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Saga Jedi Uprising (AU. Obi-Wan, Qui, Garen, Bruck, Xanatos, Anakin, Padme, Yoda, Dooku,...) Fin&Revised

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction- Before, Saga, and Beyond' started by jacen200015, Dec 26, 2005.

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  1. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    In The Shadows Book 1: Jedi Uprising

    Disclaimer: Star Wars belongs to George Lucas and so do all his characters. Any characters created by Jude Watson and Dave Wolverton belong to them + any characters I created belong to me. I am making no money off of this and I hope you enjoy this exciting adventure.

    Author note 1: I would like to thank my beta readers for the time and energy they put in to check my fic over and offer advice. I also would like to thank those who supported me in the writing of this first episode.

    Author note 2: If you would like to be pmed when there are updates and/or for future episode updates then please let me know so that I can add you to my list.

    Author note 3: /bond/ means talking through bond. Italics mean dreams, visions, and/or thoughts.

    What if the Sith won the Great Sith war?

    Sidious and Maul bowed their heads, then slowly lifted them and looked toward Darth Bane. They stood up, straight and erect, and waited patiently.

    What if the blockade was the doing of the Jedi?

    ?Master Jedi,? Nute Gunray began. ?Queen Misika wishes to speak to you.?

    What if the Sith got to the Chosen One first?

    Maul returned with a gleeful crooked smile. ?The boy has a midi-chlorian count over twenty thousand.? /Master, is it possible that he is the Chosen One?/

    What if??

    /Release the destroyer droids./

    ?Who are you?? Anakin demanded suspiciously as he held the spoon ready to defend himself.

    ?It?s the only way to do this.? Garen answered calmly.

    ?I am Nemiraa, apprentice to Darth Milter. I have heard some interesting things about you,? she told him.

    Qui-Gon chuckled. ?Your padawan is growing up and you won?t be able to keep him out of trouble forever.?

    ?I am your padawan no longer. You may address me as Darth Redav,? Obi-Wan replied coldly.

    Maul cackled softly and looked at the anguished stricken padawan. ?One down, one more to go. Prepare to die, Jedi, and follow your Master.?

    In The Shadows Book 1: Jedi Uprising

    Should they resist?destroy them.

    Dramatis personae


    Yoda - Jedi Master. Head of the Jedi Council.
    Dooku - Jedi Master. Former Master to Qui-Gon and former padawan to Yoda.
    Renton R?lya - Jedi Master. Garen?s Master.
    Qui-Gon Jinn - Jedi Master. Obi-Wan?s Master.
    Xanatos Crion Ortinc - Jedi Knight. Bruck?s Master. Former padawan of Qui-Gon.
    Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi padawan. Qui-Gon?s padawan.
    Garen Muln - Jedi padawan. Renton R?lya?s padawan.
    Bruck Chun - Jedi Padawan. Xanatos? padawan.
    Kenshin - Jedi initiate.


    Darth Bane - Sith Master. Head of the Sith council.
    Darth Sidious - Maul?s Master.
    Darth Maul - Sidious? apprentice.
    Darth Cralash - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Nemiraa - Apprentice to Darth Milter.
    Darth Milter - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. Master of Nemiraa
    Darth Runder - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Darth Secrenosh - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Darth Meltric - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Darth Meshan - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Darth Mishane - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human female)
    Darth Ronok - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Darth Ribeous - Sith Master. Sits on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Darth Milter - Sith Master Sits. on the Sith Council. (Human male)
    Darth Fraunel - Sith Master Sits. on the Sith Council. (Human female)
    Darth Torsine - Dead Sith Master


    Queen Misika - Queen of Naboo.
    Sio Bibble - Governor.
    Nute Gunray - Viceroy of the Trade Federation.
    Panaka - Chief of security.
    Queen Amidala - Future Queen of Naboo
    Sabe - Queen Amidala?s handmaiden.
    Watto - Owner of Shmi and Anakin
  2. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Chapter 1

    Striding into the council room, Darth Sidious and Darth Maul took their place in the middle of the semicircle of eleven council members. Darth Bane sat in the middle of the semicircle of councilors. On the Head of the Council?s right Maul recognized Darth Cralash, Darth Runder, Darth Secrenosh, Darth Meltric, and Darth Meshan. On Darth Bane?s left: Darth Mishane, Darth Ronok, Darth Ribeous, Darth Milter, and Darth Fraunel.

    The room was dimly lit with no windows and only a skylight, to let light into the room. The council members sat in hard, black, elaborately carved seats. Eleven blood red, lit candles were behind the chairs, above every member?s head creating a sinister feeling in the room. Two greenish candles that held some kind of red tint were on both sides of the large door. The walls were made of stone, and the ceiling and floor were carved, in black marble.

    The Sith Temple was the tallest building on Coruscant with the chamber as the peak. Each council member wore long black cloaks and tunics, with all the edges on the cloak and tunics lined with dark red. Their hoods covered their faces so no one could see their expressions. Maul took a glance at their lightsabers that were hooked on the arms of the chairs, within easy reach should an enemy be suicidal enough to attempt an attack, or a lower Sith to be stupid enough to return after a failure. Maul shifted his feet in discomfort as the seconds dragged by.

    Sidious and Maul bowed their heads, then slowly lifted them and looked toward Darth Bane. They stood up, straight and erect, and waited patiently.

    ?The Trade Federation have blockaded Naboo in an attempt to rebel against our regime. This outrage will not be tolerated,? Darth Milter stated in his usual gruff manner Maul noted.

    ?You and your apprentice are to infiltrate the main control ship and arrest the Viceroy. Should they resist?destroy them. Complete this task quickly and kill anyone who gets in your way,? Darth Meltric continued.

    ?You are to bring the Viceroy to us. We shall deal with them severely, making an example of them to all who may attempt to oppose us,? Darth Mishane added.

    ?May the Darkness of the Force serve you well,? Darth Bane finished.

    Darth Sidious and Darth Maul clenched their hands into fists and crossed them in front of their chests, bowed to the council and left the room with a dark purpose.


    The Shadow Venger streaked through space to the blockade until it reached the Viceroy?s main ship. ?This is the Shadow Venger,? Darth Sidious began as the image of a Neimoidian appeared before him. ?We are here by the will of the Sith Council. You are to allow us to board and take us to the viceroy immediately,? Darth Sidious commanded, menace dripping from each syllable.

    The viceroy?s aide, Teruk Gliamb, gulped and looked away for a second. ?The Sith demand to board at once, Viceroy,? he said nervously, attempting to gain even a small measure of calmness

    Nute Gunray stayed quiet for a moment before ordering, ?Let them come aboard,? before walking to a private part of the bridge.

    The aide turned back to the view screen. ?We will open the ship bay door at once,? he assured them, trembling with fear.


    Darth Sidious gave a low growl and switched the transmission off with a furious click.

    ?This will be too easy,? Maul said derisively, looking at his Master out of the corner of his eye.

    ?Hmph. I expected even a little resistance from them. They must have realized what a mistake they made when they formed a blockade around Naboo. These?beasts are too stupid to be anything but pathetic,? Darth Sidious said, an undercurrent of disgust in his voice.

    ?We will crush them easily if they try to resist, Master.?

    ?That we will, my apprentice. That we will.? Twin, malicious smiles crept up the two Siths? faces as the ship flew into the landing bay.

    A few minutes later Darth Sidious and Darth Maul stepped off the ship?s ramp, into the hangar bay. ?There is no one in sight, Master.? The hanger bay was
  3. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Chapter 2

    The Shadow Venger landed in the outskirts of Mos Espa a few days later. Sidious and Maul descended the ramp with their black hoods covering their faces, menace clinging to their aura. ?I feel a strong Force presence in the town, Master,? Maul commented as he stretched out with the Dark Side of the Force.

    Sidious nodded once. ?I feel it as well, my apprentice.?

    ?Do you think it is a Jedi?? Maul asked, his eagerness to confront a Jedi evident in his voice.

    Sidious felt for the source and smirked. ?No.? They entered Mos Espa and continued to follow the source. The people in the streets, knowing the evil power the Sith possessed, trembled as they passed. Maul reveled in the peoples? fear of them, enjoying their frightened expressions.

    Soon they entered the slave quarters and Maul followed his Master to an unremarkable door. Sidious banged on it heavily. ?You will open up and cooperate with us!? he commanded as he waited for someone to open the door. He heard shuffling inside the dwelling as the person inside moved to open the door.

    The door opened, and a worn woman looked out, her gaze wary. Shmi?s eyes widened at the sight of the Sith and she backed up, letting the Dark ones through, but blocking the entrance to Anakin?s room. ?What can I do for you,? she asked as calmly as she could.

    Maul?s eyes flashed as he approached her. ?Do what we tell you, slave,? he responded, sneering the last word.

    Sidious felt for any other presences in the dwelling and found a sleeping being, in the room behind the woman that was admitting the strong force presence they had felt. ?Maul, get a midi-chlorian count of the person in the room behind her.? Maul nodded in response and entered the bedroom, pushing Shmi aside to do so.

    Maul returned with a gleeful crooked smile. ?The boy has a midi-chlorian count over twenty thousand.? /Master, is it possible that he is the Chosen One?/

    /Indeed it is, my apprentice./

    Sidious looked at Shmi. ?Who owns you and the boy?? he asked gruffly.

    ?He will not sell my son to you Sith.? Shmi responded, her eyes glaring at them. ?My son will remain here. He does not belong with the Sith or the Jedi.?

    Yellow eyes gleaming with hate, Maul raised his hand and slowly Force choked her. ?You will answer my Master!?

    Shmi clutched at her throat as she struggled to breath. ?W..Watto.? She replied, as Maul released his hold. Drawing in a haggard breath she continued. ?Watto. He has a small parts shop not far from here.?

    Sidious ignited his lightsaber and approached her. ?You have been very helpful.? His smile was cruel. ?However, you will be most helpful dead!? he finished.

    Something sparked in Shmi?s eyes and in one swift movement, a silver thin knife was pulled out from a secret pocket in her skirt and she lashed out at the Sith. ?You will not take him!? She shouted, ducking as a red blade slashed at her head.

    Force pushing her into the wall, Sidious stormed up to her and plunged his lightsaber into her heart, killing her instantly. Deactivating his lightsaber, Sidious started toward the door. ?Maul, stay here and watch the boy while I take care of Watto.?

    ?Yes, Master, but what should I do if the boy finds his mother dead? Should I stay out of sight??

    Sidious looked straight at his apprentice. ?Hopefully, his mother did not tell him anything about the Sith. When he wakes, act as if you were injured in trying to fight a Jedi that was coming to kill his mother and him.?

    ?Master, I?m not injured,? Maul said, belatedly realizing what a stupid thing it was to say.

    Not more than a second passed after Maul had spoken before his Master reactivated his lightsaber and gave Maul a few injuries to his leg and a gash in his side. ?Now you are,? Sidious stated coldly as he left the dwelling.

    Maul gaped as his Master left and gasped as a sharp pain coursed through his body. Not only had his Master given him outside injuries, but Sidious had also used the Force to strain Maul?s muscles in his left arm. ?I should have kept my mouth sh
  4. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Chapter 3

    Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan and Xanatos landed their ship in the swamp and walked the rest of the way to the designated meeting place.

    General Binks arrived a couple minutes later and walked towards them. Nodding respectfully, he began to talk, ?Mesa have news for yousa Jedi. Before yousa arrival Queen Misika informin' Boss Nass dat she will be resignin' and will announce to all of Naboo of her resignation tomorrow evenin'. She wants da Gungans to be dere, if dey can, to hear her speech and to also take part in da election for a new Queen.?

    Xanatos raised an eyebrow and looked toward Qui-Gon, ?Now what do we do??

    Before Qui-Gon could reply Obi-Wan spoke to General Binks. ?Does Boss Nass know of our arrival on the planet yet??

    ?Mesa no dink so. Do yousa wish for mesa to inform hesa of yousa arrival??

    Obi-Wan took a quick glance at his Master who nodded his head.

    ?Yes, please inform him that we wish an audience with him.? Obi-Wan replied.

    General Binks gave a short nod. ?Mesa will give hesa yousa message. Bein' dere anydin' else dat mesa can do for yousa Jedi?? he asked.

    ?No, that is all. Thank you for your information,? Obi-Wan said.

    General Binks nodded once more and left.

    Obi-Wan turned to look at his Master and Xanatos, ?Master, I understand why she would step down, but how will this affect what we are starting??

    Qui-Gon gave a short sigh. ?We must trust the Force in what comes, my padawan.?

    ?We may have setbacks, however that will not stop us from reaching our goal,? Xanatos added.

    Obi-Wan nodded his head in understanding, ?I know there will be setbacks, however I have the feeling that we will have many setbacks to deal with. Master, what if the Jedi are not ready to reclaim their rightful place? What if we are doing this prematurely??

    Qui-Gon?s eyes narrowed, ?Do these questions involve what you have been dreaming of lately??

    ?They are more like visions than dreams, and right now I think that these may be important questions to think about.? Obi-Wan sighed. ?Or maybe I am simply apprehensive of what is going on. I know that I shouldn?t be worried, but I sense that things are about to change drastically and not for the better,? Obi-Wan finished.

    Xanatos raised an eyebrow as he looked at Obi-Wan. ?I have had that feeling as well. However we can?t let our feelings get in the way of our decisions.?

    ?Once we complete this assignment here we will go and talk to the council about this. For now we should focus our attention on the situation at hand,? Qui-Gon assured them.

    ?Yes, Master. I will not let my feelings get in the way,? Obi-Wan responded.

    Xanatos just stood there and didn?t say a word.

    ?Now,? Qui-Gon began as he broke the stillness and the quiet that had fallen upon them. ?We should head back to the ship and wait for General Binks to contact us.?

    Obi-Wan and Xanatos nodded their heads in reply as they followed him back to the ship.

    Later that night

    ?Hello little Jedi.?

    ?Go away Torsine!?

    ?You can?t hide forever.? Darth Torsine mocked with a gleeful laugh.

    ?Go away!?

    ?Tsk, tsk my young apprentice, is that any way to treat your Master??

    ?You?re not my Master. Now go away!?

    ?I can?t do that little one.?

    ?Stop twisting my Master?s words for your own use, it?s not going to get you anywhere.?

    The voice cackled evilly as he replied. ?Oh really now? Then how would you like it if I twisted your words against your pupil??

    ?Stay away from him or you?ll regret it.?

    ?Making threats now are we Obi-Wan? I can feel the anger stirring in you now. Now let go of your anger. Only your hatred will destroy me.?

    ?No, it will only make you stronger.? Obi-Wan declared with firm resolve.

    ?Very well, I?ll just have to teach you a lesson then.?

    Agonizing pain ripped through Obi-Wan?s mind and automatically he blocked his bond with his Master. Obi-Wan fought not to scream as the pain intensified, causing him to toss around violently on his bed.

    ?Liked that?? Obi-Wan?s tormentor hissed as he stopped w
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    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Chapter 4

    Garen?s cloak swirled as he left the communications room of the ship. I am sorry Master, this is something I have to do. I must speak with Anakin again. He walked into the cockpit of the ship where Bruck was checking the controls.

    ?What is our E.T.A?? Garen asked.

    Bruck turned his head to look at Garen as he sat down in the co-pilot?s chair. ?We will arrive at Naboo in one hour.?

    Garen nodded. ?Good, we are proceeding as scheduled.?

    ?Garen, are you sure it was a good idea to not tell Bant what we?re up to??

    ?Positive. She?ll be able to handle it when we don?t come back.? Garen responded with confidence in his voice.

    Bruck looked out the viewport, his face wearing a frown. ?What if this plan of yours fails??

    Garen shrugged his shoulders and checked the controls on his side of the console. ?It?s not like we aren?t already involved in something dangerous.?

    ?If Obi-Wan disagrees with your plan then will you not go through with it?? Bruck asked.

    Garen gave Bruck a small smile, ?Oh, he?ll agree. I know he will.?

    Bruck narrowed his eyes in suspicion as he refocused his eyes on Garen. ?There?s something else going on, isn?t there??

    Garen?s smile faded, as his face became an emotionless mask. ?It?s nothing you need to concern yourself with.?

    ?On the contrary, I believe I have the right to know.? Bruck responded firmly.

    At that, Garen stood up and swiftly left the cockpit.

    Bruck watched Garen storm out of the cockpit, stunned at the way Garen had reacted and only reaffirming his belief that something more was going on.

    Bruck?s mind wandered back a few days ago to when he met Garen after the funeral.

    Garen stood alone near his former Master?s funeral pyre. His gaze was transfixed at the ashes that were the remains of his Master. Bruck heard Garen whisper a few words before he turned around.

    ?What are you doing here Bruck?? Garen questioned.

    Bruck gave Garen a hurt look. ?Why shouldn?t I be here? I am your friend and you need the support of your friends right now.?

    Garen turned away from Bruck as he spoke, ?I want to be alone right now.?

    ?To let you wallow in your guilt and pain? I don?t think so.? Bruck responded.

    ?Leave me alone, Bruck.?

    Bruck decided to go for a different tactic as he sensed that he wasn?t doing any good by being direct. ?Have you received any news from Obi-Wan??

    ?You know that we are supposed to avoid contacting Jedi teams unless the council permits it.? Garen replied as he turned around to look at Bruck.

    ?I know but he hasn?t let that stop him before.? Bruck replied.

    ?Maybe he?s busy.? Garen suggested.

    ?And all the other times he was not?? Bruck shook his head. ?Honestly Garen, you should know Obi-Wan better then all of us.?

    ?Why do you want to know anyway?? Garen asked, redirecting the subject.

    ?Kenshin?s been having bad dreams.?

    Garen raised an eyebrow. ?And you?re concerned about a bad dream??

    ?Garen, Kenshin told me what they were and you would be concerned too if you knew what the dreams were about.? Buck answered. ?Kenshin said that he saw Obi-Wan wielding a red lightsaber and wearing a black cloak.?

    Garen pressed his lips together firmly in thought. ?What was Obi-Wan doing in the dream??

    ?He was instructing a nine year old boy on how to fight with a lightsaber.? Bruck told him.

    ?What did the boy look like?? Garen asked, curiosity in his voice.

    ?The boy had sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes.? Bruck described. ?Why do you ask??

    Garen shrugged his shoulders, his face passive. ?Just curious. Now if you?ll excuse me, I have things to do.?

    Bruck watched Garen walk away and frowned at Garen?s behavior, something was up and whatever it was, he would be ready.

    That night, Bruck was tucking Kenshin in bed when he sensed that Garen was making his move.

    ?Bruck,? Kenshin said in a low voice. ?Are you leaving too??

    Bruck ruffled Kenshin?s hair and managed a smile. ?Why do you say that??

    Kenshin?s blue eyes searched Bruck?s face as he answered. ?I saw your b
  6. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Chapter 5

    Obi-Wan stopped outside the ship and watched his Master and Xanatos enter the ship. /I?ll be back, Master. I?m going to check something out./

    /Don?t be gone too long./ Qui-Gon responded.

    /Yes, Master./ Obi-Wan answered as he walked away from the ship. He kept on walking in the direction where he felt Garen briefly indicate where he was. A few minutes later Obi-Wan came upon a small clearing where he spotted a small ship with its ramp lowered. A figure came into view as it descended the ramp.

    ?It?s good to see you again Obi-Wan,? Garen said in greeting.

    The two friends embraced each other and patted each other on the back. ?What are you doing here, Garen?? Obi-Wan asked in a surprised tone.

    Garen?s cheerful mood faded and a solemn look crossed his face. ?Let?s get into the ship and I?ll explain,? he said as he started back to the ship.

    Obi-Wan raised his eyebrow as he followed Garen up the ramp. They went into a small room where they sat down across from each other.

    ?We are going on an unauthorized mission and I would like you to join us,? Garen began. ?Master Qui-Gon and Master Xanatos can?t be told; not even the Council knows of this mission.?

    Obi-Wan hid his surprise under a mask of Jedi calm. ?Your Master knows that we can?t do any missions without the approval of the Council.? Obi-Wan stopped when a look of anguish crossed Garen?s face before disappearing behind a mask of serenity.

    ?My Master is one with the Force. He was killed a couple of days ago,? Garen said in a soft, anguished voice.

    Obi-Wan looked at his friend with sympathy. ?I?m sorry for your loss, Garen.?

    Garen just nodded his head as he looked down at the floor.

    ?So who is the ?we? you were talking about?? Obi-Wan asked.

    Garen looked up at Obi-Wan, grateful that his friend hadn?t pressed for details on what had happened.

    ?Me,? a new voice said.

    Obi-Wan turned his head to see Bruck. Startled, he hurriedly blocked his bond with his Master. ?Bruck?? he said in a surprised voice.

    Bruck gave a sheepish grin and sat down next to Garen. ?Who did you expect? Master Yoda?? he asked humorously.

    At that they all laughed for a moment, easing the mood in the ship.

    ?No, it?s just that I can?t see you working with Garen in the first place,? Obi-Wan remarked.

    Bruck just shook his head. ?I may not like working with Garen but there are times when there?s no option.?

    ?Ok, back to why we are here,? Garen began. The mood in the room sobered as Garen continued. ?We are going to infiltrate the Sith Temple.?

    Obi-Wan stayed silent, his face expressionless while turbulent emotions raced throughout him. He quickly got a grasp on his emotions and managed to blurt out his question. ?Why??

    Garen bit his lip before replying. ?I am going to finish what my Master and I failed to do.?

    ?And that is?? Obi-Wan pried.

    ?I need to speak to Anakin again and get him away from the clutches of the Sith,? Garen responded. ?Obi-Wan, Anakin is the Chosen One; he is the key to defeating the Sith.?

    One of the keys, Obi-Wan mentally corrected. ?If he is the Chosen One then why don?t we let the Council take care of it??

    ?Because by the time they act on it, it may be to late,? Garen replied.

    ?So what?s your plan?? Obi-Wan asked as he narrowed his eyes.

    ?We are going to turn,? Bruck responded.

    Obi-Wan looked at them in disbelief. ?You can?t be serious.?

    ?It?s the only way to do this.? Garen answered calmly.

    Obi-Wan stood up and began to pace the room. ?This plan is highly irregular, dangerous, foolhardy, and down right out of the question,? he snapped. ?There are other ways, safer ways.?

    ?We know the risks, Obi-Wan, that is why I have an idea,? Garen responded.

    Obi-Wan sat back down but the Force around him was agitated. How did he find those documents? I hid them where no one can find them. How could he do this to me? Does he even realize what he has done?

    ?I was looking through some old, very old, documents from the very first Jedi and I fou
  7. jacen200015

    jacen200015 Jedi Master star 4

    Jan 11, 2002
    Chapter 6

    The next day Obi-Wan, Garen, and Bruck set out for Otoh Gunga. They entered the swamp, put on their breathers and began their long swim underwater. In the distance the city looked like hundreds of bubbles trapped under the water all clustered together. As they neared the bubbles they began to look more translucent and more spread out and they also began to make out the shapes of Gungans walking around. Entering one of the bubbles they were met by General Binks. "Welcome, Jedi, to our home. Right dissen way."

    They nodded their heads and followed General Binks to a spherical room. Bruck shivered as the cool moist air hit his face as a bubble turbolift opened and they stepped inside. Obi-Wan on the other hand dismissed the feel of his wet clothes as a minor detail and took the time to study the colorful fish that swam by. Garen used the Force to warm himself up and engaged in small talk with the Gungan. The turbolift doors opened to reveal the meeting place and the three Jedi walked to the center of the room and bowed, as a sign of respect, to Boss Nass. General Binks went forward and introduced the Jedi before going to the side of the room.

    "General Binks has informin' mesa dat yousa Jedi wish to bargain wid ossen. However yousa will tyell mesa why wesa should bargain wid yousa." Boss Nass began.

    Obi-Wan stood in the middle of his two companions and moved forward a couple of steps. ?The Jedi are looking for allies in our campaign against the Sith; for this campaign to succeed, we will need supplies, shelter and information. We do not ask for much and we will in turn grant your people protection.

    Boss Nass gave a huge belly laugh, "Wesa no nedin' protection; wesa have a grand army to protect ossen. What yousa offer ossen bein' null and void."

    Obi-Wan remained calm as he fumbled for solid footing, ?We don?t doubt your abilities and we can offer something more useful if you wish.? That was a close call, but what if he asks for something we cannot give?


    Qui-Gon and Xanatos stood once again in the room they were in the last time and waited for Queen Amidala to begin.

    ?I have gone over what was said in the last meeting and read some of the former Queen?s notes on this matter. After many hours of contemplating with my advisors and handmaidens I have come to a decision. We will accept your terms and become your allies. I feel that you are trustworthy; don?t prove me wrong.?

    /She?s good, I didn?t even realize the ?whole? meeting yesterday was a test./ The young knight told his former Master in astonishment.

    Qui-Gon chuckled mentally. /You may not be my Padawan any more, Xanatos, but you still have a lot to learn. In a way, we never stop learning./

    Xanatos mentally sighed. /Sometimes I wonder how I ever passed the trials./

    /We all have our weaknesses Xanatos, mine would probably be my stubbornness, although I don?t think it?s necessarily a bad thing./

    /That is definitely your main weakness. But ever since this campaign began, I?ve noticed that you have tried to restrain yourself more./ Xanatos replied.

    /Well, we wouldn?t want the Council to get worked up, would we?/

    Xanatos and Qui-Gon mentally chuckled before returning to the actual discussion.

    ?We won?t, your highness. And on behalf of the Jedi, we thank you.? Qui-Gon replied.

    ?Good, now we can begin by passing along information that will be helpful to both of us.? Queen Amidala continued.


    "Da Sith no boder ossen, wesa no owe da Jedi anydin', and wesa no nein' anydin'. Why should wesa aid yousa?"

    ?We need some shield technology to help protect our bases and other areas.? Garen replied.

    /Garen!/ Obi-Wan nearly shouted across their bond. /You?re giving away information to someone who is not our ally yet. We are not supposed to do that./

    /I was just trying to help./

    /Do me a favor and don?t; I?m the one who made first Jedi contact with the Gungans? in a millennia. I got this meeting started./

    /Well it doesn?t look like it?s getting anywhere is it?/
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    Chapter 7

    Garen had descended the ramp and disappeared out of sight by the time Qui-Gon and Xanatos reached Obi-Wan and Bruck.

    ?Okay, this is the plan,? Xanatos began. ?We?ll split into Master-padawan teams and each take on a Sith. Garen will go check out the third presence that was among the Sith.?

    ?Where is Garen, by the way?? Qui-Gon asked Obi-Wan.

    ?I don?t know; he said he had to take care of something and left before you got here,? Obi-Wan replied.

    Qui-Gon?s eyes narrowed in suspicion, ?We?ll have to worry about him later, the Sith will be here soon.?

    They descended the ramp and stood on either side. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan stood beside the right side of the ramp while Xanatos and Bruck stood beside the left side of the ramp.

    They had not been standing there long when the two Sith appeared at the entrance of the hangar bay.

    ?Well, well, well. Isn?t this a pleasure that we meet again,? Sidious drawled sarcastically.

    Qui-Gon didn?t answer as they came closer.

    Maul gave a small grunt in his throat, ?You Jedi are going to pay.?

    Bruck eyed Maul. ?Sorry, I don?t have any currency.?

    Maul sneered, threw off his robe, ignited his double-bladed lightsaber and charged at Xanatos and Bruck in a fiery rage.

    Sidious kept his eyes focused on Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan as he ignited his lightsaber. ?Which shall I kill first today?? He purred.

    Obi-Wan?s eyes narrowed. ?How about none?? He offered coldly as he ignited his lightsaber and charged Sidious.

    ?Obi-Wan wait!? Qui-Gon shouted as Obi-Wan ran forward.

    Sidious smirked and leapt into the air, then, twirling around, he sliced at Obi-Wan?s back.

    Obi-Wan pivoted about on his heel and blocked the blow with ease. The lightsabers sparked and crackled with electricity as they pressed against each other. Using the Force Obi-Wan applied more pressure to his opponent?s blade and then leapt into the air.

    Sidious recovered from the sudden loss of pressure and whipped around as Obi-Wan landed behind him. Sidious blocked Obi-Wan?s blow aimed for his side and soon found himself on the defensive as Obi-Wan launched a flurry of moves.


    Xanatos and Bruck ignited their lightsabers and blocked Maul?s oncoming blows.

    /You didn?t need to provoke him, Padawan./

    /Sorry, Master, I just couldn?t resist doing that./

    /You must learn to control yourself./

    /Yes, Master./

    The sound of lightsabers clashing echoed in the hangar as the combatants fought, inches from death from every strike from the deadly blades.

    Maul let himself be driven through the hangar and with ease led the Jedi unknowingly to a place he wanted to fight.

    Soon they were in a huge power station with a multitude of catwalks. Maul gave a savage grin and bounded up to another catwalk. The Jedi followed; the older one landed in the front while the younger landed behind him. Maul blocked both blows and did a cartwheel off the catwalk. Bruck jumped after him but was kicked hard in the chin and fell down to another catwalk.

    Xanatos instead leapt into the air and did a forward roll, avoiding Maul?s lightsaber that was Force thrown at him, while Maul gripped the edge of the catwalk and back-flipped back up.

    Bruck did a cartwheel and a forward roll just at he landed on the catwalk below. He stood up and looked up to see his Master fighting Maul alone. This is not good.

    /Hey, Bruck./

    /Hey, Garen what?s going on? You do realize that I am a little busy right now?/

    /Yeah, don?t worry I?ll be quick. I took care of Anakin?s memory of me and just distorted what I looked like, however I won?t be able to do that with Maul. So I need you and your Master to get rid of him./

    Bruck leapt back up to the catwalk his Master was on and began a dead run to his Master and Maul.

    /I don?t think that?ll be a problem, Garen, but I?ve sort of been left behind./

    Garen felt Bruck?s unease through their new bond. /Bruck---/ Garen stopped as he felt fear radiating from Bruck. For a moment he saw through Bruck?s eyes what was happening: Bruck w
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    Chapter 8

    Xanatos hung from a protruding object with his hands. He looked down to see only a void. Looking back up he estimated he had fallen about three hundred feet. It was far enough that he could barely see the opening of the pit.

    /Padawan./ he called through their training bond. Receiving no response, he reached through and only felt a void. Their bond had been torn to pieces. He felt a sinking feeling in his stomach as he called to his apprentice. ?Padawan.?

    That was when he saw a body tumbling toward him. Fear gripped his heart thinking it might be his padawan. Instead he saw Maul?s face before he disappeared into the dark yawning pit. Relief flooded through him as he saw his padawan had been the victor of the fight. ?Padawan, help me.? He called out again, receiving no response. He thought he heard his padawan?s voice but instead of joy that his Master was alive he was filled with anguish. He thinks I?m dead. Why? I don?t understand.

    He drew on the Force once again and sent Bruck a Force nudge, but he was rebounded by what seemed to be a Force shield, yet it lacked in certain qualities typical to a shield formed by the Force. What is going on? /Qui-Gon, I need help!/ He called out, almost desperately as his arms began to tremble under the strain.


    /Garen, Obi-Wan; where are you?/

    /Bruck, we are heading to the Sith?s ship right now./ Obi-Wan replied.

    /Okay, I?ll be there soon./ Bruck responded and ran out of the hangar to catch up to them. His sorrow was forgotten for the moment as he began to focus his attention on the mission.


    Darth Sidious snarled as he walked through the halls of the palace. He had felt his apprentice?s death only moments ago. I?ll just have to train another apprentice. Humph, Maul was a disappointment anyway. He came to the room where he had left Anakin and opened the door.

    Amidala looked up at Sidious from a small table and smirked. ?Don?t the Sith know how to knock??

    Sidious only glared at her and looked at Anakin who was just finishing a tart. ?Come Anakin! We?re finished here.?

    Anakin nodded his head and took one last sip from his fruit cocktail before standing up. ?Thank you for your company, Queen Amidala,? he said to her in a formal tone.

    Amidala gave him a smile and watched him leave with Darth Sidious. ?You?re welcome, Ani.?

    ?Sabe,? she called as soon as they left.

    Sabe came out of the next room and nodded. ?You called for me, M?lady??

    Amidala stood up from her chair and went over to her desk where she sat back down. ?I want you to get me some information on these people,? she said as she finished typing in their names on a datapad and handed it to Sabe.

    ?As you wish, M?lady,? the handmaiden answered as she took the datapad and left the room.

    Amidala relaxed in her chair for a few seconds before she sent out a comm call to Captain Panaka.


    Bruck met Obi-Wan and Garen at the Sith?s ship and approached them. ?You know, what is the point of the Queen having a private hangar that is only three-fourths of a mile away from her not-so-private hangar??

    Garen shrugged his shoulders. ?Beats me,? he replied with a small smile. His face became impassive as Bruck stopped in front of him. ?What happened??

    A shadow crossed Bruck?s face and he turned away from them. ?I?d rather not talk about it.?

    Obi-Wan nodded his head. ?That?s fine.?

    Bruck went to stand by Obi-Wan as Darth Sidious, along with Anakin, entered the hanger. They stood straight and tall and bowed their heads to Darth Sidious when he stopped in front of them.

    Obi-Wan fought to keep a neutral expression when he saw Anakin and looked briefly into his blue eyes. Force, it?s his son.

    Garen took a small step forward and gave another bow. ?I am Darth Seront; we are honored that your Council has agreed to let us come.? He motioned with his hand to Obi-Wan. ?You have already met Darth Redav.? Obi-Wan gave a bow in acknowledgement as Garen introduced him. ?And this is Darth Khunth.? Garen fi
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    Intresting but definetly the most twisted story ever

    Great story
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