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Jedi to be, Jedi within

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Jedi_Roara, Sep 7, 1999.

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  1. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    Jedi Roara
    Jedi to Be Jedi within
    by Ann Burhus
    dedicated to a friend that for four years has believed there is something speacial in the heart and has yet to give up

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  2. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    The planet of Dathomir shimmers in the night sky. It is inhabited by the race of Force Witches that dominate the men and are bred for war. Of this clan was she born. Her powers were hidden from even herself for a long time. Roara stood tall among the children, beloved of the queen and all the important figures that crowded the testing room. Her mother had trained her well and knew that her child would be the most successful of all the young girls in the room. As the Wise One entered, the parents and the council members went out, beaming.

    Each girl was taken by the old crone and tested thoroughly so that no mistake could be made. Roara, when her turn came at last, stood with the wise woman and watched carefully as the woman invoked the first spell. A Force storm rose swiftly and whipped the air into a frenzy of confusion. Then she spoke the words within Roara's conscience. "Stop the storm. Use the magic and stop the storm." Roara began to invoke the Force spell that would terminate the storm but to her surprise it would not dissipate. She strained until her muscles ached and her head burned but the storm only continued to howl at her, laughing at her feeble attempts. Finally the old crone stopped the storm herself and had Roara attend a different task

    "Perhaps yours isn't in storms. Let us try a healing spell." She handed Roara a knife. "Now cut yourself and heal it." Roara did as she was instructed cutting a long gash along her forearm from her wrist to her elbow. The pain surged along her skin and her flesh seemed to be on fire.

    Roara tried to heal it but blood kept welling out of the fissure. Tears began to stream down her face as she tried to use the spell. She tried to force it to work. She begged the power to come to her but it seemed too far away from her mind as if it were a dream just out of reach. Finally she screamed and the witch took her arm and healed it. "You aren't trying hard enough!" the old woman snapped at her and began another test. It seemed like days had gone by and that she had turned a new age when she left the room in disgrace and shame.

    It was ordered that the council examine the girl. The council took care to listen to the Crone as well as Roara and finally they decided. Every woman born to the witches was a Force user and the men were the Forceless ones who were worked as slaves. The council refused to embarrass her mother Kiani, by making her daughter work with the men. Therefore, Roara would be banished and would have to live in the wilds of the planet until a time when her reconciliation could take place. At the dawning of the night she would be expected to leave discreetly from her home and not return to the village.

    Roara stood silent and thoughtful before the council but her mother stood as a stone rigid and hard. Her fate had been sealed and Kiani would not fight for her. Tears stung her eyes but Roara would not let any see her weakness. She thanked the council for the protection of her mother and vowed to leave at the time of night.

    The moon rose slowly in the east as if it were too full to go any faster. The light made it seem as a day of silver instead of gold. The world seemed so big and peaceful but Roara knew the dangers lurking in the shadows and would be careful to avoid them. Her things packed, she began to walk away from her home and did not look back. She wanted her mothers last look at her to be a proud one. But the tears that had threatened to spill out during the day were now allowed to drench her cheeks with warmth.

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  3. JediPerson

    JediPerson Jedi Youngling

    Aug 17, 1999
    Hey, so far so good. The Courtship of Princess Leia is one of my favorite books and
    I liked how you used the force-trained witches.
  4. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    She spent a good part of the night walking the length of the province. She traveled down the mountain and then out across the plains that seemed to stretch forever. The silver light of the moon seemed to cry with her. She didn't utter a sound and tried to keep the tears from falling that she might not give herself away to an enemy that she didn't detect.

    Her thoughts turned to the day's events and the trial afterwards. She felt the hope draining from her as she remembered each action she had taken, not realizing at the time that they would be her last ones at home.

    Home. It sounded like a far off anomaly; like the stars in the heavens.

    "Will I ever see home again?" She asked the stars this question as if they could speak to her from their heavenly positions and tell her what fate awaited her. There came no reply but that of the whispering wind gently singing her into a drowsy state. She continued to walk at a fast clip to avoid the sleep that dogged her senses. Roara knew that dangers were everywhere and that they followed her closely.

    Soon her powerful, young legs began to stumble and fail her. The ground seemed to leap at her heels to trip her. The moon had traveled to the other horizon and was threatening to leave her in the dark at the mercy of shadows. Roara began to walk faster, but at last in exhaustion and despair she dropped to the ground in the middle of the Meering Plain: a wide open field that stretched for nearly 100 kilometers to the East and West and just short of 150 kilometers from North to South.

    Roara waited, breathing hard, for the darkness to take her soul to the place of torture. The ache in her heart was building and she wanted to run away, but couldn't get up from what she knew to be her final place of rest.

    There came suddenly to her ear a whisper as that of the wind. Roara opened her eyes. The ground was no longer dark and black but beginning to hold the color of gold. She looked back over her shoulder to see the moon disappearing in the West as the light grew slowly. When she looked back up she saw the beauty that was coming. The dawn seemed to cut the sky and tear off the cold, black night. At the center of the light she could just make out a figure wavering as if surreal. The stranger didn't look like any being she had ever seen before. He was a man of some age and he wore a plain tunic with a brown robe over his shoulders. His white hair and beard framed a rather handsome face for one of his age, a mysterious and strange man. The only men she had ever seen had been the ones in the village, and they had always seemed of no account. But this man, she knew, was important in station somewhere in the universe.

    "Who are you?" she whispered.

    "I am Obi-wan Kenobi and I have come to lead you to safety."

    "Are you a god?" she asked confused.

    "No, but I am a friend."

    She rose and followed the apparition to a place in the Meering Plain where the earth had broken and a trench was laid in the middle. There were steps shaped out of the earth and when she climbed down and inspected the trench she saw that twenty meters down the trench, to the North, was a cave.

    Obi-wan motioned her inside but she hesitated, unwilling to trust this man now that her wits were sharper.

    "It's all right there is no danger to you here." He said kindly.

    Roara stepped in and viewed the surroundings as if seeing for the first time. There were natural places in the rock walls where water had cut through making recesses that would serve as storage and hiding places. Roara noticed that there was enough room for her to live in and there was plenty about the trench to serve as cover.

    "Why did you bring me here?" she asked, her language still that of her people

    "I brought you here so that you may learn from others like me."


    "Yes. There are many that have heard your distress and felt your presence in the Force. You will be their pupil and we will teach you a great many things."

    "Things? Of what do you speak? What do you intend to teach me?"

    "Be patient, Roara. That is an important step
  5. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    Roara wasn't quite sure what the strange man had meant by "Jedi" or why she should become one. All she knew was that he had led her to safety when no one else could have helped her. This meant that she owed him a debt of life and she would honor it in any way she could; such was the way of her people.

    She gathered grasses and vines and wove them together in a way as to make them look as if they had grown there in front if the cave entrance. She transplanted some of the growth so that it would indeed grow over the covering and not rot away as the weave would. Next she traveled to the east end of the plain to see how far away she was from food and water. The rainy season had not yet come and it would be short this cycle.

    She discovered that it only took three hours, judging by the sun, to walk from her new home to a nearby wood.

    "This must be Careinaka Forest." She whispered to herself.

    "You are very perceptive." She had not heard the man, Obi-wan Kenobi, appear beside her and so was startled by his calm voice.

    Roara looked puzzled and wondered again whom she was dealing with.

    "I will begin your training in the ways of the Force. The magic you and your people use is the same as the power of the Jedi."

    ?Who are theses 'Jedi' that you speak of?" Roara watched Obi-wan sit on one of the felled trees near the edge of the forest. She also sat, as she had at the knees of the Wise One in the village to hear their tales of battle and magic.

    "The Jedi are the protectors of peace and the warriors of justice. Their ranks include men and women and they were once numerous and strong. There came a war in which many were wiped out by the Dark Jedi called the Sith. Now a young Jedi master named Luke Skywalker is trying to revive the old order by teaching the ways of the Force to those who have potential."

    Roara sat up straight at the master's name. "Skywalker came to our planet once. He fought the evil sisters who live far off. He saved us all, in a way, along with his friends. I was young then, not yet grown. I had been the only young girl to admire him as an equal when he first came. The other girls made fun of me and laughed. I am older now, but still hold the same opinion."

    "You have an intuition that not very many have and it shall be of great use to you as you learn the ways of the Force." Obi-wan stood and Roara stood with him in respect for one so wise.

    "Did you know Skywalker?" She couldn't stop the question.

    "He was, for a short time, a pupil of mine." Roara's mouth dropped open a bit but she shut it before she gave way to gaping. What power there must be in the Force, if she could harness it she could be like the rest of her people and go home, reconciled with them.

    "I'm afraid you won't be going back to your people until you are much older, Roara."

    Her spirit fell. "Is there no way for me to see my family again?"

    "When you learn to use the Force to your full potential then you will be able to see into the past and present and future as well as other dimensions that will reveal themselves. You must focus on the now and keep your heart and spirit here where you have the most effect."

    "I shall do as you ask, Master." She knelt and when she looked up he was gone.

    The next day Roara went on the hunt and found that there was plenty of food and water in the Careinaka Forest. She would be able to live with the exile and hoped she would be able to fulfill the masters' expectations of her.

    The sun was closing the day and night was coming soon. Roara didn't want to be out in the dark wilderness alone and was afraid of the evil sisters finding her. She swallowed her fear, forcing it down with all her self-control. She sat in the moonlight above her cave and placed her hands in the air above her, straight up, palms facing each other. She listened to the wind and tried to lose herself in the sound. Her feelings dissolved in the wind as it scattered across the land in all directions. Wave after wave of her own energy swept through the plain, and then through the forest, and then beyond to the village. She c
  6. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    The night had been cold but Roara felt safe and warm as she slept in the large cave. When she awoke she stretched and looked around the cave while she limbered her tendons for the days training. She felt eager to begin the lessons today, not really sure why but knowing she was ready.

    The air was turning crisp and so she wore a thick lizard-skin tunic and stiff, leather hide breeches for her legs. Her war gloves, that she had made herself a month ago, shortly after banishment, were finally soft enough to wear in comfort. The black gloves fit her hands well and the sword that had been so dear to her felt good in them. Her mother's sister had given it to her when she became a woman of the council and received a new one with the royal crest. Though the sword had been made for Roara before she was born her aunt Tilara had used it as a sign of honor to Roara that when she passed it on it might be strong with the spirit of battle.

    Roara had admired her Aunt Tilara for as long as she could remember. Her strength in battle and the power in her magic were honored by all as the greatest in the village and Roara wanted to be like Tilara.

    Master Yoda appeared at the mouth of the cave and hobbled in. "A great day, this is. Good for climbing. Long today, your training will be."

    Roara looked up. Her hair, pulled back in a ponytail, draped over her shoulder some as she moved. "I am ready Master," she said putting her sword down and walking to him. She knelt before him and he placed a hand on her forehead. It had become like a ritual. Before she went with the Masters she would let them read her mind though she knew not why.

    "Ready you are, for the challenge ahead." He said lowering his voice as if telling her something deeper. He gave a small grunt and then walked around to climb upon her back.

    She ran out of the cave and he instructed her to go down to the Rancor fields. Roara climbed down the ledge in record time. She began to race across the field and as she moved the Rancor herds lifted themselves out of the long grasses to begin running with her. Before too long the whole savanna was quaking with the roar and trampling of the huge monsters. She raced among them and in-between them to get to the front of the pack. They ran almost like the primates in the jungles of Dathomir, with the support of their hands. The noise was phenomenal to say the least.

    Roara ran between the two herd leaders and managed to pass them just as they closed the gap. They gave a roar as she over took them and made for the swamps. Their figures and motions were like a living backdrop to her flight. Her legs carried her across the savanna in a flash so that she reached the swamps in only an hour. She burst past the edge and kept listening to the mad scramble of the Rancor as they tried to stop before crashing into the muck and the trees that might injure their legs.

    Yoda again directed her, this time to the vines above as she swept like the wind over the soggy ground. Her body felt exhilarated and full of energy even though she felt the burn of the air in her lungs. She ran up a tree trunk that was leaning over the mud. She leapt from there to the vines and began climbing up in one fluid motion. Once she got near the top, Master Yoda told her to stop. Roara froze hanging from the vine like an odd fruit.

    Roara took the time to review the lessons he had been telling her through the run. He had repeated the basic internal codes that a Jedi should always keep within; Roara had learned them well. She was breathing a little faster and she leaned her head against the vine as she clung to it, the Master still on her back and his teachings in her ears.

    "Feel the Force. Penetrate you, it must. Become part of you, it will." She began to feel the wet of a tear slide down her cheek. "Mmm. Fear not, fear is the path to the dark side."

    "Yes Master." She said as she glanced back to see him. "I am afraid," her voice shook.

    "To that ledge, you will go." he pointed to a small ledge of dirt that was above them. She climbed up and stood on the firm ground.

  7. Ejan Jerthrid

    Ejan Jerthrid Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 1, 1999
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    Thanks for posting in my story. It's good to know somebody is reading it. Your's is pretty cool, too. If you want to give me your suggenstions, email me.
  8. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    "Master, is this a destiny cave?" Roara asked with curiosity.

    "Speak the truth, this cave does not. Fool the mind, it does. Strong, your mind must be."

    "A liar?s cave. I've been here in a dream before. I fell in and it showed me horrible images of death and destruction. Will I need my weapons, Master?" Roara looked back at the small creature that she now trusted with her life.


    "Then I entrust them to you, Great One, I trust your judgment."

    Roara looked into the dark and opened her mind to the Force and for a moment nothing happened. Then as she concentrated she felt the Force slowly take hold over the barrier in her mind. She could see inside the cave though it was dark and she could feel the living walls of the great tree that had grown over the entrance. There was a slight tingle as she walked in as if something else was indeed there with her.

    "The Master would not have sent me into something that I could not handle." She breathed a deep sigh and focused on the living Force that enveloped her. She went through the opening and down the throat of the hollow tree and into the rocky walls that made the cave. Roara felt fear push on her from all sides but she kept the Force flowing throughout her body so she wouldn't give in.

    She came to an opening where the cave became so large even Thunder could have stood on his hind legs and still he would not have reached the top. Then she felt something else push her, hatred. She shuddered at the thought and pushed it away. Roara tried to see what it was that was causing such an intense feeling and her worst fear began to take hold of her. The Force that she was now fairly well trained in began to leave her. The block in her mind began to steal her Force ability. Then once the Force was gone from her she was afraid and she hated being afraid.

    "No." She whispered but knew there was more. A warrior stood before her and her strength went from her limbs and body, replaced by pain. "NO!" She screamed as she went to her knees and the warrior stood over her. A man who had beaten a daughter of the Dathomir witches. Her mother appeared along with the royal council, all shook their heads in disapproval. "This isn't real, it can't be." Roara sobbed, as the pain within her body became greater. "I WON'T LET YOU DEFEAT ME!" and with all her strength she lunged at the man who had claimed victory. He moved neatly out of the way but as he did she swerved and crashed into him.

    She felt something happening to her, "No this isn't the way." She breathed, "I won't fight this way. Give me a weapon of honor." Her command was answered by her Aunt who's face, as the other faces, was half masked by darkness so that their eyes were hidden from view. She handed Roara the sword that Roara had received as a child. "Thank you." Roara squared off and even thought the pain now came in great waves of terror she stood tall and noble, as a woman of Dathomir should.

    The knight who wore all armor to protect himself spoke in that voice she had heard in her dreams, dark and smooth as black ice. "Your wish to defeat me is fallacy. You will lose and I shall kill you but I think I will take your soul from your body before I do."

    The huge sword that he held came to bear on her and she dodged out of the way looking for a more useful attack than head on. The sword cracked the stone floor of the cave and then swung in a crescent moon shape to cut her neatly in two. She leapt over the steel, over the warrior and twisted in the air to land a little behind and to the right of him. She thrust her sword at his side and as the steel touched the armor, he fell to his knees.

    "Kill me quickly," His ominous voice said slowly as if time were slowing.

    "Show me your face first."

    He removed the helm that hid his features and she saw a man, none she had ever seen before, yet was familiar and she was filled with rage. She threw her sword down in anger and he smiled evilly.

    Roara came racing out of the cave to where Yoda sat in silence. He looked up from his drawing in the sand to where she stood sweating and br
  9. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    In this dear child will the hope for the future be.... In this dear child the hope for her planet and those of her people lie.... For this dear child much danger is prophesied...

    Roara awoke in a cold sweat. She shook and trembled all over as she leapt off the floor and tried to wake her senses up from the haunting dream. The voices that had spoken were accompanied with such fear.

    Roara checked Thunder and saw he still slumbered. She pulled on a thicker tunic and climbed the mouth of the cave to get to level ground. She sat cross-legged on the short grass and watched the horizon for a moment. The moon was full and the air slightly warm though a chill breeze blew across the land. The snows would come in a month or so. She breathed deep and began to melt into the Force as the Masters had taught her to do. She raised her hands, palms facing each other. Roara closed her eyes and felt the whistle of the wind about her as she began to search once more for Master Skywalker. The Force seemed to flow and ebb like an ocean, she'd seen Ociana only once but the memory had stayed with her. The Force flowed into her veins and through her soul and she began to stretch outward looking.... searching....

    There came to her a presence in her mind. She began to see a figure emerge growing stronger and more defined as she got closer. Finally she could see the face of the individual. His below shoulder-length hair tied back, he seemed to be practicing the same battle drills she had only days ago been introduced to by Master Kenobi. She felt her body react to the moves he made. Without knowing it she was on her feet moving as he moved. The man was young and skilled perhaps in his early 20's. He was tall and a bit gangly but amazingly precise, no, graceful in his movements.

    She no longer saw the edges of her mind but was there in the room with the young man and as he finished the drill so did she. He went to get a mug off the near by table. She began to look around at the beautiful room. The walls were a warm, pale, tawny color while a dark wine colored carpet spread across the floor. She saw that there were two levels to the room. The upper level had a small kitchenette tucked next to the door and behind a counter. The practice area opened out before the counter so that one might watch from the Kitchenette. No furnishings cluttered the area at all. There were three small steps snugged up against the wall that led down two or three feet to a living area that ended at a transparasteel wall looking out over what appeared to be a sea of lights. Roara then saw him set down the drink and walk to the glass. She followed and looked out with him and then she looked at him.

    "Why are you so familiar? I've seen you before."

    The young man seemed not to hear. Then on an impulse she touched his face and he leaned into her caress.

    "I know you too, though I don't know how." He said softly, opening his dragon green eyes to look right at her.

    "Who are you?" but the question was never answered for she was thrown back to the present her vision going black.

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  10. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    There was a noise at the door and Jaxton Bastille Morhan went to answer it, sensing his Master on the other side. The door hissed open and he found he was right. Luke Skywalker entered. He smiled at Jax, his most recent and most successful padawan learner.

    "I see you've been practicing." He said as he walked across the practice floor. The Padawan didn't answer for he seemed to be staring off into space as he shut the door. Jax kept looking at the floor as if to find answers in the deep red carpet. "Is everything all right here?" Luke asked tilting his head to one side.

    "Hm? Oh, yes, Master," His Britainian accent was soft, "I saw her again, the woman who has been gracing my dreams, lately. Only this time she came through the Force."

    "The Dathmirian warrior?"

    "Yes, she came while I was practicing and....she moved...with me. When I stopped to rest she asked who I was and touched my face then disappeared." He had walked back to the window and Luke stood at the edge of the practice floor, which placed him taller than usual.

    "Did she say anything else?"

    "Not really, only that she knew me as if from a dream. I answered that I knew her too. She was such a comfort at that moment," Jax struggled to find the right words then he dropped his hand and stared into the glass, giving up. He returned his gaze to Luke. "Does this happen to Jedi often, Master?"

    "It's not unusual Jaxton. Some Jedi are born with connections to others that share the same destiny."

    "She was looking for you, Master Skywalker. I think she wanted to tell you something."

    Just then the door buzzed again and Jaxton walked up the steps to the platform and went to open the door. His friend Kiara stood at the entrance. "Hey Jax" the girl chimed. Kiara went in looking at the room as she always did. "Master Skywalker," She said with surprise, "I'm sorry, have I interrupted something?"

    "Not at all, Kiara." Skywalker nodded to Jax. "Jax and I were just discussing a small matter of Force disturbances."

    "Really?" Kiara was intrigued, "What sort of disturbances?"

    "Nothing really," Jax said hastily. He moved back to the window and began to clear away his practice gear and the water glass. Kiara noticed that he seemed to be thinking of something other than what he was doing. She had noticed Jax staring off into space more and more. Even during their duels his mind would be somewhere else yet still he would beat her at saber fighting. It was getting worse by the day and she worried about him.

    "Master," She said when Jax had gone to the other room, arms loaded. "What's wrong with him? He seems to be on another planet lately. He's not focused at all."

    "Patience, Kiara," Luke said placing his hand on her shoulder. "Jaxton will explain when he's ready."

    Kiara stole a last look at her friend and sighed, worry spreading across her soft features.

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  11. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
  12. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
  13. Ejan Jerthrid

    Ejan Jerthrid Jedi Youngling star 2

    May 1, 1999
    There is no need to shout.
    We are all friends here.
  14. Gaeriel

    Gaeriel Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 9, 1999
    Don't give up. I like your writing! Please write more.
  15. Celes

    Celes Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jul 8, 1999
    Don't be so hard on yourself. It's good, so PLEASE continue!
  16. padawan3

    padawan3 Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 20, 1999
    come on keep writing
  17. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    At the request of many and the satisfaction of myself, I have rewritten or edited the passages so that they are better reading some what.

    I will endeavor to put out something legible if nothing else.

    Roara could hear it coming and felt the chill wave of the darkside as it rolled over the plain. The witches had sent the finder, a wave of darkside energy that could detect anything in its path. She needed to get out of its way and fast. She looked about for a moment and then rolled over backwards off the cliff. She dropped for several meters, flipping so that she landed on her feet. Once her feet touched the ground she dove into the cave and jammed her self under Thunder?s paws curling her body into a ball and using the Force to withdraw into herself making herself nearly undetectable. The roar of the finder swept over the cave, barley penetrating it, and she peered out from her hiding place to watch it blast over the Rancor nests.

    Roara stayed in her place for some time but finally Thunder nudged her out from under his paw, looking at her curiously. "The darkside witches are looking for me. I must find Skywalker. Any longer and they will have me." Thunder growled solemnly and nuzzled her.

    The morning shone through Jaxton's window and he realized he'd fallen asleep on the couch again. He rose and went to the sonic shower to rinse the heavy feeling of his body and mind. He felt something pull the force that flowed through him but he was too overcome by the physical weariness to pay much attention. He walked into his bedroom and looked up to see her standing there.

    "Help me!" She looked at him her eyes wide and afraid for ... for what...what did she need?

    "What?" he said intelligently.

    "Please, get Luke Skywalker. Tell him where to find me and send him. The darkside witches will kill me if I stay much longer! PLEASE!" She seemed so real not a figment of Force projection. Jax was now wide-awake and could feel the fear pulling at her. "Tell him he needs a large ship, Thunder is coming with me."

    "What? Thunder?" Jax wasn't sure what to do, then he realized he must seem rather dull to her as if he would be no help. He shook off the confusion and looked her in the eye. "I will convey your message to Master Skywalker immediately. Don't worry, we will find you." She visibly relaxed and said "thank you" before vanishing.

    Jax washed quickly and raced down the corridor of the Coruscant temple that led right to Skywalker's quarters. His long legs carried him there in under a minute and he slapped the speaker panel.

    "Enter." Came Luke's calm voice. He never seemed disturbed by anything.

    Jax entered feeling the need to duck though the sill was taller than his six-foot frame. Luke looked at him from the small pillow where he had been meditating. "What brings you here this early, Padawan?"

    "The girl... she needs your help badly. She was in my quarters pleading that you come with a large ship. She wants you to find her before the darkside witches kill her."

    Luke was startled, something he hadn't been since his Mastership. He rose and grabbed a small communicator from a shelf. He flipped it on and, touching Jaxton on the arm meaning for him to follow, hurried out the door.

    Roara knew she had reached him. Now it would take only a matter of days for them to find her placing them in a race for her life with the witches. She began to calm herself and dropped into a trance. Then there was a presence at the cave mouth. Master Nadiiwa stood looking at her sternly.

    "Master!" she said and leapt up to bow to him. Nadiiwa touched her forehead and looked sad.

    "What saddens you Master?"

    "This shall be our last lesson, child. I have taught you all I know and you have surpassed all expectations. Now hear this lesson and take in the many meanings of it. The Force is strong in you though you are hindered in its use for now. Master Skywalker will be better able to help you. Masters Yoda and Kenobi and I have helped you all we can. Now..."

    Nadiiwa began to hum lightly and she could feel herself melt into the
  18. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    Jaxton could feel the tension as Master Skywalker went to the one person who could get him a ship on such short notice. Luke pressed the speaker button and waited. The speaker crackled and Leia's voice came over the comm sounding a little tired. "Yes?" she asked.

    Luke answered and glanced at Jaxton. "It's me, Leia, is Han there?"

    "Luke come on in!" she answered as the door swished open. "What is going on?"

    "I need to ask Han if he can get me a large transport to Dathomir. There's trouble."

    "Dathomir? Isn't there a ship going this evening? A supply ship I think." Leia smiled gently at Jax and went to get some of the Chi she had been heating up. She brought out a few mugs as she listened to her brother.

    "I checked the schedule on the way over and the flight has been postponed for another week and that's too long to wait."

    "Han will be back in a few minutes he went to get some reports from Ghent down in encryption. Why such a large ship if it's just you going? Why not take your X-wing?" She handed the mugs of steaming liquid to them as they sat on the large cushioned couch.

    "For one thing I'm not the only one going on this mission and secondly, the girl specifically asked for a large transport." Luke sipped his Chi, glanced again at Jax. Leia raised her eyebrow and looked at Jax for an explanation.

    "A Dathmirian has been speaking to me through the Force. This morning she stated that she needed a large ship to transport her and? thunder." Jax said perplexing even himself by saying it.

    "Thunder? How do you transport thunder?"

    "I don't know, but I'm sure we will find out when we get there." Jax said and he sipped contentedly on his Chi, draining the glass. Just then Han walked in and brushed past everyone as he stepped down into the sitting area reading the documents in his hands, kissed Leia and disappeared into the back room. A second later he rejoined them still looking preoccupied.

    "Han, Luke needs to speak to you." Leia said catching his sleeve.

    "What? Oh hey, long time no see kid. What do you need?"

    "Han, we need a large transport ship to get us to Dathomir. Today." Luke leaned forward to lean on his knees so that Han might realize how serious this was. Han could see the stark blue in Luke's eyes that always meant seriousness.

    "Luke, I would help you if I could but there just isn't a ship I can get you today. The one that was supposed to go to Dathomir today was canceled because of a damaged hyper drive and a fried navi computer. Something or someone has been getting into the ships and disabling them for flight for the past four weeks and we still can't find out who or how."

    Luke seemed to be thinking of a plan already. "Han, how big is the Millennium Falcon?"

    "OOOHHH no. You are not taking the Falcon under any circumstances. I can't spare her right now."

    "Then what about Lando? Doesn't he have a few new additions to his armada?" Luke seemed almost desperate.

    "Lando? I hadn't thought of him." Han considered for a moment. "I tell you what if you can spare one of your Jedi trainees for this sabotage job I think I can figure out a way to get you a transport."

    "Negotiate for a big one." Jax said suddenly. "Were going to be bringing back a very large specimen."

    "I'll pick out a few of the padawans to assist you with your dilemma." Luke smiled at his old friend.

    "Good." Han said swiftly moving into the next room, "I'll get in touch with Lando and see if he has something to fit the bill."

    Leia looked at Luke "Is there anything I can do? Mon Mothma has given me a rest period for the next three days."

    "I think maybe you should come with us. That is if the children can be looked after."

    "Winter said she would take care of them while I rested. I've been putting in 23 hours of work lately and then 30 hours of mothering and Winter said I looked like I could use a break. Actually I miss the kids and could use a distraction right now."

    Luke looked thoughtfully at his sister "You might be helpful on this trip since you have been handling diplomatic matters with the witches of Dathomir."
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    Jax ran down the hall that held the padawan quarters. The trip to the palace to see Leia had been long and he needed to reach Stix before he left for saber practice. Stix had been his friend since the day they had become padawans. Stix was not as disciplined but had better control over the Force when he used it. Jax and Stix had gotten into and out of some real scraps together and Stix counted on Jaxton to tell him about an adventure like this.

    Kiara suddenly came around the corner and Jaxton came to a screeching halt. She raised an eyebrow at him. She leaned casually against the wall and cocked her head to one side. "Going some where in a hurry I see."

    "I... I was on my way to see Stix." Jaxton cleared his throat and gazed evenly at her.

    "You want to tell me what's been going on with you lately?" Jaxton licked his lips and said nothing still gazing evenly at her face. "Come on, Bastille, You know me, I'm right here and I think you need to tell me what's going on. We've been through a lot together and I'm not going to hurt you if you tell me what's been interrupting your concentration."

    She NEVER called him Bastille unless she was extremely serious. He knew she wouldn't hurt him but would the truth hurt her? She was a friend almost like a sister to him but she didn't feel that way toward him. She had never breathed a word of it to anyone but he could feel her thoughts and emotions. Kiara was careless about her emotions, it was something she had never managed to get hold of. Jaxton could sense her elation when he walked through the door of her room to talk to her or when they practiced saber technique. To Jax she was a caring individual who could love anyone but her attachment to him had made him very careful and this secret would only hurt her. She refused to believe that the two of them couldn't be anything more than friends even when he had expressed how he had really felt. Kind though she was she had been determined to become the lady of his dreams. That was why he couldn't tell her about the Dathmirian they would soon, if the Force was with them, be bringing to the academy.

    "Kiara," He said "I know we need to talk but now is not the time. I think Master Skywalker wanted a word with you anyway. He needs volunteers for finding a saboteur that Han and Leia have been trying to find for weeks. They say they need a more intuitive mind on the case and Master Skywalker said he would pick out a few padawans to help."

    "Wow! Real field work! Great I'll find him right now!" She was all bubbles again. Jax watched as she walked down the hall wondering again how she did it.

    Stix answered the door and Jax stepped in. "Bast! How'd she take the news?" Stix always kept his room in shadows. His manner was always one of subdued warmth. He wore a Jedi robe that he had made himself. It was long and black with a small edge of blood red satin that bordered the opening and the collar. Stix came into the lighter part of the room and motioned so that the cushions came forward for them to sit. Jax sat and looked at Stix who had been a confidant to both he and Kiara as well as many others there. The man needed to be a councilor not a Jedi.
    The two Jedi apprentices sat down on meditation cushions.

    "Stix I can't tell her now. She will just have to find out later."

    "Let me ask you something and I want you to answer me with every ounce of honesty in your being."

    "All right." Jaxton had always been weary of these questions.

    "Bast, this Dathmirian you keep seeing..." Stix was playing with the end of his robe but then he stopped and looked into Jaxton's eyes. "Bast, do you love her?" His mouth was a thin line and his eyes were honest.

    Jaxton looked puzzled. He thought about the times that he'd seen her, her dark hair tied back into a long warrior's plait that lightened at the ends into a cinnamon color. Her eyes were mottled ranging from cinnamon to the color of polished wood. He had noticed that her movements were swift and precise and her look of smooth soft skin was deceptive, hiding beneath it the sinews of an athlete. He had no
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    time marches on and life just got a little more complicated this will be the last post until I get the accounts in order

    Han stood at the terminal waiting for Lando to pick up the connection. He stood with his arms crossed his impatience was rising. Lando was always busy with something and never near a terminal. Suddenly it crackled and Lando's voice came through the speaker.

    "Hey Han, it's been a while. What are you up to?" cheerful as always.

    "Lando, it's about time you picked up. Say I need a favor from you." Han knew what was coming next.

    "A favor? What kind of a favor?"

    "Relax, buddy, it's really nothing. Luke and some of his students need to pick up a large specimen from Dathomir and bring it back here. All the flights have been canceled here so I told him I'd ask you."

    The silence lasted only a second or two but it seemed as if it were had hour. "All right, Han, but I need to know a few things first."

    "Like what?"

    "Like what they are bringing back and why they are in such a hurry? Not that I don't trust your brother-in-law, Han, but I've been having trouble with lending ships out for secret missions."

    Han knew this was going to be difficult but he rose to the challenge. "Lando, Luke and his students haven't ever done anything dishonest to you or your ships. They need to rescue someone from the planet. But as to what else they will be bringing back we don't know yet."

    "Wait a minute. Dathomir doesn't have a communications array. How did you get the message?"

    "Lando, it's a planet of Jedi women, how should I know how they got the message? Look if ya want I'll have Luke pick up the extension and you can ask him but they really need that ship, buddy."

    "One more thing. Who's going to be flying this thing?"

    "Luke and his students are all excellent pilots and Leia will be there to make sure nothing goes wrong."

    "Aren't you going?"

    "I can't I'm on a special detail here and Luke said that if I got him the ship one of his students would lend a hand."

    "I see." Lando seemed to hesitate a moment. "Tell you what, Han, I've got a few days of vacation I've been meaning to use. Why don't I fly a transport over and help you at the palace while Luke and the others go on their mission? It might speed things up for you and give me a little adventure in the process. How 'bout it?"

    "Sounds good, I'll make sure one of the large landing pads is clear for you."

    "All right, Han, I'll be there."

    After Han got off the comm he had the sinking feeling that the "little adventure" might end up being a big fiasco.


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    haven't had much time for writing will post more of the story tuesday or wednesday. post if you like or email let me know youre reading.
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    haven't had much time for writing will post more of the story tuesday or wednesday. post if you like or email let me know youre reading.
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    Jaxton stood in his room thinking on what to take and remembering once more his beginnings here. His room was much more extravagant than any other Jedi learner in the Temple but he had been a special case. His ability to pick up on any emotion gave him a sense of being overcrowded and packed in and the padawan quarters were full this season. He was specifically given the room so that he would have privacy until he learned to block out the voices. But the rooms in the Jedi temple were full when he had first come and the only ones empty were the guest quarters and Master halls. He had picked out a relatively small, bare room that the Jedi Masters would allow him to take.

    He then filled it with everything 'Jedi' from training equipment to meditation aids. He had many things but they were all well placed and organized in just such a way as to leave the room feeling almost bare. Jaxton felt that he had done a fair job of making the room fit Jedi standards even if it was extravagant in comparison to the other Padawans. He now packed a few things that might help him concentrate as the memories came flooding in.

    Jaxton Bastille Morhan had been an outstanding student and in the few short years he'd been under Luke Skywalker he had attained higher levels faster than any other Padawan. The institution had taken a blood sample for a midichlorion count. The surprise came when the tests came back and showed an extremely high count. They ran the test again and the result was slightly lower than an average student's was. They ran one more test and even monitored him for a week and realized that there was a flux that usually stayed from Extremely high to average. This had fascinated the staff in the science labs and they wanted the opportunity to run more diagnostics on him but they were only allowed to take a sample of blood once a month.

    That had been almost four years ago and they had given up for having learned nothing about the flux or what caused it. The flux was considered minor and so had little affect on his training. The tests had stopped but none of the questions, his or theirs had been answered. Jaxton had been training for four years but it felt like four months. He had always known that something was missing and that he would have to find it before he would be considered ready to take the next step.

    He grabbed the now prepared bag and stepped out the door turning off the lights and locking up as he went. Then he headed for the Landing bay specified for Lando's welcome and his departure.


    Roara stood at the entrance to the swamp. Thunder was curled up in the grass waiting for her next request. She sighed and leaned against one of the trees near by. Her mouth moved to one side then the other as she thought, then she puckered her lips and turned about to look at thunder. She sighed again and placed her hands on her hips.

    "How averse are you to getting dirty?" she asked Thunder. Thunder looked at her and sighed himself. "I see." She said, "Well the swamp is the best place for hiding right now. There's enough life energy there to hide our presence, I think. We might be able to hide until Skywalker finds us and takes us away from here." She began to climb through the foliage when Thunder's growl stopped her. She came back to his muzzle and petted him, softly stroking him. "I know that you don't want to leave this place. I don't want to go either but for now it is the best choice." She looked into his eyes. "You have to trust me right now. I know that Skywalker's coming to rescue us. Now that the witches know that you and I exist they will stop at nothing to find and destroy us." Thunder hung his head, thinking for a moment on this. Then he lifted his head and growled that he was ready to go and with that they crashed through the foliage to get to the swamp.

    Roara looked about the swamp for a safe dry place to stay for a while but something kept tugging at her. A Presence in the swamp seemed to beckon in a loud way. Finally they found a spot of dry land that was large enough for Thunder to curl up on. Ther
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    Guys this is a bad thing. The week from hell is over but I still have to clean up the brimstone. Things are bogging me down keep commenting to keep the thread alive I'm writing on disk and will cut and paste when time finally let's me. sorry[i/]
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