O.C, CA June Meeting Minutes

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    :::Meeting Minutes:::

    The Big Show - Relay for Life!!!
    Jun 21-22. Fullerton High School. There will be people, and a lightsaber show, and fundraising, and chill time, and all kinds of fun stuff going on. So sign up, and raise some dough for the American Cancer Society.
    The newest news will be posted in the thread.

    4th Annual Unofficial Star Wars Day at Disneyland
    June 28th
    Come hangout at the mouse house, and show Disney that we need some more Star Wars love.
    When we know the time of the big group photo, it'll be posted in the thread.
    Website: http://www.starwarsdisneyland.com/

    July - Nominations for 08-09 Officers.
    August - Elections for next year.

    Saber Class - After Relay is done, class will be back to more fighting, and not so much choreo. Fun times.

    If you haven't heard, Mark has stepped down as President of the club. Phil will be taking over those duties until the elections in August.

    Dues - Pay yo dues! We've been spending club funds for things like Relay, and food, and water for Relay, so we need funds.

    Trivia Quiz - Matt won a spiffy Stewie (in Darth Vader disguise) and will hook us up with a quiz next month.

    Attendance: Liz (LizardJedi), Phil (falcon), Lori (Jedi-Loreen), Lu (Myst Windu), Don (zhi-don), Lianne (Lianikan Skywalker), Toby (TK4102), Shawn (Shades), Matt (mtillard), Carol (stinkerbbygrl), Mark (Darth Carcinus), Carole (Arkady), Carrie (CarrieAsLeia), Chris (Dog_Gumbo), Minda (MommyJedi)
Thread Status:
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