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    Kingdoms of Middle-Earth

    In the year 3029 of the Third Age, Middle Earth lay divided. In the west, men, elves, and dwarves quibble as they carve up resources for the free lands for their respective nations, as the forces of darkness build their armies. The One-Ring has been lost, and nearly all have forgotten. War is brewing between the free peoples of Middle-Earth and the Forces of Darkness. Alliances have broken and need to be reforged. As these powerful forces prepare to collide, the Fate of Middle Earth rests in the hands of the those who control it...

    Starting Countries

    Each country starts with 1 Infantry Division, 1 Calvary Division, and 1 Archer Division.

    Free Peoples of Middle-Earth

    Samwise Gamgee
    The Shire
    Capital: Hobbiton
    Income: 3000
    Bonus: Starts with 75% Approval Rating
    Special Abilities: More likely to have more volunteers when issuing a call to arms.

    (You choose name)
    Erebor (The Lonely Mountain)
    Capital: Erebor
    Income: 2500
    Bonus: Also receives 350 Mithril on each turn. (You may sell the Mithril.)
    Special Abilities: None

    Capital: Edoras
    Income: 1700
    Bonus: Starts with an extra Calvary Division
    Special Abilities: Gets Calvary Divisions half-off

    Celeborn or Galadriel
    Capital: Lorien
    Income: 2500
    Bonus: Starts with an extra Archer Division
    Special Abilities: Gets Archer Divisions half-off

    King Elessar(Aragorn)
    Capital: Minas Tirith
    Income: 3200
    Bonus: Starts with a Castle
    Special Abilities: Gets defenses half-off

    Forces of Darkness

    (You choose name)
    Moria (Orcs)
    Capital: Khazad-dum
    Income: 2000
    Bonus: None
    Special Abilities: Able to purchase a Balrog

    Capital: Orthanc
    Income: 1800
    Bonus: Starts with an extra Infantry Division, Starts with walls and gate
    Special Abilities: Gets Infantry Divisions half-off

    (You pick name)
    Rhun (Easterlings)
    Capital: (You choose name)
    Income: 2500
    Bonus: Starts with one extra infantry division
    Special Abilities: None

    (You pick name)
    Harad (Haradrim)
    Capital: (You choose name)
    Income: 2500
    Bonus: Starts with a Mumakil Force
    Special Abilities: Able to purchase Mumakil

    (You Pick Name)
    Umbar (Corsairs)
    Capital: Umbar
    Income: 2000
    Bonus: Starts with 2 corsair ships, Waterway Gate
    Special Abilities: Gets all ships half-off

    Places You May Take Over

    Income Boost: 1000

    Amon Hen
    Income Boost: 500

    Fangorn Forest
    Income Boost: 2000

    Income Boost: 1500

    Income Boost: 500

    Income Boost: 1000

    Grey Havens
    Income Boost: None, But you get all ships half off

    Druadan Forest
    Income Boost: 1000

    Emen Muyil
    Income Boost: 250 Mithril

    Income Boost: None, but if taken you have control of the Army of the Dead. The Dwimorberg will be extremely hard to take over, so make sure you are up to the task.

    Income Boost: None, except you will have the Witch Kings Fortress.

    Helms Deep
    income Boost: None, except that you may get the great fortress of Helms Deep.

    Income Boost: Get 15% off of Archers.

    (If you can think of any more countries then PM me with stats, I will approve the stats or make changes to them.)
    (The Difficulty of the Invasion depends on the income boost.)

    The Store

    Ground Troops

    Infantry Division (1,000 troops): 1000
    Calvary Division (250 troops): 1000
    Archer Division (200 troops): 500
    Balrog (Moria Orcs only, limit 1 at a time): 5000
    Troll Division (100 Trolls, Forces of Darkness only): 1000
    Mumakil Force (10 Mumakil, Haradrim only): 1000


    Corsair (Comes with 500 troops, these troops may not go on land. Use these troops to board enemy ships when having a naval battle.): 1000
    Troop Ship (holds 500 troops, these troops may not board enemy ships, although they can fight enemy boarders): 100
    Cargo Ships: 100

    (Siege equipment is to be transported on water by cargo ships. You cannot transport Mumakil or Balrogs. 25 trolls can fit on a troop ship at a time.)

    Siege Equipment

    Siege tower (holds 5
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    looks enticing, stand by for a cs.
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