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Wash, DC June Meeting Summary

Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by stateless, Jul 1, 2003.

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  1. stateless

    stateless Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 30, 2002
    Here are the things we discussed at our zoo meeting this past Saturday:

    GS picnic: We decided a while back that September would be a good time to do this. We didn't choose a date, but it looks like the 13th or 20th are our best bets. We came up with lots of issues that need to be worked out (but didn't work any of them out, heh). We need to decide exactly where to have it, what to have as far as food and activities, who all to invite, and a plan B incase it rains (which would be our luck). :) We will discuss all of this in greater detail at the next meeting.

    Bylaws: Our little group is overdue for some bylaws. Nothing spectacular, just something to show people who we are and how we're structured. (Structure? What's that?) :) Some things we will include are descriptions of officer positions, policies regarding minors in the group, and treasury information (how we collect and what we do with money). If anyone has any ideas for things that need to be added, please PM me and let me know. I am going to try to have a rough draft by the next meeting.

    Historian: Sha suggested that we add a new postion in the GS, a historian. The historian would keep track of past events and basically keep a 'history' of what our group has done. All of us at the meeting thought it was a good idea. If anyone is interested in the position or has a recommendation for it, please let me know. We will vote on it at the next meeting.

    Busch Gardens: After trudging around the zoo all day in the heat, we wondered if we really want to keep July 19 as our date for Busch Gardens. Ideally, pushing it back to the fall would be nice; the only problem is that fall is getting crowded already. Since we weren't sure, we're just going to have a vote. Look for that in a little while. (Yay, I get to make a poll, I've never made a poll before! Hehehehehe.)

    Charity: We tossed around the idea of doing something charitable, but as always we are a little clueless. ;) I would love to get involved with a cause of some sort, but I haven't had time to really look into options and what not. If someone would like to take the helm on this, I would greatly appreciate it! :D

    I think that's about it. We saw a lot of animals (duh) and a lot of weird people too. In fact, I decided that I like animals more than most people. ;) There was no line to see the pandas, which is a minor miracle. We also found a cranky tiger and some birds trying to be the Emperor and his guards. Hehehe.
  2. MuttandSolo

    MuttandSolo Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 1, 2002
    Quite ironic that a duck would pose as the Emperor, with two reddish-colored sork-looking birds as his Royal Guards. Wonder if George was trying to tell us something when he made Howard the Duck? (Other than the fact that this was the first of a long line of bad ideas. [face_plain] )

    EDIT: Onto business matters....

    I really don't have a preference as far as a date for Busch Gardens, other than I want to go as soon as possible. I've never been there, and my ticket is burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm very anxious to go soon.

    As far as charity work, the only thought I had was maybe doing something with a Big Brothers Big Sisters chapter; kids and Star Wars always go together.

    For the picnic, if we are going to have it on the Mall, we need to find out what the rules & regulations are for barbecueing and any other items relating to a picnic. Anyone possess this knowledge or know where to find out?

    Other than that, I'll put myself on the nomination block for the Historian position.
  3. Cinnea

    Cinnea Retired FanForce CR, Washington DC star 4

    Jul 15, 2002
    Sounds like quite a meeting!

    I'd vote for moving Busch Gardens to cooler weather, if only because July is so busy for me.

    We might want to try to hook up with other sci fi or SW groups for charity stuff - the 501st and Rebel Legion or even the local (gasp) Star Trek gang might be an idea.
  4. fakename99

    fakename99 Jedi Padawan star 4

    Sep 26, 2001
    Maybe we can have the pinic somewhere else besides the mall if it turns out the mall is too hard.

    I'm not going to Busch Gardens, so I don't care when you do it.

    Bylaws? We don't need no stinking bylaws! (sorry, just tell me what they will be so I can break them)

    Charity? I have something funny to say here, but the Emperor's hand would come and yell at me. Then we would have a long post about being nice to others.
  5. DarthDrew

    DarthDrew Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 26, 2002
    RE: Picnic, I'd love to participate in a picnic. What would be everyone's thoughts on combining that with a day-hike somewhere? Prince William Forest Park is nice. There's also a park with a lake and boats out in the Springfield area. If it needs to be in Washington, DC, there's always Rock Creek Park. If we're feeling really adventurous we can do Old Rag in VA. Some options other than the Mall.

    BTW, if we have it in a non-Metro accessible area, I'll be happy to pick up a few people and transport them.
  6. Cinnea

    Cinnea Retired FanForce CR, Washington DC star 4

    Jul 15, 2002
    That's a really good idea! Even an excursion to Rock Creek would be a nice change. But a day trip is even nicer.
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