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"Jedi's Destiny" Please read and comment

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Neon Star, Jun 15, 1999.

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  1. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    If you have any questions about my charectors or anthing else just post them here and I'll answer them, and please comment on my story. Here is the next part.

    I arrived in a open room with a burning funeral pyre in the
    middle. I immediately knew whose it was. I looked across to the
    other side of the pyre. I saw Obiwon with a young boy beside him.
    He noticed me too and nodded in greeting and in sorrow. After the
    last of the fire had burned out, I caught up with Obi won and the
    young boy. We just walked for a awhile, thinking our own thoughts
    when Obi won broke the silence. "It's good to see you again, Atrus,
    even under these circumstances. I guess you felt it."
    "Its good to see you too, Obi won, but what happened?"
    "A sith fought us and killed him before I could stop him. I
    should have tried harder, now I don't know what to do."
    "Its okay, Obi. There was nothing more you could have done."
    I said and put my arm around his waist to comfort him. I then
    remembered the little boy. "Obi, if you don't mind me asking but
    who is this." I said, trying to break the tension.
    "Oh, Atrus, this is Anikin Skywalker. Anikin this is Atrus
    a friend and student of Qugon and a friend of mine."
    "Hello Anikin."
    Later that day I accompanied Obi won and Anikin to the Queen's
    palace. We walked right into the throne room where the queen and
    her handmaidens were. The last time I was in Naboo, it was
    governed by a King but it has been a long time since I have been
    here. Obi won spoke first. "Queen Arimaddla, this is a friend of
    Qugon's and mine for many years. Jedi Knight Atrus. Atrus, this is
    Queen Armidala of Naboo."
    "Greetings Atrus. May I offer my condolences to you for your
    "Thank you, your majesty. It is an honor to be in the presence
    of one so great." I bowed my head. (Boy, am I glad I listen to my
    teachers when they were teaching me court manners.)
    "Thank you." she said.
    "Atrus will be accompanying us back to Couresant and we have
    come to say our farewells." Obi won said.
    "Thank you again, Jedi Knight Obiwon, for helping to free my
    people and also to help us establish a treaty with the Gungons.
    Please return to us soon for we will always be grateful to you and
    your late master, and also to you Anikin." she smiled at him.
    "Thank you, Queen Arimadla, one day we might take you up on
    that offer, but now we must leave so farewell." Obiwon said, and
    with that we left.
    When we returned to Courscent, Obi approached me again.
    "Atrus, I still don't know if I can do this. I'll never be as good
    a teacher as Quigon."
    "I know but that's because you're not Quigon, but, Obiwon
    Kenobi. So just try to teach the best as you can." I reassured him.
    "Atrus, do you have a place to stay tonight?" he asked.
    "Not at the moment. I was hoping to get my apartment back but
    it could take a couple days." I said.
    "Well, if you don't mind, I would like you to stay with Anikin
    and I." he said.
    "Alright, Obi, I guess I could for a couple days." I said.
    "Mabye you could help me adjust to Courscent and to make some
    friends." Anikin said from behind us. I was startled because I had
    forgotten that he was behind us.
    "Ok, Anikin, I'll introduce you to the other Jedi tomorrow, but
    now it is late and we need to get home and rest. We can do it
    tomorrow, if that's okay with Master Kenobi." I said, then winked at
    "Please Obiwon, can we?" Anikin pleaded.
    "Alright, as long as Atrus doesn't get you into trouble." he
    said with humor in his eyes.
    "Me." I said innocently and then we all burst into laughter.
    We laughed all the way back to their apartment.
  2. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Is anyone reading this? Please comment.
    Here is the next part.

    That night as I lay on the couch, I know I couldn't sleep. I
    was being plagued by Obiwon's nightmares. I had been keeping them
    away from him so that he could at least have a good night sleep but
    that did not save me from seeing Quigon?s death over and over again.
    I tried to keep them at bay but to no avail. I felt heartbroken and
    hysterical. I felt like I should have been there but I guess you
    can't change the past. Quigon and I had been really close, almost
    like siblings. Now that our link had been severed and his warm
    presence gone I felt like someone had torn a piece out of me. I was
    on the verge of crying when I heard a noise. I looked over to were
    the noise had come from and saw a shadow on the wall. "Obi, is that
    you?" I called.
    "No, its me." said the figure as it moved closer.
    I then recognized him. "Anikin, what are you doing up?" I asked
    as he came and sat down in front of me on the floor.
    "I couldn't sleep and I felt that you were up and feeling sad
    and a heartbroken so I decided to come in here and see if I could
    comfort you." he said with compassion in his blue eyes.
    "Well Anikin, I am, but don't worry about it." I said.
    "Will you tell me about it?" he asked.
    "Well my problem isn't an it, it?s a him." I said.
    "You mean Quigon. Were you close to him?" he asked.
    ?Yes I was. I still wish I could have been there to help him."
    I said with regret in my voice.
    "You can't change the past and besides you might have not been
    able to save him." he said.
    "Your pretty wise for a nine year old. But I know that you are
    right." I said.
    "Could you tell me about him?" he asked.
    "Of course." and with that I told Anikin about Quigon. When I
    had finished I felt better.
    "Thank you Anikin. That helped me. Besides I needed to talk
    about him." I said with gratitude in my voice.
    "That?s alright, I am glad that I could help. Could I sleep
    with you tonight, Atrus?" he asked.
    I smiled and said, "I guess, climb in."
    He got in and lay down. He then snuggled up to me. I put my
    arm around him and we fell asleep. But just before I fell asleep
    I felt that Anikin and I were going to be good friends.
    After that I become good friends with Anikin and Arimadla. The
    years passed until Anikin meet that snakes slime of a senator
    Papaltine and began to train in the dark side. Obiwon tried to
    reason with him until he had to fight him, which resulted with
    Anikin dead and Darth Vader born from the ashes. At that time we
    found out that Arimadalla was pregnant and we went into hiding.
  3. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Is anyone reading this? Its not that bad is it?
  4. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Ok, I don't know if anyone is reading this but I hope you are. Here is the next part.
    8 Months later
    "Push", I yelled to Arimadalla, "just one more and you'll have
    the first one out."
    I know this was hard on her and hard on me too, I mean I have
    delivered babies before but try doing that while covering their
    presence and birth from their sith of a father. She gave it one
    push last and her first child was out. It was a boy, a rather loud
    one at that.
    "Its a boy." I called over the crying and handed him to his
    mother, who kissed him one the forehead. The little boy opened his
    eyes and looked at her, his eyes were a crystal blue just like his
    father's had once been. The little boy stopped crying and looked at
    his mother questionly at his mother. Just then another contraction
    came and she handed the boy over to Obiwon. The next one was a
    girl. She had brown eyes and a tuff of brown hair the same color as
    her mother's. I gave her to Arimdalla. Arimdalla smiled and kissed
    her on the forehead. I saw that she was tired and took the baby.
    "So what are we going to call them ", I asked.
    "I'll call the boy Luke and the girl Leia."
    "Light Bringer and Faithful or loyal one." I said saying what
    the names meant in my language, I smiled,
    "Those are really good names for these hopes for our future.
    Now you rest and I'll take care of them." I put the little ones
    into their crib and got them to go to sleep then I sat down. It had
    a been a long night and dawn was just about to brake. I glared up
    at Obiwon who was just looking out the window. He knew I was still
    upset at him even after all these months, for losing Anikin to the
    darkside. But I guess it was time to forgive him.
    "Obiwon, you know it was not just your fault. If the council
    and I had caught that dragon spit of a sith before he got his claws
    on Anikin," I sighed and shook my head, "maybe things would be
    "I know Atrus but if I had not been so proud maybe he would
    have not changed or at least have come back!"
    "I know but now we have something else to worry about, I mean
    we can't run forever, you know."
    "Yes, we will have to keep them safe but right now all we cane
    do is run."
    We moved many times by way of my blackcat powers but Vader was
    always close at hand. One night we were resting in a small shed
    that had been abandoned some time ago. Arimdalla was holding the
    twins, Obiwon was meditating in the corner. I was lying on a mat
    watching the fire and thinking about the last few months. The
    babies were nearly six months old and it was getting harder to hide
    their force presence from Vader.
    "Atrus," Arimdalla said, ?what are you thinking?"
    "Oh, nothing, I am just worried about what we are going to
    "Well, I was thinking about the idea that Obiwon had come up
    with a couple of months ago. I think it might work, and as much as
    I hate the thought of being separated from them, I think he might
    be right. They deserve the chance to have a normal life."
    "So you agree that we should give Leia to your old friend Bail
    Organa and his wife to be raised and that we give Luke to Obiwon's
    brother and wife, Owen and Beru, to be raised."
    "They would be in good hands and would probably agree to take
    them. But I do think we should what until they are old enough to be
    separated from me and each other."
    "I agree, so I guess we will have to discuss this more later."
    I suppressed a yawn, " Well if you will excuse me I am going to get
    some sleep."
    "Goodnight Atrus."
    I was awakened by a hard shake on the shoulder.
    "Atrus, you have to get us out of here, Vader is coming."
    Obiwon whispered. I got up.
    "I can't," I replied, "With the constant hiding of the twins
    force presence and moving around too much I have used too much of
    my energy, I need to recharge."
    "Then I guess we will have to fight him." Obiwon said.
    "No, only I will fight. You have to protect Arimdalla and the
    children and hid their force presence from him. I am going to need
    your power to back up mine OK. I do not want to kill him just stun
    him. Now get into the basement."
    "But Atrus I do
  5. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    I don't know if anyone is reading this, but if you are thanks. Here is the next part.
    It was six months later when we decided that the little ones
    were old enough to leave their mother and be given to the guardians
    that we agreed that if they would take them would raise them. It
    was their first birthday when Arimdalla approached me with a
    "Atrus," she said. "When the Jedi were stile in Courscent and Papaltine had not taken over. I heard you were gifted with seeing possible futures. Can you see my children's."
    "I can try though it has been a while."
    ?Well could you try, please."
    "All right." I put my fingers on the temple of the little boy
    and stretched out with the force and my blackcat powers. The vision
    was blurry but I could make out some details.
    "I can't tell you what they'll face but I can tell what their
    future may be."
    "That's all I want to know."
    "The boy will be a master and will be kind and loving, gentle
    and trusting, but will face many hard times, and he might marry a
    very emotionally and physically strong woman." I shifted my fingers
    to the little girls temple.
    "The girl will have a strong will but will take after her
    mother and brother. She's going to be a born leader and may marry
    a scoundrel that's not all what he seems. I am also seeing that
    these little ones will find each other again someday." With that
    the vision disappeared.
    "Thank you Atrus."
    "Your welcome. If you will excuse me I am going to meditate
    and I think you need to get some rest. We are going to have a very
    busy day tomorrow."
    "I will in a little bit. Goodnight Atrus." "Goodnight."
    The next morning Obiwon and I were to leave with Luke to
    deliver him to Owen and Beru Lars on Tataween. While Arimdalla was
    saying her last goodbyes to her little son Obiwon came up to me
    with a request.
    "Atrus you know when you told me about that protectors link
    you had with Quigon."
    "I was wanting to know if you could make one with Luke and
    Leia, just in case something happens to me."
    "Obi, nothing is going to happen to you." I sighed," But just in
    case I could make one. Not a binding one. If Arimdalla agrees to
    "Agrees to what?" Arimdalla asked while walking over to us
    with the twins still in her arms.
    "Obiwon wants me to put a protectors link with the twins." "If
    it will help protect them."
    "Arimdalla I promise on my most solid of oaths that I will
    protect your children with my life. I think Obiwon has a good idea
    and I also think it is wise if we block their memories of the last
    year so that if they are found and questioned their father won't
    find any thing, Ok."
    "This won't hurt them?"
    "No, it is a simple link that enables me to sense when they
    are in danger and will let me know that I need to go protect them."
    "All right, but be careful."
    "I will." I then touched each of the little ones temples and
    sealed their memories and established the protectors link. After
    Arimdalla hugged and kissed Luke we got on my ship and left.
    "Seal hatch." I ordered my ship the Fire Hawk.
    "Yes Atrus, should I set course to Tataween." she replied.
    "Yes, I'll be in the cotpit in a little bit." I went to Obiwon
    who was holding Luke.
    "Well, strapped down and hold on tight we are getting out of
    "All right, Atrus, so how long till we reach Tataween."
    "Three hours. Now if you will excuse me I got to lift off." I
    headed to the cotpit.
    When I got there I asked, "All set baby."
    "Yes Atrus. Could you please stop calling me baby. I am just
    as old as you." she said sarcastically.
    "I call you baby because you are my baby. I am the one who has
    fixed you and such. I also think of you as my baby because of how
    much I love and take care of you."
    "All right, so should we lift off."
    "All right. Take care of that will you, I'll be in the
    recreation areas with Obiwon and Luke."
    "All right." I walked back to them. In the recreation area
    Obiwon was holding Luke and whispering things to keep him calm.
    He looked up and asked, "Are we away yet?"
    "No, but it will be a few seconds." As if to punctuate my words
    we felt a
  6. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    I hope someone is enjoying this story. Please comment. Here is the next part.
    I came out with Luke in my arms and Obiwon close behind me. At
    the bottom of the ramp was a middle age couple. The man looked
    rather upset at this arrangement but the woman was happy. I had
    meet them only a few times in my whole life but we were pretty good
    friends. Owen was a hard man but could be gentle when he wanted to
    and Beru was a very gentle and caring person. I could feel her
    happiness at finally having a child even if it weren't her own.
    Beru is barren from having any children so this was the only way
    she was going to have one. We walked up to them.
    "Hello Owen, Beru," Obiwon said, "we have brought you the
    little one."
    "Are you shore no one followed you here." Owen asked gruffly.
    "I am shore Owen but if you won't take my word for it ask my
    ship." I said.
    "I'll take your word for it. So shall we get this over with."
    "We should," I said as I reluctantly handed Luke over to Beru.
    I had grown attached to him and his sister and hated that they had
    to be separated from their mother and each other but I knew it was
    for the best. Beru held him gently and looked at him with fond nice.
    "Please take care of him and please protect him." I said.
    She smiled a little and saw that I was serious. "We will.
    I promise." With that they walked to their speeder and drove away.
    "Well I guess this is goodbye." Obiwon said softly.
    "I guess it is." I hugged him tightly and looked into his pale
    blue eyes. I felt my tears rolling down my cheeks but didn't try to
    hide them.
    "Atrus," He said while putting one of his hands one my cheek,
    "don't worry about me or him please, you know I hate to see you
    cry." He smiled softly.
    I returned his soft smile with one of my own and said, "I'll
    try not to. Take care of yourself and him Ok."
    "I will. Goodbye Atrus."
    "Goodbye Obiwon, my dear friend." With that he turned and
    walked away toward the Junland Waste. I got back on my ship and
    I went back to Naboo. When I got back there I found that
    Arimdalla was waiting for me.
    "Will he be Ok?"
    "Yes, he will and so will Obiwon. We better get going."
    "All right." She looked at the land surrounding us.
    "I am truly going to miss my home."
    "I know."
    We boarded my ship and headed for Aldraan. But on the way we got
    into some trouble. I was leaving Arimdalla to have some time to be
    with her daughter when I felt something pull us out of hyperspace.
    "What happened!" I yelled as I made my way to the cotpit.
    "It appears to be an Indirect Imperial Cruiser who pulled us
    out of hyperspace."
    "Oh, great." I said sarcastically as I got there and looked out
    of the screen. There it was an Indirect Courser and an Imperial Star
    "Oh man, why dose it always have to be me." I grumbled as I
    saw the Ties coming at us. Arimdalla came into the cotpit.
    "Oh no, what are we going to do now."
    "I don't know but we are getting out of here. Fire Hawk can't
    you get back into hyperspace?"
    "Not for five minutes. You are going to have to hold them off
    until I can reset the cornets."
    "All right. Arimdalla, stay here. I have to get to the gun
    With that I raced down the hall. When I got to the gun
    torrents I got on the ladder and climbed into the upper one while
    taking control of the lower one with my powers. I was just getting
    settled when they attacked. They were robotic ties with really good
    shots compared to regular pilots but I knew I could handle them.
    They were battering my ship but the shields held. I shot down the
    ones that got to close. I was using double vision to shot the top
    and lower guns but I could do that for a long while with out
    tiring, but I know we would not last long because there were way
    too many of them. Just as they were about to punch throw the
    shields we went into hyperspace.
    "Great job, Fire Hawk." I said as I was climbing down the
    ladder and headed for the cotpit.
    "Arimdalla are you Ok."
    "How about you, Fire Hawk."
    "I have sustained minor injurious but they will be healed
    It was a safe trip the rest of
  7. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Here is the next part.
    Five years later.....
    I was flying past the sand domes on my speeder. It has been
    five years in this time and two thousand years in my time since I
    had last seen young Luke and Leia Skywalker not to mention
    Arimdalla and Obiwon. I was just dying to see them all again. I was
    first going to see Luke and Obiwon then I would head to Aldraan and
    visit Leia and Arimdalla. I hope I remember were that homestead is
    and if Owen will let me stay for a little awhile. Just then I heard
    a loud bang and my speeder jerked into a sanddome.
    "Stupid rented speeders," I muttered, ?now I have to walk."
    I had surveyed the damage and saw that the cooling,
    , as well as some other parts of the engine were
    "Oh well," I sighed as I began packing my supplies for the
    hike in the desert. I started to the south toward Anchorhead,
    hoping to find someone to take me to town. I was walking for a long
    time until I saw a young boy about six years old playing in the
    sand a few meters from me. I walked over to him and got a better
    look at him. He had blond sun bleached hair, a tiny figure, tan
    skin, and when he looked up I saw that he had crystal blue eyes.
    He looked at me curiously then said, "Hello, Who are you?"
    I looked at him and smiled then said, "My name is Atrus. If
    you don't mind little guy could you tell me your name, and don't
    worry I won't hurt you."
    "My names Luke," he answered then asked,"Whats you doing out
    here in the middle of the desert on foot."
    "Well I was on my way to visit some friends of mine when my
    speeder broke down and I have been trying to find someone to take
    me to Anchorhead."
    "Maybe Uncle Owen will. I could take you to him."
    "I would appreciate that. So how far away do you live?"
    "Bout five to six minutes from here."
    I then heard a low growl behind me. I turned around expecting
    some animal but saw that it was not an animal that had made that
    sound but a sandstorm. The sandstorm was about twenty meters behind
    I looked back at the boy and said, "Luke, I know we just met
    but there is a sandstorm that is coming up soon and I don't know if
    we can make it to your homestead so if you will let me, I can get
    us to shelter. Will you come with me?"
    "Ok", he answered, his eyes wide with fear.
    I went to him and picked him up. With him in my arms I ran to
    the nearest shelter that I could see in a few meters. The storm was
    right behind us. I jumped into the small cave as the storm drove
    by. I covered the boy with my body and cloak. I started talking to
    the boy to keep him calm.
    "So what?s your last name?"
    "So whom do you live with?"
    "My Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru."
    "Are they good to you?"
    "Aunt Beru is but Uncle Owen is always mad at me except at
    certain times."
    So we talked like that until the storm blow over. When it
    finally ended we stepped out of the cave and walked toward the
    By the time we finally got there the twin suns were setting.
    When we got close I saw a middle age woman and man rush out to us.
    "Oh Luke," the woman said as she hugged Luke, "We were so
    worried about you."
    The middle age man came to us.
    "Hello Atrus," he said coolly.
    "Hello Owen," I said with the same coolness to my tone.
    The middle age woman looked at me.
    "Atrus!, Its been a long time."
    I smiled, "Yes it has, Beru."
    "So what are you doing here," Owen asked.
    "Well I was coming to see you when my speeder broke down and
    I just happened to run into Luke here."
    "You know them?" Luke asked.
    "Yeah," I said.
    "She is an old friend." Beru said.
    "Well, I was wondering if I could stay here for a week or
    two." I said.
    Beru cut Owen off before he could say anything, "You know that
    you are more than welcome here, Atrus." she smiled.
    "Thank you, I promise to repay your kindness by helping you
    around here." I said.
    "Alright," she said.
    "Huhum, can we go inside now." Owen said.
    "Yes lets." Beru agreed.
    We then walked back to the homestead. When Luke had eaten and
    gone to bed, we sat down to talk.
    "Now tell us why you really are here." Owen said.
    "I already told you t
  8. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Here is the next part.
    When I got to Aldraan I saw that the planet had not changed
    much and still had a resemblance to my home planet Earth.
    I called Bail on a shielded channel, "Hi Bail its been a long
    "Yes it has been, Atrus."
    "Were should I land?"
    "Land in the hidden bay."
    "Alright, will you meet me there?"
    "I will."
    With that we broke the link. I quickly landed and walked out
    of the bay door. There waiting for me was Bail Organa and his wife
    "Its good to see you again Atrus."
    "It is good to see you two again also."
    "So what are you doing here."
    "Just to check up on Leia and to see if Arimidala is here." ?Atrus, Arimidala disappeared three years ago. We think she may
    be dead, but she left when she found out that Vader was getting
    closer to her whereabouts."
    "I understand, but I still want to see Leia."
    "Alright, let's go back up stairs." He said and we walked to
    the stairs and walked up into the palace. Á_ _ _<_Á
    "She will be in her lessons at the moment but she'll be out in
    a few minutes." Celina said as we entered into their main living
    chamber in the palace.
    "Alright." I said.
    "Well lets sit and talk for a while, old friend." said Bail.
    "Watch who your calling old." I teased and smiled as we sat
    "So what have you been up to? You haven't changed a bit." Bail
    "Well I just visited Luke and Obiwon. I have just been
    training for the most part and teaching my sisters and brothers."
    I said.
    "So how are General Kenbei and the boy?" Bail asked. Á_Ð Ð F_Á
    "They are doing fine. So how is Leia?" I asked.
    "She is a wonderful young girl. Spirited like her mother and
    very determined. She's going to make a great politic someday."
    Bail said proudly.
    "That?s good to hear." I said.
    Just then there was a knock at the door.
    "Come in." Bail said.
    "Its just me Father." the young girl said as she gracefully
    stepped into the room.
    Bail broke into a big grin and said, "Leia, come join us. I
    have some one who wants to meet you."
    She walked over to us. I was completely shocked, Leia looked
    almost just like her mother when I first met her but that Leia
    looked a little bit younger and was a little shorter.
    I stood up as she approached as and Bail introduced us, "Leia,
    this is an old friend of your mother and ours, Atrus. Atrus, this
    is my daughter Leia."
    "Hello Princess Leia." I said using her officially title, "Your
    father here was just telling me about you."
    "It is nice to meet you, Atrus. Please call me Leia." she
    "Alright, Leia." I said as we sat back down.
    "Leia we were just catching up with what has changed since the
    last time we have seen each other. By the way, Atrus, how long are
    you staying?" Celina asked.
    "A few hours at best." I said.
    "You have business at home?" Bail asked.
    "Yes, I have help my sisters and brothers with their
    training." I said.
    "If I may ask, what type of training?" Leia asked.
    "Oh, healing and helping people mostly, but we do train for
    self defense also." I answered.
    "So what system do you live in?" Leia asked.
    "Leia, why are you asking so many questions?" Bail asked
    reprimanding her.
    "It?s alright Bail, I don't mind." I said then answered her
    question, "I live a far away galaxy from here on a planet called
    "Really, what is the name of that galaxy?" Leia asked.
    "Well, you see time is different here from my home planet. I
    have traveled seven thousand years in the future from there to
    this time. But I think the system is called the Terra system and it
    is surrounded by the milky way." I explained.
    "I have never heard of the Terra system." Leia said.
    "Well, like I said it?s a long way from here." I said.
    "So how old are you?" Leia asked.
    "I am six thousand and two hundred years old." I said.
    "I didn't know humans lived that long and you look too young
    to be that old." Leia said.
    "I am not fully human, I only look like one. I am really a
    blackcat and six thousand years old is young for my kind. So you
    could say that I am a teenage blackcat." I said.
    We talked like that for an hour. I thought she never run out
    of qu
  9. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Here is the next part.
    Six years later...
    (I can't believe my mother sent me here to train!) I thought
    with announce.(But it was true, my mother had sent me to Tataween
    to train for a week. She said the experience would teach me better
    desert skills. Well I guess she was right, because here I am
    standing around with a bunch of other teenagers waiting for the
    instructor to show up.) I was just looking around and trying to see
    if the guy would ever show up when I saw a short blond headed kid
    with a taller black headed kid standing and talking with each
    other. (That couldn't be him, could it.) I thought as I walked over
    there. The blond headed young boy spotted me as I walked over to
    "Atrus is that you?" he asked as I was approaching them.
    "Is it really you Luke?" I asked when I stood with them.
    "Yes its me. I can't believe it, what are you doing here?" he
    "I was sent here for training what about you?" I said.
    "Yeah, Uncle Owen said that I had too." he said.
    The other boy spoke up, "I am sorry to break up the reunion,
    but who is this Luke?"
    "Sorry Biggs. Biggs this is Atrus, Atrus this is my best
    friend Biggs Darkligher."
    "Hello Biggs." I said.
    "Hello Atrus." Biggs said.
    "Line Up!" we heard in back of us and ran to our spots in
    "Listen up people. You must understand that this is a desert
    training class. Your here to learn to survive. Got that!" the
    trainer said.
    "Yes sir." we said.
    "Alright, lets started with fifty pushups. On your knees NOW!"
    he ordered.
    "Yes sir." we grugedly obeyed and got on our knees.
    For the rest of the week we spent hours studying defensive
    moves, about the inhabitants of this world, (which there weren't
    many), about how to survive in the desert if we had gotten lost,
    and how to find your way without a compose or other directional
    device. When the final day of the course came, I was praising God
    that it would soon be over because I was ready to teach the trainer
    a thing or two because all he ever did was shout at us even if we
    actually got it right. We were lined up when the trainer showed up.
    "Ok people, this is your final test in survival. As you know,
    you are suppose to get in a group of two or three and go hunt down
    a bantha to feed our community for a while. Now get in your groups!"
    Luke and Biggs got together and I joined them. During the
    whole week I got the chance to get to know Biggs. He was a pretty
    decent boy from what I could tell and he helped defend Luke from
    some of the other kids. We had become fast friends and we had all
    decide that we would hunt together.
    So here we were standing in a group when the trainer said,
    "Alright, now that you are in your chosen groups get going and be
    back by the sunsets. Dismissed!"
    With that he walked off and we got our weapons and went to
    hunt the banthas. When we got pretty far out we started searching.
    The terrain around us looked all the same but we didn't get lost. We
    also didn't split up because the sandpeople were probably watching
    us. About six hours after we started we came across a small herd of
    banthas. The huge creatures were around thirty to forty meters
    high and weighed about one thousand pounds. We had agreed that
    since my beliefs prevent me from killing anything bigger than a
    roach except in self-defense, that I should help with transporting
    the animal back to camp, and also because I had the power to do it.
    The boys set out and chose to kill one of the older ones that was
    about to die soon. The only thing they had to hunt with were hand
    blasters and a meter long spear. They snuck up on the animal so as
    not to cause a stamped. I watched nervously nearby praying that
    nether of the boys would get hurt. When they got to the bantha
    Biggs attacked first. He throw his spear to were the bantha's heart
    was but missed. Just as the bantha turned around to attack Biggs,
    Luke throw his spear and hit it right on the mark. But that didn't
    stop it. It turned around to attack Luke and just as it was about
    to charge it dropped to the ground and lay still. I was thanking God
    that it had not hurt the
  10. Oscar Bergh

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    May 26, 2000
    Hellu im/we (motion media studios) pluse support from some others are about to embark on the big fan film scene we have done many movies in the past but this will be our first star wars themed film.. the script is now 90% completed and costumes and props are falling into place if you are interested in our company or the movie you can either visit for the company page and read about it or
    for the Shadows At Jedi page directly

    Have fun checking it out... oh and post on our forum its always fun to hear comments about our work

    We dont have any of our movies downloadable YET since im still trying to find enugh webspace...

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  11. Oscar Bergh

    Oscar Bergh Jedi Youngling

    May 26, 2000
    Some short info on the film.

    Running time: Aprox 60 minutes
    Release Date: 4th quarter 2000
    Filmed in Sweden
    Language spoken in movie will be english

    Story: If you have read I Jedi and Jedi Academy Trilogy then you have a idea of the time period. Just like I Jedi gave a new twist to the Jedi Academy Trilogy, SAJA will do the same. You will get to meet characters like Corran Horn, Brakiss and Streen and even some new ones like Xinloom and Neon.

    There will be some minor special effects, some small CGI and a dash of bluescreening.

    The movie will feature "real" actors who are either settled or trying to get into the swedish acting scene.

    Thats about it
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    This thread is being saved for the Snowboard move.....
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