Amph JMPR: Jumper film & Impulse series [YouTube Red]

Discussion in 'Community' started by Twinky_Stryder, Oct 11, 2007.

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    I thought it was an alright film, but nothing great and nothing I'd want to own or see again.
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    Just saw this with the missus. Not a bad movie. I enjoyed it and just took it for what it is. It came off a little short and perhaps that was just the pacing of the stories. I did think that the characters were underdeveloped by a long margin. Perhaps that was intentional given the obvious seeds planted for sequels (David's mother, Mace Windu's knife, Rachel Bilson's beautiful body). I thought the concept was cool too. Overall, a good, enjoyable movie but nothing to sit and ponder in the hours or days afterward. I hope it gets a sequel.
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    You know i avoided this in the theater because of a. my " Hayden = Wood " theory and b. ( and this is rather uncharacteristic of me ) heeding terrible reviews, and am pleasently suprised out how enjoyable i found the film. Its true that low expectations and a used-DVD sale price does tend to make certain films more enjoyable for me, but this is one that i found myself wishing i has seen in the theater. Not a bad flick.
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    It's good to know people are giving this movie a fair shake now that the (inexplicable) critical hostility has faded a bit. Parts of this film are simply flat-out awesome, even if it's a bit short and does not fully deliver on the promising premise.
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    Well, on the subject of threads i never thought I'd be resurrecting due to sequel news....

    Doug Liman is returning to continue the Jumper universe with a sequel TV series, called "Impulse", based on the third book in the series (skipping the middle book, "Reflex"). The series was ordered by YouTube Red.

    "[Impulse] follows David [Hayden Christensen] and Millie’s [Rachel Bilson] daughter, Cent, who inherited her father’s ability to “jump.”"

    Doug Liman: “Steven Gould’s sequel novel to Jumper, Impulse, fully realizes the dynamic potential of this amazing franchise and I’m excited to have the large canvas of YouTube to bring it to life.”

    No indication that any of the stars from the first film are returning for this, but one would imagine that an appearance by Christensen isn't an impossibility.

    The first movie was ok-but-not-great, however the premise is promising so maybe if the execution and story can deliver on that more, the series might be pretty decent to good.
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    Hmmm, yeah, didn't exactly see them dusting off this decade old dud, but online is where it's at these days and I wouldn't be surprised to see this be both better than the movie and a hit.
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    Youtube sequel series! Like an officially licensed one, what a brave new world we live in!
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