Birm, AL July Costume Workshop - July 28th @ 10am

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    Event Title: July Costuming Workshop

    Location: Charlie's Sweatshop [link=](Google Map Directions)[/link]

    Date/Time: Saturday, July 28th from 10am - ???

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    Costuming Workshop Incoming! If you have a costume you need finished, or want to chat about ideas, or simply want to socialize - come on over to Charlie's Apartment conveniently located in Hoover, AL. We will also be gathering that evening for our [link=]Dinner and a Movie featuring "The Simpsons"[/link], so come with plenty of energy and be prepared to help out and have a good time!

    Directions are posted above, and everyone is welcome. Come join established club members and get yourself active, new members!

    See you there! :)
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    Heya! I've got the fabrics picked out already to pull together a great Obi-Wan ROTS tunic (me), Mace tunic (for Josh), and Barriss cloak (for my daughter Cody). Also, I got 3 of the 4 paint colors I need to complete my Jedi energy capsules. How is everyone else coming along with their planning?

    Oh yeah, I'm also bringing an awesome Han/Mara blaster that I'll need help customizing... lol
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    I don't have a costume, but I'd like to come...will there be costumes for sale, perhaps?
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    Not for sale, but we can help you make one. :)
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    We're going to have to reschedule the costume workshop since Charlie is going to be out of town that day. Keep looking for future updates here.
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    We have a new place. We are just looking for a date thats great for everyone now. ^^ Check the
    [link=,1837.0.html]Costume Workshop[/link] thread for details.