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    The Story:

    It is a time of turmoil for the continent of Belime. Small Kingdoms band together in the pursuit of power and supremecy. Every Kingdom is on the verge of war and it is your time to shine as the leader of your Kindgom you will pick how you run it will you be a Noble King or a Ruthless Conqueror the choice is yours.


    This will be a Fantasy Stratagy Game, You pick your forces, you pick how much you tax your people but remember there are consquences for your actions to high of a tax and your people rebel, the whole point of this game is realism so do anything you want but there are consequences.

    Here is a map of the land in Belime any of the numbered spots with a large black dot marking it is a kingdom you name it(nothing silly please) and then put the name and the number on the character sheet. I already have #6.[link=http://autorealm.sourceforge.net/pics/maps/lpg/belmeline.jpg]The Map is Here[/link]

    The Store

    Ground Troops

    Infantry Battalion (5,000 troops): 1000
    Infantry Division (1,000 troops): 750
    Calvary Division (250 troops): 750
    Archer Division (200 troops): 500
    *Field Commander(Joins a Battalion and increases their chance of winning a fight): 1500
    Dragon(Requires Research, Extremly Powerful): 5000
    *Limit 2 per country


    Corsair (Comes with 500 troops, these troops may not go on land. Use these troops to board enemy ships when having a naval battle.): 1000
    Troop Ship (holds 500 troops, these troops may not board enemy ships, although they can fight enemy boarders): 100
    Cargo Ships(Used for trade between countries: 100

    Siege Equipment

    Siege tower (holds 500 troops): 250
    Battering Ram: 250
    Catapult (Mobile or Stationary to add to castle): 500
    Ladders: 25


    Castle (comes with 1 infantry division, 1 archer division, 5 catapults): 5000
    Watchtower (if an enemy is invading, you will know where before the attack): 1250
    Walls and Gate(Covers 5 Milimeters of Land on Map): 500
    Waterway Gate (to prevent enemy ships to enter your country Can Be Breached): 1250

    The troops in the castle may not be transported to another country.


    Stables (25% discount off Calvary units): 3000
    Barracks (25% discount off Infantry units): 3000
    Engineering Facility (25% discount off Defenses and Siege Equipment): 3000
    Shipyard (25% discount off Naval units): 3000
    *Dragon Research: 5000

    *Limit 3 Dragons Per Country


    Limit 3 Countries per Alliance(That is so that it is fair for everyone and their are no obscenly powerful alliances


    All Trade must be fair no gifts everything must be paid for either over time or upfront for every payday that passes and you don't pay someone back the interest is 500.


    Every Country Starts out with 5000 Money and 1 Castle(None of the Bonuses though just the building). Every Payday your country gets 1000 money depending on tax you get more.

    Tax List
    1% 100
    2% 150
    3% 300
    4% 500
    5% 750

    Any More and your people may rebel but if you decide too raise it higher it goes up by 250 each percent

    Taking Over A Country

    To take over a country you must kill all of their forces and take out all their defenses, for every country you control it adds 1500 to your payday, other countries that aren't controled by a player will be controled by me and if you take them over it add 750 to your payday.


    Paydays will occur once a week. I will tell you what day when the game has begun.

    You Can do Whatever You Want

    Just because it is not listed here, doesn't mean you can't do it. It is your kingdom, do whatever you want with it.

    Character Sheet

    Country Name and #:
    Other Physical Traits:
    List of Items you purchased starting cash again is 5000:


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    I'm kinda confused with the map. Ar the countries the BIG black dots or all the black dots? If so how do we know where are borders are?


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    OOC: I am confused on the map as well. Depending on my work load the next couple of days, you will probably see a CS from me in the future.
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    For everyone who has asked I will edit the borders later depending upon how many countries are picked, I will either make them large medium or small depending upon the turnout
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    Name: King Raen Botchergate
    Country Name and #: Rasaria, #23
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3"
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Long messy black.
    Other Physical Traits: Well built, good looking.
    Bio: King Raen Botchergate was the only son of King Thomas Botchergate and Queen Friea Botchergate. He was a rather gifted young child. He and his friends would always practice for there days on the throne and Raen proved even at that age he would lead the kingdom well. At 18 he put down a rebellion lead by a knight, and proved that he could fight. After he put it down he made a powerful speech with the famous line. "Come, give me your best fighters, rebels. And I shall cut their throat and stomp on their chest." At that point he cemented his reputation as a militaristic leader. His father died 3 years later, and Raen has ruled ever since. And his people follow their warrior king.

    List of Items you purchased starting cash again is 5000: Infantry Battalion (1). Calvalry Divison (1). Archery Division (2). Troop ship (2). Siege Tower (2). Catapult (2). Walls and Gate (1). Should leave me with 50

    Tax: 3%
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    OOC: Well if they are larger, will the amount of wall be increased, just my opinion but 5mm is really really small for that amount of money.

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    ***GM Approved***

    Name: Theodoious Kant
    Country Name and #: 8
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 230 lbs.
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Long, unkempt though attractive, beard
    Other Physical Traits: Muscly, though not forced, in shape
    Bio: Theodious was born into the royal family, and excelled in all the arts. A great fighter and even better leader, the pesants took quickly to Theodious. At the age of 10, Kant started roaming the streets, talking with the people (a habbit he still keeps). Due to this habbit and his other traits, Kant is a very popular King. He stands for good, and loves his people. King since the ripe old age of 20, Kant has maturity and wisdom beyond his years, and is respected by most who know him.
    List of Items you purchased starting cash again is 5000:
    Stables (3000)
    1 Infantry Batallion (1000)
    2 Troop Ships (200)
    1 Siege Tower (250)
    1 Battering Ram (250)

    Remaining Balance: 300

    Tax: 5%

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    Yes it is a bit small so I'm making it 2 inches depending upon border size I will probably make it larger
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    Name: Fitzpatrick
    Country Name and #: Kingdom of the Dying Green #6
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 145
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Brown
    Other Physical Traits: Suprisingly Physically fit for a King, Fitzpatrick used to lead his men from the front until he injured his leg, his hair is shaggy brown
    Bio: Born to an extremly powerful Aristocratic Family Fitzpatrick had a gift for public speaking. He was an easygoing guy from the start and clicked well with anyone. Since he was 7 his parents wanted him to be a trained fighter just in case of war. He was an adept fighter and could easily hold his own against people twice his age. When he was 17 Fitzpatrick officialy joined the army and quickly rose his way to the top of the command chain, eventually he was a battalion commander. When the King died with no kids or heir to the throne an election was held for who would be king, Fitzpatrick won. After he assumed command a neighboring country attacked hoping to strike them while they were weak, though they weren't it turned out. They won easily but Fitzpatrick lost use of his left leg, he had severly broken it during a fight. Now he is a wise and just leader who is tacticaly brilliant and could lead his Kingdom to Glory.
    List of Items you purchased starting cash again is 5000:

    2 Infantry Battalions(2000)=10,000 Troops
    1 Corsair(1000)=500 Naval Troops
    4 Troop Ships(400)=2000 Troop Capacity
    5 Ladders(125)
    1 Battering Ram(250)
    2 Archer Divisions(1000)=400 Troops

    Leaves me with 125


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    OOC: I hope it isn't going to be a problem but I will be gone on Saturday, I should be back on Sunday though.


    Name: Calliope Draga
    Country Name and #: #14/Dragamos
    Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 135
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Long and white
    Other Physical Traits: Physically fit and has fair skin, no other notable features


    Bio: Calliope was the daughter of Lucius and Helena though she never knew her mother as a child, she had died during childbirth and as such Calliope was raised by her father the King of Dragamos. He raised her the only way he knew, and that was to be a warrior and champion of their people. Her skill even at a young age was unrivaled by any of her peers, and as she grew into a young woman she earned the respect of even the most seasoned swordsmen.

    Almost a year ago now her father had also passed away, and with no other children of the Draga line she became the sole heir to the throne. The people embraced her as their Queen, and since that time she has been a fair and just ruler. Now darker times are on the horizon, and she must prepare her people for the suffering that will surely come.

    List of Items you purchased starting cash again is 5000: Stables (3000)

    Remaining balance: 2000

    Tax: currently 0%
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    OOC:Would it be possible for me to trade in my walls and gate. Which would give me 550 and get another archer division?
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    OOC: Thats Fine and I'm Just Putting the Finishing Touches on the Opening so we are on schedule
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    OOC:eek:k great! Looking forward to starting!
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    OOC: Sorry for not updating my computer crashed recently and I lost the saved starting post so I decided that you all can post your openings for your countries
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    OOC:Uhh, sorry but we can't do that, we don't even know the story line...you will need to make the opening post for us to play.
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