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KC, MO Kansas City FanForce, Heart of the Alliance, FAQs

Discussion in 'Mid West Regional Discussion' started by gandalfbmg, Jul 24, 2007.

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    May 16, 2002
    This document is meant as a digest, specifically the rules and workings of the Kansas City FanForce, Heart of the Alliance. The general FanForce rules can be found [link=]here[/link], and the HotA charter can be found [link=]here[/link].

    What is HotA?
    HotA is the way most people commonly refer to the Kansas City FanForce. It stands for Heart of the Alliance. This was chosen as the name for the Kansas City FanForce because of Kansas City's position as a major hub of the 'heartland' of the United States.

    What area does HotA cover?
    In most general terms, Northwest Missouri and northeastern Kansas, centered around the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Most of our members come from either KC itself or the major suburbs (such as Overland Park, Olathe, Independence, or Gladstone). We also have several members from the more outlying areas, such as Leavenworth, St. Joseph, and Lawrence.

    How do I become a member of HotA?
    You simply must live in the area served by HotA, and attend one of our events, or post on our board here or offsite (though we hope you'll show up at the real life events, as that's the main reason we exist).

    You mean joining is free?
    Yes, all our events are open to anyone, and everyone can be a regular member. However, we do have a level of membership (we call it 'full' membership) for those that pay a small, yearly dues. This amount is $15, and the amount must be confirmed (or changed) by a vote at the end of each 'fiscal year'

    What does being a 'full member' mean?
    For those that are willing and able to help support HotA financially, they are allowed more of a say in how the group functions. Obviously, they determine how group money is spent, through voting to approve all expenditures from the group's treasury. Also, you must be a full member to run for council positions or vote in council elections, as well as to vote on other motions put before the group. Regular members may of course attend any meetings and participate in any debates and make suggestions, but voting is reserved for full members. But as stated above, events are open to anyone (including business meetings, which are rare anyway), and the vast majority of our events are purely social.

    HotA considers its 'business year' to run from October 1 to September 30 of the following calendar year. When you pay dues, you are a full member for the remainder of the current 'business year'. We do have grace periods around the beginning/end of each year as well. If you pay dues any time in Sept, your full member benefits start immediately but you remain a full member for the entirety of the next fiscal year, and if you have already paid, you have about 2 months to renew after the start of the new business year while still having all full member priveledges.

    What are dues used for?
    Website registration and hosting, shelter reservations for BBQs, cost of table space at conventions, and promotional materials or other cost associated with promotional activities. We could collect money on an ad-hoc basis, but having a set, standard contribution for everyone ensures that power does not become tied to how much money an individual can afford to pay, and it allows the group to budget more effectively and also to have cash-on-hand when needed. All expenditures must be approved through a vote (which is easier to obtain than physically collecting money every time), and motions to spend money on non-group specific expenses will not be entertained by the council (i.e. we do NOT buy presents for members' birthdays, birth of children, weddings, etc. with group funds; though we do encourage ad-hoc 'passing of the hat' for group items like that)

    What is HotA's website and what it is used for?
    Obviously, as a FanForce chapter, our 'home base' is, specifically the FanForce board on which this is posted. However, we also have our own 'offsite' website. This we
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