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    OoC: Alright, we're ready to go. *adjusts collar*

    IC: Superman
    Justice Island, Pacific Ocean

    Superman stood on a high balcony, looking down upon the soft, light brown sand of Justice Island blowing up calmy as the relaxing wind blew by, causing his long red cape to ripple slightly and his short black hair to ruffle a bit. His hands were converged behind his back and his legs were spread apart, shoulder width. The sun was beginning to set, her graceful ultraviolet rays concealing themselves from the view of the Earth and reflecting off of the water. The beautiful blue waves of the ocean clashed together gingerly, their tides approaching the sandy shore of the island, famished for just a small taste of the land to regale them. Only on the edge of the island sand resided. The rest of the land was nothing but foliage, a seemingly endless amount of trees with the greenest leaves that eyes could ever see.

    The prodigious base of operations for the Justice League was veritably a wonderful sight, for what could be seen. Part of the headquarters could only be viewed from the outside, but most of it was conjoined with a large cliff of rock that was hidden by the barrage of trees. For what could be seen, there were two swimming pools in the front, for even superheroes need some fun once in a while. Behind them stood an oddly shaped building shaped similarly as a reversed S. Some say that it was built that way to reflect the initial of Superman, but others say it was built that way for no apparent reason. The latter was correct, for Superman wasn't one to have a building reflecting his name, even in the slightest. Behind that were two viewports, one higher and larger than the other. Both were excellent places to relax and gaze at the wonderous sky and her cotton-resembling clouds.

    Superman looked upon the island with a slight smile on his face. He was proud of all of this, of how there were so many superhumans out there that desired to use their power for the greater good, the good of mankind. He had established a league that had allowed them to become more organized and to enable them to work together, causing their jobs to become even better than before. Of course, he had not done it on his own. He was bestowed with assistance from his good friends, Batman, Wonderwoman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, the Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, and his Kryptonian cousin who was the unofficial troublemaker of the group, Kara, who was more widely known as Supergirl. Already hundreds had joined the new legion. But yet, many had diverged as well. One of these separatists was former famed superhero, The Freeze, whose name spoke for itself. The Freeze, whose real name was James Holter, disagreed with the tenets of the Justice League, performing duties for the benefit of mankind with no form of reward. He believed that if one gave something, then that person should be the recipient of something in return, such as money. With strong disagreements from most of the Justice League, The Freeze left the legion, taking other superheroes with him and receiving some as well, such as famed villains Ultimate Abomination, Slade, who also went by DeathStroke, and many more, with more expected to join. The Justice League is beginning to fear this legion of fallacies, for their skill is matched with theirs.

    Superman had his eyes closed, thinking about his childhood days in Smallville, Kansas. Albeit he did not remember actually doing it, he remembered the stories of his adopted parents, Jonathan and Martha Kent, telling him that he had once lifted their truck in the middle of an abandoned road, showing the first sign of his elite strength. When his parents found him, they named him Clark, for his new mother's maiden name. More abilities followed, the next one being superspeed. Now, he was often rivaled with the Flash when it came to speed, opinions being relatively even. So far, this had gone undecided, and Superman hoped to keep it that way. When Clark was a teenager, more abilities began to spr
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    IC: The Flash

    The Flash had just enrered the briefing room. H had just finished his workout when he heard about a meeting that Clark had called. Wally West was a little annoyed because he wanted to take a relaxing swim in the pool.

    "Anybody seen Soop? This better be important."

    Edward Nigma aka The Riddler

    "Riddle me this, riddle me that. How can I stump the big, black bat? Heheeeheee!" The Riddler mused as he was leaving his latest clue at the scene of his latest bank robbery.

    He would have to wait until he got back to his hideout at the abandoned puzzle factory to plt his next move. He knew that the Bat couldn't be too far behind.

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    Tiger was prowling around,just doing nothing. That seemed to fill alot of her hours of late. Since Tam and Tim were dead she was on her own and actually loving life. Her main goal was to be in the Justice League, where she could fight evil along side the greatest super heros EVER!

    Of course,she would need a boat and had no money for a boat...but she did have a plan. One that was beng set in motion as she approached the Mayors office. Albit, it was a might dark but it would work. Break in, pose a REAL threat, and simply hang around.

    As she stopped in front of the Mayor's office she looked up. It was a big building, sitting right at teh heart of New York City. Perfect,she could do this.

    She entered in her "Tiger Suit" and sticked to the shadows. Once at the top level she planted the mini bomd she had made out of hair spary and a few other rather interesting items. She set it off and ducked for cover.

    Once the smoke cleared, Tiger found the PA sytem. "Everyone, I hold about 100 more of those little bombs in my back pack and about 100 more are planted throughout this building. If you want to live then I want 2,000,000 dollars sitting outside the top office door in 30 minutes. Have a nice day." she said very sweetly.

    The people that tried to leave found the doors locked and so were the windows. Tiger left no lose ends.

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    GM APPROVED!!!!!

    Name: Jim Holden
    Alias: Nightstalker
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Powers: Increased strength and awareness, retractable fangs
    Weaknesses: Sunlight (weakens him), garlic (more like an allergic thing), wolfbane (unknown, but it can't be good)
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 155 lbs.
    Hair: short, black
    Nationality: Caucasian
    League: Vengeance League
    Clothing/Equipment: Black clothes, gloves, and mask (day use only, except for special occassions)
    Jim Holden was born in Gotham City to Tim and Roxana Holden. His father was American, and his mother was Romanian. Jim grew up in a "safer" part of Gotham, and was a fairly normal kid. Jim had seen the Dark Knight on their rooftop on more than one occassion, and pretty much worshiped the Caped Crusader. When he turned 14, though, he learned a terrible secret - his mother was part vampire. That night, Jim's mother told her son of the story that spanned generations, the story of the events that tainted her family with the mark of the vampire. That night, Jim learned that he carried that vampire taint as well. But Jim was also told that, over the years, that his mother's ancestors had become more resilient to the vampire's different banes (sunlight, garlic, crosses). So when Jim turned 16, the vampiric effects began to show. It was during this time that the Joker murdered Jim's father. But Batman eventually caught the Joker, sending him to Arkham. A few weeks later, several Gothamites began disappearing. Every night, more would disappear. Jim began to notice something different about his mother, bringing her into suspicion. She had gone in a few days from pale and thin to rich-skinned and fit. Upon confronting his mother, Jim learned that she had been draining the missing people of Gotham, giving her more power. Jim tried to keep her from going out again, but only received her wrath. Jim chased his mother across Gotham, trying to stop her, but to no avail. Eventually, Jim's mother and Batman had a showdown. The Batman drove a stake through the vampiress' heart, killing her. Jim was devastated. Sure, she had killed people, but that woman was Jim's mom. Jim swore that night he would avenge his mother to Batman's face, and left Gotham. He trained himself in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, adding to his already astounding strength, doing everything he could to try to be a match for the Dark Knight. When he returned, he began terrorizing Gotham, trying to lure out the Batman. But the Caped Crusader never showed. Enraged, Jim left Gotham again, biding his time. Upon learning of the Vengeance League, he joined, looking for another opportunity to try to destroy the Dark Knight. Upon learning of the Joker's presence in Arkham, Jim was satisfied. He'd deal with Batman first, and then he'd know where to get the Joker...

    OOC: Hopefully no one minds if I put my bio and first post in a single post... I know some people don't like that.


    Gotham City. Night. Home of Wayne Enterprises, and a city filled with crime.

    But tonight, something different was going to happen.

    Wayne Tower stood prominently above the Gotham skyline, the giant "W" logo lit up on the front of the massive building.

    A man stood on a building several blocks away, gazing on the tower. But this was no ordinary man. His eyes were not the eyes of a man, having eyes that resembled more closely a cat's. His strength was astounding, and he seemed tireless. He had fangs that could puncture flesh easily.

    This was the Nightstalker, a vampire. And tonight, he would add two more necks to his collection.

    Laughter in the distance caught his ear. He turned, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, until he found the source. A couple, obviously drunk, were stumbling down the street. Two perfect victims.

    Nightstalker followed them for a while, until they stopped, trying to balance themselves. The vampire leapt from the roof, landing sile
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    IC Green Lantern a.k.a. Kyle Rayner

    Kyle strolled the perimeter of the tower, it was getting late, the sun was setting and Kyle was tired. The extensions to the tower were completed and the children were enjoying it. Not only did he have to build the extensions but he had to keep the children happy, but it wasn't any more difficult then usual.

    He continued his walk. He thought of Jade. She was the descendant of Hal Jordan, perhaps the greatest Green Lantern of all time. But insanity had consumed him, in his struggle for complete control of all that wielded a power ring. Hal Jordan and the Manhunters were almost singly responsible for the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps. However, now Kyle Rayner was attempting to bring the Corps. back to life.

    He had left Earth in the hands of John Stewart. John had proven to be the best man for the job with the exception of others like Superman and the Flash. He left the Earth in the hands of John Stewart because he had irresponsibly let his friend Terry become harmed and knew that he needed time to think.

    He stopped walking and leaned against the railing of the hall, gazing out towards Oa. It was mostly a deserted planet, housing only the Green Lantern Corps. base. He was tormented on whether he made the right decision in leaving Earth and exiling himself. But having some contact with John Stewart left him faithful that Earth was in good hands.

    He turned and started back to his and Jade?s room. Lately she had urged him to make contact with the Justice League, she thought he was nearly ready to return to the League, he was a great asset to them. Yet he was still hesitant to turn back to his old ways. He had nearly killed his partner and best friend. He would settle this all in the morning, he was exhausted and needed the rest.

    Jade greeted him as he entered their room, dressed for bed, looking rather ravishing.

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    IC: The Freeze
    Apartment 312 of Scott Complex, New York City

    John Holter, also known as The Freeze, laid down on his comfortable bed, just waking up in the morning sunlight that shone through his curtainless window. His new apartment wasn't too much on the lower-class level, but it definitely wasn't upper-class. The walls were painted a dull gray color, and anyone could tell that the painters had only painted a single coat. The carpet was a dark blue color, which was probably the most extravagant part of the apartment. The roof was short, but tall enough to fit John's somewhat tall body.

    John was adorned in a plain white tee-shirt with a pocket in the left side of the chest area and grey warm-up pants that lacked pockets. But he was cold. Nothing could stop that. He was always cold on the inside of his body, and over the years, he had become used to it. He had learned to use the cold inside of his body to create and control ice. He could create glaciers at will, or create sharp ice objects that could penetrate the body of a normal human. Of course, it would shatter if it hit Superman's body, but John was currently devising a solution for this problem.

    It was ten years ago, when John was twenty-eight years of age. At the time, he was working at a meat factory, transferring meats from freezer to freezer. But one night, when the factory was ready to close and John was making his last duty of the night, the large metal door shut when he was still inside of a freezer. Bewildered by how this could have happened, John knocked and banged on the door, yelling for someone to assist him. But no help arrived, and John was left in the freezer until the next morning, when the workers came back to their morning shifts. Now, if someone was left in a freezer for a good twelve hours, chances are there body temperatures would become too low for the heart to pump blood, and the victim would soon die. However, that was not the case with John. He lived through the incident, and would remain cold for the rest of his life.

    But John wasn't the kind of guy who would sit around, sulk, and feel sorry for himself for the rest of his life. He felt that if he was bestowed with this power, that he should use it for the good of people, not waste it and throw it away like a piece of garbage. Thus began his life of anti-crime. He lead a rather successful career, saving lives and rescuing victims everyday with his newly acquired power. This went on for ten years. Then John found out about the Justice League, a new legion of anti-criminal heroes formed by seven famed superheroes, including the likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman. John immediately enrolled in the league, and became a well-respected superhero. But time passed, and John became tired of non-stop life-saving and not getting a single dime out of it. He still had to work a part-time job just to keep food on the table. The Justice League assurred him that the world was very thankful for his duties, but that was not enough. Enraged, John left the Justice League and started his own organization from scratch - the Vengeance League. Many Justice League members migrated to the new league, confident that finally they would get their due payments. And they did.

    John outstretched his arms and legs as he lifted himself off of his somewhat comfortable bed, pulling off the red covers. He walked to the kitchen and opened a nearby cabinet, pulling out a transparent glass. Turning on the kitchen water faucet, he filled up the glass until it was almost full. There was no need for ice here. To make the water cold, John put his hand at the bottom of the glass. Smiling, he felt the water become colder and colder, and then he discontinued his ability. Taking a refreshing sip, he strolled towards the front door. He opened it and looked down, pleased to find the morning paper on the welcome mat. Bending down to pick it up, John spilled a few drops of water on the paper. Glancing at it and silently cursing to himself, he found a headline that grasped his interes
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    Jimmy was nervous.

    The man hadn't moved an inch from the darkness that engulfed his right side. He wore a pinstripe suit of gray, and was quite tall. His face was perfectly formed, with features of a movie star. He looked quite friendly, and smiled all the while, but Jimmy was still afraid.

    The man had walked into the alleyway calmly, never letting the light reveal his left half. The mafiosos jimmy had been dealing with turned at his footsteps and drew guns, but the man calmly drew his revolver and shot them dead.

    "Self-defence." were his words, and that was when Jimmy began to get nervous. This guy had to be a nut, just shooting two seemingly innocent guys. Well, almost seemingly innocent. They had, indeed, pulled guns on him.

    The man merely walked up to the truck loaded with money, and, turning so only the profile of his right side was visible, checked the truck. He chuckled softly, his voice eerily comforting, then said, more to himself than Jimmy, "This is going to the courts."

    He then proceeded to fill a briefcase with as much cash as it could hold. All this time, Jimmy, just a con artist, had cowered in fear. When the man closed the truck doors, the light that should have illuminated his right side was shut off. Now, only the overhead light in the seedy alley allowed Jimmy to see the man.

    That was how it had happened. Now, as the man produced a coin, Jimmy began to panick. Could it be him?

    "My name's Harvey, pal. I don't like your type. No justice or nobility. I want to shoot you. But I'm a fair man...?" he looked at Jimmy inquiringly.

    "J-Jimmy," stuttered the con artist.

    "Jimmy," continued Harvey, "So I'll give a fair chance. Heads you live-" said the man, indicating the coin, "-tails, I convict you."

    Jimmy gulped. This was not good. What did he mean by convict? But these thoughts were driven from his mind as Harvey flipped the coin into the air, a small ringing sound evident as it spun. Time seemed to slow as it fell, hitting the ground, and spinning on its edge before landing - tails up.

    Jimmy whimpered pitifully. Harvey groaned, as if he'd just lost a minor bet.

    'Tough luck, Jimbo," he said, walking forwards, into the light. His left side was finally revealed - a scarred, pale mass of flesh, and vivid hair, wiry and wild. His left eye was bloodshot, and unnaturally wide. He wore a white pinstripe suit and half his tie was in leopard skin. It was him!

    "But your time has come." said Two-Face, in a raspy, dark, and evil voice.

    A single gunshot rang out in the night.

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    IC: Shayera Stewart (small glitch in my app) (Earlier today)

    Shayera stirred from her slumber, one of the first times she'd gotten a full night's sleep in almost a year, at least since little Rex was born. She loved her baby boy dearly, but getting up in the middle night every night was starting to wear on her. Especially now that she could feel the beginnings of teeth whenever he'd he get hungry...

    But the night before was different. As soon as her red-haired head met the pillow, she was out. Shayera rolled over, then, and smiled at her husband next to her. As she gazed upon him, he slowly came to, chocolate eyes opening, and a smile forming on his lips.

    "Good morning," Shayera greeted with a playful smirk.

    John Stewart kissed his wife on the cheek. "Morning."

    She nuzzled close to him, her emerald eyes meeting his brown ones. She was glad he got rid of the beard, finally. The first time she saw it was when they were reunited to fight Grundy:
    "Shayera?" Stewart had asked in amazement.
    Her reply was a bit more pointed. "Hate the beard."

    "Did Rex cry at all last night?" the Thanagarian asked, actually suspicious of how she got that full night's sleep. For Rex not to be crying almost seemed odd to her.

    John confirmed her suspicions. "Poor guy bawled his eyes out. But I took care of him," he said with a tired smile. "I figured after all you went through just having him, and getting up every night, that you deserved a break."

    The woman laughed and hugged the Green Lantern, which he reciprocated. Shayera sorely missed feeling his arms around her after their tragic break-up, and even after they made up, but he was dating Vixen. But Vixen had moved on, and now she could snuggle and cuddle in his arms to their hearts' delight.

    John had noted his wife was very different on the job and at home. When it was just the two of them, or three with Rex, she was actually quite affectionate and warm. And though she wasn't afraid to crack a joke, or slip in a few innuendoes now and then while helping the League fight crime, she also knew better than to openly express her affection for her husband, especially on missions. The last time she let her guard down, a Class-4 Gordanian cruiser came bearing down on Washington. And there were so many awful memories and still unhealed wounds there... she quickly dropped the train of thought.

    "So, what do you say we get going before Superman thinks Sinestro kidnapped us?" she joked.

    Stewart rolled his eyes. "No, he'll probably just think your stalker friend is back for a chat."

    Shayera scoffed. "He's not a stalker. Carter got over me a long time ago... though it could've been sooner."

    He laughed, and stretched before getting out of the bed. Shayera watched with amusement and just a little lascivious entertainment.

    Without even turning around, the Green Lantern admonished his wife. "Stop that."

    "Hey, I can't help it if my husband that cute."

    He turned with a grin. "Well, you had your fun. You're just lucky I don't watch you."

    She laughed softly before rising; her graceful, dusky-feathered wings unfurling slightly as she stretched the muscles within, then closing back in. "Oh, by the way," she said, a playful smirk crossing her lips as she glanced back at her husband. "I get the shower first!" she said quickly and bolted off for the bathroom, with her husband in hot pursuit.

    "Hey! Slow down!" Shayera complained. "Grr, beat a guy to the shower and he tries to race you to work," she grumbled, flapping her wings a little harder to catch up.

    "Very funny. You should be the next Joker," she grumbled as she pulled up alongside John, then nearly swore when he flashed her a grin and took the lead again. "C'mon, John. You can go lightspeed. I can't. Besides... babies cause drag." Then she looked down at her son, held to her breast by a baby carrier harness. "You like the fresh air, little guy?" she asked.

    Rex gurgled happily.

    Shayera grinned, and then swerved to avoid a flock of birds. But she could see the JL hea
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    ~GM Approved Character Sheet~

    Name: Sinestro of Korugar
    Alias: none
    Age: Unknown for sure, appears to be in mid 40's but is most likely much older.
    Gender: Male
    Species: Alien/Korugarian
    Powers: Sinestro was a master tactician and a superior combatant. Sinestro was fearless and had the ability to analyze and act on any given situation without hesitation. His primary weapon was his power ring, which is virtually identical to the power rings used by the Green Lantern Corps, except that it only utilizes the yellow range of the spectrum. Sinestros? power ring was capable of doing almost anything he could imagine. Examples of its? powers include flight, phasing, creating giant objects formed of energy, and force fields.
    Weakness: Overly power hungry and arrogant, sometimes causes his plans to fail by underestimating opponents.
    Height: 6'7"
    Weight: - 203lbs
    Hair: - black short cut hair, black mustache
    Nationality (if applicable): N/A
    League: Vengeance League

    A native of the planet Korugar, Sinestro was initially considered to be one of the greatest Green Lanterns, but as the years passed, he became more and more fixated not simply on protecting the magenta-skinned Korugarians, but on preserving order in their society. Eventually he concluded that the best way to accomplish this was to conquer them, and to rule the planet as a dictator.

    When Hal Jordan joined the Corps, Sinestro was assigned to be his instructor; during his absence, the Korugarians rebelled. When Jordan saw this, he reported Sinestro to the Guardians; consequently, Sinestro was arrested, and his Green Lantern Ring was given to Katma Tui, the leader of the rebellion. The Guardians put Sinestro on trial and, as punishment, banished him into the "anti-matter universe" of Qward (note that the DC Comics concept of antimatter does not coincide with that used by physicists). However, in Qward, Sinestro found allies in the Weaponers, a group of warriors that wanted to invade our universe. To that end they created a yellow power ring for him to use.

    Ever since Sinestro has been a thorn in the side of the Green Lantern Corp, as well as being a prominent villain affiliated with various groups.

    ~IC: Sinestro, in space approaching Earth~

    Sinestro was wrapped in the yellow protective barrier provided by his power ring as he flew through deep space, his trip had not been long but already he was tired of it. Upon seeing the approaching planet however, Earth, his mood began to brighten considerably. It had been almost one year since he was last here, and he was sure to still have enemies abound. Hal Jordan was the first to come to mind, then of course there was John Stewart, both had crossed Sintestro in the past and he had sworn to make both pay dearly for their arrogance. A part of him even hoped that in his time away they had found a measure of happiness, that way he could crush it and watch them suffer.

    The former Green Lantern put immediate thoughts of vengeance out of his mind for now, he had not even spoken to his usual contacts yet and much would need to be done before he would even think of striking against his enemies, Hal Jordan was not one to be taken lightly. Looking out over the continents as they moved slowly below him he took particular notice of one bright city in America's eastern coast, beautiful New York. The last time he was on Earth it was in New York, how appropriate that he make this city his first visit upon his arrival, and maybe since he was here he would leave a little sign for his Lantern Corp friends, and he knew exactly where to hit.

    Sinestro made his way straight for the harbor of New York, and spotted his target easily, after all the Statue of Libery was a sight that stood out rather easily. A twisted smile graced his lips as he looked at it, th
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    IC: The Flash

    "Hi guys! You look tired, race to work again? You know niether one of you is going to beat me...ever." Wally said with a smirk to uis friends.

    Wally moved over to sit with John as Clark entered to make his announcement.

    "Hey Clark, whats the big news of the day buddy?"

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    I will have a post up in a bit!
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    *GM approved*

    Alias: Despero
    Age: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Species: Alien
    Powers: Super strenght, and endurance, mental telephy, and teleknisis
    Weakness: Not the strongests or toughest
    Height: around 6'8
    Weight: -unknow probably around 200
    Hair: - No hair instead fin like thing
    Nationality Alien tryant
    League: none
    Clothing/Equipment: usually nothing but pants and mabye a belt
    Biography: Despero is an alien tyrant that wants to concure earth and if he could all other planets, power hungry and insane Despero would do anything to win...But were he is evil, he is smart and very tactful outwiting many and he rules his planet well even if with an iron-fist. Strong enough to compete with superman, and more telepthy then Martain Manhunter he is not to be underestimated...While he is very powerful he is not immortal and can be beaten and outwitted...Just not very easly...

    I'll jump in later and some how plan to rule earth...Or somthing...:p
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    Ic The Joker

    location - Arkham Asylum

    Things to do things to plan matters at hand, yes yes! Joker thought to him self prowling around in his cell at Arkham. He looked down at the ghastly white inmates clothes he was forced to where, no style at all .

    Now to matters at hand, the Bat and his messy messy death, ahhhhhhh what fun it would be.

    But first he had to find away from this place, but how oooooo the possibility's where almost endless ! How he loved playing this game, he'd played it so many times it but ti was still fun.

    Now where was that pressie that was due?

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    jimmy boy hows dady [face_clown]

    and bird girl [face_chicken]
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    IC: as The Penguin

    Oswald paced back and forth on the cement slab he used as a home. He stopped in mid-stride and gazed into the mucky, brown water. "Batman..Batman.." He kept on muttering those words, thinking of any way to thwart him, to get rid of him. Now, instead of walking along the shore, he turned and half-waddled to his desk. He picked up his fur coat and black top hat and put them on. "I need some fresh air," he said in the direction of clown and gangster rabble in thier usual position along the wall, "I need some fresh thinking space." He walked past all of his henchman, snarling as he went, and over to the elevator that took him up to the surface. He stood on it and would of pushed a button with his flippered hand, but he forgeot his umbrella. He quickly hopped off of the device and waddled over to his umbrella stash. "Which one my pretties?" he asked his penguins. He finally decided to take the one he usually took, the gun.

    Now, fully armed and dressed, he ran back to his elevator, pushed the button, and reached the streets of Gotham. Since he had served his time in Arkham, he no longer had to deal with the usual police chases that ensued. Though, people still stared or glared with disgust as he would pass by.

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    Jim looked out the window of his apartment/hideout on the city. Off in the distance was the everpresent Wayne Tower. The sun was now above the buildings, casting it's full light in the apartment, sapping the vampire's strength. Shutting the blinds wouldn't do much, so he didn't bother with it. Besides the area surrounding the apartment building was filled with memories... many which Jim wanted to forget.

    Jim walked over to the table, and looked more closely at the article of his... mishap. He flipped through the pages, looking for the continuation of the story. They even had a picture of him. That made Jim mad.

    I was way too sloppy last night. Next time I'll do it in a dark alley, just like all of the other oh-so-predictable guys...

    The telephone rang, interrupting the vampire's thought. He spun on his heel to face the phone, and walked over to it. Jim hesitated for a moment, not knowing who it may be.

    Shoulda got caller ID...

    Jim picked up the phone, and put the receiver to his ear.


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    D_N [face_beatup]
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    IC as Shayera Stewart

    Shayera rolled her eyes at Flash's antics. "Wally, don't be upset just because you're the fastest man in the world," she smirked.

    Oh, how many times she had burned him with his own title... though she had to admit that Flash's speed had saved her and League more than once. She would never forget that freakish fusion of Luthor and Brainiac that nearly destroyed the League, only for Flash to kick Lex's--

    Ugh, bad mental image... seeing it once was bad enough! she mentally chided.

    TAG: Flash, Superman, other Leaguers
  17. Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling

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    IC: John Holter/The Freeze
    Apartment 312 of Scott Complex

    As John waited for a reply, he looked out of the open window and onto the bustling city of New York below. He could see eight o' clock traffic already forming, and cars honking at the others, desiring them to speed up or upset that they passed them in such a rush. He missed the old days of being an average citizen, working nine to five and coming home to a loving wife and child. He shook the images from his head. He did not like to remember his former wife and son.

    Buildings stood tall among the clouds in the sky as residents of New York City still mourned the destruction of the Twin Towers twenty-nine years before. John bowed his head at this thought, mourning the deaths of all of the people inside of the buildings and all who had died in attempt to rescue them. Even though he did commit enormities, he wasn't without a heart. He heard distant static as the recipient of John's call answered. "Hello?" came the voice of Nightstalker.

    John cleared his throat. "My apartment, fifteen minutes, be here," John said in a somewhat curt manner. Without waiting for a reply, he hung up the phone. He didn't want to delve into the specifics over the phone, for he was unsure if it was secure. He always liked to speak with the Vengeance League in person. He trusted that Nightstalker would obey his command.

    Tag: Darph_Nader, any others

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    Also, I will bring Superman to speak when all members have made their opening posts and maybe garnered some interaction with others, which is strongly encouraged. Good day.

  18. -Jeb- Jedi Padawan

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    The Batman
    Wayne Manor, Gotham City, Several Hours before Dawn..

    The scene before the small child was a pleasent one indeed. It was his 6th birthday, a large festivity erupting across the limitless fields of the Estate Grounds. Balloons, banners; the whole lot. All of Bruce's friends had been invited to this joyous celebration, accompanied by their folks. A clown and even a small marching band had been hired to bring further cheer to the occasion.

    They began a friendly game of Tag, the birthday boy in question being their main target. But he was cunning, even at such a tender age. He weaved through the feilds, evading advances from friends. He climbed trees, jumped from short ledges, hid within bushes. They never caught, they never could. And suddenly, it happened..

    "Bruce!? Bruuuuce!!!?!", came the low yells of the children, calling him out. It was dinner time, and the children had to end their play session, but little Bruce was nowhere to be found. The searched for him, high and low, but to know avail. Worry, and panic began to erupt.

    Bruce had tripped, and when he turned to reach out and stop his descent, he was unable to find the ground. He plummeted for what seemed like miles. Miles into the darkness. His heart wrenched in fear.

    When he made contact with the ground, the pain came in so excrutiatingly that he could'nt even scream in agony, almost as though he was mute. The fright would not let him. His rib was cracked, his elbow shattered, but he could'nt see anything, nothing but the dim light seeping through way in which he fell. He felt he'd found his grave.

    The moss and dirt covered cave hugged his legs and back, and suddenly he heard chirps coming from his north. His vision came back, and it seemed like all of his senses had gone completely blank as he looked on. And then he saw them...the Bats...

    Bruce stood up, a sheen of sweat covering his entire body like a shroud. His dark hair was matted down to his pale forehead from the wetness. He cbrought up a hand and wiped off his face, panting. The Bats. It wasn't a dream. It wasn't a nightmare. It was inexplicable; an Achilles Heel. It brought him his Fortune, it brought him his grief.

    Bruce scooted to his side, sliding off the covers from his lap as he stared blankly at the small clock at his side. He squinted. 3:17 am. He got up, and got ready, taking a quick, nearly freezing shower before heading over to the large grandfather clock centered in the main hallway's wall.

    He felt behind it, pulling on a small, distinct notch. The clock swung ajar, to the side, and in he entered, through the wall and into an elevator...

    By the time morning came, Bruce had been standing within the meeting chambers of the Justice League Headquarters. He and WonderWoman were the first to arrive, shortly accompanied by the Flash; go figure. His arms were crossed over his chest, semi-covering the large black Bat emblem over his broad chest. His large black cape draped over his entire form, his eyes squinted as he paid all of his attention on the center podium.

    Superman was someone he was constantly stereotyped with. For a long time he never liked him, infact he hated him. But he respected him in a way that no other being in the Universe ever did; nor ever will. There was a reason why he was the Boss. No explanation was necessary.

    Tag: All at the Meeting../>/>
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    IC: The Flash

    "Hey Hawkgirl, don't try and use my own reputation against me. I take pride in the fact that I could leave you in the dust at will. And, the ladies love it." The Flash said with his usual smirk. Wally had the upmost respect for everyone in the League, he just liked to have fun with his job.

    "What's up Batty? You'd think that by now you would have learned how to smile." Wally said giving Bruce a playful jab in the arm. Wally knew that Bruce wasn't just a cold, unfeeling man, he knew that Bruce had a sense of humor in him, just a very dry one. Wally loved to have fun with his teammates, even if they were among the more serious of them.

    "On a more serious note, has anyone read the Gotham paper today? Nightstalker and The Riddler have both struck again. We need to do something about it."

    The Riddler

    "Rats, they found my clue! I'll have to call Harvey to make sure the Bat doesn't come after me with his Super-powered friends. I think Two-Face could use someone to talk to besides himself anyway." Nigma was reading the paper in bed surrounded by money.

    Nigma got up and moved over to the telephone. He dialed Harvey, hoping that he was in a good mood.

    "Harvey. Rise and shine my two-faced friend! We have schemes to scheme and plots to plot!"

    Tag: the forces of good or evil/>
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  21. Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager

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    Two-Face's cell rang. This was a very exclusive number, that only a few knew.

    He picked it up, and checked the caller id. Obviously, there was none. Good.

    "This is Dent." he said into the phone's mouthpiece. This had better be important. More than once he had gotten a wrong number, or a prank call. Not on purpose, of course. Harvey knew all too well the way prank calls worked. Dial a random number, see what happens.

    "Talk to me." he said, matter-of-factly.

    Tag: The Riddler
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    IC: The Riddler

    "Harvey. Rise and shine my two-faced friend! We have schemes to scheme and plots to plot!" The Riddler said into the phone. He thought that Harvey would be a little more receptive to the man who just knocked off one of Gotham's biggest banks.

    "I knocked off a bank last night and left one of my lovely little clues. I made headlines today in case your coin flip kept you from reading it. I think the Bat may bring in the rest of those Justice Sissies in on it this time. We should hook up again to stop it." Edward said to his disfigured friend.

    Tag: Two-face
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    IC as Shayera Stewart

    Shayera winced as he called her that cursed name once. She hated it passionately. It had once been a proud moniker, but now she saw it for what it was: a sham, a caustic reminder of what she did to her friends and people. Same as that damned helmet. If she still had it, she would burn it.

    "Uh, Wally... don't call me that. I've asked you before," she requested gently, restraining her hate for that title.

    TAG: Flash
  24. Penguinator RPF Modinator and Batmanager

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    Harvey listened closely. Fast Eddie had broken the law, but weren't all banks corrupt?

    "I'm interested, Eddie. WWhat've you got in mind?" said his better half. If he could take down one of the JLU-ers, then that was one less vigilante running around.

    And I can take down Bats, thought his opposite. The old Harvey would've thought about this, he would have taken down Eddie, using the law as a weapon. The new Harv, though, was more of a socialist. Money was taken for safe keeping, and the theifs were quickly declared guilty or innocent.

    He flipped his coin, and it landed heads-up. Well, one of the heads up. The other side was a defiled face, much like Harvey's, and always represented punishment.

    Eddie was innocent. At least, for now.

    Tag: The Riddler
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    IC: Despero

    On a planet far, far away, lies Despero the evil monster, tyrant ruler...

    "Sir we have descovered a new planet on the map...The beings that live there are called Humans...and they call the planet EARTH...(them man said stumpling over worlds like human and earth)"

    "Hum...Well if this is a new discovery, we should see how advanced this planet is...Also see if there are any crime lords or corupt leaders that could aid us in are path to concuring this small planet..."

    "Sir it will be done well..."

    The man left and Despero thought that it was strange that no one had ever made contact with these Human things before, hopfully they will be and easy target...

    "You slave, tell comander vicimoro to ready the fleet incase those Human things aren't very intelligent...Have the fleet ready to attack in 29 days..."

    "Sir! Yes Sir!" screamed the terrified slave worker who then ran down the hall...


    Meanwhile the probe on earth had discovered there were crime lords and sent a message to all of them...


    Tag: Evil People who wish to help in world domination...
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