Kansas City Chiefs Owner Lamar Hunt dead at 74

Discussion in 'Archive: The Arena' started by heels1785, Dec 13, 2006.

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    This just popped up on my desktop. It's been expected, from what I'd heard, but no doubt sad. A pioneer of the league has been lost.

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    Very, very sad. He was a local legend here, and I know he was very beloved in Kansas City and Missouri.
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    We're having a public memorial for him this week. There's also been some talk of changing the name of Arrowhead or incorporating his name into it somehow, but I really don't want that. And as a lot of people have brought up, I don't think Lamar would have wanted that. He was never one for attention, and he didn't like changes. He loved Arrowhead and I don't think he'd want it to lose its name. But we might be putting a statue of him outside or something. We'll see.

    In any case, this is indeed very sad for the whole league, and for everyone here in KC. He was a great man of integrity and he loved his football. He's a major reason the NFL is so good today, and a major reason football is practically the universal tongue here in KC.

    There have been a lot of fond remembrances on TV and radio here by people like Len Dawson and Bobby Bell. It's been nice to hear.

    My parents also mentioned that a few years ago they were at Arrowhead and passed Lamar on the concourse. He was just out, walking around, talking to fans. He liked to do that.

    Lamar, you will be missed, especially here in KC @};-

    Here's to hoping Clark will do well with the team and carry on his dad's legacy. I think he will :)

    -sj loves kevin spacey

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