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Tidewater, VA June 20th Meetin Minites.

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by DOMNUSKYWALKER, Jun 20, 2009.

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    DOMNUSKYWALKER Jedi Master star 2

    Aug 12, 2005
    Tidewater Aliance Meeting minutes June 20, 2009

    The council has come together and have discussed the pros and cons of the group and were its headed, and what the memebers want from the group and council. The following is at times plane and blunt, but to the point. Please be receptive to it and not take it the wrong way.

    We only ask one day a month for you to come out, and there is enough time in advace for you to make arrangements to be here. We ask you to please set asside time for the group.

    The lack of participations in the group has been a sad development in the past year. We all see this and we have decided we all need to do something about it. The council has been brain storming this issue. We've come up with this. We know that the Star Wars flame as become dimed. So intrest and enthousiasim has faded. The release of the Clone Wars animated series did nothing to strike a spark either. So the conseses is that its not been fun for the memebers. We are going to change that, but we can not do it alone.

    With all the drama that has happend in the past, which was mainly caused members to leave, was one. But all of that is done now. It over done forget it we need to move forward. It's WAY past time to move on. From this day forward its all over and this is brand new day!

    It's time for "ALL" to step it up and become active and dedicated to the group. We all have to start pumping up the fun factor and not just leave it for the council to do.

    Logging into the website. We area all guilty. We pay for this guys, please log in.


    a. brining back props days AND prop supply search missions
    b. brining back raffles. And remember it does not have to be a Star Wars Item. And most importanly it dosent have to break the bank.

    c. Getting together for a dumb movie night at someones house and or at
    meetings that are in the auditorium. We can use the projector and screen to play a movie after the meeting.

    d. Pot luck meetings. Food and good friends is the best kind of meeting.

    e. Costume meetings with picture days and costume updates. If you need advise on something or if your needing something made bring it up.
    The TA has a costume master, who is open to questions and advise. Again you do not have to have a costume to be in the group.

    f. Memebers that have purchase, been gifted with or found and incredible find, bring it in for "Show and Tell". We all want to see it. Or if you made an incredible prop, "YES" bring it to the meeting so we can all see and give our ooos and awwws!

    g. Saber pactice in meetings is coming back.
    Howerver you dont have to particpate you can watch. Again because of lelallities and liabilities, you must be 18 and over to participate. Its going to be on different levels as we go along. All that we ask if you want to participate is that you truely paractice and be ready at the next meeting to keep it going to improve and learn more. Because if you don't practice the rest of the members never get to move forward. That was the biggest problem with the last time we implimented this activity.

    h. Memeber will have the opportunity to gain fun titles on the forums. More info to come.


    This deffinatly requires more effort and participations from memebers. You as a member of the group are the ambasiders. You represent the group too. Any time you know someone that would be a great addition to the group. Bring them to a meeting. This is how we grow, its start right here with you. The council will be working on materials and hand outs for members to give out to pump up the recruiting process. We can not grow without your help and participation.


    Events are a big part of the fun factor. Charity events and anything we do requires COMMITMENT. If you say you are coming to and event, please be there. There is nothing more embarrassing than our event coordinater who is organising the event to tell the sponser that we have 15 people coming and then only three show up. That's not fare to the sponser and i
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