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    Its been a while since I've put my attention to this website, so some of my topics got locked. So here's repost. I did fix some of the grammatical errors.

    Knight Fall

    Tenel Ka's Folly

    In the still valleys a caravan moves. It is a trade caravan, dozens of carts and wagons, driven by pack animals. With them are their escorts. The Dathomiri. The Dathomiri are a tribe of warrior women. For centuries now they have hired their Witches out as mercenaries. They have fought wars, defended young princesses of other lands, even carried out assassinations in the name of land and of gold. Today they are here to protect a minor princess, now 18 and being taken to her betrothed. The Girl?s father a Fief-Duke had hired them to pass the child and the caravan through the unclaimed valleys. Between the two great civilizations a great rift in the earth divided them with few if any passages in between. To this geological boundary both Civilizations have remained peacefully separated. In the South the prosperous and United Republic reigns. From here hails the princess? affianced. A minor General amongst hundreds of generals of the Republic's armies. It is relatively common for such duties to fall to the Jedi, or in lieu of them to the Dathomiri, whom fathers do not have to fear will betray them for bodily demands. Passage through these Valleys are none the less dangerous, for there are only 20,000 Jedi to service the whole of the Republicdom. Even a minor territory could feild a larger army with ease.

    The Dathomiri quietly scanned the silent valleys, though it was unclaimed land, it was inhabited. By Bandits and others of the unsavory sort. The boundaries of the valleys had hemmed the villainous sort in for millennia, both the high mountains of the northern border, upon which the very air was poisonous in the relatively low passes. And by the Southern boundary, a Twenty meter tall wall extending from ocean to ocean. And its walls were not just guarded, they were inhabited. By the Jedi. There was no force more respected or feared in the world. They had emerged from the crusades on the Holy Isles. Nine Knights had ventured to the Isle of the Ancients, and returned a decade later, and rapidly anointed as a holy Military Order of the Republic.

    What secrets the Jedi held was known to them alone. They and the current Chancellor. Their reach and clout was almost unfathomable among the Southern peoples. When one had a dispute, one consulted a Jedi. From Farmer to Noble, to vassal King they all spoke to the Jedi. When an exploratory expedition was to be undertaken, one always took at least one Jedi Knight if not more. When war was to be waged, it was at the consent of the Jedi. Even more importantly, when one had a treasure to be guarded, you left it in the Jedi?s care. In addition to their various roles, the Jedi were Bankers. The most powerful Bankers of all. Even among the most barbarous peoples of the far north, one could find a Jedi outpost where a chit from a Jedi outpost in the far south was held in good.standing

    ?We know this Alara.? Said Reytha.

    ?All know this.? added Nareem.

    ?Yeah, you can find a Jedi anywhere, but when you might need one, say here. . .? Alara said making her point.

    ?Enough.? said their leader. The three glanced at her.
    ?Our charges are skittish enough.? she added. Alara frowned.

    ?With good reason. The four of us are simply not enough, not on this route. Our people are feared by all but the Jedi, but Four Witches will not evoke enough fear to allay greed.? she said. Their leader glared.

    ?Highness, even you mother was hesitant when you told her of this deal.? said Nareem.

    ?It is done, my word has been given.? Tenel Ka said firmly. The others grimaced.

    ?Not, I hope at our expense.? Reytha said. Tenel Ka glared. Alara sighed and broke from the others toward the caravan.

    ?I?ll call upon that pampered princess. Oh how I hate royalty.? Alara said with a long suffering tone. Tenel Ka glared. She did not like the veiled comparison with the Skrealing p
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    Jacen?s Trial.


    For the fourth time of the day Kyp Durron cursed his fate. First, as the Senior Jedi Knight in the Southern Wastelands, he had to observe the negotiations between the Farmers of Tattoo and the Tusken Nomads. Second he did not speak the languages of either people and could not use the force as Master Horn or his apprentice might have been able to do, and thus had to use an intermediary to understand what was said. Third, said intermediary was one of the two apprentices in his prefracture. Fourth the intermediary seemed to be able to translate using the maximum number of words possible.

    ?Tahiri, please use the exact wording and phrasing they are using.? He said tiredly. The other apprentice and the three Knights under his commands held wooden faces. The apprentice was the least successful in hiding his mirth.

    ?I?m sorry Sir, but the Tattoo use implied verb endings that take at least four words to describe, and the Tuskens speak entirely without using monemes so each utterance uses wholly implied meanings and emphatically applied . . .?

    ?Just be as succinct as possible!? Kyp burst in before the girl got into a groove. One of the Farmers unsuccessfully covered laughter with a cough. While neither the Tattoo or the Tuskens could understand the common tongue, the had no problem understanding Kyp?s problem. The Tuskens were a disciplined people, and had reasons not to openly express their mirth, the Tattoo however were barely containing themselves. For his part Kyp didn?t have the heart to be angry or annoyed at the girl, she was in fact trying very hard, unfortunately when it came to quickly translating words between languages, Tahiri was unparalleled in depth and speed of her conversions.

    ?Okay, so as quickly as you can, what is the issue?? Kyp said. Tahiri blinked and then spoke.

    ?Sir, the Tuskens are concerned because the Tattoo are letting their herds graze on the scrub lands the Tuskens depend on for the migrations to pass through.? Tahiri said. Kyp sighed and nodded. The Tuskens, somehow deciding that Kyp now understood spoke.

    ?He says that they will not tolerate it.? Tahiri said. The Tattoo farmer shrugged and spoke.

    ?They have nowhere else to graze their herds.? Both men spoke at the same time.

    ?The Tuskens say they will make war. And the Tattoo will . . . Exterminate the Tuskens if they interfere.? Tahiri said in a more subdued tone. The Tusken leader shot to his feat and yelled. Whatever he said made Tahiri?s face go white with shock and anger. She growled dangerously in the Tusken language. The male?s response was short and (from Tahiri?s reaction) offensive. The other Apprentice, Anakin Solo shot to his feet, hand on the pommel of his sword.

    ?SIT DOWN.? Kyp barked sharply. Those standing found themselves sitting. The Tusken male seemed confused. As Kyp was about to speak he stopped and then shut his mouth again before he spoke.

    ?Tahiri tell them we will adjourn for an hour.? he said tightly. Still confused about his body?s abrupt betrayal the Tusken male numbly stood and left the room with his party. When the Jedi were alone Mike Regalia spoke.

    ?What is going on? The council was scheduled for another day, at night.? he said. Kyp frowned.

    ?Something must have happened. Nothing serious, else there would have been an urgency.? he said quietly. Anakin frowned.

    ?Why are you speaking like that?? he asked in confusion.

    ?Because we don?t know who may be listening.? said Ganner Rhysode. Kyp led them out of the room

    ?Come on, we have fifteen minutes to try to find a solution while we wait in the tower.


    Jaina Solo had abruptly stopped mid conversation. And just as abruptly stood.

    ?I?m sorry, I need to get to the crows nest.? she said. The Captain of the vessel frowned.

    ?We?re in the middle of a storm.? he said.

    ?I know, I just need to be alone in the mast head for a bit.? she said. The Captain frowned. As was custom, they
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    Glad to see you posting again. I have a nasty habit of lurking but i've followed your stuff for a long time now. Any chance we'll be seeing a fresh update on this or your other fics soon?
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    I should be able to get new material out this week, though it really depends on how much the Navy makes me do this week.
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    Silven's Betrayal


    ?Silven, you know we cannot allow this.? Tahiri pleaded with the one who had raised her until the age of nine.

    [You know that there is not enough land or water for two. We will not be the ones bereft of the land. Its is our!] Silven returned.

    ?I know Silven, but genocide-? she started.

    [There will be other humans, we are merely killing the ones that have trespassed on our lands. The same ones who drove us to the hills to scratch a living off rocks!] Silven returned angrily.

    ?And yet you raised a Tattoo. You did not kill me then, why are you so willing to do so now? Killing all of them includes children and babes. They cannot harm you.? She reasoned.

    [A Krayt egg becomes a dragon in a year. They remain our enemies even if they be children, even if they are women.] Silven told her.

    ?The Jedi will not tolerate this.? She said. ?The Corellas will not allow it either. There are peaceful alternatives.?

    [And what are they then? Join the Tattoo, slave day and night for spoils that are not ours, to be taken by an overlord for little reward? Move? We are the desert, we can be nothing else. The Tattoo must go or we shall. And Tuskens will never leave, we can only die!] Silven roared. Tahiri stared at him with eyes streaked with tears.

    ?Please Silven, don?t make me your enemy please.? she begged. Silven seemed to soften slightly.

    [I cannot change our decision. Nor can you break your blood oath. I am sorry my daughter, but we will come to war against another.] Silven said.

    ?But there is time, we can negotiate.? she said. The Tusken shook his head.

    [No . . .] he said drawing a knife. Tahiri stared in horror as he raised it.

    ?F-father. . .? she uttered in a devastated voice.

    [I knew you were a krayt when I took you in. I am sorry Tahiri, I should have left you with other Krayts.]

    ?Please.? Tahiri begged.

    [Time is gone, the first act of aggression is now.] Silven said in a hoarse voice. As the knife descended Tahiri closed her eyes. The sound of flesh being pierced by a blade, and the thump of a body sounded through the knight. Tahiri opened her eyes. Before her stood Silven, arm still raise, but pierced by a claymore. Miko Reglia?s claymore. In her view was Anakin, half sprawled on the ground, held by the cowl of his hood by Ganner, who stood over him.

    ?NO!? Tahiri screamed and shoved Miko, the man stumbling aside.

    ?FATHER!? she wailed into the night.


    Tenel Ka awoke again during the evening. It took some time for the recent events to return to her. Reytha, Alara . . . Gone. She felt great sorrow but did not show it, the Dathomiri believed it disrespectful of the glorious dead. To mourn openly was to mourn their entrance into the glorious halls, where the strong fought and feasted for eternity.
    Fortunately there were hushed voices to distract her. One she recognized, the other she did not.

    ?Grandmother, there is no cause to worry.? Tenel Ka recognized the calm tones of Jacen Solo. The sickness she felt must have been affecting her, for she vapidly wondered how someone with a voice so deep could seem so subdued.

    ?Jacen, tomorrow you are going to be whipped like a common criminal!? Tenel Ka frowned slightly, remembering what Nareem taught her. The Dathomiri did punish those who committed minor crimes, and executed those who committed serious crimes. She could not fathom so severe, at least to her eyes, a punishment.

    ?It is a common crime actually. Every single Master has committed it at least once. Even Grandfather.? Jacen said calmly. For a moment his tone hardened.
    ?And I am no longer a child, no longer protected from my own actions as an Apprentice is.?

    ?I do not like this.? his grandmother hissed.

    ?I was well aware of the consequences when I used the Force to heal her.? he said. His grandmother was silent for a moment.

    ?Why did you save her?? The old woman asked in a curious tone. Tenel Ka?s mind suddenly focused. She had been too ill to think straig
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    Jag sighed as he quietly filled out his personal log for the day. For centuries the Chiss had been exploring the World, as result they prided themselves on their travel logs. Even the Jedi would consult them as they traveled. The Chiss were relatively new to the sea, having only turned their attention to water in the last two hundred fifty years. It was then that the ever observant Chiss realized that the JedI were hiding something. Unlike most outsiders the JedI could hide their secrets. It took over fifty years for the Chiss to fully grasp what the JedI actually were. The result was near disaster. The Chiss besieged JedI outposts in their lands and held the siege. The siege lasted only long enough for the Thirteen Masters to arrive. The Masters gave the Chiss three days to cease before they retaliated. For two days the siege was maintained. On the third Day Master Yoda came forth a gave a final warning, by tearing down The Sea wall at Nuarenian. With a gesture.
    The Mighty structure had kept the city safe from Invaders for hundreds of years, undone in a single sweep of an aging man?s arm. The Chiss came closer to outright panic than history would ever know. It was only the five hierarchs steadfastness that prevented the disaster. They withdrew the Chiss Armies and let the JedI recall their Knights. For a decade the Chiss withdrew from the Republic.
    Amazingly the Other members of the Republic never found out about the Chiss? short war with the JedI. When the Chiss did in fact come out of their isolation, it was with the Jedi?s permission. For their part the JedI resumed their relations with the Chiss without recourse. Ever since the Chiss have operated with the knowledge of the Jedi?s super human abilities, regardless of the Jedi?s? constant denials.

    A knock on the door startled Jag from his logs. The single knock eliminated two people on board. It was not his personal servant, or the JedI, who out of politeness never came unbidden to the Captain, to his personal lament. Jag sighed and called out to the door.

    ?Enter!? At his call his First Lieutenant dipped her head under the lip of the door.

    ?Captain, the JedI requests your presence on the Top Mast Sir.? Shawkryr reported. Giving his lieutenant a shared mystified look he stood and followed her onto
    the main deck. Jag peered up at the sky, startled to realize that he had worked through the night. Again. He knew his First Lieutenant was giving a knowing glare, and pointedly ignored it. He was a Captain with Eight years seniority for the sake of reason! He sighed as he lifted his gaze further to the top mast. Nearly sixty meters of Worshyr tree core. With out further mental Olympics he stepped to the ratlines and heaved himself up toward the crows nest. The burn in his arms vexed him, as a Midshipman he could have scurried up and down these lines in mere seconds. The fact that he had seen the JedI Knight onboard climb to the top at a much faster pace than he was setting was embarrassing.

    He found Jaina Solo leaning with her back against the top mast staring north northwest. He really had to bite back the berating comments her stance
    incited. What she was doing standing that way was extremely dangerous . . . She had her foot planted against the mast! Jaina glanced at him in an apologetic
    manner and set her foot down, adjusting her stance into a more appropriate balance stand. Jag eyed her for a moment unsure if she knew him that well or if she had
    help from the ?Force? as the JedI called it. Jaina turned her attention back to the horizon.

    ?I?m sorry to interrupt your all night logs Jag, but I thought you would want to be here when it happens.? she said. Jag frowned.

    ?When what happens Knight Solo?? He asked more formally than he normally would, convinced she was using her Force to observe him somehow.

    ?I was not.? she said idly. ?Some people are very loud, to us at least. Even when they make no noise at all.? she elaborated. Jag blinked, was she actually
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    It may take me a while to post again. I am just to busy to write right now.
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    Ooh, it's back up! (I'm very late in checking my PM box)

    Good luck getting time to write!

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