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NYC, NY July 21st Update

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by LadySith, Jul 10, 2001.

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  1. LadySith

    LadySith Jedi Padawan star 4

    Dec 5, 2000
    This is for all yous muggs what won't join our mailing list. It's the same letter so if you read it already ignore this! :)

    For those planning on attending the July 21st meeting there are some things we wanted to announce.

    First, this is meeting is for all members and prospective members of SWNYC to let our friends at the museum know what we would like to do to help the Magic of the Myth exhibit. So put your thinking caps on come up with some great ideas! Since members from 2 other fan organizations will be present, SWNYC is making up an agenda in advance that will be forwarded to Meg as well as posted on our site. While this agenda will not be etched in stone it will be followed as closely as possible to ensure that everyone gets a chance to speak and to make the meeting enjoyable for our members. We have much to do in two-hours. Please note that suggestions for the agenda or the Magic of the Myth can also be E-mailed to in advance. Suggestions should be in no later than July 19th and can be attached to a real name, screen name or anonymous. Suggestions for the agenda must be in by Friday this week. All suggestions will be read out loud providing they pertain to SWNYC or the Magic of the Myth exhibit.

    The museum is very keen to hear from our members and friends but please be advised that much planning is needed and there are many constraints as to what we can and cannot do as this is a Lucasfilm governed event. On the 21st the Museum is not prepared to make any sorts of offers to us. The curator wants to meet us and introduce himself. The bulk of the meeting will be a think tank where ideas are collected. There will be many more meetings and rest assured everyone will be kept involved and informed as plans are solidified.

    There will be trivia games and socializing as well.

    In the beginning of the meeting we will be asking members to sign in to our official Journal. We ask you record your full name and e-mail address. Snail mail address is optional. At the time of sign-in, SWNYC membership cards will be issued with a number. The numbers will also be placed in a helmet and one lucky number will be drawn. That winner will receive a photo of Darth Vader autographed by Dave Prowse. In order to speed the sign-in process, Pre-sign in would be GREATLY appreciated! To do so, please email MysterySith privately at no later than July 19th with your name, E-mail and snail mail address if desired.

    Please note that children will be attending this meeting and they will all receive prizes. If you plan on bringing children and have not already let me know, please inform me of how many and the ages so I can assure that all the kids get prizes of equal quantity and value. In addition to the Dave Prowse autograph other small prizes will be awarded.

    Light refreshments will be served due to the BMA's generosity.

    We will be voting on our New York City Rep (s) at this time. MysterySith will fill you in on that.

    I look forward to seeing you there!


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