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Speculation Jedi still hated in Episode VII

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Episode VII and Beyond (Archive)' started by clone3131, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. DarkGingerJedi

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    Nov 21, 2012
    I was thinking last night about this some more. As I wrote earlier, I think hatred is the wrong word. I think it comes down to 3 camps.

    1. Those who distrust or dislike the Jedi. They remember how political they were entwined. They remember the last of their kind was essentially Darth Vader. They don't want or need a powerful mysterious magical order keeping the peace.

    2. Those who feel that the Jedi/Force were all nonsense. Myth and magic from a long gone era. These are people like Han, who never experienced first hand the Jedi.

    3. Those who await the return of the Jedi. True believers.

    And think that's what Luke will need to solve. How to earn the trust of the first group. Awaken the second. And lead the third. This could be done with some external enemy force. Say for instance; the Galaxy is now in chaos. The Republic is a shell of her former glory. Imperial Governors now rule their local systems like Warlords. The Outer Rim is nothing buy piracy and gangs. In strolls a barbarian force, ala, The Mandalorians or something. They invade and start gobbling up weakened systems. Those that thought the defeat of the Empire now face even more grim fate - enslavement.

    I think the issue will be for the Jedi to act heroically in the eyes of the people. Yes. Luke blew up the Deathstar, helped defeat the Empire. But I'm talking some significant event, where the Jedi act as an entity for the Force, and the citizens of the galaxy take notice. I'm thinking that he might even unite the old Imperials (old Imperials, Governors, storm troopers, etc) with the Republic. Perhaps the fledgling Imperial worlds are so much in ruin that Luke saves them, and that the Republic and Old Imperials join forces to defeat the new enemy. The Galaxy would be united again, and could even take cues from 20th century real world events (the Fall of the Berlin Wall, End of the USSR, USA contributes to it)

    So where's Luke in all of this. Perhaps he's waiting, learning, and training a few apprentices. Waiting for the Force to tell him to act. The Jedi have returned, but not in the way Camp 3 believed. Luke is off the map. So they await his return, much like Christians await Christs return. They are hungry for it. If Luke comes back on the scene, with his handful of new Jedi monks, perhaps his opportunity to free the people, those who are enslaved by this barbarian horde/armada, and in doing so, the people follow him and a new Jedi Order is branded.