June 14, 2003 meeting notes

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    The meeting convened at 7:10. Eleven members were in attendance.

    The treasury report from Laura told us we had $337.63. This should keep us in a room and with goodies for the rest of the year.

    What to do about delinquent dues was talked about. It was voted on that after not paying for 3 months and attending meetings would warrant a suspension from the club. Back dues must be paid before a member is allowed back in. There will also be something put in the by-laws about the payments of dues. When someone new comes to a meeting, they are allowed to attend 2 meetings before they have to start paying to attend.

    It was voted that Tory Mckay is paid for this year?s dues since he paid before leaving on a mission.

    It was discussed and agreed upon by vote that there is no solicitation to be done at meetings. Announcements can be made; just nothing can be sold. If there is any questions about what can be brought up, just ask Erik.

    The 4th of July bbq was mentioned. It is now turning out to be a possible Labor Day bbq. More will be talked about this at the July meeting.

    Jeopardy is to start at the July meeting. A thread was to be started for those not in attendance that want to play. The secretary feels that with lower attendance since meetings were moved to Saturday, possibly we could start in August?? Also, I didn?t get a list of who was going to play when, so if you remember, please let me know. One round per meeting will be played.

    FanFest 2003 looks like it will be in September. This will give us more time to advertise and make costumes. A much better idea.
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