 2

    Apr 9, 2007
    Character Sheet

    Name: Daciana Vette
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Homeworld: Roon
    Affiliation: Highest bidder.
    Personality- Eclectic
    ---Traits: Sociable, loyal, helpful, knowledgeable
    ---Likes: History, humor, pazak, programming droids
    ---Dislikes: Space pirates, cheats, government
    ---Habits: Tinkering with droids, tapping on her lightsaber hilt
    ---Skin Color: Light
    ---Hair Color: Royal Purple, long and wavy
    ---Eye Color: Dark grey/silver
    ---Clothing: Baggy black pants with lots of pockets (usually full small droid parts, and a datapad), grey shirt reinforced with basic armor, utility belt with lightsaber
    ---Other Attributes: Double jointed.
    ---Other Details: Birth mark in the shape of a ?V? on her hand
    ---Vibro-knife in left boot
    --- Blaster Pistol: Blackhand Annihilator
    ---Lightsaber (see below)
    ---Name: Wayward Jewel
    ---Class: Modified Nova Drive #3-Z Light Freighter
    ---Hyperdrive Class: x2 Multiplier x15 backup
    ---Weapon(s): Dual Laser Cannons (starboard), laser cannon (port)
    ---Shields: 1D+2
    ---Crew: See below.
    ---Passenger(s): Lawrence (Droid, crafted by Daciana), R5-84 (Astromech)
    ---Max Cargo (kg): 150 Metric tons
    ---Interior Description: Simplistic with hidden pannels, lots of shelves and a work bench, and tools...many many tools.
    The Force
    ---Sensitivity: Moderate
    ---Religion: None. (Grey, mostly light side)
    -----Crystal(s): Rubat
    -----Blade(s): Dual blade
    -----Color(s): Silver
    -----Handle Description(s): Simple, smooth, high shine silver
    ---Force Abilities: Basics (run, jump, etc.) heal
    ---Force Weakness: Shield, lightening, choke, absorb
    ---Personal History & Traumatic Experiences: Andromeda Daciana Vette was born into an aristocratic family on the planet Roon, near the city of Nunurra. Her parents, who had made their fortunes in the flame jewel business, were wealthy idealists who spared no expense in the education and refinement of their daughter. They focused her studies around literature, history, and the arts. When she was 11, her parents took her to Coruscant for a operatic performance. However, on the return trip their vessel was attacked by space pirates who sought to ransom the family. Unfortunately, the pirates did their job too well. The detonator they had used to blow open one of the hatches, instantly killed her parents. Deciding to cut their loses, the pirates sold Daciana into slavery on Nar Shaddaa. At the age of 13 Daciana met Lity Zepp, a grey Jedi. Zepp was working for the Hutts when he noticed the girl. Upon getting to know her he realized she was force sensitive. With what credits he had, he bought Daciana from the Hutts and trained her in the ways of the force. Daciana got a job as a smuggler when she was 17, using Zep?s starship, and smuggled spice from Ryloth to Corellia and everywhere in between. She gained a reputation as "the smuggler with a heart." Despite being unequivocally kind for someone in her line of work, Vette was no fool. She made her way out of more jams and blaster fights than she cared to remember by the time she had saved up enough credits to pay Zepp back for freeing her. She used the rest of the credits to buy a seat on transport to Roon. Before she left, Zep gave her, her own lightsaber- a double bladed silver lightsaber. She returned to Nunurra and was recognized by her aunt and uncle because of the distinctive birthmark on her left hand, and her trademark purple hair. For a time she enjoyed this way of life, but soon she was unable to contain her boredom and having heard about an Outcast group she decided to join up. Her time with the Outcasts was to be short lived. Various injuries plagued her time with the group, and when they went their own ways for a time, Daciana did the same. Once again she returned to Roon, but this time to discover her families inheritance had finally fallen on her shoulders. She put enough credits to ensure the upkeep on her parents' villa so that she could always have a place to come home to, dispersed a large amount for the education of her cousins, and fina
  10. Mitth_Fisto

    Mitth_Fisto Force Ghost star 6

    Sep 29, 2005
    IC: Juerr Pakka
    Ill Repute Hallway

    After performing advance hallway clearance all the way to the med-bay he found himself quietly heading back to the hanger bay. Plenty of more individuals were bound to be showing up and someone had to be on standby just incase any 'party crashers' showed up. Although how that ever entered the basic catch phrases, like so many others, he doubted he would ever fully understand.

    As he rounded a corner his comm beaped, and as he opened the chanel he was welcomed with a most wondrous voice to his ears. If ever a symphany was written so best capture the joys in life, only those tones in her voice would suffice to his ears. Others might disagree whom he would feel a need to have to educate, but then he was happily biased.

    "Juerr where are you my little wuzzy" came her question, clear as a bell. Although what a wuzzy was he had never been able to find out from holonet searches, true he probably could of found out from his adoptive parents, but there was no way he was going to go down that line of questioning with them. That could only end in awkward questions, awkward moments, and more awkward questions in an unchecked cascade of doom.

    Still it was nice to hear from her, his life-mate, "Just returning to the hanger, what is it my light?"

    TAG: Nikki, Any
  11. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Zayl Kraer
    Dantooine, Mon Calamari Cruiser, Briefing Room

    Zayl's gray eyes moved from one planet to the other as he listened carefully to the mission briefing. A rogue group from the Galactic Alliance, eh? Just that knowledge was enough to put Zayl to ready acceptance of the mission. Even if he had left the GA Military, his loyalties were still to the faction and the thought of rogue elements possessing top scientific research didn't sit well with him at all. To say the least, his skills and his rifle was in for this mission. He'll see what his opinions will be after learning more about how the Outcasts worked.

    He was a bit troubled by the thought of piloting a starfighter as Laine had explained. Sure, he had thought about being a pilot and his time with the Infiltrators had required him to possess basic pilot skills. But other then that, his experience was limited to shuttles and other vessels that he had used for both entry and escape when it came to his missions when a pilot wasn't available. Between that and his clear lack of combat experience concerning fighters, he was far from qualified to be a combat pilot.

    Zayl kept his lips sealed on the matter, however. Unqualified he was, but he couldn't object to some more pilot training. A wide variety of skills was something that he learned long ago could turn you into a very effective asset.

    That didn't make him forget about something else that Laine had spoken about. Preventers she had said there were. Sounded like the perfect job for him and he was more then ready to apply for that when he got the chance.

    TAG: Briefing Room
  12. Pennsylvania_Yankee

    Pennsylvania_Yankee Jedi Youngling star 2

    Mar 25, 2005
    IC: Peter Times
    Hanger Bay 3, grounded Ill Repute II, Dantooine

    Times just stayed where he was when the medical emergency was happening, figuring there were already too many people helping and he would just be adding more problem then help. After the hanger cleared up some, Times grabbed his duffel bag of gear and accepted a ladder from a hanger tech and climbed down to the ground. Not wearing his Storm Commando armor, Peter Times was instead dressed in the official Jedi Outcasts dress uniform. He was an officer and had to act as such in front of the new recruits. Instead of interrupting the new recruits' meeting, Times went to the Mess Hall---a timeless Jedi Outcasts tradition. If Laine or Earwen needed him in the meeting, they would call his comlink.

    Not even going to his former quarters first, Peter felt his stomach rumble in hunger and headed straight for the Mess Hall. Hopefully Jim Palso wasn't there...the man was a pig and could eat the Mess Hall out of food all by himself.

    Arriving, the Mess Hall was empty pretty much outside of a few crew members---mostly everyone else was working to get the Ill Repute II space worthy and ready for duty. There was no line for the food and the cooks had a simple job of just keeping the food warm for now. Grabbing a plate of food from the line, Peter carried his bag and food to a table, while sharing nods with crew members and hellos with them as well while he made his way to the table. Sitting down some distance away from everyone else, Peter set his bag besides him and started to eat.

    He wondered when the first call to duty would sound...

    Tag anyone in the mess hall :)
  13. Blade_of_Silver

    Blade_of_Silver Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 17, 2007
    IC: Sia

    Sia nodded along with the briefing. The fact that they weren?t taking the mission before they could prepare the team gave her a measure of comfort. At the Chancellor?s final words she stood up and bowed to the woman.

    ?If you will forgive my earlier rashness, then I look forward to working for you and to helping accomplish whatever missions you undertake.?

    It was something that had been drilled into her: if there were any potential issues that could affect the mission, you handle them before even preparing for said mission.

    TAG: Laine, Room
  14. Jim_Palso

    Jim_Palso Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 23, 2004
    IC: Bugger and Walking Library (Jim Palso's droids)
    Brass Quarters, grounded Ill Repute II, Dantooine

    "Since when did we become Commodore Palso's luggage carriers?" Library complained as he carried two suit cases through the corridor

    Bugger's dome swirled around and the R2 astromech droid whistled and beeped a response as he himself drug a suit case behind him, [Since we were hired on with the scum bag.]

    Library shook his head, "Ever since he was 17!"

    [You got no room to complain---I was with him since he was a kid.]

    The two droids---best friends by all means---arrived at the entranced to Palso's quarters. Upon entering, Library was taken aback. "Oh, how a very nice place! Wonders happen when one goes from officer rank to brass."

    [Nice place indeed. But lets drop this stuff and go do some recon work.]

    "What do you mean?" Library asked.

    [The Pink Prank Wars you over-thinking metal can head! Laine and Earwen are in that meeting with the new recruits. That gives us the advantage.]

    "Shouldn't we wait for Palso?"

    [Do you need him to wipe you're butt too?"

    "That was uncalled for!"

    The two droids locked up Jim's personal quarters and went out on recon. There was that cargo hanger...maybe Kal Jeti and Jim Palso had left some stuff over from their last prank.

    Tag Anyone seeing two droids on a mission of mischief :p
  15. Whitelight

    Whitelight Jedi Master star 4

    Aug 10, 2007

    As soon as she hear his voice come over her comm. this brought a brighten smile to her face, as she lighten her step towards where he was at. It was try even with them being way all this time she still didn't like a lot of people around her at once. As she started to walk down the long dimly lighted hallway towards the hanger bay. As she did she pass people as she did her best to give him a pleasant smile to her face, giving off herself being friendly nodding to those that she reconcile but that was very few of them as she hadn't been there long enough to get to know very many. Now she was back with her life mate it was still strange just thinking those words. As she was doing her best to live up to being the best she could to Juerr her love. Her eyes that was a cool glowing blue today scan a head of her to the doors lending into the bay. She could pick up sounds coming from just be on the doors. Using her force sentient to do some more training. Hearing a couple that she could get out they was mechanical of some sort having it out how best to fix the problem at hand.

    Taking a deep breath she spoke back into the comm link. "I'll be right there, noting really got the rest of the packing done."

    No sooner has she put her comm link up on her belt on her left hip. As she step into the place seeing over on the others side she make her way quickly to that side as she did she stop just before him tapping him on his shoulder. "Excuse me mister have you seen a very good looking a bit feisty at times mate of mine." having a playful grin to her face along with her face as she step around to the front of him.

    Tag: Juerr, Any one in hanger bay
  16. Laine_Snowtrekker

    Laine_Snowtrekker Jedi Grand Master star 5

    Jul 8, 2003

    Laine glanced down at her datapad. A small "Message Waiting" icon blinked at her. As she waited for answers, she opened it. The message read: "Cyrus Morgan with security team headed toward your office's waiting room. He requested a chat. -Sunford." I need to take this most definitely.

    She looked up as Sia said, [hl=black]?If you will forgive my earlier rashness, then I look forward to working for you and to helping accomplish whatever missions you undertake.? [/hl]

    That was easy to forgive, and Laine understood the good logic of a pilot behind it. "Rashness forgiven. I also look forward to working with all of you. Commodore Palso will put you and our older Outcasts through your paces this very evening. If there are no further questions, you are all dismissed to find your quarters and get supper at the mess hall, then sim time with Palso. Look at the ship's map if you don't know where to go. It'll be easy after enough after a while."

    She tapped out a message to all the Outcasts, new and old, that read: "Sims training will take place tonight after supper and rooms are settled into" and pressed send.

    Then she turned to Earwen. "We have someone who's come to visit us and talk," she said quietly enough that only Earwen would hear. "Mr. Cyrus Morgan, from the GA Intel. He's headed toward my office. Would you join me?"

    TAG: Room for dismissal, all for sim time message (NEW and OLD), and Earwen for needing to come to this meeting

  17. Earwen_Lightrider

    Earwen_Lightrider Former RSA & Spokantina CR star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Jan 17, 2004
    IC as Earwen:

    "We have someone who's come to visit us and talk," she said quietly enough that only Earwen would hear. "Mr. Cyrus Morgan, from the GA Intel. He's headed toward my office. Would you join me?"

    "Company indeed." Earwen whispered in return. "Let's not keep him waiting then."

    Then she turned to the recently dismissed room.

    "Other duties call. Please utilize the ship computer to open up the document entitled "Ships Quarters" and enter your name into a slot. Over the next few days some shuffling of rooms may occur. Please bear with me as I try to meet everyone's needs. Thank you."

    Earwen then followed Laine out of the room.

    "I'm curious to see how the simulation will go tonight. We have quite the variety."

    Tag: Laine

    OOC: For the room assignments. Please choose a fellow Outcast you'd like to be bunked next to. There are enough rooms for everyone to have their own room. Basically, you get to pick one neighbor - then when I draw up the quarters hallway (sometime next week) you'll find out who your other neighbor is and what number has been assigned to your room.

    Ships Quarters

    * Name 1
    * Name 2

    * Name 3
    * Name 4

    * etc...
  18. Xanteth

    Xanteth Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jan 12, 2007
    IC as Xanteth [retro-posting]:

    The ride back from Melmeolalaith had been a long one. The twins were ever so curious and their beloved pet Sanda still made Xanteth nervous. What Earwen or her children saw in the big cat was beyond him. He was still shocked by how much the twins had grown in the past six years. Though only 6 years old they had the appearance of teenagers. Some result of the racial combination Xanteth assumed.

    Menelluin had hit the ground running as soon as the ship had docked. Elerrina, however, had insisted they get the ship unloaded first and so they had. Once that was taken care of Xanteth made his way to the briefing room, being run over by Menelluin as he ran off to find his sister. Quietly he took a seat towards the back so as not to disturb the proceedings as they were about to begin. The briefing was just that - brief. The mission seemed standard fair from what he could recall of the time he had previously served. Things will be run differently now. It's always interesting to see what happens when someone new steps into a role of leadership... he thought.

    Already knowing where his room was, Xanteth decided he should go grab a bite to eat. It had been a long journey and he was looking forward to something warm and delicious.

    Tag: Anyone heading to the mess hall
  19. Katana_Master

    Katana_Master Jedi Youngling star 3

    Oct 27, 2007
    IC: Fyar


    Yes, dismissed ? supposedly ? to find quarters, pack personnel possessions away and find something to eat before the Sims scheduled for later in the day. But Fyar thought he already knew where his quarters were. Those few possessions he owned remained on the asteroid base, rotting with his friends and foes. Only his weapons had been brought with him. True enough, he needed none of the knickknacks, trophies and other assorted junk, his weapons were all he required. Even his TIE Defender, which he had left behind in favor of bringing his Commander with him, was unnecessary. And so, all he could think to do would be to check on his Commander, see if she was stable, improving, degrading, or dead. But first, he had to make an inquiry.

    ?Miss Kalayn?? He asked the woman abruptly.

    ?You said before that you knew who it was that owned the broken blade.?

    TAG: Blade
    EDIT: I'm not entirely sure I understand how the room system works.
  20. Sarge221

    Sarge221 Jedi Master star 5

    Sep 9, 2006
    IC: Zayl Kraer
    Mon Calamari Cruiser, Briefing Room

    The questions having been answered and sent, Zayl had placed the datapad on his knees as he patiently awaited for what was next. Again, keeping to his habit of constant vigilance, the former-soldier looked throughout the briefing room once again, taking note of some of the individuals that he only now noticed. A nice number of recruits if he had to guess though whether they would all be qualified to join was the question. Again his thoughts drifted to the workings of the Outcasts once again.

    This setup he had heard of before; a fighter squadron that not only had it's people trained as pilots but the members having possessed some other skills. The legendary Rogue Squadron, during the earlier days of the New Republic, had gone on to perform not only as excellent pilots but undercover operatives that led to the liberation of Coruscant. And then there was Wraith Squadron, another dozen pilots that were hand-selected due to their former professions to create a starfighter/commando hybrid unit. It was very successful from what he remembered reading about. So successful that all the Wraiths had been transferred to New Republic Intelligence.

    It wasn't completely like that but Zayl found the comparisons nonetheless. And the thought of the Outcasts being compared to such legendary squadrons made joining them all the more appealing.

    A beep from his datapad caused him to glance down towards it, a message being displayed about supper and simulation training later tonight. So, right into the training then? That was fine with Zayl. When he had joined the Infiltrators the training had been a bit rushed; the Yuuzhan Vong knocking on their doors causing them to get reactivated and sent out in a hurry to beat them back. But still his lack of combat experience when it came to starfighters made him slightly worried about the upcoming simulations.

    He put that out of his mind for now. Standing up from his seat, Zayl picked up the case that held his disassembled rifle and headed out the door as they were all dismissed, immediately heading to the first computer that he could find to fill out his name for quarter assigning.

    And then what? There was some time before supper and training. Guess a little look around and socializing would have to be in order.

    TAG: Fellow Recruits

    Bunk Neighbor: HanSolo29 - Greth Artrosk
  21. roxez

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    Nov 13, 2007
    Hangar bay

    After the latest attempt at making the hangar floor squeaky clean, Ezrin took his wheeled bucket and mop and replaced them in the closet. Stretching up slightly to work out a kink in his back - he had to stoop to hand scrub some of the more stubborn stains - he shuffled off towards his locker in the 'fresher room. The locker door opened with a slight click, revealing pretty much all of his personal possessions. It wasn't much; a single datapad, a couple of coverall uniforms, a second set of boots, and an old toolbelt, with no tools. He unplugged his headphones and docked the player into a charging slot, then took his dirty uniform off, tossing it down the laundry chute, pulling a fresh (well, at least clean...ish) uniform out of the locker and putting it on. The music player beeped indicating a full charge, and it was swiftly put into the man's pocket, the tunes soon blasting from his headphones again.

    Ezrin, glad now to hear his music, pulled out the datapad and clicked it on. It was a tally of his personal finances. Ever since he had been freed from his servitude to the podrace pit boss, he had been desperate to scrape enough money for his dream: Ezrin wanted to buy his own ship. After being a slave most his life, having his own ship was the true essence of freedom. The number popped up on his datapad and Ezrin frowned; still not enough, by several thousand credits. The Outcasts were very kind, but unfortunately he hadn't contributed enough to warrant a large paycheck; mopping floors didn't bring in the credits. Of course, losing to the guys in sabaac so often didn't help much. Then again, those few winnings helped tremendously...

    With a heavy sigh, he replaced the datapad and shut the locker. He was thankful once again that no one was around; usually, he was there cleaning long after the work crews had finished each day. A large growl came from his stomach. Ezrin grimaced; when had he last eaten? Shrugging to himself, he shuffled to the mess hall. Once there, he got a tray and grabbed a few items. The chef didn't talk to him; no one really tried to, as they could hear the tinny noise from the headphones, meaning Ezrin couldn't hear anything from the outside world. He preferred it that way, taking a spot in the corner and eating slowly, not looking up from his tray.

    Tag: Mess hall people if you want.
  22. Laine_Snowtrekker

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    Jul 8, 2003

    "Company indeed." Earwen whispered in return. "Let's not keep him waiting then." She addressed the recruits about rooms, and Earwen then followed Laine out of the room. "I'm curious to see how the simulation will go tonight. We have quite the variety."

    "Indeed. People from all over--but that's what makes us Outcasts, partially," Laine said. She didn't know whether to watch the simulation or take part in it--which way would make it easier to observe everyone? Well, she had a while to decide, and there were some more pressing matters.

    They reached her office--it still felt weird to call it her office--just as the security detail and Morgan did. She nodded at them, smiling. "We'll take it from here. Come on in, Mr. Morgan."

    Once inside, she stood behind her desk. "You're welcome to take a seat, if you like. What brings you here, Mr. Morgan? I think the last time I saw you was on Ossus."

    What she left unsaid was the fact that he'd been trying to get in contact with the Outcasts and had been harassing her and Dinn's families at the Jedi Enclave there on Ossus. He'd had the best of intentions, but his manner of going about it was a bit...aggressive.

    Still, she wanted to be open-minded about why he had come. But also, no beating around the bushes. Games were for children, most of the time. "I know you were an Outcast at one point, Mr. Morgan. Are you here because you're looking to work with us again? Or has someone sent you to us?"

    TAG: Earwen, Zan
  23. Jim_Palso

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    Oct 23, 2004
    OOC: Don't know what the game time is currently, so I just kind of added it in there so we have a reference for the sims.

    All starfighters are the same as we left with the last game---at least that's what I was told. So that's where I'm getting the reference from on starfighters for the current post.

    IC: Jim Palso
    Briefing Room A, grounded Ill Repute II, Dantooine

    And just like that, she was gone. Jim grimaced to himself---she hadn't even said bye or see ya later---but soon the Corellian realized duty was duty. The next few days were going to be busy, very busy. And he knew Laine would, if she could, find time to say hello...he hoped.

    But the Corellian Wing Commander couldn't play pity really at all---wasn't he the one who was late by a week...or was it two weeks? Jim realized that however much he desired a relationship, he also ran away from it as fast as he could sometimes. Maybe growing up around a hidden Jedi Knight turned smuggler had something to do with it? Palso shrugged as he got up, the briefing room almost empty now and the Commodore about to be the last one out of the room.

    Probably had something to do with. Dad was always on the move, running around the galaxy. And Jim couldn't help but realize but huge fact staring him right in the face: he was a Corellian, and Corellians were born to fly. So, with that said, Jim could, to a point, justify his actions for, not only flying around the galaxy during the off time with the Jedi Outcasts, but also being a week---or two weeks---late.

    Jim doubted, however, that Laine saw it from his point of view.

    Palso sighed at that thought...she would, somehow, someway, be right. Women always were.

    Bringing up the message icon on his datapad, Palso sent a ship-wide message out for everyone with a datapad:

    To: All Jedi Outcasts...Old, New, Ugly...Everyone
    From: Commodore Jim Palso (Wing Commander)
    Priority: Urgent
    Current Time: 17:00 Hours (5:00 PM)

    Everyone who wants to be a starfighter pilot, meet in the hanger at 17:00 Hours (7:00 PM). We'll be going over the Outcasts' starfighters, then hitting the sims. Best simulation pilot buys drinks for everyone. :p

    End Message.

    With the message sent, Palso did a few quick things and in order: he went to his quarters, changed out of the dress uniform and put on the Outcasts uniform for the Wing Commander, and then made his way to the hanger. Despite his stomach's repeated pleas for food, Jim understood that he needed to make sure the hanger and the starfighters were ready to go.

    Main Hanger, 10 minutes later

    Jim Palso entered the hanger to...clean? Palso raised an eyebrow. Must have been that new kid, Ezrin Noxa. Palso sighed. With Skye dead, Jim would have to find a new person to pick on and, well, Ezrin seemed to be the ticket.

    Grabbing the attention of a nearby female hanger tech, Jason had her grab all the hanger techs in the hanger, then he sent a quick message out to all hanger techs not in the hanger.

    To: All Hanger Techs
    From: Commodore Jim Palso (Wing Commander)
    Priority: Urgent

    All hanger techs need to report to the hanger bay ASAP. This is not a drill. All hanger techs report to the hanger ASAP.

    With that done, Jim waited until each and every hanger tech that he knew of or about had arrived. Then, with everyone in the middle of the nice, clean looking hanger, with the various starfighters of A-Wings, TIE Hunters, and the few X-Wings all around them, Palso addressed the gathered hanger techs.

    ?In about two hours, you will have each and every wanna-be and present starfighter pilot the Jedi Outcasts have. They will be going over their assigned starfighters,? Jim accepted a datapad from a hanger tech and rose it above his head, ?This datapad contains all the pilots we have on roster. You will assign them---rank and name---to their starfighters. Rising Stars Squadron is of all A-Wings and TIE Hunters. Brass have the X-Wings...any X-Wings left over are reserved for
  24. Blade_of_Silver

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    Jan 17, 2007
    IC: Sia

    [hl=royalblue]?Miss Kalayn?? He asked the woman abruptly. ?You said before that you knew who it was that owned the broken blade.?[/hl]

    Sia turned to the man that called her name. ?I cannot give you the name of the individual. There are many Sentinels to whom this blade could belong.?

    Her eyes narrowed. ?But now to repeat my earlier question: how did you get a hold of a Sentinel?s blade??

    TAG: Fyar [face_evil_grin]

    OOC: Don?t care who either of my characters are bunked next to. :)
  25. Jim_Palso

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    Oct 23, 2004
    OOG: Correction on my last post. Laine brought to note that we're using the Falling Stars and not the Rising Stars squadron. Just wanted to correct that. [face_blush]
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