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Discussion in 'Idaho Falls, ID' started by Ariadnae1, Aug 3, 2003.

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  1. Ariadnae1

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    Apr 15, 2003
    We were given a cast of Yoda as a gift from the 501st. I believe he will be present at the rest of the meetings.

    The Pocatello Convention was mentioned. Peter Mayhew (Chewie) was going to be there along with some Star Trek Characters. I believe around 15 members went, and it was a wonderful time. We had a recruitment table that had information about the club and we played Reepo. Also, everyone who went was in a picture with Mr. Mayhew, and he signed it for the club. Very awesome!!

    A membership committee was formed. On the committee are Cory, Erin, Ryan L., and Ryan A. Ways of letting the community know about us was mentioned. The Community Calendar was mentioned along with hanging posters of meeting times along with making flyers. Also, mention of getting on the Chamber of Commerce List was brought up.

    Ryan Lewis stepped down as publisher of the Newsletter ?Gonk?s Gazette?. No one at this time has stepped up to take his place, nor was mention of when the next letter will be put out.

    The camping trip was discussed. It was a great time, and it was voted into becoming an annual event. The tentative date for next year is July 16-18. We need to know who is planning on attending by next May so we can reserve spots by each other.

    Jeopardy is suppose to be starting at the August Meeting. In August Adam, Barry and Tory will be playing against each other. September will be Neil, Luke, and Alan. October: Erin, Laura, and Ryan Lewis. November: Ryan Atwood, Levi and Cory. December: Michelle, Jaiden, and an empty slot.

    The date for the FAN FILM FESTIVAL is September 27. It will be in the big room of the library all day long. Five films have been picked so far too be shown: Disaster at Naboo, Reepo, Lil? Jedi, Essence of the Force and Desert Duel. Admission will be a can of food, possibly toiletries, and the Haven will get the proceeds.

    The club BBQ has been set for August 30th at Kate Curly Park. We need to discuss food assignments and such.

    Costuming is a great way to get the community excited about our club. The 501st and our members that went to Preston this past Saturday got a great reception. People wanted pictures taken with everyone, because they were in costumes. We still have a little less than 2 months before the Fan Fest, and now is the perfect time to think about what kind of costume you want to make. If we work together as a club, we can make this Fan Fest a great thing.
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