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P.Rico knights of the new republic (rpg game)

Discussion in 'Latin America General Discussion' started by siul-fer-nando, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    As Esoj saw the anger in his former Masters eyes he knew something has happened to him. He felt his pain and his confusion. So this is what Luke ment when the enemy was closer than you think Esoj thought. At the corner of his sight he saw two bodies and one of them was Ishi Hiro. For a moment he thought that his master killed Ishi for no reason at all but the woman he saw dead made him realize he was wrong. He did not expect his master to turn to the dark side. Still he sensed that there was still good in his master, so he believed he could turn him back to the light. Esoj and Alisa activated their own lightsabers to protect themselves from Siul?s atack. ? Master what are you doing? Its us your friends!? Esoj tried to reason with Siul but it was no use. ?I only see evil in front of me and ill destroy it.? Siul replied angry and vengefully. He attacks Esoj and Alisa in full force and both block the attacks perfectly. ?What happened here master? Why are you attacking us?? Siul did not answer he just kept on attacking. They kept on a defensive pattern. None of them wanted to attack Siul. Esoj knew something had happened between Siul and the dead woman in the distance. He needed to know what happened here before he could go any further. As he and Alisa blocked Siul?s attacks Esoj gave a glance to Alisa. Alisa already knew what Esoj wanted to do and confirmed his signal. Esoj knew he would take a risk by leaving Alisa to fend for herself with Siul but he knew how skillful Alisa was with a lightsaber and knew she would be ok. ?Ill return as soon as I can.? Esoj said it with a little worry in his voice.

    As Esoj left Siul said ?So your Boyfriend is a coward. I knew it was a mistake to take him as my apprentice. He was always weak.? Alisa replied ? If that is what you think then you don?t know your friend very well.? Alisa kept on blocking Siul?s attack. She used the force to aid her in this fight.

    Esoj ran to the republic ships landed close by. ?Commander, wait!? ? Master Esoj, what is it sir?? Do you know what happened to Master Siul.? Esoj asked. ?I saw him killing a few Sith troopers and told me to take his son with me to the Stardestroyer.? As Esoj herd this he felt shocked. Siul had a son? With this thought he asked, ?Where is Siul?s son?? ?Here I am? Fer replied. Esoj looked at him and saw a resemblens to his former master. He also felt the force was strong in Fer. He felt bad about asking this of him but he had to know if he wanted to save his friend, mentor and the man who was as close as a father to him. ? Hello there. Im sorry to ask this of you son but do you know what happened to your father?? Fer introduced himself to Esoj and told him what had happened.

    Meanwile Alisa was in trouble she was knocked by Siul when he used the force to try and choke her. Alisa thought she was doomed but then she force-threw a rock to Siul?s torso. This distracted him long enough for Alisa to catch her breath and continue to try and protect herself and see if she can help him.

    As Esoj heard this news he felt pain inside him. He would probably feel the same way if this would happen to him. ? Fer I thank you for the info.? ?I want to help my father please take me with you!? Esoj knew his intentions were good but he would never forgive himself if something happened to his masters son and neither would his master. ? I know you want to but your skills are still raw. You will be safe here with the troops.? ?I understand Esoj. Be careful.? Fer added. ?Commander, don?t let this child out of your sight and get him out of here now.? ?Yes sir.? With that Esoj left to return to Alisa?s aid.

    Alisa was exhausted from the battle she was in. Siul was very powerful and was dominating. Alisa thought the end was near for her. Jedi are never afraid to die so she was ready to accept her fate. Her only regret would be never to be able to see Esoj again. Siul disarmed her with a fancy move and was ready to deliver the finishing move when from almost out of nowere Esoj arrives to save his love by blocking the killing blow. ?Hello master.?
  2. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    in that moment a voice from the shadow said to him kill them and youre jorney to the darkside of the force will be complet. then siul used the force to push esoj and alisa tru the wall mostly unconsience both. siul was to give the finish move to bouth then in the distance a screem of a child sayin father donth do this a donth want to loose you again then jump tru siul right leg crying and siul saw the tears adn frightner the child was and siul shut of the lightsaber and drop and give a hug to he`s son fer. then siul saw what happen tru the others and saw alisa and esoj down and give them the help and then fer told to he`s father he comes to me and a told him what happen he just want to help you father then siul do a jesture to esoj and alisa and told them am sorry for what happen and a was in darkness a couldnth see nothing a sence only distance and anger for what happen a lost my wife and siul pont tru her and with a wisper and a tear told esoj a thank you for try to help me out and belive me a hear you calling me but a felt only lones. onlyu the darkside of the force is lonles and solitary but a will thakn you bouth of you for saving me for that darknes. and a had a asigment for you esoj ,siul inlinates his body and told esoj will you train my son fer siul nando to be a jedi because a need you to do it and for alisa you had my tust an my blessing for the love that you fell from him because when this conflict is over a will go to train my self in lonelyness for what happen today.......................a wlak to close to the darknes and a donth want to be part of it and my son need to be train like father and son.
  3. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    As Esoj heard these words from his Master he felt honored of his master believing in him enough to be able to train an apprentice. But the boy still had to go in front of the Jedi council and be approved for training by a master. Esoj has been a Jedi master for over seven years. He was added to the rank Jedi knight when he was 18 years old. He has gone to so may missions with his former master and some times by himself. At age 22 he was given the rank of Master by Master Luke himself. He was given a choice to train a young padawan but he declined saying he would wait for the right one. He never found the right padawan learner in the 4 years of his master hood. Has the right learner come at last? ? I would be honored to take your son under my tutelage. But you know we must present him towards the Jedi council.? And Siul replied, ?You are correct but I have a feeling that they will accept this. I must meditate on my actions and I may be a liability to this mission. I let my own darkness get the best of me and almost killed both of you. If it wasn?t for my son I probably may have succeeded.? ?Yes, you?re right Master. The force is strong in Fer. If the force allows it Ill Train him as you trained me. It would be my honor.? As this is happening a republic commander comes to them and tells them, ? We have a problem Master?s I have just recieved word that our forces are being taken down by the Sith and their being helped by a mysterious dark-hooded figure with a lightsaber? At that moment the Jedi were tuning to the force and could feel this new dark warrior. They sensed an incomplete circle in his ripples. They all replied at the same time ?Xanatos? This was Master Qui Gon Jin?s former apprentice before he turned to the dark side. After Xanatos he took Obi Wan Kenobi as his padawan. Qui Gon confronted his old Apprentice and destroyed him for invading the Jedi temple and trying to kill Master Yoda. This was years before the Empire began. ?Do you think he could invade the Temple again? Alisa asked. ?If so we must stop him before he gets the chance.? Esoj replied
  4. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    in that moment in coruscant in the skies a battalion of sith stardestroyers invaded the coruscant iar space area then the republic army respond a battle begon in the skies but in ground, the jedi temple was attacvk by the sith and the xanatos figure, the jedi respond by air and ground forces but the xanatos, darkforces was very skillful. then master skywalker call for reinforcement to master siul him self. master siul do you copy, yes master is a matter of fact that the temple is been under attack by the sith and coruscant is in danger the sith are taking the air field but in ground we are strippen them but we need youre help, they capture senators and the republic chancelour leia organa, how this is happening master, a donth know the darkside is to strong now. a need youre asistance and the other jedi from the uther rims right away, yes master am on my way, but you must hear something about me , a know everything master siul a know the path of the darkside and what do you felt then siul with sadness said to luke only lonelynes, that what a felt n the moment long time ago when a turn to the ark because a want to feel why my father turn and a learn but do not woory about that now a need you here and then we talk about that later may the force be with you master siul. then siul calls to esoj and alisa and fer we need to go assp to coruscant the tample is been attack by xanatos and the airspace is been over run esoj take alisa and call all the jedi avaliable to get assap to coruscant to help master luke and the republic that the sith are taking by force then get to fighters battalion to take that threat on space and a will be reunited to master luke by ground. then siul call`s to he`s commander take the fleet to coruscant we nned to help the republic to succede and to enradicade the sith. yes master, the commaner said to the pilots and others officers to order to deploy the fleet to coruscant assp........
  5. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    As the fleet makes his way to Coruscant Esoj sent a message to all Jedi to rendezvous with them at Coruscant to stop the destruction of the JedI Temple and the new Republic. Since Coruscant was a few hours away this would be a perfect time to meditate about the coming battle. Esoj decided to invite Alisa to his chambers for a meditation session. He wanted to be centered and prepared for the battle that he knew will be his most difficult yet. Esoj put on his meditating robe as he waited for Alisa. During this time he remembered of his meditation sessions at the temple. At a very young age one of the first lessons they learned was meditation. It was essential in a Jedi?s life. In this class all his friends were there. They were all trying to find their center and some were succeeding but few were struggling and Cole was having more trouble than everyone else.

    ?Cole, relax let the force flow thru you and help you find your center.? A master said.
    ?What is the point of this exercise instead of sitting down and closing your eyes. How can this help me?? Cole asked impatiently.
    ?Finding your center is essential for our lives. It helps us focus and look at the beyond. JedI meditate before a battle or a serious event that is critical in the near future.? The master explained.
    ?That is just insane. A battle is won by skill and power not by this foolishness.? Cole said.
    ?With all due respect Cole but you are wrong? Esoj interrupted, ?Without meditation you would go blind into a battle. It would be reckless to jump into battle without thinking and unfocused. A centered body is essential for a battle or any event in a Jedi?s life.?
    ?Excellent Esoj. You are very wise for your age. I foresee a great future for you? The master acknowledge.
    ?Ooooooh Lesoj!! What a stupid thing to say. Your such a teachers pet? Cole said.
    ?Enough Cole. Be careful with how you act. These actions could lead to the dark side. Now lets get back to our meditation.? The master said.
    At that moment Esoj felt bad for Cole. Cole was being irrational and pigheaded.

    At the present Esoj knew that his life will never be the same again. A relationship with Alisa and his first apprentice, who happened to be his former masters son, and a huge battle waiting for him at Coruscant. He needed to calm down an find his center and what better way to do it then with his longtime friend Alisa. He also told Fer to join them so he could start learning the JedI ways. At that moment a chime came to the door but he already knew it was Alisa and Fer. He went towards the door and invited them in.

    ?Let us sit and meditate on our past and the future. Let us find our center for the battle ahead.? Esoj said.
    ?Why do we do this master Esoj?? Fer asked.
    ?It is essential for a Jedi?s life and it makes us see clearly on the events ahead and review things that happened. It is a way to learn from the force itself. The force speaks to us in our meditative state and tells us It?s will.?
    ?I think I understand. Can we try?? Fer said.
    ?Let?s start immediately Esoj!? Alisa said.

    They all sat in a circle, crossed their legs and started to clam themselves. The force was strong in the room. It flowed powerfully and abundantly. They all felt each other and were finding their center together. Their presence was soothing to each other. Their session lasted an Hour but was rudely interrupted by a great disturbance in the Force. Esoj opened his eyes.

    ?Where here.?
  6. Jedi_Drew

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    Sep 14, 2004
    Darth Firus ready to be in the fight
  7. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    a comunication arrived from the temple to master Siul. " this is master junu uok were trap the sith troops surround us and take master skywalker prisoner, we assitance right away" a will be theres am in the midle of the drop off at front of the temple and we get to much resistance at this moment... then a swosh of the ligthsaber from no were come to the message and then it was a familiar voice to master siul it was darth venenus a sith lord that take master uok slain. then master siul fer nando said to the commander a will assist the others inside the temple take the position and do not give them the oportunity to take our possition or ground the trooper commander said to siul yes sir. master siul runs and slashing every sith trooper in front of him.......
  8. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    As the battle rages on outside the Temple Esoj sees Siul run towards it. Esoj, Fer and Alisa are sorounded by Sith troops and were doing their best to keep them at bay.
    ?Fer, stay close to me. Lets try not to get separated.? Esoj informed his future Padawan.
    ?Yes Master? Fer replied.
    Esoj was curious as to what was happening in the temple but he had to concentrate on the now. As he slashed down a couple of Sith troopers he saw that Xanatos was on a speeder and on a course towards the Senate. He knew the republic could handle some Sith troopers but not a Sith Lord. He didn?t like leaving Fer and Alisa alone due to the high volume of the Sith troopers but he had no choice, he had to protect the Senate and the New Republic.
    ? Alisa, keep an eye on the situation here and on Fer.? Esoj said.
    ?But master you said not to leave your side? Fer reminded Esoj
    ?I know but you?ll be safer with Alisa. This fight is to dangerous for your skill my young apprentice. I must stop Xanatos at all costs.? Esoj replied.
    ?Go. Ill take care of Fer.? Alisa assured Esoj.

    With that Esoj fought his way to his speeder to follow Xanatos. Xanatos had a big head start on him so he gunned the speeder to his full speed. Esoj had modified this speeder for chases and was one of the fastest speeders in the known galaxy. Still he was worried about the time he lost. Then he saw a black speck in front of him and he knew it was Xanatos. But then he saw that he was beyond him that the Senate Building was only seconds away from him. I have to move quickly or the senate is lost Esoj thought to himself.

    Xanatos arrived and just after he went towards the door Sith troopers came out and started to fire on Esoj. He activated his lightsaber and stated to block the laser. He had to use all his strength for this due to the fact that these weapons were much stronger than original blasters. Then two laser blasts hit his lightsaber so hard that he got knocked of his speeder.
  9. siul-fer-nando

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    Dec 30, 2002
    in the meen time at the temple siul fighting with grace and skillfull and with anger because of the move from the sith to destry the temple at second time when skywalker was the one that become vader destry and desitagrate the jedi at that time, most of the sith troopers and sentinels with lightsabers doing the same thing with the others jedi and padawans as well, but siul fought enogh to save some of the fellows jedi then a aprendice named fuju nini a female said to master siul we are uot number master what is next then siul bloking to the fired wepons from the sith troops said to them take then down and then get a perimeter and a will get more help from the republic troops.

    then in that moment in the senate the chancelor lia was been kidnap by the sith lord. yes a can fell the force in you lia but youre brother will be executed for been a manace to the sith order and for you my dear you will be my breeder for the sith and the new begining for the new empire and for the sith.........
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    Sep 14, 2004
    I'm a Sith Lord Here to fight.
  11. siul-fer-nando

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    Dec 30, 2002
    then Siul sense a disturbance in the force. and then in the top of the jedi temple saw a figure . Siul and master Humauma fallows to reach the dark one. but Siul was distracted with another sith with a lightsaber. master humauma and this figure and huma ignitated hes lightsaber and the other take of he`s cloake to show him self and only smaile to master huma and then both get under fight, huma skilfully draw he`s lightbers and block every single attack fronm this fellow, this one was fast and tremendous skill to fullfill huma destiny, but huma was a master fencer in the temple he tough to well to others padawans and masters how to fight in the lightsaber martial art.......
  12. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    Back at the senate Esoj was falling after being knocked of his speeder. His speeder crashes and explodes to a million particles. With quick thinking he deactivates his lightsaber, uses the force to slow his decent and find his balance. Laser blast was flying past him in a blinding fury. Esoj sees another speeder and lands on top of it. Then he uses the force to push some Sith troopers towards each other knocking them out. Every time he transfer from vehicle to vehicle dodging laser fire. He continues to use the force to knock Sith troopers out and for the last he force jumps from the last speeder towards the senate, activates his lightsaber and starts slashing them in half. Like a blur no trooper can touch him or see him. As soon as the last Sith trooper falls he sees Xanatos running towards the senate offices. With his lightsaber still activated he rushes towards Xanatos to stop him from destroying the Republic. Esoj jumps over him with a summersault to land in front of Xanatos trying to block his path.

    ?You will have to destroy me first before you enter this chamber. The Republic will not fall again and not to the likes of the Sith.? Esoj tells Xanatos.
    ?The fall of the Jedi and the Republic will not be stopped by you or any other Master. Besides your probably too late Esoj Zetineb.? Xanatos replies.
    ?I see you have been talking to our traitor Ishi Hiro. It is the only way you could know my name. What do you mean by too late? What are you planning??
    ?You are so naïve? Xanatos activates his lightsaber, ?She is probably in our custody right now.?

    And with that he attacks Esoj. He anticipated this and blocked. Xanatos attacked with an unmatched fury but Esoj blocks every attack with ease. The battle is fierce, The sound of lightsabers clashing and their hum is heard around the senate.

    ?What?s the matter Esoj? From what I have heard from Hiro your supposed to be the best fighter of the JedI.? Xanatos mocks as the battle rages on.
    ?Dose this mean that your tiring? Everyone knows that you start the mocking when your tired.?

    Esoj was right. Xanatos was getting tired but was too smart to show it.

    ?The more you fight me the less chance you have to saving the Chancellor.?

    This sent a shock to Esoj?s mind. This is all a diversion to kidnap Chancellor Leia Organa-Solo Luke?s Sister and fellow JedI Master. He had to end this quickly so he could find and rescue Leia. The battle raged on every strike blocked and dodged. Then After Esoj being knocked back by a powerful blow from Xanatos, he uses the force to hurl his lightsaber towards Xanatos. As the lightsaber plunges unto Xanatos?s chest,

    ?He was right. I was a fool to change you. You were right my lord.? Xanatos says with his dying breath.

    After hearing this Esoj retrieved his lightsaber and started running towards Chancellor Leia?s private chambers hoping he wasn?t too late.
  13. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    eseoj opens the door and then saw only a wisper because, was attack by another sith lord virus ishihiro hiro. virus using the force push back so hard to esoj that him was knock out. then a trooper came to esoj body to finish him off and the lord said to him "no do not kill him now, we had what we want leave him be, is not the time to die this fallen one". then in the top of the chanceloor office a huge star ship aproches and virus with he`s sith troops leave at fast as they can get... as they aproches the aerial space a massage from the lord virus was in others ship fighting the new republic army and naval.. "the mission is compleat retreat to all bugies". then all ship prepare to go to hypper space.

    in the cocktpit on the sith razorkill star destroyer was leia and he`s brother luke inside the brodanshield this shield was unable to any jedi to us the force tru. and the sith lord virus ask to master luke" well, well, well it is possible that luke skywalker and he`s sister leia kidnap so easily and so propastuos jajajajajaja this is so easy to kill you noe or be part of my plans, then luke replied to virus youre a not going to win this because all the republic and all the jedi order is now traking my signal and were ever you go they will find you and be care full what you going to do now because with this sheild me and my sister not able to used or powers but if you disable it will be youre doom. then virus said to him a was expecting this master skywalker in fact the enradication of the jedi and the destiny of the sith will be part of my plans jajajajajajaj......

    back to the temple at the top of it. master Siul slain he`s oponet so easily, and then reach humus in tru the fight with this sith lord named darth firus.. siul with hes doble bladed lightsaber and then other jedi comes from nowere and ignitied theirs lightabers to confront this dark one, master siul told him "be carefull of youre movement and surrender for your sake, it can be no more bloodshed in the temple, but if you dare to confront us it will be youre end and youre master will see you in the after live".. siul watching him very closely and the others as well. he was surranded by masters and padawans ready to fight if the sith lord wanted.....
  14. Jedi_Drew

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    Sep 14, 2004
    I'm Firus not virus.
  15. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    At that moment Esoj wakes up with a massive headache. He uses the force to make the pain heal. As he takes a look around he is frustrated by his failure. He felt bad that he could not rescue one of the people he trusted the most. At the time he was a young padawan Leia has always listened to his frustrations and doubts when he was learning the ways of the force. He always trusted her advice and knew she would keep it between them. Now when he needed her the most she was gone. Kidnapped by the Sith and he also sensed that Master Luke was nowhere on Coruscant. Luke was also in danger. On instinct he rushed towards the Jedi Temple. He had to rescue them, but how would he find them. Then he remembered that every Jedi Master in the Council had a Honing devise with them. As he reached the Temple he activated his lightsaber slashing all Sith troopers that got in his way towards his Starfighter. Alisa saw him going there. She tried to say something to him but Esoj wouldn?t hear it. He was so clouded with remorse he could not hear anyone. He got to his fighter and powered it up. As quickly as he could he punched in the code for Luke?s Homing beacon. Before he got a signal he took off towards space.

    ?Esoj, what are you doing? Alisa?s voice came from the cockpit. ?We need you here at the temple.
    ?Everything is under control here, I have destroyed Xanatos and the other Jedi can handle the other troopers.? Esoj replied with pain in his voice.
    ?Esoj, I can sense the pain in you. What happened??
    ?I?ve failed, I let the Republic down. I was to late to stop it.? Esoj replied.
    ?Chancellor Leia, I can no longer sense her on Coruscant. I can?t even sense Master Luke.? Alisa said tapping into the force. ?I feel as bad as you do but you cant blame yourself. It will only lead you to a path you don?t want to go.?
    ?I must rescue her. She is like a mother to me. She was always there when I needed her.? Esoj added.
    ?Then she and I have something in common, because I won?t let you do this by yourself. I?m coming with you.? Alisa replied.
    ?But what about??

    Esoj was trying to ask about Fer when all of a sudden he felt him very close by. He looked behind him and saw Fer resting from all the fighting he has done.

    ?Fer was exhausted from this entire ordeal so I told him he would be safe in your Starfighter? Alisa said as she activated her Starfighter.
    ?We?ll have to take him with us. Hope he doesn?t mind a noisy ride.? Esoj says. ?Thank you for joining me Alisa. You don?t know how much this means to me.?
    ?I have a feeling I?m going to find out? Alisa said as she joins Esoj in space.

    They both got a signal from Master Luke?s Homing beacon. Both punch the coordinates to pursue the kidnappers in their navi-computers and activated their Hyper drive. In a blink of an eye they were gone.
  16. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    Siul and the ohers masters and aprendices took over to the sith troops and arrestem and for the sith lord that was in the upper temple escape in the shadows, then Siul saw alisas satrship and replyed to all the republic ships and starships thisis master Siul fer Nando of the new jedi order a replyed for all to jedi and troopers to come to coruscant asap and for you eseoj and alisa youre gping to do nothing making the same mistake a did in Naboria a need bouth of you in the temple NOW thats an order.

    Then in the jedi temple all masters form the other rims and padawans and sentinels from the jedi order was been arrived from battle and others from the missions that the consil give them to them." master Siul fer Nando we nned a duty call for all the jedi in all sector to go at war the sith are tedious and more powerfull that we counld imagine, their more organised and the numbers are to great. so the consil honor you as a consular because the time and our numbers are not enogh to deal with this matter so master Siul you had the word . then siul look upward and then said to them we nned the help as we can get, because the situation is master skywalker and chancellor leia organa solo are been kidnap by the sith, but the question is who is the sith lord that lead this army they are to organized and their numbers are to great tu us, thaks to the force that we got the republic troopers in our side they fight to well as the old stromtroopers and the clone republic army like in the old days on clone wars. now am here presenting to you to this consil to the wisdom of every jedi avaliable to deal with this war". then all the consil llok each other and then master kulumira said to them we need to sattle this as a jedi nt as a warriors.. then the sight of the oder in the consil was like acepting the word of the master........

    in space the starship named furios call to the jediknight esoj and the companions to get back to coruscant and the jedi temple to be part of the consil wisdom......

    In one of the moons of the system of Korriban the sith navalspace station that was the hidout of the Space gang named The Black Sun that now are the soldiers and sith lords ofthe new Sith empire. the huge star ship that carried the skywalkers, now are bben deplided form that ship to Korriban system, but the black sun had their deas to reing the sith...
    hello hunga, hello guyu a heard that the skywalkers are been kidnap by the sith but lord Virus are with them, do not worried hunga the plan will be compleate as plan am not woried guyu, but the sith are the same as the jedi, a know but they only think on the future not not on the moment remember that huga.then a slide door opens and then a sith lord and commander of the dragunos darkforces comes in to talk with guyu. my master want to talk to you about the Korriban insident guyu the situation is not please for the master, well commander the kurkus dragons are not my consern right now is yours master sith lord. then with a wisper the sith ignitates he`s lightsaber and behaded the darksun head of guyu and then points to huga an said to him are you repsonsable for the dragon yes or not. and the dark sun respond very scary yyyyeeesss, it will be enogh for me to do well done and master irus will see you now at he`s chambers with the skywalkers, do not worried jaknu a will pay you for the job you had done and you will be the next sith lord of the sith as a predicted............then both characters move to the chambers of the sith lord Virus.....
  17. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    ?I?m sorry master but This is something I must do. There is too much at stake.? Esoj replied to his former master.

    Esoj knew he was disobeying a direct order from a High ranking Jedi Master. But he had no choice. As soon as he was going to continue to tell Master Siul his plan An explosion shake his X-Wing. His ship dropped out of Hyperspace. He saw that his Hyper drive was severely damaged.

    ? What the hell?? Esoj screamed.

    He sensed that he was Followed by a Sith lord. He felt this feeling before he left to rescue Luke and Leia. Darth Firus was after him, but why? His ship was getting worse and he also saw that Alisa?s Ship was going down to a strange planet close to the outer rims. He did not recognized this planet. The planet Kegan was not very well traveled. Esoj saw his ships computer to find out it was dead. He too was also going down towards the planet.

    ?Fer be ready to abandon ship. Put that Gel cushion to give us a soft landing on the surface.? Esoj said.
    ?Yes Master.? Fer replied.

    As he felt that the Sith lord was also landing on the planet, he felt that something strange was going to happen. As soon as he saw that they were in the atmosphere he felt a great disturbance in the force. Fer felt it too.

    ?Master what is this weird feeling I?m having.? Fer asked.
    ?It?s the force Fer. It?s telling us to abandon ship. NOW!!!?

    As soon as Esoj said that he hit the ejection seat button for both Fer and himself. They shot out of the ships cockpit at lightning speed. They both used the force to protect themselves from the blast that occurred a few seconds after they ejected.

    As soon as he saw land a few thousand feet away he asked Fer for the gel pack and shot it towards the earth. A gel like substance appeared once it hit and in the form of a giant pool. They were saved by the gel and landed safely.

    ? Fer, are you OK?? Esoj Asked.
    ?I?m fine. Where are we?? Fer replied.

    ? I don?t know. I haven?t been here before. But there is something not right here. We better find Alisa and fast.?
    ?How do you know she is alive master??
    ? ???.Just a feeling? Esoj replied.

    He wasn?t sure but he didn?t want to scare Fer with the thought of Alisa probably being dead or being tortured.

    Meanwhile in another part of Kegan Alisa was unconscious. A dark figure was standing on top of her. He picked her up and took her away to a remote location on Kegan.
  18. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    After the interlude with he`s former padawan esoj cut off Siul sense that he`s lost near by the Koriban sector. then walk aout to the hallway and saw master futy ouron a gungan jediknight with he`s aprendice anor dumm a padawan just like the age of FER. then Siul told him to falow him to the library on the temple, then Siul told futy master ouron a need you to go with youre army of troopers to this sector, siul point hith he`s finger to Kegan a solitary planet near by koriban. then Futy saidto him right away master; then Siul replide to him a will go with you with more troops to get rescue my former padawan esoj.

    Korriban. When walking on the old sith academy and the valley of the fallen ones the sith lord darth virus and the students and troops fallow to the cript of nagga shadow.(nagga shadow was a dark lord of the sith and the first one to get the sith order to the galaxy, most of the sith lord fallow their leads to power). then luke said to him what are going to do to us ishihiro: nothing just a nned youre mediclorians to make an army of youre blood master skywalker, then luke said to him and my sister what about her. ohhh she will be the bride of those she will be in the this machine to get birth on this cloning facility but we need herovulary system to do it, so she will perish yess onthe surgery but she will rise my army because of her or may be a will turn her to the darkside of the force and be my bride, then luke with anger sai to him youre insane ishihiro, the jedi order will be here and it will destroy all the sith and you, a think doing a choke force to like that will be very folish to the jedi order , because the order is now criple because my amry on the galaxy are estroying every single of them, then Luke and leia felt most of the death of the jediknights on the galaxy killed by the sith, and a think luke you and youre sister are mine jejejejejejejejejeje....

    Then Siul felt a disturbance in the force and then fall toching hes stomach and took t=he`s comlink and then call to the consil, lets go all the jedi avaliable in the temple let`s go to Kegan and sorround koriban a sense that thats were the sith are hidding, then a conmotion in the temple all troops and jediknights took theirs troops and fighters to go at war again but this time was a rescue first and then korriban.....
  19. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    Esoj and Fer were looking all over Kegan for Alisa but could not find her. Most of the inhabitants were hesitant to help. Everyone in Kegan looked like Esoj due to the fact that Keganites dressed similar to the Jedi. Their robes looked alike. Also It was confusing for both because when he told them their name the Keganites called them using a V or an O before their name. They called Fer O-Fer and Esoj V-Esoj. Even though Esoj was concerned for Alisa?s well being he felt curious of this planet and Its culture.

    After the empire was divided Kegan withdrew from the republic thinking that It would never return. They were out of touch for so long that they didn?t know the republic was rebuilt and reunited.

    Esoj thought to go to their governor to find out if he could get some support. As he arrived to the City circle he made an appointment to see the government official.

    ?Good afternoon! My name is Esoj Zetineb and?.?

    ?You mean V-Esoj correct?? The secretary said correcting Esoj.

    ?I?m sorry but I?m not from this planet. I?m not even sure what planet I?m at.? Esoj corrected her.

    ?I apologize. To clarify you are on Kegan. Is there something I can help you with?? The secretary asked.

    ?Yes I would like an audience with the governor of this world. I?m a JedI knight on a very important mission.?

    As Esoj told her this he felt something strange coming from her. Was she afraid of him? Did she know what JedI were?

    ?One moment please. Ill see if I can reach him.? She replied.

    Esoj felt more disturbed by her. He felt she didn?t trust JedI and some strange disturbance was coming from the entire planet. Esoj took a seat and instructed Fer to do the same.

    ?Master??.? Fer started.

    ?I feel it too Fer. She is afraid. Something is not right.?

    Just at that moment the Governor O-Kyle came forward and addressed them. As he approached Esoj and Fer Bowed to show respect.

    ?Welcome Master JedI. I am O-Kyle Governor of Kegan.?

    ?Thank you for seeing us on such short notice.? Esoj replies. I am Esoj Zetineb and this is my padawan Fer Siul Nando.?

    ?A pleasure to meet you. I have heard about the JedI in our archives. Years ago we had JedI visitors.? O-Kyle said.

    So they do know about us. But why are they afraid? Esoj thought.

    ?I?m sorry for intruding governor but I must ask your assistance. You see one of my fellow JedI crashed somewhere on this planet and I?m asking for your assistance with her search and rescue.?

    ?Oh. So those where the two fireballs coming out of the sky. I?m so sorry for your loss.? O-Kyle said sounding sympathetic.

    ?What do you mean?? Esoj asked. Fer was also confused.

    ?I sent troops towards that direction and found the wreckage of an odd looking fighter and found no one on board. But we saw blood on the cockpit. We figure the person inside died on impact.? O-Kyle said.

    Hearing this crushed Esoj?s heart.

    ?Did you find the body? Esoj tried not to sound brokenhearted.

    ?Unfortunately we couldn?t find one? O-Kyle replied.

    All of a sudden this confused Esoj. It was illogical to not find a body in a crash site.

    ?I would like to see the site and start my own investigation.? Esoj said.

    ?I?m sorry but I can not allow that? O-Kyle said.


    All of a sudden, before he could completely reply, he felt a disturbance in the force. He tried to get to his lightsaber but it was too late. He and Fer felt the sting of a dart on their neck. It was a fast acting tranquilizing dart that was very powerful. Esoj an Fer couldn?t fight the effects.

    ?Because you will never leave this planet alive.? O-Kyle replied with a sinister laugh.

    Meanwhile on another side of the planet Alisa was starting to awake. She found that she was cuffed in force resistant restraints and had a blindfold on her.

    ?Good your awake. I was thinking your injuries were severe. But you heal rather quickly.? The mysterious voice said.

    ?Why am I tied? I?m no danger to you. And where am I?? Alisa asked.

    ?For a JedI you certainly are slow.? He replied. ?You are in Kegan and
  20. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    In the republic naval armada a beep comes from the consols of the bridge naval control, then one of the officers of the the justifier star destroyer call for the admiral Frendos, a twilek spicies, admiral Frendos a had a the naval tragectory of master eseoj and alisa starships ,the jedi knights were looking for, then the admiral tells to the officer call master Siul fer Nando on the freedomeron star destroyers and naval fleet ,route to hoth system and tell them the we got the coodinates signal from the planet Kegan, yes sir.

    In the freedomeroun master Siul fer Nando was meditating and some ohters jedi padawans that join with Siul was practicing meditation and fencing to know more about the force. Then Siul saw from the force a figure, alisa,esoj and he`s son Fer in trouble, a executation, then Siul open he`s ayes and then tell to master Guru a mandalorian, master gripus att a wookie a saw my aprendice and son in trouble, then bouth said the same thing a sensed to master siul, then the admiral of the freedmeroun call to the meditation chamber, master siul a got a holo masage for you, ok admiral transfer to me in here," this is admiral frendos from the justifier near by kegan system we found the tragectory from the the jedi youre looking for" then Siul said to him thank you fendos a will be there just stay on orbit and do not try any rescue until we get there, the nfrendos said "yes sir" he bows and then the holo was gone. tell the fleet to move tru the kegan system. yes sir, there is something wrong master Siul said gripus att, then siul said to him a remember that system, my father told me that that system was devasteted by the republic in the clone wars because of the trade federation in that time was dealing, weapons, and refinery, then before the war the kegan kills some jediknights stationated in there my father was one of them but he escape, but the must anusual of this is that my father told me once that he saw a sith lord manipulating the kegan population to trow the republic because what happen in that time, that is why a told the admiral to do not attent any rescue intil we get there.

    Then on korriban master skywalker and he`s sister leia was in the academy dungeon, a door opens and a slave from the sith came to give them some food then master Luke uses the force to do a mind trick to her, luke said to her were are we, then the slave said to him in a sith academy dungeon, do you know any information of the republic comes or any oder information to get out of here, then she opens her eyes and then told to luke do not use that mind trick to me because am a jedi like you, luke atonishing for what she just told but how is that possible well actualy a was in the aprendice of master upert tao a dantoinian spicies, ahh remember him , but a sense the death of bouth of you, yes but a turn on him and kill him but the sith adopme and turn on me nad put me as a slave because a had the spark of the light side of the force like darth vader, she was very shame for what she do that luke saw her face of shaming and sadnes from her eyes, then luke told her a know because a turn to the darkside once to know what my father felt in that path but the only thing a felt is was sadnes and lonelines, she look at luke and told him put her self in knee" amvery sorry for what a did but a deserve this sadnes and punishment but will you forgive me as a jediknight, luke touch her on the head and then said to her a can sense that youre telling me with youre heart and youre answer is yes, but a need youre help, then the slave look at him and said to him can a serve to the jedi again, luke said yes and a will train you if we get out here......
    a door opens and a sith trooper slap the slave in the face and told her a told you do not stay to long and get back to work.....she past away the door and saw again luke.

  21. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    ?Han Solo, I should have known it was you.? Alisa said, ?But why am I tied? You know I would never hurt you.?

    ?Old habits die hard. Here let me get you of these? Han replied taking of the shackles. ?What are you doing here??

    ?I could ask you the same thing, but it will have too wait.?

    Alisa started telling Han Everything that has happened and how Esoj, Fer and herself were shot down from space on their way to rescue Luke and Han?s wife.

    ?So Luke is in trouble again. You know I have gotten him out of so many scrapes it feels like old times again.? Han added. ?But we should try and rescue Esoj and Fer. We need all the help we can get If were going to rescue Luke and my wife. Do you know where he could have landed??

    ?I?m not sure. But I can feel that he is some where in the city.? Alisa said.

    Han knew this wasn?t good. He knew about the corruption on this planet. He was after someone on this planet. He hoped that Esoj didn?t find him first and killed him. He wanted that pleasure for himself.

    ?Han, we have to move. I sense Esoj and Fer are in danger.? Alisa said almost braking down, ?I just saw them being executed.?

    ?Calm down! Well get to them in time. Besides I believe well get all the help we need.? Han said.

    ?Why do you say that?? Alisa asked.

    ?I have a feeling? Han replied

    Alisa was not certain what Han meant by that. She felt something in Han she had never felt coming from him before. But all she could think of was saving Esoj so she ignored it.

    Meanwhile on a dark prison corner Esoj was hanged from Force-Inhibiting shackles. He was coming to from being knocked out from the heavy tranquilizer they hit him and Fer with. He tried to use the force to brake free but could not find it. He saw Fer beside him being observed by Governor O-Kyle.

    ?Get away from him? Esoj said still very weak.

    O-Kyle walked closely to him. When he reached him he slapped Esoj on the face.

    ?Don?t ever tell me what to do in my planet Jedi scum. Besides your in no condition to help you precious padawan.? O-Kyle replied.

    ?Doesn?t mean I can?t express my opinion.? Esoj joked.

    ?Even in defeat you still have that Jedi sense of humor. Ill be happy when that is over. You are scheduled to be executed tomorrow at high noon.? O-Kyle announced.

    ?On whose authority?? Esoj demanded.

    ?On mine? A voice replied.

    There was no one else there. This voice came from a speaker only voice changing transmition.

    ?Esoj Zetineb! You have been a thorn in my side. You have killed my best warriors and for that you must die. Don?t worry Alisa and Fer will join you soon enough.?

    The transmition ended. Esoj felt anger at this threat from this mysterious figure. But he started to calm down and find his center. It was very difficult without the force but was successful.

    ?The master has spoken. And now I?m the one with the pun.? O-Kyle said.

    ?The force will decide my fate.? Esoj assured him.

    ?And it?s to be destroyed by me tomorrow.? O-Kyle added laughing.
  22. siul-fer-nando

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    Dec 30, 2002
    then siul fer nando meditating he flt a disturbence in the force , and the ship was attack by sith ships from the distance and then siul fer nando said to battle stations........
  23. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    As time ran out for Esoj and Fer, Esoj woke up from a horrible vision. Cold sweat was running down his face. He tried to calm down by looking at his surroundings. That is when he noticed that Fer was missing. He feared the worse. Then a voice startled him:

    ?Looking for your little friend Jedi?? O-Kyle asked.

    ?What have you done? If you have hurt him??

    ?Shut up JedI. And don?t worry about your little friend, we decided not to execute him. It wouldn?t be moral doing that in front of the people.? O-Kyle interrupted him.

    ?How nice of you? Esoj said sarcastically. Then he felt a punch in the gut.

    ?I am going to miss that JedI humor.? O-Kyle laughed, ?Take him to the square!! It is time for you to die.?
    With his force being suppressed by the shackles his death seemed imminent. As a JedI he knew he had to accept his fate. Even though it was a little hard to believe, he was going to accept it like a JedI. He saw the executioners with Blaster Rifles. Both of them had their faces covered by hoods. They looked a little different than all the other Keganites around him. All the other Keganites where shouting Murderer to Esoj. He thought how can they buy his lies.

    They put Esoj in the middle of the square, facing the crowd. A blindfold was put over his eyes. He knew this was it, the time of his death was here his only regret would be never to se his friends and Alisa again.

    ?Ready.? O-Kyle started. ?Aim, Fire?

    As he heard the shot coming from the Rifle he felt his shackles fall from his hands. It only took him a second to react, he took of his blindfold, somersaulted over the executioners, reveling to be Han and Alisa, he used the force to call on the lightsaber Alisa tossed him.

    ?Kill them all in the name of the Sith? O-Kyle ordered.

    But it was too late. With the help of Han and Alisa, Esoj was able to knock out all of O-Kyle?s men. Before O-Kyle could leave he saw that Esoj was already behind him.

    ?Where do you think your going.? Esoj said. ?Your not going to get away this time. Your reign of terror for the Sith has been revealed to your people.?

    ?Have mercy on me Jedi.? O-Kyle pleaded. ?I was being controlled by them. I couldn?t help myself.

    ?First you?ll tell him to bring Fer to me.?

    ?Yeah! Sure!? O-Kyle signaled an officer to do as Esoj said.

    ?Alisa, go with him and bring Fer back here.? Esoj replied.

    Using the force he brought some shackles towards him and placed them on O-Kyle?s hands.

    ?What are you doing?? O-Kyle asked.

    ?In the name of the Republic Senate and The JedI Order, you are under arrest.? Esoj replied.

    ?On what grounds?? O-Kyle asked infuriated. The crowd was confused.

    ?Treason, attempted murder, and aiding the enemy of the Republic and the Jedi. I didn?t believe you when you said you were being controlled. You were acting out of greed not brainwashing.?

    O-Kyle laughed hysterically. ?You are all going to die. The most powerful Sith lord ever known will soon be reborn. And not even you or your masters will be able to stop him?

    This woke an agonizing fear inside Esoj. Was he saying that he will return. He accepted his fear and pushed it aside with the force. He didn?t have time to think of this. He had to save Luke and Leia.

    ?Take him to your prisons. We will send someone to collect him later to answer for his crimes.? Esoj told a Keganite.

    ?Yes Master Jedi. Thank you for your help. We will never forget you.? The Keganite replied.

    ?May your lives be at peace. And don?t hesitate to contact us and the Republic. We are honored to help in any way.? Esoj replied.

    ?Esoj, I?m back with Fer.? Alisa shouted

    ?Thank the force.? Esoj shouted back.

    ?You know kid, I never thought id say this, but your almost as good as Luke.? Han said.

    ?Why thank you Han. So where have you been all these past months? We have missed you. So has your daughter? Esoj added.

    ?I have missed them too, but this was something I had to do. Besides the Republic is in good hands with you kids around.? Han replied.

    ?Were not kids anymore Han, as you can plainly
  24. siul-fer-nando

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    Dec 30, 2002
    In that moment on the skies the republic ships embarcs in the skies like virus on blood the semi war on that planet was begon but from no here the new republic troops fired first to the enemy`s and esoj and alisa draw their lightsabers and han take fer and give him a blaster to protect him self from the flanks it was a rain of firing and death every here the new breed of troops were like the old stormtroopers but black armory and more agressive than the stormtroopers when the empire was on rule, their armory was a mix of the old stormtroopers and the old clone trooperslike their ranks were notable to their commander and officers wear a little semi skirt on the back with a blaster that was more deadly with a semiioncannon attach on the below the rifle, then one of the officers take of the helmet and tells to alisa general we need to move to the front or we get to be sourrounded by them, then han say to theis officer lets do it sir and then the trooper tell how are you tocommand me" am han solo, is a honor to serve to the the admiral yes sir, then solo with a joky look said admiral ok..

    then from the skies a message from one of the new strafighters tells to master esoj sir this is sargent hussafar a got a massage from master Siul for you, esoj said transmit the massage yes sir "esoj a need to get back to the energy armory onthe secura sector in youre direction then we will meet" ok master esoj and the others troops advance to the energy armory in the secura sector.

    Then Siul with some troops are getting olmost the sith troops but from no were a lightsabers was draw and then slain the troops but not Siul fer nando, he sence the darkside of the force in that moment and then use the force to be part of the darknes and then the attacker olmost got him with he`s lightsaber and then siul draw both sabers from he`s belt and then the voice was familiar to him " do you really think that the you know the darkside" siul said to him a did but the only think a get from it is lonlynes and disapointed from it, then the dark one laught to siul and sid you are really a bastard a know from the begining when a see you firt time on the jedi temple you only has and was a tempere one but like me a was powerfull with the force not you. then siul said a know you more that you ever imagin ishiro but a saw you fall. ahh yes you did but the one the only one realese me from death and darknes to live again, then siul said plegius is back from the dead,then bouth croos blades with grace, and then siul used the force trow ishihiro back and fail to do so. then ishihiro used the darside to choke siul and siul blocked with dificulty that choke was new for him it was more powerful that the oder sith lords did in the past. they start to crossing baldes with more power and determination their tecnic was unreal and siul was woried but he blocke everything that ishiro did, then siul with a suprise move he used the force take of the arm of ishiro that hadhe`s lightsaber and then something impresive happen the arm him self cemes back to ishiro`s body again then siul said by yoda what kind of force is that, then ishihiro said to him am imortal now because of the darkside you canot kill me so easily Siul, then bouth cross blandes again and ishiro jump and sil got him on the air with a single strike cut him in the half then siul drop of the lightsabers mostly confused and tired because the fighting then ishiro levitade and took siul by surprise with a punch in he`s face siul mostly knock out used the force to force ishiro to pushin him on the walls that had some metals damage because of the battle that was thers and saw again ishiro impaled, then siul used the force to make sure that ishiro never comes back on feet and compress the metal to trap him in to it, siul get in his knees and said am getting old for this , then ishiro said to him "yes you do" but ishiro can`t get off the metal trap that siul did and then said to siul, you will be back because the darkside is calling you, and will had the darkside in youre vains again you`ll see, then siul assam
  25. siul-fer-nando

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    Dec 30, 2002
    Siul look up again and then darth frighter a datorian said to him there something that my master wants and is youre head in one plate, then siul tired ignited he`s lightsaber and bouth star fighting but siul felt a great darkness on this one.....
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