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    If John Williams wants to do Star wars again J.J. needs to bow down and say thank you. As long as Williams is willing and able there can be no other.
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    YAY! :D

    While I really doubt anyone is going to say "No John WIlliams, you can't score the new Star Wars" it's not actually Official Info until Disney/LFL says he is scoring.
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    Please, please do it John! He is film music!
  4. Iefan Jedi Knight

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    Even if this movie ends up flopping with critics and fans alike, you can pretty much guarantee that at least the OST will be incredible. PT haters even have to admit that John Williams work on the prequels is fan-freakin-tastic.
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    In light of this news, JJ will be making a very awkward phone call to Michael Giacchino.

    "Hey bro, look...I know I said you could score Episode 7 and I know you're super excited about it, but...."
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    I can't stop thinking about this and how severely disappointed I'm going to be if he gives it to Giacchino. I can't name a single memorable tune from his scores. I'd seriously consider not seeing the movie. I'm on the edge until Disney/LFL confirm his involvement.
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    James earl Jones and Williams are together 160 years old... [face_plain]
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    How about we stop killing off the people originally involved in the OT before they are actually dying? If John Williams and the others are interested in being involved than they know best if they are up to the task. Just because someone isn't 21 years old doesn't mean they are incapable of performing and doing it with style. If they are involved and one doesn't like the idea or are afraid of their ages, well, nobody is forcing anyone to go to the movies. People live beyond the age of 45 nowadays believe it or not. :rolleyes:

    And JJ isn't the be all end all of who is involved and who isn't. He is the director, not the Maker or the Maker's successor. So, my opinion is that he gets a vote, but only one.
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    I see two schools of thought:

    1) Star Wars just isn't Star Wars without a Williams score.

    2) These new films won't really be Star Wars in the super-traditional sense. They will be something new... a reboot(ish). So perhaps a slightly new angle on the music would not be such a bad idea.
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    I agree that we may have a new twist. As mentioned in another thread, Williams may need to have someone to collaborate with on the score, given his age. ( 81 years). This may produce a new angle to the music. However, the central elements must remain or it simply will not be Star Wars.
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  12. DarthLazious28273 Jedi Youngling

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    It wouldn't be the same without John Williams in a Star Wars movie.
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  13. Only-One Cannoli Ex-Mod

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    I would actually enjoy seeing someone else take it on. Not that I don't want Williams, he's great, but I feel like the music makes the mood of the film...and I definitely want to see these with a bit different mood than the others.