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Jedi to be, Jedi within

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Jedi_Roara, Sep 7, 1999.

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  1. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    She relented to the fantasy and drank from the mug. The warm liquid was comforting and the food drove the hunger from her body. Her limbs stopped quivering and her voice was back.

    "Tell me your name." She said. "I know you aren?t truly Jaxton."

    "That obvious is it?" He asked in a quiet voice.

    Roara swallowed a spoonful of a wonderful thick soup. "He would never be this close to me."

    He fed her another spoonful. "Well, if you must know. I am Bast."

    "Bast?" she trailed off as she began to feel drowsy. She closed her eyes, feeling at peace.

    She could feel the Force healing her wounds, the chafe marks on her wrists and ankles?

    "The chafe marks!?The dungeon."

    She came full awake to see the cell walls. She pulled on the restraints and looked wildly about at her body and her surroundings. He had brought her back to health.
  2. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    He could hear the scream in the control room at the end of the block. She was healthy.

    "You wont? have any trouble feeding her from now on. She knows it won?t do any good to weaken her self now."

    "Yes, Sir."

    Bast walked back to the deck of the behemoth. There he watched as they began their approach.

    "What?s our time frame?" He asked in his deep smooth voice.

    The cadet at the helm kept looking at the read outs puzzling over that same question. "Sir we?The computers are having trouble finding a suitable landing place."

    Bast could feel the Force whip through him. The cadet found himself struggling to breath.

    "The coordinates are already in the computer. There should be no delays."

    "Yes Sir,"

    The cadet gasped as he was set back down.


    The lieutenant snapped to attention.

    "Where are the proper coordinates?" Bast fumed from under the metal armor.

    The lieutenant looked shocked. "Sir the coordinates don?t match up. I was having them check for a safer place to land."

    "I will give the commands here, Lieutenant. Give them the original coordinates and land this ship immediately."

    There was a rush of movement as people began the landing sequence.

    "Nothing must stop me from reaching the surface in time." Bast whispered as he watched the view tilt and sway with the ships adjustments. He felt the tension of victory just beyond his reach.

    He looked at the small vitals tracer. The beacon he had slipped onto his prisoner was working fine. She was doing well. There would be a two day period for her to reconnect to the Force. Once she regained her power her friends would be able to find her. He felt the presence of the jewel closing in on them. The jewel was the last piece of the puzzle.

    He could sense the frantic search that was going. They were close. But it would take them a few days to find the planet and then a place to land. Yes, that would buy Him enough time.

    She needed to absorb as much of the Force as she could before he could take from her what he wanted. The planets was surprisingly richer in the Force than any other world Bast had ever been to. It was a haven. Uninhabited and alone in it?s galaxy.

    Everything was coming together. The stone, the girl, the other half of his body and soul. They would all be there.

    "Soon," he thought to himself. "Soon."
  3. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    Luke and the others spent two days looking for a place to land. The computers had trouble finding a space suitable for the ships. It took the x-wings skimming the surface to find a space.

    When Luke stepped from the ship he was awed at the power of the Force. It pulsed as if this planet was the birth place, the origin of the Force. Luke felt it Flow through him, rejuvenating his body and mind. The padawans were not unaffected. Alla, Shema, and Zanteth hopped from the x-wings, expressions of wonder in their eyes. Stix, Kiara, and Sati felt the vast world around them embrace their very souls. It was a comforting feeling.

    Every one had a look of awe on their faces save one. Jaxton stood apart from the other padawans. He could sense something nearby. A presence that was very familiar and disturbingly clear.

    The rest of the day was spent scanning and searching the area for the juggernaught, hopefully Roara would be inside. But no sign was detected until late that night.

    They had split into groups Alla, Zanteth, and Kirana Ti hunched behind some shrubs on the west side. Luke, Jaxton, and Stix were behind the trees on the north side and Han, Leia, kiara, and Sati were hidden off to the north east in the tree line. The grove was shaped into a crescent moon that barely held the juggernaught.

    They found only one juggernaught on the planet. And when they arrived at the landing sight no guards were posted and no security measures taken. The ship was deserted of both crew and passengers.

    "Well, that?s real smart." Zanteth said with a smirk.

    "Maybe they don?t know we?re here." Whispered Alla.

    Luke stared at the abandoned ship.

    "They wouldn?t have left it open like that if they knew we were coming." Stix said.

    "No," Luke stroked his chin. "They knew we were coming. Look." He pointed to the entrance ramp and the two droids standing there. "Those are all that?s protecting the ship."

    "Why?" Stix couldn?t comprehend the entire situation but Luke was beginning to see the bigger picture.
  4. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    During the first three days Bast had kept Roara tied to a wall. It was a stone wall on the very top of the 50 meter tower that resembled the ziggurats of Yavin. It extended up from the earth as if to reach the sky. The wall at the top was "T" shaped so that it stood as tall as Roara?s shoulders . Her arms were tied to the cross bar and her ankles were lashed to the base. The bricks chaffed terribly.

    Roara gazed out at the landscape and tried desperately to gather as much Force energy as she could. There was a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach for reasons she was unaware. She reached for the Force one more time and readied herself to send her consciousness out across the planet surface in search of her friends. She had felt a ripple in the Force as they had landed but that had been three days ago and she was afraid they had given up.

    Bast approached her slowly, bedecked in his blazing armor, the face mask hiding the sinister smile that played on his lips. But the smile was never completed. It manifested itself as a twitch. Roara opened her eyes painfully aware of his presence. She could feel a sea of storming emotions behind the solid armor, behind the flesh that hid behind it, behind the soul that claimed to be made of durasteel.

    He came so close she could hear every breath he took in. She stayed still. Her arms were tired of being held in an open position as if she were welcoming a friend. She wished that she couldn?t feel the emotions of the man standing across form her. She longed to be back in the juggernaught where the Force wasn?t so concentrated. Here she could feel the Force penetrating her body and soul and building her strength. She could feel the presence of his hatred but could also feel a well guarded emotion buried deep beneath the surface of his skin.

    He stared deep into her eyes trying to see?something. What did he want? But she knew what he wanted. She could feel the stone near by and the sword that she yearned to hold again. Had he gotten them or were they in the possession of her friends? The planet?s elements seemed to be strengthening her more than any other planet she had been on but the new power was too difficult for her to channel in this state of constant distraction.

    "Why did you bring me here, Bast?" He moved his hand and brushed a stray strand of hair from her face. The kindness in his touch was unnatural and it frightened her.

    "In one more day you will be as strong as you would have been on any other planet had you unlocked the power of the stone. When I unlock the power of the stone and release your spirit here it will give me the power to be whole without Jaxton, my other half. And since he will be kind enough to show up just in the nick of time I can be rid of him for the rest of my life."

    Roara?s breath shuddered as she gasped. She closed her eyes and breathed in, steadying her nerves. Her eyes opened as Bast gripped her chin. Her breathing quickened.

    "You lie!" her tone was dark and her voice was deep. "You haven?t even decided whether or not to kill him or merge with him." The longer he touched her the more she could glean from his mind. The more his mind poured into hers. "This planet has enough power to merge you both forever. And if that happens you can decide then what to do about me together. As a whole man." She leaned forward a little to relieve the pressure of his grip, her words pleading to his sensibility. When there came no answer or change in him she said. "You could show me the love he feels and that?s what scares you about joining with him."

    She stared into his dragon green eyes and waited to see what would happen. He slowly moved his right hand to take off the face mask from the helm. Seconds later his lips were pressed to hers tightly. There was a fire in that one kiss that somehow seemed familiar. Roara remembered she had felt it when Jaxton had kissed her. But this one was dark and dangerous instead of safe and warm.

    Her eyes were shut tight against the action. She could feel his confusion and when Bast backed away it was as if he had been h
  5. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    Nightfall had been speeded on by the thick blanket of cloud cover that blew in. The wind seemed to be constant on this world so rich in Force energy. With the bluish light from the dwarf sun choked out nightfall had been swift at coming. Now the darkness was like ink with only patches of ghostly moon light dappling the ground.

    Luke stood up suddenly and the padawans watched him. The air was suddenly cold and the wind picked up. Thunder pricked up his ears.
    "Oh no." He thought.

    "Cover your ears!" Luke barked. The company did as instructed and then the wind blasted the camp. The sound was deafening. It was a roar that held all the pain and anguish of a trapped animal.

    Thunder suddenly lifted his wings against the wind and glided, hovering in one place. Luke staggered over to the beast and got on the furry saddle patch between Thunders shoulders and in front of his wings.

    Thunder lifted the both of them into the air and skimmed the surface of the planet until they could see something vaguely resembling the ziggurat on Yavin only smaller and thinner. Luke could see, through the darkness, a single shaft of moonlight flicker over the top of the dais as the clouds were torn by the wind. The gusts whipped the vaporous masses and ripped holes in the cover. The twin moons shown brightly behind the veil of water vapor. The light flickered over the dais again and this time Luke saw a figure tied to an oddly shaped wall that stood facing west and unsheltered against the wind from the south

    Thunder flew over and then circled back to make another pass.
  6. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    Roara looked up into the sky and once again the moons broke through the curtain of blackness. The light shone on her face and she saw a shadow flicker quickly across her face and it gave her hope that her friends had heard her and were on their way to find her.
  7. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    Luke saw that it was Roara and that her time was growing short.

    He and Thunder passed over and she looked up to see them. Luke could almost feel her reaching out to them. There was a sudden glint in the moonlight as the man in armor stepped up to her.

    Thunder winded his way to the camp hoping that they could reach the platform in time.

  8. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    Luke and the dragon had not yet come back to the camp but Jaxton knew they would be returning soon.

    Everyone was still sleeping, everyone but Jaxton. He had crept to the camp of his other half. Jaxton had sensed Bast. He knew the strange feeling of being confronted with himself. Bast was his last chance to be whole, and he sensed that Bast was thinking the same thing about him.

  9. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    Roara looked out to the west and watched the glow of the fourth day. The sun shone through the thin opening between earth and clouded sky. Roara felt the power of the Force filling every thing around her and replenish the reservoir within. She looked out across the land hoping to catch a small sign of her friends. She could feel them, they were so close.

    She closed her eyes and tried to see them. but a presence suddenly invaded her thoughts.

    "uh uh uha, that would spoil the surprise." He gently lifted her chin and her eyes seemed to burn with an emotion that seared and seethed. "Ah, good." The words were drawn out and loathsome.

    He turned his back to her and lifted his hands to the sky as if stretching. "Soon we will be ready and it will be time to say good bye to your faithful friends." Bast turned to Roara and walked closer. His hands were ungloved and she watched them through her peripheral vision. Her attention was riveted to his eyes. The green had softened to a mossy agate and the emotion in them seemed strange, as if foreign to him. "You know, it is a shame I have to kill you. Without your death there won?t be enough power to make me whole." He took her chin once more in a delicate grip, observing her from the other end of his arm. "With your death and the release of the jewels power there will be an explosion of Force energy that will saturate anything in it?s core. And I will be whole." The words were harsh.

    "You don?t have to do this, Bast. There must be some other way?"

    Bast moved his hand as if he were going to back hand her. She turned her cheek and waited. The blow never came. Instead she opened her eyes to face his anger. He pointed at her and her wide eyed stare focused on the bare hand. Roara noticed that his eyes were now a fiery dragon green with a rim of icy blue.

    "Don?t?think?that you have any affect on me." the voice was so soft as to be just above a whisper with the edge of deadly threat in it.

    She refocused on his face. "You have nothing more to threaten me with. I already know I?m going to die at your hand."
  10. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    Luke and the others were drawing close. Jaxton had to reach the tower undetected?

    The unmistakable whine of a charging blaster halted his progress.

    The soldiers took him to the tent where Bast had been waiting. He motioned the guards to let him go. He then used the Force to bring Jaxton a chair.

    "Sit, please." Jaxton was stunned at the power of his other half. He sat.

    "You must excuse the guards they mistook you for one of them."

    "Why didn?t they mistake me for you?" Jaxton asked.

    Bast laughed a deep and jovial chuckled. "I have never revealed my face to them they only know me as the man in armor. It saves any confusion they might have."

    "I see." Jaxton was thinking hard on how to get out of the mess he had gotten himself into.

    "Don?t bother with silly ideas of how to escape. Why do you think the entire crew is hear? It?s to capture those coming in and to keep them from going out."

    "But the ship?"

    "Your friends have more to worry about than blowing up a ship. Roara?s fate is about to be sealed."

    "Why are you doing this?"

    "For the same reason you came seeking me!" Bast?s words echoed in Jaxton?s mind. Bast had stood up and now paced the floor excited about the plan that was about to unfold.

    "In exactly four more hours the level of Force energy concentrated here will be at it?s height. Then with the release of The Ones soul from this jewel and the death of Roara?s being there will be enough energy to infuse me with enough Force energy to make me whole."

    "And what of me, Bast?"

    "Well, I can?t just dismiss you. You are a bit of a loose end. I?d be willing to join again with you but you would interfere with my plans. No, no, I think killing you would be best. Unless you can offer a more lucrative solution."

    "Bast you and I both know that what you are suggesting may kill you before you even finish the words to the incantation. But if I?m there to join with you?"

    "Then I will be whole with no risk to myself. Yes I thought about that but it?s worth the risk. I don?t want you and your foolish emotions getting in the way of my plans."

    Jaxton sat forward and looked intently at himself. "If there was a way to join without my interference? would you do it."

    Bast chuckled. "I am not a fool, brother, of course I would. It would eliminate the risk involved. But don?t pretend to toy with me there is no such incantation that can work the way you are suggesting."

    Jaxton sat back and crossed his long legs. He rested his chin in his hand and settled back. "Not that you know of, brother, but the wise ones of our council imparted a great many things to me that they would never have dreamed of giving to you."

    "I see," Bast settled back as well and looked at himself skeptically. "Please, impart this knowledge to your brother. It might be amusing at the very least."

    "There is an incantation written by one such as yourself. He used it to force his subjects into permanent submission. It is written that if it was ever used on ones self that it would cause a fracturing of the mind. It stands to reason that if you used it, it would put my interference at it?s minimum. The most you would have to put up with is a conscience."

    Bast stroked his chin. "Intriguing."

  11. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    I'm so sorry it has taken this long, my bad. I grovel at your feet and beg forgivness. I'm at your mercy. (grovels and crawls on ground showing proper penance) Forgive this worhtless humble servant. I kiss the ground you wlak on (kisses ground readers walk on)

    I hope you enjoy the story it is almost done.

    love ya buh-bye!
  12. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    (leans in cautious of rotten fruit being readied to be launched in her direction.) Hello?? anyone here? remember lurkers thou shalt not lurk Thou must post. So come on tell me whatcha' think about it! I'm anxious to hear your opinions.
  13. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    Roara listened to the wind howling as if trying to speak to her. She breathed in the Force and wondered for the hundredth time why the block hadn?t swept in and taken her power. It confused her but she was concentrating on a much deeper feeling. She sensed the masters around her. She sensed the stone that held the Force powers of her ancestor and she felt the sword. All were singing in her bones like a chorus of energy.

    She closed her eyes and whispered the old spell of sight out of habit. She reopened her eyes to see Master Obi-wan Kenobi standing before her.

    "You have come a long way, Roara. You are ready."

    "Ready for what, master?" She felt safe with her favorite mentor near her.

    "For the challenge ahead. In the morning you will need all the strength you have to accomplish this task." He leveled his gaze at her and suddenly she was aware of thousands of figures glimmering in the moonlight. Old masters still on this side of crossing over. Ghosts of greatness. She looked out from her point atop the stone tower and watched as the fields filled with shimmering souls.

    Roara felt a surge in the Force. Her back arched and she threw her head back as she felt the Force crescendo within. Visions began swimming in her mind and she couldn?t see anything of the present.

    Visions of the future and images of the past poured through her being revealing secrets guarded for years. She saw the splitting of Jaxton and Bast. She saw the two fighting. The swordsmanship was phenomenal as the two warriors went at each other both scared and yet determined.

    Roara watched as Jaxton and Bast were taught, one of the light and one of the dark. She learned of Jaxton?s love of her and of Bast?s fascination of her. The two mirrored lives were drastically changed by her involvement.

    There was an odd movement and she was seeing the future. She watched the scenes change again and again. Her blood was spilling out of her wrists and her essence was being stripped, drawn to Bast. He was gaining power by the second. The jewel that had held the powers of her ancestor lay in shards. The sword that was to unlock the jewel had been thrust into the stones before her feet, acting like a focal point from her to Bast. The pain was incredible.

    The visions waned and Roara viewed Obi-wan once more. The other masters faded until only a few remained. Ones she recognized from stories and from her home. Those whom had taught her only brief lessons. Qui-gon Jinn had taught her strength, Omwa Nadiiwa had taught her concentration, Yoda had taught her endurance. There was Mace Windou and many others she had of which she had only heard. They seemed to smile as if they knew something that she did not.

    "Why are the masters smiling?" Roara asked her mentor tentatively. She was still recovering from the visions.

    "They know that you can turn what happened in that vision into a victory."

    "How?" She whispered sleepily.

    Obi-wan looked deep into her eyes until she thought she saw the young Jedi knight he once was.

    A gasp. "My disease!" She was suddenly acutely aware of the other auras growing brighter.

    "We have great faith in you Roara. You have been the first of any Jedi to learn and understand so quickly and accurately. The Force is strong in you. Even when we watched you as a child we could see that none other had the same connection with the Force that you have. Now it is time to fulfill a very important part of your destiny."

    Roara looked worried. "Will I succeed?"

    Obi-wan put his hand on her shoulder. "That is up to you."

  14. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    The morning was eerily silent in comparison to the gusting wind that had torn across the land that night past. Luke had felt an odd ripple in the Force. The presence of Masters past had been there though he had seen none of them. His concern for Roara had kept him restless.

    Jaxton had gone missing and no one could say where he was. Even the lookouts had missed him. Alla and Shema felt awful about not catching him. Luke explained that destiny was playing out now and whatever happened was out of their hands.

    He felt the unmistakable twinge of loss as he wished once again that Jaxton was still with them.

    The group fanned out and advanced on the camp that was only half a kilometer away. With luck and the Force they would be at the site in an hour. The going was a easy while the wind was down but within minutes, the soft breeze was beginning to moan again. Soon it would be a howling roar. The trees blocked most of the currents but the tree line was still a twenty meters from the stone temple.

    The air was charged with the living Force, lending excitement to an already tense day. Soon all would be revealed and like it or not destiny would be fulfilled

  15. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    Roara was listening to the clank of metal as a huge chest was brought up from the ground.

    "Now Leave us and tell our special guest to come and join us." The sound of Bast?s voice was icy and cruel. Roara only meditated on the Force, cleansing her mind and soul. She had to be ready.

    "Did you sleep well, lady?" his insidious smile twisted her gut and she restrained a glare.

    Roara stayed silent, filling her body with Force energy. She heard Bast move closer. She didn?t open her eyes until he grabbed her chin and forced her to look up at him. His movements gave away his frustration and nervousness.

    "I have something I?m sure you will find most ironic." Bast said, tone dangerous. Roara watched him with a neutral expression for a moment.

    "Nothing you do will surprise me any more, Bast." She felt his turmoil and saw the intensity in his eyes. His look turned to one of smooth determination, as of one who knows he?s just about to win.

    Bast turned with a flourish, the fabric of his cloak billowing so that a corner softly brushed Roara?s cheek. He strode over to the chest and unlocked it. He withdrew a bundle of silk cloth and then reached for something else. Roara?s attention, however, was snagged by a head coming up over the top of the steps. She watched is stunned silence as the cloaked figure neared and she felt the presence of?

    "Jaxton!" she whispered. She didn?t even have to see his face to know it was him. She didn?t know anyone else who was over six feet tall save for Bast.

    Jaxton removed the hood. Walked over to her when he saw that she knew him.

    Roara tried to keep the sorrow from showing, the words from coming but she lost. "I knew he was your brother but I never thought that you would betray me like this."

    Jaxton looked at the heart breaking expression she bore. One sad but unsurprised by the hurt as if the sadness had been seen before and hoped against. Roara looked straight into his eyes. He felt the weight of the deed committed.

    "Come brother. Step away from her, she has to be readied." Bast had pulled from the box ceremonial garments and held them to the sunlight. They were Dathmirian in origin, though much more elaborate then any Roara had seen. The shift was made of soft fibers that shimmered with gentle yet radiant lavender. There was hand embroidered scroll work with stones of jade, amethyst, amber, rose quartz, and moss agate. Stones that held power and meaning for the witches of Dathomir. The dark green lizard skin bodice sparkled with hidden gems. The skin was of a fire dragon, a creature that lived within the volcano from which the precious metal was mined. The belt that latticed the two halves of the shift together was made of the same lizard skin, the lattice exposed about three inches of midriff. The sparkling crystals that decorated each scale twinkled merrily, the outfit was intoxicating and powerful, it was the uniform reserved for the highest ranked witches.

    Jaxton looked at the outfit as if dazed or dreaming. He stepped over to Bast?s side. Roara looked at the garment and waited. She remembered what Obi-wan had told her. She had no choice but to don the outfit.

  16. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999
    hey is anybody still reading this thread? please if anybody's lurking about give me feed back or something Let me know how I'm doing. thanks
  17. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    Kiara and Stix stayed close to Luke on the north side of the temple. They had managed to get close enough to see the top with monoculars. Han, Sati, Zanteth, and Shema were able to get closer, as the foliage was thicker and closer off to the west. Alla, Leia, and Kirana Ti had gotten to the other side with relative ease.

    The entire camp seemed to be converging on the miniature temple. No guards were posted and no one seemed to be even interested in the shadowy flickers of movement off to the north, east and west. The three groups moved slow and used the Force to misdirect the few stragglers that strayed close to the edges.

    Luke was thinking at a hyper speed trying to deduce the reason for preoccupation. All the soldiers and the crew seemed to be uneasy as they watched the tower. Luke could see little from the angle he was at but there was movement. Roara appeared briefly at the edge of the tower and just as quickly disappeared from view. Luke reached out to her, felt the brush of her mind and a swift "I?m okay," before she threw up a mental block. Luke pressed against the block but nothing gave.

    "How is she?"

    Stix was looking at Luke with a worried expression on his face. Stix had gotten to be very good at reading Luke?s expressions.

    "She says she?s fine. But there?s something about the way she said it, it just doesn?t feel right."

    "I know what you mean." Kiara said softly. "There?s something charging the air. An emotion that just feels? hostile." Kiara was right the very air they breathed seemed acidic from the level of tension that choked out the freshness of the planet.

    "We need to get as many soldiers out of harms way as we possibly can." Stix was looking at something off in the distance.

    "Luke!" he said suddenly. "Get Thunder to fly over the encampment. The rest of us can use the Force to enlarge his size. With luck it will scare off the battalions and leave the playing field relatively free for our own use."

    Luke mentally called on the team leaders to inform the teammates of the plan. Luke began to call Thunder and all the apprentices used the Force to still the air. There was a brief moment when the wind died and all held it?s breath.

    Suddenly the ground shook and the air was blasted by the wing beat of a huge and ferocious creature. The howling of the beast scared the troops into a stampeding mass. Soon the earth shook because of the thundering herd of humanoids crashing through the woods. It took the Jedi trainees by surprise but then so did the size of the dragon that the Masters had put together. Thunder was monstrously huge. The screams of terror confirmed that it was effective.

    The Trainees had to hide the smiles.

  18. Jedi_Roara

    Jedi_Roara Jedi Youngling star 2

    Sep 7, 1999

    Roara was taken to a small tent a few meters to the south of the temple. She was shoved within and told to don the outfit. She stood still looking at the tent flap, wishing there was a way out. Clutching the gown to her she went to the back of the tent. Perhaps she could sneak out under the wall of fabric and escape. She stopped short as a shadow fell across it, no there was no escape out that way.

    Her spirits fell and she sat down, closed her eyes, breathed deep. She didn?t move a muscle as the tent flap was moved aside and Jaxton walked in. She continued to channel the Force to keep her calm. She couldn?t afford to be rattled now.

    Jaxton stood unsure as to how he should address her.

    "Just say what it is you came to say, Jaxton." she gave him a side ways look that was veiled only by her long lashes.

    "Actually I came to help you dress." He lied. Roara felt the lie, it?s purpose was to assure the guards that nothing was amiss.

    Warily she stood. "I thank you." Jaxton turned as she slipped her garments off and replaced them with the ornamental costume. The top and skirt of the split shift felt good against her skin. "Could you help me with the laces?" She asked after a moment. She still felt she couldn?t trust him.

    "I know this looks bad and I know you don?t trust me?" Jaxton?s hands were gentle as he tied the first set of laces, "but I?m asking you to trust that I?m doing the right thing."

    The dark green bodice was next. He helped her slip the thick green leather around her waist and the tough straps over the soft sleeves of the shift so it wouldn?t drag or rumple.

    "Please, Roara." His whisper was full of strong emotion and the air that brushed her cheek and neck raised small lumps in her flesh. Her heart was aching.

    "How can I trust you?" she whispered back. She could feel her calm center being challenged.

    The laces that held the bodice in place were threaded through certain points in the shirt beneath and her senses were highly attuned to his fingers delicately brushing the exposed skin of her lower back. She held up the belt next and his long arms were about her waist. Her heart quickened.

    "Roara?" there was a silence that begged to be cut short.

    She felt the laces of the belt being threaded through the bodice and then through the cloth skirt underneath. She swallowed her nervousness.

    "Yes" she could barely be heard.

    Jaxton finished the last knot and leaned in close to her right ear. "I love you." the whisper came swift and almost inaudible.

    There was a gasp and she felt her body twist about but she was concentrated on the fact that his lips were pressed firmly to hers. There was a sweep of energy that rushed through her senses from head to toe. She caught a quick glimpse of his dragon green eyes before he broke away, turned and swept out the door.

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    come on people don't be shy. The more the merrier. open up and live a little. Tell me what ya think Tell me if it's okay or if it needs to go to the dogs.

    P.S. as soon as it is finished I'm going to revise it. My friend Wordweaver is poating it and helping edit it for his page so I'll repost this one when it is done.
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    Sep 7, 1999

    Jaxton was only a few steps from the tent when the sound shook the earth and ripped through the wind. The roar was deafening. A vast shadow spread across the land and he looked up to see the Filorans silhouette against the sun. The sky clouded again and the cover grew thicker as the sound shattered the silence. Jaxton watched the men of the camp run, stumbling blindly into one another as they headed for cover.

    "YOU COWARDS!" Jaxton whirled about, the south wind blowing his hair back from his face. Bast had Roara by the wrists. She stood before him dressed in the gown and trying to twist out of Bast?s grip.

    "COME BACK HERE!" Bast?s anger radiated from his body like solar flares. Roara struggled lightly out of fear rather than a desire to escape. She knew what her destiny was.

    Jaxton walked to them. "Let them run!" he shouted over the wind. "They are of no use to us anyway!" He heard Roara?s small outcry as Bast twisted her wrist. "If you frighten her the ritual won?t proceed as it should! Her energy?!" Bast Through Roara at Jaxton.

    "Take her to the tower and chain her there! I will be along shortly." Bast turned from them.

    Jax felt the rapid beating of her heart and the icy ribbon of fear and sadness that ran through her calm as they watched Bast retreat. He leaned close to her ear.

    "Shh. Shh." Was all he whispered. They began to climb the steps of the tower.

  21. Jedi_Roara

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    Sep 7, 1999

    The men had fled and the three teams were in position to strike. Luke would give the order. There would only be the two Jedi and Roara would be there to help. Half of them would stay behind in case the crews returned. The other half would wait until the sinister, armored, fiend was at the top to charge. The padawans were nervous. This was their first confrontation with a master Jedi. Bast was more powerful than they had ever imagined.

    Luke tried to calm them mentally. Kiara and Stix were close by his sides, anxious to save the two friends they loved so dearly. The wind was still strong but Thunders bellow was fading into the distance. They watched being still as stones, withdrawing their essence within until they couldn?t be detected by the man in armor as he walked by. The steps were 50 meters away yet it seemed as though they were right there at the edge of the grove.

    The armored man stormed up the steps wearing armor as brilliant as the sun. The sky was gray and dreary but the armor shone with an unearthly light. Kiara noticed a slightly dull patch next to the hip. She dared not use Force sight to see what it was, lest she give away her position to the enemy.

    There was something that changed in the very air when the armored man reached the top. An air of sinister triumph permeated the climate. Luke and half the padawans raced up the temple steps.

  22. Jedi_Roara

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    Bast stood before her grinning evilly. Jaxton had lashed her to the stones again and she waited with a calm expression for the next move to be made. She felt the urgent push of her friends coming, the feeling of being torn that Jaxton hid in his heart, the utter insanity of Bast?s mind as it whirled.

    There was something strange about the way Bast held his hands. Then she saw the dagger. It was the ceremonial dagger of passing. It was used for sacrifices alone. Roara breathed deeply and closed her eyes against the scene that was before her and turned her attention to the small tugging within her own body.

    "patience," she thought to herself, "patience. All will come at it?s appointed time."

    She was searching within herself for the courage to face the future as a Jedi should. Bast stepped closer and she could feel the barely controlled emotions that swam behind his eyes. She looked deep within herself and when she found the Jedi within she opened her eyes to stare deep into his own.

    With an eerie sound to his voice he began to recite the incantation. Roara listened intently to the strange language. It sounded vaguely familiar. She then realized what he was speaking. Bast?s accent was strong enough to twist the sounds of the Dathmirian language that he spoke. The words came upon her like the waves of Ociana. She looked at Jaxton who?s emotions were torn between his wholeness and this woman he seemed to love.

    There was a flash of something bright and Roara looked up to see the ceremonial dagger in his hands. The words told her that she was about to be sacrificed. Her instincts told her to fight against the chains, to use the Force and set herself free. Yet she held herself still as stone, waiting for the right moment. Bast?s voice changed as he began to recite a new incantation, one in his own native tongue.

    The words translated were part of a passing rite. Roara was about to die.

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    All sound seemed to stop and time seemed to slow as She listened only to the beating of her heart. Jaxton stepped over to Bast. He stood helpless against what was happening before him. Roara watched him as Bast lifted the dagger with his right hand and held Roara?s wrist with the other. She couldn?t feel the bruise he was leaving. She watched as Luke and the others crested the temple in hopes that they weren?t too late. Jaxton made a move but someone grabbed him from behind. The dagger was coming down.

    All the while Roara felt nothing but the swift drain she had been fighting off; the drain of the Force from her body and soul. She felt it flush out of her skin as if her soul were taking flight. And as the Force left her she lost the ability to go within?just as the dagger made for it?s mark.

    The tip of the dagger touched the delicate skin of her wrist. She felt the puncture and the swelling of blood. She felt the sinews part as the blade sliced through and finally the pain as the tip punctured her skin from beneath. The blade past through and embedded it self in the wall behind. This swift movement took all of a split second but for Roara it was an eternity.

    Bast wrenched the dagger from her flesh and she threw her head back as if to scream but she merely stared wide eyed into the sky and gasped.

    Again she felt the pain as Bast repeated the barbaric act to her right wrist. She could feel tears streaking her face. She lowered her head, her hair fell forward in loose strands down to her knees. She looked up to see the horrified look of shock on her friends faces.

    "Why won?t they come to me?" Then she saw the flicker of a force field that stood between them and her. She closed her eyes and tried to keep the nausea from making her pass out.

    Bast was standing back from her, Jaxton standing close to him. Suddenly there came a lull in the wind. All motion of the life around them stopped. Bast held in his hands now her sword and the stone that held her other half. How he had gotten them Roara neither knew nor did she care. Now she had to watch closely?and hope.


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    Im about to write the script for my fan film and I need some advice for it. What does everyone want to see in a fan film? What are some tips for writing a good script?
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    My biggest tip is that before you can write a good script you need to write a good story. My treatment (a synopsis of the story) was drafted 3 times before I ever started the script.
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