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Discussion in 'Costuming and Props' started by VoijaRisa, Oct 26, 2006.

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    With Halloween coming up and costume parties to attend, my girlfriend decided that she was in need of a costume. I couldn't talk her into a slave leia, so we had to look elsewhere. After considering characters from many different movies, animes and video games, we finally decided on doing the white mushrooms from the first Kingdom Hearts.

    Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures from the game, so instead I'll just point to this pair of [link=http://acparadise.com/display.php?a=22979&c=8764]already amazingly well done costumes[/link].

    Our list of materials thus far:
    White fleece for body
    Black cloth for heartless logo and head
    Red cloth for cap
    Red fabric paint for heartless logo
    Pillow stuffing for cap
    Hoola Hoop to keep bottom open
    Glue for paper mache
    Small computer fan for ventelation
    Duct Tape!

    So here's the project so far:

    We started off by worrying about the head. Getting that nice round ball is what we anticipated would be the biggest challange. We hit both Target and WalMart to try to find a good sized ball but the closest we ended up being able to find was a basketball. Slightly smaller than we wanted, but we'd work with it.

    We first covered the ball in a plastic bag and then duct tape to make sure we didn't get goop all over it (since we used my roomate's instead of paying for one):


    From there, we went to work on the mushroom cap. To start, we make a thick ring that would go around the top. The cap in the back is larger than in the front, so we took this into consideration. Since this part was going to get covered again anyway, I didn't bother with sewing it up all proper and just made the tube using duct tape:


    This was stuffed, wrapped around and then closed, again with duct tape for expediency. Since we wanted to make sure the top was slightly rounded and not flat as it would be if we just covered it now, we added a top piece, stolen from one of the SW unleashed figures I'd found while at Target:


    We piled a bunch more padding on top of this and then covered the whole assembly with cloth. The swirls were drawn in with sharpie (we planned to do it with fabric paint, but forgot to buy some).

    By then the head ball was reasonably dry, so we cut it off the basketball, duct taped it back together, cut the eye holes and covered it with black cloth.


    Since we don't have the sewing machine at my dorm, we next cut out the heartless logo and began painting that:


    That's where we stand right now. More to come in the next day or two as we work to get it finished by Saturday evening!
    At this point, the cost has been just over $60. I bought a lot of extra material because I wasn't sure if things would turn out and need to be redone. Amazingly, we haven't messed up yet. Additionally, $15 of that was spent on getting a fan, wiring, and a battery to make the helmet bearable.

    We still need to get some black fabric paint and silver cloth with which to make the eyes.
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    From where I last left off, we headed to my girlfriend's house to do all the sewing for the main body. Since we didn't have a pattern, we eyeballed things.

    We started by making a huge poncho which we put on her. I marked off where her body was.


    We trimmed off the excess, checked it, and then started sewing. And just as luck would have it, the sewing machine died. So hand stitching it was with only 8 hours before the party! Huzzah! A small hoola hoop was also sewn into the bottom to give it shape.


    Once that was done, I put on the Heartless logo we'd prepared:


    Lesson learned: Trying to put a needle through fabric paint is quite difficult.

    Last up was the sleeves. To do this, I traced a zip off sleeve from my jacket to get the shape right and then added the mitten.


    The left sleeve didn't end up coming out well. I forgot to take into account the full range of motion, so when she lowers her arm, the top is no longer on her shoulder, but no one at the party noticed.

    From there, we added a cowl to the mask to hide her neck, as well as some new fabric for the eyes that was easier to see through. We also made a roll to go around her neck and complete the costume.

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