June 5 2010 Meeting minutes and Election news

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    This was the last meeting we can have at the library.
    Since the libraryis now charging by the hour for the meeting rooms
    The club agrred on Fudruckers as our new meeting spot.

    Serenity fund raiser for the Samariton house is next Saturday June 12th. See post for that event. it is $8.00 per person. You dont have to were costumes but they are incurraged.

    June is election month, to elect mbrs to the TA counsil.

    Chapter Rep

    Event Coordinator


    Vice President



    Chris Maher

    Fantisci is coming up. We are doing two saber demos
    We had a short run through of the demo.
    We will be having saber practice at Wendy and Noels house on
    on Tuesday and Thursday next week. Time to be anounced

    Yearly TA Picnick will be on Sep 25th time and place to be announced

    Discussion on keeping the website. Most everyone was in agreement to drop it. But more discussion will be needed.

    Dont forget Dues are "due" now, it is $20.00 either family or single.
    Try to pay them by our next meeting .

    "May the force be with you"

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.