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  1. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    Justice League: Unlimited


    It is the year 2030 on the planet Earth. A new anti-criminal organization has been formed by the famed Superman - Justice League: Unlimited. Their base of operations is on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean to uphold their secrecy. Hundreds of new heroes have joined this amazing legion of gallantry and bravery, each with their own unique powers and skills.

    The league also consists of venerated heroes such as Batman, Wonderwoman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. Their unstoppable power and wisdom reign throughout the globe, as they save so many lives each and every day.

    But one hero has had enough. The Freeze, once a member of Justice League: Unlimited, has diverged from his friends and moved on. He disagrees with the tenets of the Justice League. They save lives on so many occasions and all they receive for their efforts is gratitude.

    Many of the Justice League members agree with The Freezeâ??s perspective and migrate over to his newly formed organization, the Vengeance League. Their job - to take what they rightfully deserve. They rob jewelry stores, banks, and anything else that involves money, for that is what they crave, that is their weakness. Their base of operations is in the North Pole. The Justice League has difficulties halting this evil league, for their skill is matched against theirs.

    But an impending event could turn the tide on both leagues. It could cause them to reunite to fight for justice once more, or it could break them... once and for all.

    Hello, and welcome to Justice League: Unlimited. I am your GM, Dark-Enigma, and I hope you enjoy this RPG. It shall involve a deep storyline of friendship and belonging. You may choose from any of the original justice league members, or create your own with his/her own unique powers following the character sheet that is listed below. I will be controlling Superman, but other than that, all positions are currently open, including The Freeze.

    Also, you may be a freelance superhero, mixed up in the fray of the Justice League and Vengeance League. Sidestories are encouraged. Once again, welcome to Justice League: Unlimited, I hope you enjoy the show.

    1. No god-moding please. This means that you cannot be an all-powerful hero, they all have a weakness of some kind. You cannot control another playerâ??s character unless granted permission its user.
    2. Obey the [link=http://boards.theforce.net/tos.asp]ToS[/link]. No flaming, cursing, heavy sexually relations, etc.
    3. One character per user. Pretty self-explanatory, however this rule may change later on.
    4. PM character sheets to me for approval. This prevents trolls from intruding and allows me to keep the RPG organized.
    5. Have fun. Thatâ??s what RPGs are all about.

    ~Character Sheet~
    Name: This is your characterâ??s birth name, they all have one, whether they are aware of it or not (e.g. Kal-El, Bruce Wayne, etc.).
    Alias: This is what your character goes by in â??hero modeâ?� (e.g. Superman, Batman, etc.).
    Age: How old your character is.
    Gender: Is your character male or female?
    Species: Human? Alien? Other?
    Powers: What kind of abilities does your character have?
    Weakness: All heroes have them.
    Height: How tall is your character?
    Weight: - How heavy is your character (pounds please)?
    Hair: - What is your characterâ??s hairstyle/hair color?
    Nationality (if applicable): Is your character Caucasian, Hispanic, Black, etc.?
    League: Justic League, Vengeance League, or freelance?
    Clothing/Equipment: What type of suit does your hero wear (pictures welcomed)?
    Biography: It may evolve over time.


    Name: Kal-El
    Alias: Superman
  2. -Jeb- Jedi Padawan

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    Ah.. Enigma, my friend, you've done it again!

    Dibs on the Hombre Burcielago (The Batman)!

    Profile should be up by tommorow morning. Gotta go sleep now. [face_dancing]
  3. Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager

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    Ah man, I wanted to be the Dark Knight...
  4. Genimay Jedi Padawan

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    Hey all!!! This is a totally approved charater!

    ~Character Sheet~
    Name:Elizabeth Jennifer Gather
    Powers:Flexiability,Sharpened sent and hearing,claws,tail,
    Weakness:Head strong,wild,and her selective hearing are all self inflicted weaknesses. She is also alrigic to nuts and has a trick knee. No real schooling(not really a weakness but maybe)
    Height:5'2"(yeah short)
    Weight:107 lbs
    Hair: - Short "shaggy" light aburn hair,tail is same color and so are the slightly pointed ear tips
    Nationality (if applicable): White/some odd markings of a redish color(same as hair
    League:Freelace at first but looking for a place on the Justice League
    Clothing/Equipment:figerless black gloves,redish body suit(dark),during the day or in public:a wild(often short)tee shirt and jeans. If cold:a purple coat or longs sleeves.
    Biography:Tiger is a one-of-a-kind teen with a rebellious stage since age three. Her happy and often reckless attitude often gets her in trouble but she always manages to "claw" her way out.

    A ture street kid since are five,Tiger is tuff and street smart...but that's about it. She went to the begging of first grade before her parents were killed. Being the kid she was,Tiger didn't want to be in the "system" so took off.

    Lucky for her she met up with a band of other street kids and runs with them. They raised her and she learned quite a bit. Her reading and math skills are at a fourth grade level at best but she has a flare not often found.

    The "gang" used her speacail abilities to their advatage. Tiger learned to pick locks,get past sercurity grauds,avoid camreas,look natural(well,sorta),and high-jack cars at the age of seven and excelled at all of it.

    After a few years the gang kept spilting father and farther apart. Soon Tiger only had her closes friends or graudians. A firey girl call Tam and a super smart boy called Tim. Both were ten years older than her and had given her the name tiger and the nick-name Kit.

    A recent drive by shooting killed both tam and Tim. Tiger lived and started useing her powers for good. Now she has learned about the Justice Leauge and has set out to find them. Her attitude,though often gets her in trouble,also keeps her going and strong.

  5. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    Just as I expected. Arguments over the Bat. :p

    This isn't a first-come, first-serve deal, so both of you may send character sheets for Batman. I will then choose the sheet that I feel is the best. :)

    Edit: Good to have you on board, Genimay. :)
  6. LightWarden Jedi Master

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    It's only natural to argue over the Batman. Afterall, he's Batman. So is this DC heroes only or are we allowed to create our own? Also, if you're going to use Superman, that seems pretty powerful to me. What tier of superpower is he operating at in this universe? Is he still crazy strong enough to haul planets around? Although, I suppose one could use Billy Baston/Captain Marvel/Shazam to counter his power.
  7. -Jeb- Jedi Padawan

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    Application sent. Going to bed soon. Waiting for a response. [face_tired]
  8. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    You can either create your own superhero or make a sheet for a DC hero (no Marvels!).

    Don't worry, my friend, I shall use Supes' powers fairly, for he won't dominate all of the others. :)
  9. LightWarden Jedi Master

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    Is it League of Vengence or Vengence League?
  10. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    Vengeance League. Sorry for the confusion.
  11. Master-Korr Jedi Youngling

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    NUTS! I posted my app again in an RPG. My apologies, GM.
  13. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    Master-Korr, I look forward to your Flash sheet.

    No problem, Moff_Yittreas, I see you have corrected the error. :)
  14. Moff_Yittreas Jedi Youngling

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    Name: Shayera Hol
    Alias: Formerly, Hawkgirl. Dropped after the Thanagarian Invasion.
    Age: 33
    Gender: Female
    Species: Thanagarian
    Powers: Natural flight abilities, lethal hand-to-hand combat skills, experience with advanced technology, Nth metal mace capable of disrupting magic, brain can block most telepathic intrusions.
    Weakness: Anything your typical mortal has, but can take slightly more of it than an average human.
    Height: 5'6"
    Weight: 115 lbs.
    Hair: Red
    Nationality (if applicable): N/A
    League: One of the Big Seven (Justice League Founder)
    Clothing/Equipment: Nth metal mace, yellow and black jumpsuit
    Hawkgirl's Birth and Betrayal
    Shayera's early years are shrouded in mystery. What is known is that she became the Promised One to Hro Talek, and later joined the Thanagarian military, eventually earning the rank of Lieutenant. After working as an instructor for the Espionage wing of the Thanagarian forces, Shayera Hol was sent on a mission to gather reconnaissance on Earth to gauge resistance to the Thanagarians building a hyperspace bypass on the the small world for their efforts to defeat the Gordanians. During her time on Earth, she joined the Justice League under the alias "Hawkgirl" in order to fight the invading Imperium, which had driven the Martian race into extinction many years before. For the next five years, she fought alongside the League, forming close friendships and even finding romance with colleague John Stewart, better known as the Green Lantern.

    But it all came crashing down when a Class-4 Gordanian cruiser attacked Washington DC, only to be obliterated by a Thanagarian cruiser. Aboard was her old lover, Commander Talek. In a speech at the United Nations, Talek revealed Hawkgirl's true identity and purpose. Her fellow Leaguers felt betrayed, and Lantern was even more put off upon discovering Shayera's and Hro's engagement. The League's distrust grew, and when Batman was captured attempting to learn more, the League attacked the Thanagarians. Shayera did her best to try and calm both sides, restraining Paran Dul at one point in the fray around the "forcefield generator" built in the Middle East, but eventually, she showed her true colors, dashing Green Latern to the ground with her mace.

    With the League captured, Shayera was caught in between a rock and a hard place. She wanted to help her friends, but thought by assisting her people, she was helping to save Earth from the Gordanians. Only after Talek revealed it wasn't a forcefield generator, but a hyperspace bypass did Hawkgirl realize the enormity of what was going on. Upon activation, the bypass was implode the planet, and six billion people would die. Shayera tried desperately to change her fiance's mind, while still trying to remain loyal to her people. When her rival, Lieutenant Kragger questioned her about her loyalties, she throttled him and informed him that if he wished to to see Thanagar again, it would be wise to watch his tongue.

    Eventually, it became too much for Shayera to bear. After the League had broken out of incarceration, she visited them at Wayne Manor. Originally met with fierce distaste, she revealed the Thanagarians' true plans and returned Green Lantern's power ring. Little did she know that Kragger had implanted a holocamera in her breastplate, tracking and recording her second betrayal for Talek to see. Hoping it would win him the Commander's favor, instead, after escorting the now-unhelmed lieutenant before his commander, Talek struck him in anger. Nonetheless, he imprisoned Shayera, asking her why she wanted to save these primitive humans so badly as to be betray her comrades, and to betray him. Eventually, it became clear to him she was at least partly motivated by her love for Stewart, and decided to annihilate the planet to make her forget him. But the escaped League had other plans. They launched an all-out ass
  15. Renson Jedi Youngling

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    GM Approved

    ~Character Sheet~
    Name: Kyle Rayner
    Alias: Green Lantern (other aliases: Ion, the 'Torch Bearer?)
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Powers: Green Lantern Power Ring (Can create almost anything with his ring, all things he creates are green and are linked to his ring)
    Weakness: Family, friends
    Appearance: [image=http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/0/00/Glkyle.PNG]
    Nationality (if applicable): Caucasian
    League: Freelance (Formerly the protector of Earth and a member of the Justice League)
    Biography: [link=http://www.answers.com/topic/kyle-rayner?method=22]Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) Bio[/link]
  16. -Jeb- Jedi Padawan

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    The Batman...

    Name: Bruce Wayne

    Alias: The Batman

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Species: Human

    Powers: Trained himself to near superhuman perfection; also, advanced experience in Criminology, Forensics, Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Disguise, Hunting Techniques, and many fields of Ninjitsu.

    Weakness: Being only human, Batman doesn't have any personal physical weaknesses, like Superman's weakness to kryptonite, but has obvious character flaws that can be exploited by enemies.

    Height: 6'2"

    Weight: 210 lbs.

    Hair: Short, slick black hair.

    Nationality (if applicable): Caucasion

    League: The Justice League

    Clothing/Equipment: The "Batsuit": inspired by many factors explained in the bio.


    In the Batman mythos, Batman is the alter-ego of Bruce Wayne, a billionaire industrialist and philanthropist who was driven to fight crime after his parents were murdered before his eyes at the age of eight. The identity of the mugger traditionally is known as the small-time criminal Joe Chill, though some versions have deviated from that (the 1989 Tim Burton movie Batman presented the Joker as the killer of Wayne's parents, while Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins sticks with Joe Chill). In the comics and animated series, physician and social worker Leslie Thompkins was there to give loving comfort to the traumatized Bruce. Depending on the adaptation, he was then raised on the Wayne Manor estate by uncle Philip Wayne and/or wise and loyal butler Alfred Pennyworth.

    To avenge his parents' death, Wayne spent his youth traveling the world, training himself to intellectual and physical perfection and learning a variety of crime-fighting skills, including criminology, forensics, martial arts, gymnastics, and disguise. He had entered such prestigious European universities as the Sorbonne and Oxford by the age of 14, and, in the film Batman Begins, attended Princeton University in New Jersey as a young adult. He studied hunting techniques from Australian Aborigines, subterfuge and shadowy tactics from ninjas, and even ventriloquism from practitioners of the art. After returning to Gotham in his early twenties, Wayne made several harrowing and near-fatal forays into the world of crime-fighting before donning his now familiar costume. The costume may have been inspired by a Halloween "bat-suit" worn by his father before his death, and was also certainly influenced by both Wayne's conviction that criminals are a "superstitious, cowardly lot" and his own fear of bats ? at the age of six, he fell down a cavern, located beneath Wayne Manor (later to become the Batcave), that was swarming with the nocturnal creatures, wherein he was forever haunted by the event.

    An important part of the mythos is that Batman ? unlike Superman and most other costumed heroes ? is a normal human being who does not possess any superhuman abilities. However, he has elevated himself to near-superhuman status through years of rigorous training. Batman is typically portrayed as a brilliant tactician and peerless martial-artist, possessed with a stoic personality and a strong desire for justice. In recent comics, Batman has often been presented as having an obsessive, humorless personality. Like Superman, the prominent persona of his dual identities has varied with time. Present comics seem to favor portraying the decadent playboy aspect of his character as the facade, while the masked and particularly dark, grim vigilante is marked as the "true" man. Usually, Batman is further separated from Bruce Wayne by the raspy voice he assumes while costumed.

    Being only human, Batman doesn't have any personal physical weaknesses, like Superman's weakness to kryptonite, but has character flaws that can be exploited by enemies. In recent comics, Batman is shown as being vastly paranoid by nature and tending to not trust other heroes beyond those he has known for years like
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    ~Character Sheet~
    Name: Wally West
    Alias: The Flash
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Powers: Super speed
    Weakness: All heroes have them.
    Height: 6'
    Weight: 179
    Hair: red
    Nationality USA, white
    League: Justic League
    Clothing/Equipment: [link=http://members.aol.com/thefightingfury/whoclix/flash.gif][/link]
    Biography: The Flash Biography

    They have been called the Fastest Men Alive ? three generations of super heroes granted the power to tap into the extradimensional energy field called the Speed Force by a scientific experiment gone awry. Each hero named himself the Flash and became the progenitor of an age of champions, perpetuating a legacy of courage and valor that extends to the 853rd century and beyond.
    Jay Garrick
    A failed college football player in the 1930s, Jay Garrick became a research scientist. By accidentally inhaling the hyper-charged atoms of a radioactive liquid, Garrick gained incredible superspeed.

    Garbed in a red and blue uniform, Garrick became the Flash and helped form the legendary Justice Society Of America and the wartime All-Star Squadron. Forced into retirement during the McCarthy era in the 1950s, Garrick was placed in suspended animation by the villainous Fiddler but was rescued by Barry Allen, the second Flash. Spared the ravages of old age, Garrick married his girlfriend, Joan Williams, and briefly retired, but he returned to active duty with the most recent incarnation of the JSA.

    Barry Allen
    Slowpoke police chemist Barry Allen idolized Jay Garrick, the super hero Flash. During a late stormy night at the police station laboratory, a bolt of lightning crashed through the window and shattered the vials of chemicals surrounding Allen.

    Suddenly imbued with the power to move at near lightspeed, Barry took on the name of his Golden Age idol, the Flash, and, along with Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Aquaman, helped usher in the Silver Age of heroes.

    As the Flash, Allen was one of the founders of the Justice League of America. When his fiancée, Iris, was apparently slain by the Reverse-Flash, Allen killed his hated foe. After a lengthy trial, the Flash retired to the 30th century, where he sired the Tornado twins. Tragically, Allen died saving the Earth from the nihilistic Anti-Monitor by destroying his antimatter cannon, aimed directly at the planet.

    The Death of Barry Allen
    Learning that his wife, Iris, was saved from death at the hands of Professor Zoom by a ?psychic transplant? in the future into another body, the Flash traveled forward in time to be with her. Tragically, their happiness ended when the Flash was kidnapped by the Anti-Monitor, who planned to use a giant antimatter cannon to destroy the universe. Running faster than ever before, the Flash escaped the Anti-Monitor?s bonds and destroyed the cannon. Allen?s body disintegrated, but his energies rocketed back in time and became the lightning bolt that shattered the chemicals that originally gave Allen his superspeed.

    Wally West
    The young nephew of Barry Allen, Wally West, was visiting his uncle?s laboratory when a bolt of lightning shattered a rack of chemicals in the room. The chemicals spilled on the boy, and duplicated the same accident that created the second Flash. West became the first Kid Flash, the junior partner of the Flash, and founded the Teen Titans with the first Robin, Aqualad, Speedy, and Wonder Girl. After Barry Allen died saving the universe, Kid Flash assumed his costume and identity.

    The Speed Force
    As the Flash, Wally discovered his link to the Speed Force, an energy source that gives all speedsters their power. Tapping into the force made Wally the fastest Flash of them all, able to run at the speed of light. One of the founders of the current and most powerful incarnation of the JLA, West has garnered a lethal Rogues Gallery as the champion of Keystone City.

    The Flash revealed his secret identity to the world and, after several failed romances, fell in love with and married reporter Linda Park. After a battle with the villain Zoom ended in the miscarriag
  18. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    Attention: The rule of one character per user has been replaced. Users may control two characters, but they cannot belong to the same faction. So if you already have a Justice League member, you may create a Vengeance League member or a freelance. Original characters such as The Joker, Lex Luthor, etc. may be controlled, but are considered freelance. This rule has been altered due to our lack of baddies. :)
  19. master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight

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    Gm aprroved

    Name: The Joker
    Alias: Clown prince of crime, Mr j
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Powers: none fiendish intelligence particularly in the field of chemistry some skill in hand to hand combat
    Weakness: utterly psychotic
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: - 170 pounds
    Hair: green
    Nationality (if applicable): pure white!
    League: freelance out for no1 baby
    Clothing/Equipment: purple suit, joy buzzer, acid flower, razor sharp playing cards, smilex gas
    Biography: Was a engineer at a a chemical plant who quit his job to become a stand up comic only to fail miserably and then struggled to support his then pregnant wife, he agreed to guide two criminals into the plant for a robbery.

    During the planning off the robbery he was informed that his wife and died during a house hold accident. Grief stricken he tried to pull out of the robbery but was strong armed into it by the criminals into keeping his commitment to the robbery.

    Once in side the plant he was force to don a mask that made him look like the infamous red hood, during the robbery the almost immediately tripped the alarms and after a bloody shoot out the would be thief's there confronted by the Batman.

    In a panicked desperation he feel into a vat of chemicals and was washed along through the drainage system to the outside, once outside to his horror he found that his skin and been bleached white and his hair permanently dyed green and his lips ruby red, along with the days other misfortunes this caused him to become utterly insane.

    Since that day the Joker has become obsessed with revenge on the batman, being responsible for some of the most notable tragedy's in batman's life most notably the death's of the second robin Jason Todd the paralysis of Barbra Gordon aka Batgirl and the murder of Commissioner Gordon's wife Sarah.

    Joker is added by former Arkaham asylum shrink Harley Quinn who feel hopelessly in love with the joker and also became insane as a result of falling for Mr J as she calls him.

    Jokers obsession with Batman nows no boundary, he was once driven to say that only he deserves to kill him and will often try to stop or kill anyone who tries to take away his right to kill the batman.

    Joker has teemed with several other super villains before to take on the justice league most notably the injustice league, at first the leader Lex Luthor wanted nothing to do with the Joker but when Joker offered some thing the other members something none of the other can offer, an insight into batman's mind and how he works, then once he proposed a plan that would give him the batman and free up the other justice league members to be killed Luthor agreed. Once Jokers plan was hatched and Batman was caught Joker was amazed the they where leaving him alive as he knew he would escape, which he did in time to foil there plans.

    At this moment Joker is in the secure wing at Arkham Asylum unwinding planning his next scheme to kill batman .

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    The Flash

    Weakness: His Family
  21. Darph_Nader Jedi Master

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    I really want to join this, so I'll have a character sheet sent in for approval sometime tomorrow. :D

    D_N :cool:
  22. -Jeb- Jedi Padawan

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    ^I think I speak for us all when I say we'd really appreciate it if you tried joining in as a villain. But, you know, whatever floats your boat. :D ^
  23. Moff_Yittreas Jedi Youngling

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    Yeah, I need people to hit with my mace. :)
  24. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    Jeb and Yittreas, you may make another character as a villain if you would like. *points to previous post*
  25. Master-Korr Jedi Youngling

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    Just sent a new sheet in. When do we start?
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