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Jedi's Path (the diary of Jedi Knight Atrus before the death of Qui-gon Jinn and on.)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction Stories--Classic JC Board (Reply-Only)' started by Neon Star, May 27, 2000.

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  1. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    This is the story that I have been telling some of you about. It is written in Atrus' point of view. It starts when Atrus meets Qui-gon Jinn when he is still a padawan to Yoda and continues after that. I will post it if anyone is interested in reading it.
  2. Darth McClain

    Darth McClain Manager Emeritus star 6 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Feb 5, 2000
    SOunds interesting!
  3. jedi jaffacake

    jedi jaffacake Jedi Youngling star 1

    May 12, 2000
    I'm interested, post away!
  4. Jedi Gryph Grin

    Jedi Gryph Grin Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 25, 1999
    An intriguing idea. I, too, would be interested in reading. Bring it on.
  5. HealerLeona

    HealerLeona Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 18, 2000
    Ok, Neon, where is it???
  6. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Ok, here is the first part of the story!
    Atrus' Adventures: Jedi Chronicles: Jedi's Path: Book 1

    My name is Atrus. I was the first of the blackcats born along
    with my brother and soulmate John and my other quadruplets brother
    and sister Atreyu and Calista. I was born four thousand and five
    hundred years ago. I have been in training with many different
    beings such as unicorns, dragons, and others since I was one
    thousand years old. I have had to split my time between my
    training, being home teaching my younger brothers and sisters and
    just relaxing. These last four hundred years I have been trained by
    the Jedi and the Sith. I have been trained by every Jedi and Sith
    except a few. But I will always remember one of my last Jedi
    teachers. His name was Qui-gon Jinn. I had met him when he was a
    little boy being taught by Yoda and I was only four thousand and
    fifty when I had met him. This is the story of how we met and
    became good friends.
    I hope you like it. Please comment. I should a contiue this? I will write some more tonight if anyone wants me to.

  7. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Did I lose all my readers or what? I hope your still reading. Here is the next part!

    Young Qui-gon Jinn looked across the room at his master, Yoda,
    who was meditating in the middle of the room, while he was
    meditating a few meters away. He couldn't help but wonder why Yoda
    was excited. Yoda rarely ever got excited about anything. He could
    feel it pouring out of his master like waves. "What padawan?" Yoda
    said disturbing Qui-gon out of his thoughts.
    "Master, I was wondering what is making you so excited."
    "Guess I tell you. Hmmm. Friend of old come. Long have I not
    seen her. Fifty years best. Today she come. 1:00 no later."
    "So who is she? Where is she going to stay? How old is she?"
    "Four thousand and fifty years she is. She stay here until old
    apartment she gets back. Name Atrus is she."
    "Master its 12:30, shall we go meet her."
    "Meet her we shall. Hurry we must." and with that Yoda started
    to the door. Qui-gon had never seen his master move so quickly but he
    hurried after him. When they got to the landing pad, it was 12:58.
    Qui-gon looked around and saw an old woman that he had never seen
    "Master, Is that her?", he asked nodding to the woman.
    Yoda laughed, "No padawan, Atrus young and beautiful, blackcat
    she is and always will be. There her ship now." Qui-gon looked toward
    the landing bays ship entrance. There coming in was a beautiful
    silver sleek ship. It had a close resemblance to a hawk. It landed
    on one of the landing pads and shut down quickly. The bay door
    opened and out stepped a young girl in her teens. She had red,
    gold, brownish hair with dark green eyes and she wore a light blue
    green tight jumpsuit.
    I walked down the ramp to my ship. "Fire Hawk, lock up till I
    get back OK."
    "Atrus you know I always do that. Have a good time."
    "Thanks, its great to be back at the Jedi Temple again." I
    looked around until I spotted Yoda and a young boy standing at his
    side. I walked over to them and when I got to them I knelt down and
    gave Yoda a friendly hug.
    "Yoda, How has it been?" I said as I hugged him then I
    released him and stood up.
    "So who is shorty over here?" I asked." "Good I am. Years it has been. Qui-gon Jinn his name. My
    padawan he is."
    "Cool, nice to meet you Qui-gon Jinn, my name is Atrus. Yoda's
    old padawan."
    "Man you look young, blurted Qui-gon. (Oh, that's really
    tactful.) Qui-gon thought.
    I smiled and said, "Well thank you, I guess, what did you
    expect, an old woman or what?"
    "Uh, yeah cause Yoda said you were four thousand and fifty
    years old and a blackcat. By the way what is a blackcat?"
    I explained, "We blackcats are magical beings that learn from
    other creatures. We live to be a million years old and develop
    faster than other creatures."
    "Then what are you doing here?" Qui-gon asked.
    "To learn." I said.
    "Go now we must." Yoda said.
    "Alright, so Yoda where am I staying?" I said.
    "Stay with us. Your apartment needs lots of cleaning." Yoda
    "All right", I said. We then headed to the turbo lift.
    I hope you like it. Please comment!
  8. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Where is everbody? Here is the next post.
    When we got back to Yoda's apartment I asked, "May I go see my
    "Mess it is. But if you want. Go." Yoda said.
    "Thank you," I said as I walked to the far side of the hall.
    I found my apartment (which I thought was a miracle after all these
    years). I opened the door and walked in. The place looked like
    someone put a beach in there. The place was covered in dust and
    mothballs. But other than being extremely dirty it was fine. I
    walked back out and locked the door and went back to Yoda's
    apartment. When I got there I saw Yoda teaching Qui-gon more about
    levitation. I could see Qui-gon had a lot of Force ability and was a
    very quick learner.
    Yoda sensed me and told Qui-gon to stop the exercise then said
    to me, "Apartment?"
    "Its pretty dirty. But I can clean it up in a few days." I
    "Qui-gon can help till dinner if he wishes."
    "I guess I could." Qui-gon said.
    "Well, lets get going", I said. We then walked to my
    apartment. Qui-gon practically fainted when he saw it.
    "I thought you said it was just dusty. This is more than
    dusty. This is like someone decided to put a beach in here." he
    "That?s what I thought but we could get it done eventually."
    "Well let?s get to work," he said then sighed. We got to work
    on getting rid of the dust. I was tiring to get the dust off the
    furniture when I felt something hit me in the back. I looked in back
    of my back and found that it was covered in dust.
    "Qui-gon," I said.
    "Sorry, it was an accident."
    "All right, just be careful."
    "All right." We went back to work when I felt it again.
    "Qui-gon," I said warningly.
    "Sorry, my duster had dust on it and I must have accidentally
    threw it at you."
    "Alright, just don't do that again." We went back to work when
    I felt another dust ball hit me.
    "That?s it." I said then grabbed a handful of dirt and launched
    it at him. It hit him in the back.
    "Hey, what was that for." he said defensively but I saw that
    he was holding back his laughter. I just throw another dust ball at
    him. He dropped down behind a coach and threw them at me. I took
    cover and shot dust balls back at him. By the time we stopped we
    saw that it was dinner time and we were a mess. We also didn't get
    any work done. We looked at each other, thinking about how mad Yoda
    would be if he saw us or if we were late. We rushed out the door
    and into Yoda's apartment.
    I hope you like it.
  9. HealerLeona

    HealerLeona Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 18, 2000
    I'm reading and enjoying. Atrus' history is very interesting, being trained by Jedi and Sith. I'd be interested to know how the Jedi feel about her being trained by Sith.

    Looking forward to more.
  10. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Thank you for commenting, HealerLeona. Here is the next part.
    When we got there, Yoda gave us one bad talking to.
    "Stupid, that was."
    "We're sorry, Master Yoda." Qui-gon and I said.
    "Sorry, no good. Disgrace this is."
    "But.." Qui-gon said but was cut off by Yoda.
    "There is no but, children you act," he paused then turned
    toward me, "Especially you, older than I you are. Reckless you have
    become. Retrain you must be."
    "I have gone throw your training five times, don't you think
    that is enough?" I said.
    "No, learn good judgment you must. Now go wash up. We eat here
    With that he went to his bedroom to meditate.
    "Great, another round with him about this." I muttered.
    "You really have been threw his training five times?" Qui-gon
    "You bet, kid, and it dose not get easer."
    After Qui-gon and I had washed up and changed, we went to the
    dining room. Yoda was cooking one of his dishes. He turned toward
    "Set the table you must. Now you must." he said then turned
    toward his food again.
    "Well, lets get to work." I said and we quickly set the table.
    By the time we were finished, Yoda had finished preparing the
    meal. He set the pot on the low table and sat down. We sat down
    after him. It was pretty hard for me to get comfortable because the
    table was lower then my knees and I had to bend a little to eat. I
    saw that Qui-gon also had to.
    "So, what have you prepared for tonight, Yoda?" I asked.
    "Rag root it is. Good for you it is." he said.
    He picked up the severing spoon and poured the meal into each
    of our bowls. With that he began to eat.
    (Well, it wasn't bad when I last tasted it so I bet it won't
    be that bad now.) I thought as I looked at the brown soup like
    meal. I shrugged, picked up the spoon, and took a taste of it. It
    wasn't so bad, just a little bitter. Qui-gon had started eating
    before me and looked like he was trying to swallow it before he
    could taste it. I can't blame him, the foods Yoda cooks usually have
    a really bad taste or are made of some type of dirt or creature.
    After we had finished eating, Yoda ordered us to meditate
    before we went to bed. Qui-gon and I went to his room and shut the
    door. I got on the floor beside my bed. I saw that Qui-gon did
    also. I crossed my legs, breath deeply, and shut my eyes. I felt
    through the Force and relaxed. It was about time for bed when I
    finally finished and got up. I stretched and looked to were Qui-gon
    had been. He was just coming out of meditation as well.
    "I get the bathroom first," I said as I walked over to it.
    "Who says?" Qui-gon asked.
    "Because, I am older and I am a girl." I said and with that
    I shut the door to the bathroom.
    A while later I came out. Qui-gon was sitting on his bed
    "Took you long enough," he said as he got up and headed for
    the bathroom.
    "What can I say, I had things I needed to do." I said as I
    giggled silently.
    I unfolded the covers and got in. I was still awake when
    Qui-gon came out of the bathroom. He unfolded his covers and got
    into his bed. We just lay there for a while just thinking.
    "What are you thinking?" he asked.
    "About why I came back."
    "Do you regret it or something?"
    "No, I just didn't want to be taught by Yoda again, but I
    guess it?s for the best. Though I doubt that he while be able to
    make me any more disciplined then this. So how long have you been
    his padawan?"
    "For about two months, though I would have never thought in a
    million years that he would pick me."
    "Well, lets just say that I am pretty clumsy and when he told
    me that I was to be his padawan, it was after I had knocked him
    I laughed a little then asked, "What did he say?"
    "That he better take me as a padawan to prevent me from
    destroying the temple."
    I burst into laughter and soon Qui-gon joined me. We stopped
    when we heard Yoda open the door and order us to be quiet. But
    after he left we continued to laugh a little.
    "Goodnight, Qui-gon."
    "Goodnight, Atrus."
    We said and soon fell asleep.
    I hope you like it!

  11. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Here is the next part! Please comment! I really hope you like it!
    I woke up early in the morning. Qui-gon was still asleep and I
    felt that Yoda was meditating. (Prefect! I can get out of here for
    a little while.) I thought as I went to the bathroom and got
    dressed in a lit fitting outfit. I then snuck out of the apartment
    and started to the meditation gardens for my morning run.
    When I came back, I felt that Yoda was upset about something.
    I know exactly what that something was. I crept into the apartment
    and headed for Qui-gon's room.
    "Stop you will." I heard from behind me.
    "Oh no." I groaned under my breath as I turned around.
    "Where you?"
    "In the meditation gardens. I am sorry I didn't tell you that
    I was leaving. I didn't want to disturb you."
    "What you do there?"
    "I did my morning run."
    "I will excuse you this time, but tell me next time you will."
    "Go get ready you will."
    I walked into Qui-gon?s room. Qui-gon was in the fresher, so I
    just waited. He finally came out and I hurried in and got
    refreshed. When I came out Qui-gon was waiting for me.
    "Where were you?"
    "I was out running."
    "Master Yoda was upset."
    "Yeah, I know. But I think he has forgiven me."
    Just then Yoda came in.
    "Mission I have taken. Diplomatic it is. Cannot bring my
    padawan on it I cannot. You train him while I go."
    "What, me! Yoda, you have to be joking."
    "No joke I make. Take care of him you will."
    "Why can't you take him?"
    "They have said they not want me to bring any padawan with me.
    Only masters are allowed. Pack I must."
    With that he left.
    "Well, kid, I think you?re stuck with me for now."
    "Yeah, but don't worry. I won't do anything stupid."
    "I hope not."
    Yoda left the next day. We saw him off then returned to their
    "Well, what do you do during the day?" I asked Qui-gon.
    "I go to my lessons then Yoda trains me."
    "When do your classes start?"
    "In an hour."
    "Go get ready. Dose Yoda take you to them?"
    "Well, I have to go with you. Yoda thinks that it will be a
    good experience. (Why that little green troll! I am going to kill
    him one of these days!) I said the thought.
    "I know what you mean." Qui-gon said as he went to his room.
    "I must have broadcasted my thoughts." I thought out loud.
    "Yeah, you did."
    "Get ready."
    We walked to the classes on the other side of the temple and
    entered Qui-gon?s first class. It was history.
    (Great, I live through it now I have to study it.) I thought
    while keeping it shielded.
    "Well, Hello Atrus. Nice to see you again after all these
    years." commented the teacher as he approached us.
    I didn't recognize him at first but when I saw that familiar
    smile and twinkle in his green gray eyes, I know exactly who it was.
    "Jordy, is it really you?!" I asked in amazement.
    "Yeah, it really is me. Who would have thought I would be
    teaching history."
    "Truly, especially when you almost killed your teachers with
    your pranks."
    "I remember someone helping me."
    "HaHa, don't even mention that. They still never figured who
    did it."
    "So, what are you doing here?"
    "Being tortured by Yoda. He thought I needed a refresher course
    in everything."
    "Yeah, right. You should be teaching history instead of me.
    Since your the one who has lived it."
    "No way. You keep the job. I'll stay as the student."
    "Alright. Let class begin."
    The students took their sites. I found an empty chair that was
    behind Qui-gon. With that class began.
    The rest of the morning was like that. I caught up with old
    friends that I never thought in a million years would be teachers
    along with some other old friends along with some new ones that I
    had made during classes. After the classes were let out, Qui-gon and
    I went home.
  12. HealerLeona

    HealerLeona Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jan 18, 2000
    So young Qui-Gon gets to be minus Master for awhile. Judging from their attempt at cleaning Atrus' apartment sounds like it could be alot of fun.
  13. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Here is the next part! I hope you like it!
    "So, what is he training you in?" I asked Qui-gon.
    "Well, sensing, lavation, fighting, and meditation."
    "How good are you at saber fighting?"
    "Pretty good, Master Yoda said that I would probable be the
    best saber fighter when I grow up."
    "That is pretty good. How about we go to the gem and see what
    you can do?"
    "Alright, let me go get my lightsaber." he said then went to
    his bedroom.
    "Let's go." he said when he came back.
    We left the apartment and headed for the gem. When we got
    there we reserved a room and went in.
    "Alright, show me what you can do." I said as I sat down on a
    bench. I took a silver training ball and sent it after him. It rose
    in the air and started to fire at him. He blocked most of them very
    well, but one or two got throw.
    "Keep your defensives up. Really on the Force and your
    instincts." I instructed him.
    Finally the ball shut off and he approached me. He was panting
    a little and was sweating but other than that he was fine.
    "Not bad for a kid your age."
    "Can you do better?"
    "You bet. Want me to give it a shot?"
    I walked over to where the tracking ball lay. I grab eleven
    others off the wall with the Force and brought them to me. I turned
    them on and pulled my double bladed lightsaber out. I ignited
    both blades then began. The balls came on fast and furious. I
    blocked, dived, spun, kicked, and flipped. I sliced throw two balls
    at once, then three more. The area was filled with laser fire but
    I blocked them all except for one, which hit me in the backside. I
    sliced that one too. Only six to go. I drove one blade into a
    tracker ball on both sides. Then I flipped backwards and sliced down
    another. Three more. I rolled and came back to my feet and kicked
    a tracker ball into the side wall. Then I sliced the other two with
    my double blades. After I was finished, I turned off my lightsaber
    and replaced it back into its holder on my back.
    Qui-gon sat there looking amazed. "Who taught you to do that?"
    he asked.
    "A lot of Jedi teachers."
    "How did you build that type of lightsaber?"
    "I just did. It also has a stun blade on it."
    "I didn't think a lightsaber had a stun blade."
    "Regular lightsabers don't.
    "Are we done for today?"
    "Yeah, let's go home and shower."
    We walked back to the apartment and cleaned up. It was close
    to supper time and I didn't feel like going down to eat any of the
    slope they had in the kitchen at the cafeteria so I decided we
    should eat here. I fixed dinner and we sat down.
    "Don't kill me if it tastes bad." I told Qui-gon.
    "I don't cook very often."
    We began to eat. To me the stuff I prepared was not too bad,
    just a little spicy.
    "How is it?" I asked him.
    "Not bad. Its better than Master Yoda's cooking."
    We finished eating, washed the dishes, and went to bed. The
    next two days weren?t so bad, except for the fact that Qui-gon seemed to enjoy playing pranks on me every chance he got like when we were training he turned on one of the tracker balls and sent it at me when I was not expecting it. There was also that time he put that animal in my bed. Anyway, Yoda came home and began my training
    again. But I almost went crazy. We were in the training room with
    Qui-gon training at the side. Yoda had sent thirty seekers balls at
    me. I was doing pretty well but Yoda kept being annoying.
    "Concentrate, you must,? he said.
    "I would if you shut up." I muttered under my breath.
    "Heard that I did." he said, then sent ten more after me.
    "Stupid green troll."
    "Heard that too." he said, then sent ten more.
    By the time I finished he had sent fifty more.
    "Come here you will. You too, Qui-gon." he said to us.
    We walked over to him.
    "Yes?" I asked.
    "Mission we have. In three days we leave."
    "All of us?" Qui-gon asked.
    "What type of mission?" I asked.
    "Tell you later I will." he said as he walked off.
    "I tell you, Qui-gon, he is one weird little master. But he has
    a reason for not telling us." I said.
    Just then a tracker ball turned on and shot me in the
    "Ow, Even though sometimes it is not
  14. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Here is the next post! I hope you like it!
    We arrived on the planet Toron two days later. It was a
    sparsely settled planet that was known for its markets. When we got
    there, we were met by a transport.
    "Walk we will." Yoda said.
    "If you wish." Qui-gon said.
    Yoda told the driver and he left. We started walking toward
    the governor?s house. When we got there the governor was there to
    greet us.
    "Welcome to our fair city, Master Yoda. We are honored that
    you have come to us. We hope you and your padawans' stay will be
    "Thank you, governor." Yoda said.
    "I will have someone show you to your rooms." the governor said
    then gestured. A young man came from the mansion and lead us to our
    rooms. The rooms were next to each other and were very comfortable.
    A door connected the rooms together. As soon as the young man left,
    Yoda came into our rooms and checked.
    "What are you looking for, Master?" Qui-gon asked.
    "Cameras or bugs." Yoda said.
    He finally was satisfied and sat down.
    "Yoda, you never told us what this mission was about. Can you
    tell us now?" I asked.
    "Dangerous this mission is. Very dangerous. Should not have
    have brought you, should I. Someone is stalking us, now. Here we
    are to negotiate the treaty. But someone not want this. Careful we
    must be."
    "Yes, sir, we will." Qui-gon and I said.
    "Good, now I go to the treaty room. You may look around. But
    be careful."
    "We will." Qui-gon said.
    Yoda left.
    "So what do we do?" Qui-gon asked.
    "How about we go to the market place here. Just to look
    We went to the market place and started to look around. Just
    then I heard a blast rang out and saw one fly past us only a few
    feet from us.
    "Get to cover." I told Qui-gon.
    We ducked under a stand and waited. The stun blasts had
    stopped and four men were running down the road and searching. One
    of them came close and I activated one of my stun blades. The man
    had his back to us. I quickly shot out with the stun blade and
    caught him in the spinal cord. He collapsed into a heap. The others
    came running and were looking around. I pulled out my blaster and
    shot the others.
    "Run." I told Qui-gon and we started back to the mansion in a
    We sensed the other men chasing us and we ran faster. We
    finally got back to the mansion.
    "What is the matter?" the butler asked as we ran past.
    "Trouble." I yelled back as we ran to our room.
    I heard a crash down the hall from us. I turned and saw that
    ten men came crashing through the main door. The butler tried to
    stop them, but they stunned him and came after us. We ran into our
    room and locked the doors. We heard pounding out side as the men
    tried to get in. We checked the widows for an escape route but saw
    that under the windows was men guarding them.
    "I think we are going to have to fight." I told Qui-gon.
    "I think you are right."
    We heard a crash as the door gave in and turned around. The
    men looked at us with hatred in their eyes. They brought up their
    blasters and started firing at us.
    "Get behind me!" I yelled as I brought out my lightsaber and
    blocked the shots.
    He did as he was told. I felt one of the blaster shots hit me
    in the leg and another one in the shoulder. I went down on one knee.
    Qui-gon had pulled his lightsaber out and blocked the shots. I
    healed up the wounds quickly and joined him. We blocked the shots
    back to their owners which took them out. Yoda appeared at the door
    a few minutes later.
    "Ok, you are?" he asked worriedly.
    "We are fine. But they needed to get better security here." I
    said as the security guards picked up the injured men and took
    them to the medical bay.
    The negotiations were settled quickly and we went home.
  15. Neon Star

    Neon Star Jedi Knight star 5

    Mar 30, 2000
    Here is the next part!
    Qui-gon and I became good friends but we always played a lot of pranks on
    each other. But once or twice we got in over or heads. It was two
    years after this when we did something that will probable live on in
    the Jedi Temple's history for eternity.
    Qui-gon and I were talking at dinner when Yoda spoke up.
    "Meeting off world I must attend. Gone for a day I will be.
    Two of you will behave or you hides I will have." he said
    "Yes, sir." we said.
    The next day Yoda left. Qui-gon and I were sitting in the
    living area when we got a great idea, (well it seemed great at the
    "Since Yoda is gone," I started.
    "I think it is time to have a little party." Qui-gon finished
    as he flashed a sneaky grin.
    We rushed to the phones and called up our friends. Then we
    ordered some food. Finally we removed the breakables and hide them.
    Then the guests arrived. It was a blast when things got out a little
    out of hand. The music was jamming full blast, everybody was either
    dancing or talking, when all of a sudden a knock came to the door.
    Everything quieted down and I opened the door. There standing in the
    door way was Master Ne-ra who was Windu's master.
    "What is going on here?" he asked.
    "Nothing, Master Ne-ra." Qui-gon said.
    "Nothing indeed, you call this a party?" he asked.
    "Maybe." I said.
    "I doubt it. Let me show you how to really party." he said as
    he came in.
    Qui-gon and I exchanged looks then shrugged. Everyone knew that
    Master Ne-ra was cool and acted like us teenagers sometimes. The
    music started up again and the party continued
    At midnight we got everyone out and cleaned up the place. It
    was a complete wreck. But the party had been fun. We relaxed in the
    chairs. All of a sudden we noticed that something was wrong.
    "Uh oh." Qui-gon said as he got up and rushed over to where we had
    put the thing.
    "Were is it?" I asked as I came up behind him.
    He lifted the heavy lid of the chest and looked inside, it was gone.
    "We are in it deep this time." I said.
    The picture of Yoda and Yaddle on a motorcycle kissing while
    wearing some pretty skimpy outfits was gone and we knew that Yoda
    didn't want anyone to find out about his crazy years.
    "We have to find it!" Qui-gon said.
    "Then lets get out off here and track it down." I said.
    We rushed out of the door. We went to ever bodies doors, but
    Nobody had it, but they knew all about it. Finally we arrived at
    Master Ne-ra and Windu's apartment. We knocked and Windu answered
    "What?" he asked.
    "Give the picture up." I growled.
    "What picture?" he asked innocently.
    "Give us the picture or we will kill you." Qui-gon growled as
    he approached Windu.
    "Fine, here it is. But everybody knows now." he smirked as he
    shut the door.
    We rushed back to our apartment and put the picture back. We
    fell into bed exhausted. In the morning we were awaken by Yoda's
    "Stupid this is, have you hides I will!" he shouted.
    "What do you mean, Master?" Qui-gon asked.
    "Everyone know about Yaddle and me now. Punish you I will. Get
    up now you will."
    We got up and he issued our punishments, for the next three
    months we were cleaning bathrooms and training harder then every.
    Finally Yoda calmed down and stopped working us to death. We really
    should have learned our lessons then but we still continued to pull
    a lot of pranks. But things started getting serious. It really
    happened by accident. It was two years after this when Qui-gon was
    I hope you like it!
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