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O.C, CA June Meeting Minutes

Discussion in 'Pacific Regional Discussion' started by LizardJedi, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. LizardJedi

    LizardJedi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 29, 2005


    -> Welcome new people!

    -> This was Smudge's last meeting :_| He better have fun in Washington. Liz will be taking over Sgt of Arms untill the next elections...

    -> ... Elections are coming soon! Look out for the nomination thread.

    Upcoming Events

    ->Relay for Life - Fullerton. June 23-24.[link=] Click Here[/link] to go to the sign up page! If you are going to be in the Saber Battle, you must sign up here! Costumed photographs will probably be at around 6:00 PM, with the saber battle at around 8:30. No costume? Thats cool! Still come! We need people to walk, and take pictures, man the table, etc.

    -> July Meeting/Social Event - Meet at Lampost, then caravan to the drive in! The movie will be Harry Potter, so bring your cloaks and scarves even though it will be blazing in July. More info when a thread is posted.

    -> San Diego Comic-Con - July 26-29. If you haven't yet Buy your badge online now

    Fan Film

    -> The sound issues are not as bad as previously thought. Thats good. There is still rerecording that needs to be done, however


    -> Pay yo duez slackas!

    Pretty stuff

    -> Mark is making "Unleashed" pictures for people. If you have a hi-res pic of yourself in costume, and you want one, send it on over to Mark and let him work his voodoo magic.

    -> Need a good picture in costume? Or just in general? Talk to Liz (hey thats me!) because she has a camera and a little too much free time.

    Trivia Quiz

    -> It was all Lando-riffic. Matt and Phil tied with a score of 38. Thats freakin' high, folks. After a long tie-breaker, Matt eventually was victorious, and will provide the quiz next month.


    Liz (LizardJedi), Valerie (TheCrowbar), James (crazybirdman), Erik (the_black_smudge), Sabrina (Brianna_Stormchaser), Andrew (TK4102), Al (JediPriestOfMandalore), Don (zhi-don), Mark (Darth Carcinus), Debbi (Lady Sewforus), Carrie (CarrieAsLeia), Chris (Dog_Gumbo), Russell (jedirage), Jennifer (JediJenee), Lori (Jedi Loreen), Carole (Arkady), Rion (3720to1), Aaron/Lisa/Marley (Aaron-Wan-Kenobi), Matt (mdtillard), Danny! (DannyWookie), Phil (Falcon)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.