Jedi Warrior Bond #1 Every Saga Has A Beginning -- Qui-Gon meets an intriguing young Kenobi - part 1

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    . . . every saga has a beginning . . . .

    The first in a multi-part series on how and when Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan meet and form a bond through the Force. The strength of this bond saves their lives on numerous occasions and prepares them for their final moments together -- and beyond -- in SW:TPM
    In this first story, the saga begins as Qui-Gon is drawn back to the Jedi Temple by a strong Force impression. There he meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, who discusses a mystical, magical myth called the Jedi Warrior Bond . . . .
    Rated -- G
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    Not connected with the JA series.
    The Canon according to Lucas -- based on the universe provided in the movie Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. All characters copyrights and legal details belong to George Lucas -- the highest Master Jedi of all.
    . . . every saga has a beginning . . .
    The Path of Bonding
    The Heart of Existence
    Edges of Darkness
    The Sorcerer and the Apprentice
    Shadow on the Warrior Path
    Bridge Over Troubled Water
    The Last Hope
    The End of the Warrior Path

    The Force draws respected Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn back to the Jedi Temple. There he meets a young apprentice who impresses him with an unusual history lesson. And what is a Warrior Bond?

    To Qui-Gon Jinn, walking the muted, subdued corridors of the Jedi Temple was always like coming home spiritually as well as physically. His earliest memories -- many years ago -- were of life here in these sequestered rooms and halls where solemn Jedi Masters intoned and imparted galactic wisdom to the young. To a revered order of beings regarded throughout the known galaxy, as the keepers of peace and justice, the Temple was an appropriately reverent edifice.
    In the last decade Qui-Gon returned to this Jedi haven only when summoned by the Jedi Council. Otherwise he preferred roaming from assignment to assignment, traveling to the far reaches of the Republic, fulfilling his calling as a Jedi and instrument of the Force. Anything to keep him from the memories and ghosts lingering here to haunt him.
    Having just completed a mission of assistance for the leader of Alderaan, Jinn could have reported to the council, as usual, through communications channels. His next assignment, in all probability, would have been given to him immediately. Instead, Qui-Gon exercised the unusual option of returning to the spiritual center -- the Temple. The return was not of his own choosing. Unmistakably the Force had drawn him here.
    Notifying the appropriate clerks of his arrival, he knew that soon enough the Council would be made aware of his presence here and summon him for an audience. No doubt that was when they would tell him -- whatever it was he was here for. Perhaps they did not yet even know. Often the Force pushed, influenced and guided the Jedi seemingly without reason or sense. In those times Master Yoda, the most powerful Jedi in Qui-Gon's lifetime, would recited the well known adage about paying attention to the Living Force.
    The quote was one the young student, then apprentice Jinn heard often in his formative years. Now that he held the level of a Master the quote was still something Yoda and other Council members advised him with annoying regularity. Perhaps if he had adhered more to those teachings he would understand why the Force drew him back to his roots here at the Temple. Perhaps this was an example of a hidden disadvantage for a maverick Jedi. He was usually adept at tuning into the Living Force, but was not so talented with seeing into the future.
    Over ten thousand Jedi were counted in the ranks and obviously there was not room in the Temple for everyone. Transient groups for the most part, Masters and Apprentices not regularly assigned to Coruscant were housed in temporary quarters. Since Jedi maintained a spartan, austere lifestyle it was never a problem to survive comfortably in guest housing.
    Unpacked and refreshed from his journey,
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    Its about time you post it here. I have all the ones from and they are very good!
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    Oh my gosh! I just read this yesterday!
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    So glad to see you here!!!

    Now I can reread this wonderful thread again and again.
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    Impressive stuff!

    I just wish paragraph indentation worked here... it's a little hard on the eyes to read all these crammed together sentences.

    So... I'd love to read your stuff on your website... care to post a link?

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    WOO HOO!!!! GM is here!!! SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to see ya!!!
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    Here's the link to #1, part 2
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    I read this some time ago on and really enjoyed it. Glad to see it here. It's a really interesting take on there early days.
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    I don't understand why each part has it's own thread, but this is nice, and I'll send all four up!!!
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