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Speculation Jon Favreau and David Fincher Pursuing 'Star Wars'

Discussion in 'Star Wars: Episode VII and Beyond (Archive)' started by Bazinga'd , Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Arawn_Fenn

    Arawn_Fenn Force Ghost star 7

    Jul 2, 2004
    Not quite:

    Somerset: The Divine Comedy, The History of Catholicism. There's a book called Murderers and Madmen.

    Mills: Modern Homicide Investigation, In Cold Blood, Of Human Bondage. Bondage?

    Somerset: Not what you're thinking.

    Mills: The Marquis De Sharday.

    Somerset: It's the Marquis De Sade.

    Mills: Whatever.
  2. Ender_and_Bean

    Ender_and_Bean Force Ghost star 4

    May 19, 2002
    I'm really not buying the Fincher rumor at all. There's literally no basis for the assertion that he's persuing this at all. There's no quotes. There's nobody on record stating that he want this. There's literally nothing. Ever since episode VII was announced the media has just been recycling stories with tidbits of speculation.

    Stories about directors who've turned down Star Wars end off with who might be left. People then recycle those stories into how there's a short list left. People then take a video and twitter feed detailing Jason Flemying's reaction to a question and generate stories about how Vaughn may have been confirmed. Days go by with no official confirmation from Lucas Film and people wonder who else it might be if it's not Vaughn. That's then spun into how those who remain are "pursuing" the movies.

    All this is done without anybody going on record, without any photos of any of these people speaking with Kathleen Kennedy or George Lucas over lunch, dinner or at Skywalker ranch. All of this is hearsay based on past connections with Kennedy, Lucas, or Disney, and worse than that it's dangerous because now we're already seeing a splintered fan base each clinging onto directors they hope get the job when it's entirely possible none of these names will. This needs to be announced soon because this speculation isn't just silly... it's damaging to episode VII. The last thing they need is fans grumbling about how "they should have chose Fincher" or "I heard Fincher wanted to do this but he wasn't family friendly enough" which is exactly what will happen next if something isn't said soon. Stories change. Legends grow. And the next thing you know "Disney has ruined Star Wars by not choosing David Fincher when they had the chance".... even if they never did.
  3. I Are The Internets

    I Are The Internets Force Ghost star 8

    Nov 20, 2012
    As much as I love Fincher and would love to see him do a Star Wars movie, I just can't see him tackling a franchise.