Evan, IN June Collector's Club Meeting 6-14-06

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by Mr_Self_Destrukt, Jun 12, 2006.

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    Sorry for the short notice. Brent's on vacation.

    Place: My House
    Time: 6:00pm

    Take Lloyd Expressway to Hwy 41 S
    Take 41 S to Bellemeade
    Turn right on Bellemeade
    The first street to your left is Kerth
    Turn left on Kerth
    Go 3 blocks to Chandler Ave
    Turn left on Chandler
    We are the 2nd house on the right
    1105 E Chandler Ave

    If you miss Bellemeade you can go 1 light further to Washington Ave
    (There is a Circle K / McDonalds on the corner)
    Turn right on Washington
    The 1st street to your right is Kerth
    Turn right on Kerth
    Go about 3 blocks to Chandler (house on the corner has a white picket fence all the way around it)
    Turn right on Chandler
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    We may be recording a Podcast or writing for future ones but we will definately discuss the new Tatooine wave and how Wal-Mart is the preferred retailer of choice for the Anti-Christ. I know that he either has been or will be born unto a crazy woman that goes by the name of Beth (the vision nazi) who ironicaly is employed by that very same retailer.
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    West Side Walmart had the Tatooine wave for about 2 minutes. 1 case + 2 people = gone. I just got back today so I may or may not be there. There a few very interesting developments from Hasbro to discuss. I did manage to get the 4 I wanted from the Tatooine wave Hem Dazon, Momaw Nadon, R5-D4, and Garindan. I happened to be there as a woman was on the phone with someone about the figures, so in her moments of hesitation, I grabbed what I could get.
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