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Jedicon UK Star wars Convention 9th December UPDATE

Discussion in 'Europe General Archive' started by scifishows, Dec 1, 2001.

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  1. scifishows

    scifishows Jedi Youngling star 1

    Aug 30, 2000
    Coming up on the 9th December in the UK

    Is Europe's No1 Star Wars Fan Convention

    Jedicon UK
    Basildon Sports Centre
    Info from

    Talks on Stage, Film Shows, Competitions, Dealers, Autographs, Photos, Characters and a whole load more!!

    Guests that will be in attendance are:

    Peter Mayhew - Chewbacca
    Kenny Baker - R2D2
    Dave Prowse - Darth Vader
    Jeremy Bulloch - Boba Fett
    Chris Parsons - 4LOM & C3PO
    Michael Sheard - Admiral Ozzel
    Bob Anderson - Dave Prowse's Stunt Man in Empire & Jedi ( FIRST WORLD APPEARANCE )
    Friday Wilson - Eirtae hand maiden in Episode 1 ( FIRST WORLD APPEARANCE )
    Margaret Towner - Jira in Episode 1 ( FIRST WORLD APPEARANCE )
    Claire Davenport - Yarna in Jedi ( RARE WORLD APPEARANCE )
    Mike Carter - Original Bib Fortuna ( RARE WORLD APPEARANCE )
    Caroline Blakiston - Mon Mothma ( RARE WORLD APPEARANCE
    Phil Herbert - Hermi Oodle ( RARE WORLD APPEARANCE
    Katie Purvis - Maternal Ewok
    Alan Ruscoe - Plo Koon, Bib Fortuna, Daultay Dofine Episode 1
    Jerome Blake - Rune Haako - Ameeda - Oppo Rancisis - Horox Ryder - Neimoidian Aide - Orn Free Taa
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.