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Chatt, TN July 2008 meeting notes

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Vesper2112, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Vesper2112

    Vesper2112 FF President & CR, Chattanooga, TN star 4

    Nov 14, 2003
    July 14, 2008 meeting notes

    Very nice turnout! Awesome! Good to see some new faces as well. With the Clone Wars animated movie coming out soon (followed by the regular series on TV), along with continued toy and game releases and future live-action TV series, it looks like Star Wars will be in the public eye for a while. I know we?re not just a Star Wars group anymore, but it is how we started and what we?re known for. So, if you have friends that are even remotely interested in Star Wars, Star Trek, or sci-fi in general, bring them to the next meeting or to one of the events coming up!

    Toys ?R Us midnight madness

    In preparation for the Clone Wars animated movie, a host of new Clone Wars related toys and stuff will be released on July 25th at a midnight madness opening (meaning Friday night going into Saturday) complete with taking over that front and center area with new displays and filling the shelves with ?Star Wars? Nothing but Star Wars!? </Bill Murray>. The Hamilton Place TRU will be the place to be as we invade the store and help get the Chattooine name out there along with promoting what we?re doing for the movie premier.

    Beside us Chattooinians, there will also be people there from the 501st Legion, the Rebel Legion, The Jedi Assembly, and ConNooga. Plus, Anthony (from the Jedi Assembly) will be doing his version of a Jedi Academy. We will have a changing room inside the store, so if you have a costume, get there early. If not, get there early anyway, as maybe they?ll allow us to put a few things on hold before they open the doors.

    The Clone Wars premier
    Some of us will be at the midnight premier (if The Rave has one ? still don?t know). Once it?s confirmed, we?ll see if we want to do a ?pre? movie get-together, costume up, or just hang out in line together.

    Our big event will be the following day, Saturday, August 16th. The plan is to arrive around 11:30am to set up and have things going from noon until 4:00pm. Scarlet will be talking to/e-mailing the Rave manager to arrange the logistics, but here is what we?ll be doing:

    * Chattooine booth: We?ll have a table set up with fliers, business cards, our banner, along with anything else we want to help promote the group and gain some new members. Maybe we can put together a DVD with some past pictures of events we?ve done? Something visual to pump Chattooine?

    * Scarlet will contact the newspaper to see if they can come out.

    * Alex will see if he can get a plug in on Robert T. Nash?s show ?Live and Local? 102.3 fm.

    * Costuming: If you have a Star Wars costume, we?d love if you?d wear it. If you don?t have one, wear a Star Wars shirt (if you have one). This is all about having some fun.

    * Dueling: Anthony and Rob (of The Jedi Assembly) will be having dueling sessions. More details to come.

    * Video Game Tournament (or possibly just open gaming): still working out details, but we?ll have a game system (or two) running. Right now, it?s a matter if picking out the right game to play. Battlefront II and Revenge of the Sith (the dueling part) are possibilities. We?re going to talk to GameStop to see if they could help us out with this, but if you have a PS3, Xbox360, or any of these games that we can use, we?d appreciate it.

    * Orion Knight-Star?s Jedi Academy: Alex will run the kids through his Jedi Academy, complete with Jedi teachings and of course? lightsaber dueling! Who knows? Maybe Darth Vader will crash the party to see if they?d be interested in learning more about the Sith?

    * Costume Contest: We?ll have an Adult and a Kids category with fabulous prizes! OK, well Scarlet is going to talk to the Rave to see what they can possibly give us for prizes. For sure, ConNooga will be giving away some memberships to the winners. Just in case (always good to have a backup plan, right?), we need to have something planned for that time slot in case we don?t have any contestants. I doubt that?ll be a problem (especially if the Rave pushed it and we have good prizes to give
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