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Chatt, TN July meeting

Discussion in 'South East Regional Discussion' started by Vesper2112, Jul 6, 2005.

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  1. Vesper2112

    Vesper2112 FF President & CR, Chattanooga, TN star 4

    Nov 14, 2003
    July meeting will be at The Rave on Monday, July 11th at 6:30pm. Topics to be discussed are:

    T-shirt designs and orders:
    Online printers - haven't found one that will do anything that might violate copyright laws.
    Local printers - need to decide if we want just the logo, front or back, other design with it, names on the back, etc.
    Iron-ons - Vote on if we should buy some printable iron-ons to see if this would be a cheaper route.

    July 15th-17th at The Dragon Caves (Lee Hwy)
    A 72 hour game-fest! The Dragon Caves will be open 72 hours straight. We've been asked to participate in any way we can, so we'll have a table to run whatever games we wish along with having our banner up and some flyers.

    July 29th-31st in Chattanooga. Go to for details for this Con. If you plan on attending and want to run games there, get with a counsil member.

    September 2nd ? 5th in Atlanta, GA.
    Who's attending?
    Anyone planning on staying more than one night?
    Who will be there Thursday or Friday (to claim and pick up our table)?
    Fan Table shared with the Birmingham, AL FanForce
    What can we have at the table?

    Charity Events/Appearances:
    The Make-A-Wish walk is in September (day?). Do we need to do anything beside show up in costume? Any other charities we could be involved with? redesign:
    DarthJess is planning on revamping the website and she?d like YOUR ideas. If you have something you want to see or color scheme or whatever, send your ideas to her.

    Chattooine Board Member Elections:
    The August meeting will be when you can announce the post you are running for with elections at the September meeting.
    Posistions available: President, Chapter Representative, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, and Sergent-at-Arms.
    If you have any questions about the positions, feel free to ask any of the current board members. We should have a list of the positions and duties posted soon.

    Game Nights:
    We'll discuss what plans we have for upcoming game nights.
  2. SarkaVrae

    SarkaVrae Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 3, 2004

    i'm thinking about coming to this meeting. :D even with the stupid storms from hurricane Dennis, yall are still planning on having this, right? :)
  3. Vesper2112

    Vesper2112 FF President & CR, Chattanooga, TN star 4

    Nov 14, 2003
    Are you kidding? We had our first meeting during Hurrican Ivan, so Dennis is no big deal to us. [face_shame_on_you] Yeah... we're going to try and get there by 6:30 and just talk for a little bit and start the meeting at 7:00. Last time, we had several people there and I think we need that extra time to just "socialize" before it starts. ;)

    Many planned on seeing Batman Begins tomorrow, but looking at the showtimes, there's one at 7:00 and 9:40... so I doubt we'll be seeing that. Fantastic Four maybe? Of course it's up to you. War of the Worlds has some showings that might work as well.

    Hope you get to come! Stay dry!
  4. SarkaVrae

    SarkaVrae Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 3, 2004
    i've seen Batman, so the other 2 sound more appealing. but i'm not really comig for the movie ;)

    i want to see you guys & pester you! make sure you are keeping up with my club & all! ;)
  5. Vesper2112

    Vesper2112 FF President & CR, Chattanooga, TN star 4

    Nov 14, 2003
    We're doing the best we can. Still... it would be nice to hand it over to a "go-getter". I'd endorse you! [face_praying] =D= hehehe
  6. mr_nightmarez

    mr_nightmarez Jedi Youngling star 2

    Oct 20, 2003
    :pYou can have it all...[face_mischief]

    I can go back to a [face_skull][face_pumpkin] life!!
  7. Vesper2112

    Vesper2112 FF President & CR, Chattanooga, TN star 4

    Nov 14, 2003
    Ooooo. Nice avatar, Nightmarez. heh heh

    July meeting notes coming soon. Mr Secretary...?
  8. Vesper2112

    Vesper2112 FF President & CR, Chattanooga, TN star 4

    Nov 14, 2003
    Taken from the July meeting notes thread at [link=][/link]:

    Attending: Jeff (Vesper-President/VP), John (Lord John-Secretary), Todd (Nightmarez-Media/PR), Josh (Sargonkiadi), Natalie(JediSha), Nate (Token Shadow), Derrick (Yogola), Ben(Eelem), Benji (*?), Jody (Sarka Vrae), Sara (Dekpanu), Brittani (*?)

    It was discussed that we could have a local printer make t-shirts (perhaps 2 dozen) with our new logo on the back and probably a small logo on the front with your name, the logo displaying your affiliation (rebel, imperials, or bounty hunter). Also, we may have a build-a-prop day with iron-on shirts, just for fun.

    All those are invited to CaveCon and we decided we would try to run a table for miniatures, so bring em if you got em. Again, CaveCon is July 15-17. John (me) is creating a group for the Hackmaster tourney we were asked to participate in. Everyone coming to CaveCon is welcomed to dress in costume.

    Very few of the Chattooine group are going to LibertyCon, so Jeff is making flyers for them to hand out.

    Many members of the group are making plans for DragonCon. Although several of us are going, few of us have exact plans. Check the new thread about DragonCon plans so you can update everyone on where you are staying and when you are staying there, and also the days you plan on attending.

    Charity events are for the moment on the backburner, as we still require information on the make-a-wish walk. Perhaps in the future we can work on the rubberduck race at Riverbend or a frisbee golf event.

    Everyone was informed of the fact that Jess is reworking the site and a few were interested in offering advice. Nate has a few scripts that might prove useful. It was suggested that many color schemes be tried. Perhaps some times for these trials could be arranged once the schemes have been suggested.

    John and Jeff are now co-working Game Nights. John is soon going to split the RP group in two, and on weeks that Jeff is not playing in the RP, he will be hosting miniatures. Other Star Wars games might also be played, please speak with Jeff about it.

    John is trying to alert the group of the new movie coming out, Serenity. It is based on a TV show, Firefly, which was on Fox for one season, but Fox sucks. We plan on hosting a Firefly party, showing the entire season on DVD. It might be organized as a charity event, John is still working out these details.

    The club elections are coming up soon and we have decided to use a nomination system, if Jess would be kind enough to assist us. If Jess agrees, nominations will be sent to her in private via PM.

    I thank those present at the meeting and look forward to seeing you again at the August meeting, if not sooner.

    John, secretary of state
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