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Discussion in 'Non-Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Dark-Enigma, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Chukles38

    Chukles38 Jedi Master star 5

    Jun 10, 2005
    OOC: I'll jsut go ahead with a new post. Sorry for the double post by the by. WOn't happen again.

    IC: Brutus

    Brutus sat in a small garden... or something similar to one. It was nothing more than a little alcove on the side of the building with a stone bench, some trees, some flowers and so on. It really was quite calming. He sat on the bench, sharpening one of his swords. His mask was off, lying on the bench to his right. His hood was down, and his face looked intently at his sword. This was one of the few things that truly calmed him. Sharpening and caring for his weaponry. That, and singing. His hands moved automatically, with the habit of sharpening so ingrained in them it took very little thought to perform. Brutus allowed his mind to wander.

    He thought of Austin. He loved that city. He thought of his friends there, who always grew tired of his frequent abscences. He thought about his job, the Justice League. He thought about this island. this marvelous, beatiful island. It had a personality about it. It seemed ot call to him... which was why he was now sitting on this bench, sorrounded by the sounds, smells, and textures of nature instead of inside at the meeting like most of the others in the League. He didn't care though. He knew pretty muhc what Superman was going to say. He'd heard similar speeches before.

    A cool breeze blew by and ruffled his hair. He loved it. He finished the sword he was on, and put it in it's sheath attached to his back by a black belt. He drew his other sword and began the same thing. As he started, he noticed several figures on the beach approaching the building. He shrugged and continued with his work. SO many super heroes were coming and going that a few walking along the beach were not really anyhting to get excited about.

    From inside, Brutus heard a general sound,a s of many voices talking. APparently, the meeting was over. He wondered how long his private little garden would remain private.

    TAG: ANy
  2. master-of-les-pauls

    master-of-les-pauls Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 16, 2005
    Ic The Joker

    Location - Riddlers hide out, gotham city

    Joker walked around the building

    "Not a bad place you got here Eddie bouy , a real fixer upper but still its not bad for me to start my plans" Joker said turning to face the Riddler

    "And what do we have here" Joker said as he walked to a nearby table on which there was a mobile phone, Joker picked up the phone and opended it and looked through the number stored on the phone till joker saw the name Two face

    "Looks like you have all the guys numbers here Eddie boy" Joker said as he pushed the caller button

    Tag Two face, if he is still around the Riddler
  3. Grishnakh

    Grishnakh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 25, 2003
    IC: as Penguin

    Oswald took off his top hat and tossed it onto a table in the distance, "I see. I was expecting, You don't look so normal yourself, or we're all freaks. No matter, though I think the Batman has it out for anyone who doesn't look exactly like everyone else. Probably jealous we don't have to wear costumes and he does." He edged closer, his long, pointy nose almost touching the steel bars, "So, what are you in for?? Attacked children looking at you in the zoo??"

  4. Genimay

    Genimay Jedi Padawan star 4

    Jun 2, 2005

    A low growl emitted from Tiger's throat. "I am not a freak. I'm just different. And no I don't do the stealing candy from a baby acts. I broke into the Mayors office and threatned to kill alot of people. The Mayor is in the hospital." she said.

    Her tail wagged quickly back and forth. Tiger's body suit made a sinck as she popped her claws. SHe got right up next to the bars and grabbed them with clawed hands. Her head was only slightly above the birds face and she glared down.

  5. Grishnakh

    Grishnakh Jedi Youngling star 3

    Nov 25, 2003
    IC: as The Penguin

    "Ahh, but my dear girl that is where you're wrong. We are all different, but some of us are more than different. Such as yourself and I. We have the distict advantage of fear on our side, which makes us more powerful than any vigilante." Tiger lleered at him from behind the bars at his saying this, but he simply lifted the barrel of his umbrella and pointed it at her chest, "I have a few friendly surprises. Stick around me for awhile and you might see some more." He paused and stroked his clammy chin, then spoke again, "Do you wish to get out of this establishment? Because, for a few petty deeds, I could clear you for life."

  6. Darph_Nader

    Darph_Nader Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 17, 2005

    Jim had finished his meal, and was once again roaming the streets of Gotham. As he passed by the GCPD building, thunder rolled through the city.


    The rain came on almost instantly. He had no choice - he'd have to stay in the foyer of the police building until the rain lessened. Running up the steps, he enetred the building, and took a seat at the chair closest to the door.

    Almost as soon as he sat down, the rain stopped.


    As he stood up to leave, an officer walked in from outside. As he passed Jim, he faltered for a moment, and turned on his heel.

    "Hey!" the officer shouted, but Jim kept walking. He made his way to the door before the officer's hand clamped down on his shoulder. The officer spun Jim around.

    "Why are you walking away?" the officer barked.

    "My hearing isn't too good," Jim shouted, trying to make his lie seem as realistic as possible, all the while looking down.

    "What were you doing in there?"

    "Had to get out of the rain."

    "Yeah... well, just move along."

    Thankfully, the cop wasn't too inquisitive. He began to wander the area surrounding the police building, trying to decide if he should obey John's orders, or go in and talk to that Tiger character himself...

    John better arrive soon, or he's gonna be mad at me.

    TAG: D-E, anyone

    [hl=black]D_N[/hl] :cool:
  7. Dark-Enigma

    Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 8, 2006
    IC: John Holter
    Gotham City

    [blockquote]John stepped out of his newly acquired blue Hummer H2. He had bought the vehicle with the funds that he had gained in a jewelry store robbery a month earlier, and a fine purchase it was. The cold breeze of the Gotham morning whipped across his face, but he felt it not, for he always felt cold. That aside, he walked to the Gotham Prison, adorned with a long black trenchcoat and a baseball cap. John was an interesting fellow. He spotted Jim walking out of the prison, apparently talking with an officer beforehand. He hoped Jim wasn't doing anything foolish. He walked up to his fellow Vengeance Leaguer.

    "What was that all about?" he asked. [/blockquote]

    Tag: D_N
  8. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Slade
    Location: The Gotham Rooftop

    Slade watched the image of the peculiar man with a style of droll inquisitiveness

    "You want to meet me? Ok here I'll take you into my mind!"

    Slade raised a brow from under his mask, and then, sure enough, the building faded out of existance and he found himself standing in the darkness. No. It was space. He saw the alien's figure, as well as a world spinning below him, and a fleet of spaceships?

    "This is my planet were I DESPERO rule! Now look at my invasion fleet! This will be ready to launch tomorrow! In 65 of your standered earth days it will reach Earth and I shall rule over it with an iron fist! Is there anything else you need to know?

    "Also this deal is not 50/50 I will be ruling the planet and if you coparate then I will spare your life and give you a reward...Maybe a Island to govern...Before you give me your answer remember this...Your tongue is your worst eneimy and if you lash out on me I will turn you into a slave of Despero! And you shall spend years cleaning and washing!"

    "You have a very nice fleet." Slade said simply, mentally cataloging every ship he could see and the picture of the planet.

    "My answer to you generous offer is no. I am not interested in your brain tricks or bribes. In fact, I am not impressed with you at all. We'll meet again."

    Slade closed his eyes and used his augmented mind to achieve a focus. He was not here. This was all an illusion. Return. To. Reality.

    Slade opened his eyes, and indeed, his focus was able to shake Despero's hold on his mind. He hated arrogant tyrants, hoped up on their shallow illusions of power. He looked down to his hand, still having the drone in his hand. He looked down to it, then tightened his grip, crumpling the machine into a little ball of wires.

    He dropped it on the rooftop and wandered off. He had.... people.... to talk to.

    TAG: No One

    IC: Zatanna
    Location: Justice League Island

    As Zatanna walked over to the door that lead down to the hanger bay the girl that had been so chatty with her called her name out.

    "Hey, erm, Mis Zatanna? I was wondering if I could come with you to, uh, wherever you're going. I need a gig, badly. I ws hoping the Justice League could help, but hanging around with a magic user might not be a bad idea. My powers aren't exactly... superhero friendly."

    Zatanna looked at the woman. She seemed harmless enought. Wonder what was her deal?

    "Well." she said, putting her hands on her well defined hips, "What exactly do your powers do?"

    TAG: Livi
  9. Livi-Wan

    Livi-Wan Jedi Master star 4

    Sep 29, 2002
    Jennifer Howe, a.k.a... ah, you all know by now

    Jennifer's hopes raised as Zatanna turned around to face her again.

    she said, putting her hands on her well defined hips, "What exactly do your powers do?"

    The girl coughed nervously. "Well, erm, mainly they cancel out other people's powers. Just by standing near someone I can stop them from using any superpowers they have. It varies, you know, 'cause everyone has different levels of power, but, well, that's about the sum of it." She felt she should add something. "Tada?"

    [TAG Zatanna]
  10. Darph_Nader

    Darph_Nader Jedi Master star 1

    Aug 17, 2005

    As Jim walked, he heard John behind him.

    "What was that all about?" he asked.

    Jim spun around to face his boss.

    "The cop was gettign suspicious. Wanted to know what I was doing. Obviously he's a rookie. I played deaf, and he actually believed it."

    Jim looked around, to see if anyone was watching.

    "Penguin went in the police building, and I've been waiting out here for him. I don't think he's turning himself in, but I don't see any reason why he'd go in."

    Jim scratched the back of his neck. "Well, if you see Penguin, try to get him out here, where I can talk to him."

    And so, Jim began walking about again.

    TAG: D-E, anyone

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  11. -Jeb-

    -Jeb- Jedi Padawan star 4

    Feb 18, 2006
    The Batman
    Batmobile, Gotham Avenues

    The sleek frame of the dreaded Batmobile zoomed down the broad, four-lane streets of Gotham's more populated section. Life buzzed here; be it as early as the sunrise or late as midnight. Commoners, Travelers, Shoppers. They were all here at this time, interacting with one another.

    The Lamborghini/Abrams Tank Hybrid astonished passerbyers, as usual. Their mouths went agape when they saw it, even if it were a common sight for some. They were awed by it's beauty, it's authority. But were also frightened by it, because wherever it was, so was something else. Something unwanted. Something sinister.

    Bruce narrowed his eyes as he concentrated on the control panel to his behemoth ride. The GPS read that he was very close; barely 3 miles away from the held-up Bank. Chances were that if the GCPD hadn't sent a squad of officers over there already, they were going to.

    "Gotham Police? This is Batman, over."

    "Roger that. I suppose you've gotten word of the hustle and bustle over at 3rd National? Over.", came the gruff voice of an officer on the other end. Sirens could be faintly heard, wailing in the distance.

    "I have. Have you dispatched men there yet? Over."

    "Positive. We sent in a Staff; 5 cars, 10 men. We've managed to surround the perimeter of the front entrance, but despite our attempts with the megaphone aswell as a few shotgun blasts to the air, the suspect, surname Dent, isn't cooperating.. any suggestions? Over."

    "Any hostages or civilians visible near your location? Over."

    "Um.. Not outside, noone'll dare get close. But inside, I think I see a few. No Two-Face, though.. Why? Over."



    "Tell them to get down. Now."

    Within seconds, an ear-shattering roar came from overhead. It was the Batmobile, hovering in mid-air. It had vaulted itself from the top of a nearby building towards the Bank. The engine went silent, as did all else. The officers watching down below stared in horror. The one he'd been talking to dropped his radio, causing a resonating echo throughout the entire street.

    CRASH!! BANG!!!!

    The Batmobile collided with the hard, reinforced-stone wall at the side of the building. It had ripped a tremendous chunk through it, digging its way harshly and violently into the Bank. Rubble, glass, and dust was spread all throughout. Civilians, and officers both inside and out of the Bank had dropped to the ground in an attempt stay clear of any injury-inducing shrapnel. When they all managed the strength and valor to open their eyes, they were thickly coated from head to toe with coarse, arid dirt and dust. Coughs and sneezes all over.

    Inside, the Batmobile's roof slid ajar, two black horns poking out. Navigating the area, Batman counted no casualties. But injuries were plentiful. No doubt this would get him on bad terms with his fellow "Leaguers". Bruce, however, couldn't have cared less. He spotted an oddly tailored suit and leopard-print tie, topped with what could only be described as "all too familiar".

    Batman lashed out at Two-Face, gripping violently at his collar. He kicked his AK-47/GP30 assault rifle a few feet away. Dent was up to something more than just robbing a Bank. His attempts were way too sloppy: No extra men, no back up. Not even a getaway crew.. Something undesireable was afoot.

    "Isn't it kind of early for this ****, Harvey?"

    Tag: Penguinator


    OOC: Hope you don't mind me taking control of your character [a bit] too much, Penguinator. Dent's still more than capable to throw Bats off, as usual, IMO.. :p
  12. Imperial_Hammer

    Imperial_Hammer Manager Emeritus: RPFs star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Sep 25, 2004
    IC: Zatanna
    Location: Justice League Island

    Zatanna looked at the woman. She negated powers? Oooh. The Magician walked a few steps towards Jennifer, then put her hands on her hips again. Well, there was only one way to find out.

    "Well lets see how good you are, hmm?" she said with a smile.

    "Drows Raeppa!" he said, extending her hand. She felt her magic working on her command, but it was like running into a brick wall. The flow of her energies tried furiously to finish her request, but couldn;t overcome this woman's powers.

    Jennifer could see Zatanna frown as the spell was worked up, then finished, half complete.

    In her hand was a hilt, and the beginning of a blade that cut off most curiously about 4 inches from her hand.

    "About 4 and a half feet too short." she said, holding up the blade expectantly. "Thats not good."

    She looked to Deadzone.

    "So, can you tone your powers down?" she said, expectantly.

    TAG: Livi
  13. Dark-Enigma

    Dark-Enigma Jedi Youngling star 3

    Feb 8, 2006
    OOC: URGENT NOTICE! I am very sorry to say this, but I am going to have to close this RPG. For what little time we had, I felt that the overall feeling of the RPG was just at a low, and it wasn't going anywhere. I kind of came into this a bit prematurely having no plot in mind, just a bunch of heroes fighting evil, and for that I apologise. So I figured it better to lock this now and move on. But, be on the lookout for a new RPG that I am currently devising. I think it will do quite well when the time comes. Want a hint? PM me. ;)

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