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Story [Justice League Unlimited] JLU IM: Truth, Justice, and Instant Messaging - humor

Discussion in 'Non Star Wars Fan Fiction' started by JediXManSerenaKenobi, Jul 23, 2008.

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  1. JediXManSerenaKenobi

    JediXManSerenaKenobi Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jul 27, 2007
    JLU IM: Truth, Justice, and IMing

    By Serena Kenobi

    Author's note: I came up with some of the names and decided to run with it. Nuff said.

    Welcome to the JLU chatroom. You have been warned.


    List of Heroes:

    FastIsHOT: Flash
    THEMartian: Martian Manhunter
    GreenMarine: Green Lantern
    KnightInDarkArmor: Batman
    ImmortalBatmanLVR: Wonder Woman
    MysticalHeroine: Zatanna
    SexySupergirl: Supergirl

    FastIsHOT has logged in.[/b]

    [b]FastIsHOT:[/b] Hello? Anyone there? HEELLLOOOOOO??
    THEMartian has logged in.[/b]
    FastIsHOT:[/b] Hey, John!

    [b]THEMartian:[/b] How did you know it was me, Flash?
    FastIsHOT:[/b] I?m PSYCHIC? oooohhhh!! But seriously? how many Martians do I know?
    THEMartian:[/b] If you were psychic then you would know that my name is spelled ?J?onn? not ?John.?
    FastIsHOT:[/b] Whups! There goes my career as a fake doctor on TV? dang it. But WAIT! THERE?S MORE! Lol.
    THEMartian:[/b] What are you talking about?

    [b]FastIsHOT:[/b] Sorry, been watching too much TV.

    [b]GreenMarine has logged in.[/b]

    [b]GreenMarine:[/b]Obviously. You?re stuck on that thing 24/7, Flash!
    FastIsHOT:[/b] GL! My main man! Wut up, dude!

    [b]GreenMarine:[/b] ?
    THEMartian:[/b] What is the purpose of this chatroom?
    FastIsHOT:[/b] To spread chaos and disorder to the world-wide web. LOL!

    [b]GreenMarine:[/b] Oh you did NOT just call me DUDE?? I will KILL YOU, FLASH!

    [b]THEMartian:[/b] What does ?lol? mean?

    [b]KnightInDarkArmor has logged in.[/b]
    FastIsHOT:[/b] Yeah, I did! Hey, who?s the new dude?

    [b]KnightInDarkArmor:[/b]How many Dark Knights do you know?

    [b]FastIsHOT:[/b] Too many. WAY too many. LOL!
    KnightInDarkArmor:[/b] I feel the need to punch someone at the moment? you volunteering, Flash?

    [b]FastIsHOT:[/b] EEEP!! BYE ALL!

    [b]FastIsHOT has left the chatroom.[/b]

    [b]THEMartian:[/b] What does ?lol? mean?

    [b]ImmortalBatmanLVR has logged in.[/b]

    [b]ImmortalBatmanLVR:[/b] Greetings! Is this the Justice League chatroom?
    FastIsHOT has logged in.[/b]
    FastIsHOT:[/b] Hey there, babe! Who?re you?
    ImmortalBatmanLVR:[/b] Flash? This is Diana. Aka Wonder Woman. Aka the woman who will kick your butt all the way across the Watchtower cafeteria if you ever attempt to call me ?babe? again. Speaking of babe? it was NOT fun being a piggy. Unless you count the times Batman was scratching my back?

    [b]FastIsHOT:[/b] Ooh! Bats! What haven?t you been telling the rest of us very jealous red-blooded males?

    [b]KnightInDarkArmor:[/b]Nothing. Hello, Diana.



    [b]FastIsHOT:[/b] Di? What the heck was that?

    [b]ImmortalBatmanLVR:[/b]Internet speak, I believe. Supergirl?s been teaching me all about it.
    KnightInDarkArmor:[/b]Not a good idea, Princess.
    ImmortalBatmanLVR:[/b] *drools*

    [b]GreenMarine:[/b] Just a valued friend, huh Bruce? Lol.

    [b]THEMartian:[/b] Could someone please explain to me what ?lol? means?
    FastIsHOT: [/b]It means ?little old lady.?

    [b]THEMartian:[/b] That doesn?t make sense to me?
    GreenMarine:[/b] It does NOT mean ?little old lady?. Flash, cut it out!

    [b]KnightInDarkArmor:[/b]It means ?laugh out loud?, J?onn.
    FastIsHOT:[/b]Something YOU never do, Bats?

    [b]KnightInDarkArmor:[/b] I think someone just volunteered himself for an extra shift of monitor duty tomorrow?
    FastIsHOT: [/b]I?m outta here! Bye pretty lady! blows kiss

    [b]ImmortalBatmanLVR:[/b]Is he asking for a death sentence?


    [b]ImmortalBatmanLVR:[/b]He speaks!! To MEEE!!

    [b]KnightInDarkArmor:[/b] Are you sure you?re feeling all right, Princess?
    GreenMarine:[/b] Yeah, Diana, you?re sounding? weird. Like Kara. KARA??
    SexySuperGirl has logged in.[/b]
    SexySuperGirl:[/b] U talking 2 me?

    [b]GreenMarine:[/b] Uh, I guess not.

    [b]SexySuperGirl:[/b] FINE THEN. BE THAT WAY!!

  2. RK_Striker_JK_5

    RK_Striker_JK_5 Jedi Grand Master star 7

    Jul 2, 2003
    Just clicked on this, read it and loved it. [face_laugh] [face_laugh] Ah, methinks Diana scared Bruce a bit there. :D
  3. Lithiniel

    Lithiniel Jedi Youngling star 1

    Jun 26, 2006
    I can haz new brains? You broke mine....

    I saw it, I was warned, but I still read it anyway. And all I can say is: ROFLMAOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! ;)
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