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P.Rico knights of the new republic (rpg game)

Discussion in 'Latin America General Discussion' started by siul-fer-nando, Jan 19, 2006.

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  1. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    ?Han stay here and help them out. I promise to bring your wife back to you, even if it costs me my life.? Esoj said sensing that Han was going to protest.

    ?I guess we both care for her the same. Alright go. Ill stay.? Han replied.

    ?No you love her more than I. She?s more like a sister to me.? Esoj added as he Fer and Alisa made their way to the nearest Republic ship.

    As they made their way toward one of the republic gun ships a strange feeling came over Esoj. He felt the air around him change.

    ?Something is not right.? Esoj said wile running.

    ?What do you me?.? Alisa tried to say but was cut off.

    A giant explosion cut Alisa off throwing her, Esoj and Fer back. Alisa and Fer fell close to each other but were knocked out. Esoj fell hard but was still conscious. Smoke and debris fell all around him.

    He stud up and tried to focus making all the smoke clear with the force. He then felt a disturbance and went quickly for his lightsaber. He activated it just in time to block two lightsabers. The shadow of his attacker was bald and slim. The barrage of attacks were fast an furious. The smoke was starting to clear and his attacker was revealed.

    ?I said it once and ill say it again The Jedi shall fall!? She said in her raspy voice.

    ?Asaj Ventress!? Esoj identified his attacker.

    The battle was fierce but Esoj was able to block every attack she was dishing out. Most of his focus was on Asaj but he also was worried about Alisa and Fer. He was knocked back from one of Asaj?s attacks so he took the opportunity to take a quick glance around. He saw that Alisa and Fer were still out. But now more worry was on his mind because he saw some Sith troopers were running towards their position. They weren?t that close but time was running out.

    ?Don?t worry they are next on my list? Asaj laughed.

    She went to attack him but Esoj called on the Force towards Alisa?s Lightsaber. Asaj was about to attack on both sides of Esoj?s body but both were blocked simultaneously. He was able to catch Alisa?s Lightsaber in time. Esoj was on the defense for Asaj was attacking aggressively. He knew she was tiring from the fight so when he got the chance he used the force to push her back towards a tree. It was so strong that when she hit the tree she was instantly knocked out.

    Esoj then started to run towards Alisa and was relieved to see that she was standing up.

    ?ALISA, CATCH!? Esoj screamed and hurled her Lightsaber towards her.

    She caught it just in time to protect herself and Fer from the Sith troopers. As Esoj was running towards her to help her out he felt the force tell him to duck. He did and saw some laser fire go over him. He was about to scream at Alisa but saw she was on the floor as well. The laser fire wasn?t for them it was aimed towards the Sith troopers. Once all the Sith were down Alisa picked up Fer and both her and Esoj ran toward the Republic troopers that helped them out.

    ?Thank you Commander for that quick rescue.? Esoj said.

    ?We saw the explosion and decided to come. The Jedi would have done the same for us.? The commander replied.

    ?Esoj, Fer needs medical attention he took a sever blow to the head.? Alisa said.

    ?Ill take him General Alisa and take him to the ships medical bay.? A republic soldier volunteered.

    ?Commander, leave some of your troops here and tell them to go towards the city to help the others. The rest of us will accompany you to your ship in Orbit. Were going to the Secura Sector.
  2. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    Siul promptly sence evey attack that the attacker did and then Siul used the force to make a force push when the attacker were able to be part of the wall Siul move quickly and grap her and said to her, "youre under arrest" and then the attacker used the force to try to hit Sul`s head with a rock but, siul was able to block it. then siul said "am so sorry that was part of youre plan for been but for a sith lord you need more practice and training" ,you donth had any chance to win with those moves , then the sith lord told him "you win finished off cut down my head , a donth want to live in this pain and anger", then siul told her am not here to kill you , am here to finish what youre lord did with master Skywalkers and the gasp of anger and destroction that the sith embrace in every one in their path, but look you can be free from darknes and making the right path to the liht and give freedom and justice to the galaxy, but making the clones thyat is to wrong to make andfelt like god`s because of it this clones are not idea of what they get it in to the sith train them and show them the only path the sith know the dark path but a was in bouth once and a fel lonelynes in the darkside of the force but in the light a feel more the force tru me, then she start to cry and told him am so sorry but a was a jedi once one of the aprendices to master Kartarn when master skywalker opens the new academy on yavin 4 but destiny was to be apart of the jedi and be part of the lonelynes, and then a was lost in the mission on gendirlum a was unable to fallow master katarn orders and then an explotion gets us apart then the others let me there alone in the darknes. then Siul said to her do you know that apart is was the force that want you to fallow youre heart and be part of the force, they let you go because the force wanted like that in that moment. then she look up and make an smile to siul and said to him thank you to open true the force now a understand why, and how than she present her self my real name is lilandrak as a saviour of my self tru the force and let me see again my live to serve you it will,and a will. then siul said to her only fallow the force, then in that instant a sith troops start to firing to them and lilandrak said to siul what now, just fallow my lead and youll see a sence that you need more training and a will provide it for you if you want then lilandrak said yes master ,then siul and lilandrak start blocking their firing and then siul used the force to elevade some of them and trow then to others, liladrak used the force to make a force push tru the wall and bouth make an scape for the moment, then siul said to her am Siul fer nando not master a donth like that master name it make me nervous remember lilandrak a donth ouwn you you fallow because the force guide you to me that is part of youre destiny, then siul felt an sniper on the roof and used the force to push him back and lilandrak jump to him and slashing in half, then the other of the sith troops saw them and disband the territory. then siul said to lilandrak we need to hide for the moment a felt to many sith troops we need more help so we wait until esjo arrived with the calvary. a will used the force meditation to prevent and call for reinforments and a hope that esejo can come asap as possible, but lillandrak falow siul meditation and make the force more powerfull and bouth of them used the force to conect them self to make a force barrier.....
  3. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    As the starship made his way to the Secura Sector he felt something was wrong. He felt a darkness very close to himself but could not pinpoint it. He was so confused that he had to get all this tension out. Since he couldn?t spar on the ship he decided to meditate.

    As he made himself comfortable he sensed the presence of Fer outside his door.

    ?Come in Fer.? Esoj said before Fer could knock.

    The door opened and Fer had a confused look in his face.

    ?Master Esoj, I?m puzzled!? Fer said.

    ?About what Fer??.

    ?Why did you leave my father to fend for himself on that planet. He could be killed!?

    ?Do you believe that in your heart, or are you just afraid you wont see him again??

    ?What? No I?. Its just I?m worried about him.?

    ?So am I. But I have known your father for years and what he is facing right now doesn?t compare to what we have faced together. We will return to him once we get the cavalry in the Secura Sector. Trust me!?

    ?I just found him after all these years. I don?t want to lose him now?.

    ?I think I understand what you feel Fer. I would feel devastated too if?.if he wasn?t with us anymore.? Esoj said with a tear going down his cheek.

    ?I?..I?m sorry! I didn?t mean for you to have this reaction. I?m just concerned.?

    At that exact moment Alisa comes in and sees Esoj in this sad state.

    ?Fer! What did you do?? She asked.

    ?No.. I didn?t mean??

    ?Alisa Its all right. We were just having a heart to heart.? Esoj jumped in.

    ?I think Ill leave.? Fer said exiting Esoj?s Room.

    Alisa saw the pain in Esoj?s eyes and tried to understand what was going on.

    ?We were just talking about Master Siul. About how we would both miss him if he were gone.? Esoj explained.

    ?Oh! I guess I understand how you would feel. Id probably feel the same way. But I would feel more lost if you were taken from my life.?

    ?I feel the same way, but that would take us to a place that we don?t want to go.? Esoj added.

    ?Always the wisdom giver aren?t you. Is that what attracted me to you??

    ?And here I thought it was my charm and boyish good looks.?

    Both laugh and share a long and passionate embrace. He broke the embrace when he felt a powerfull desturbance in the force.

    "We need to move quickly. Master Siul is in Danger." Esoj said.

    "I feel it too. I also feel a new presence close to him. We musnt delay!" Alisa agreed.

    Unknown to them their whole conversation was being overheard. On a distant planet you could hear the same words that Esoj and Alisa said.

    ?Soon you will feel the pain of loss young Jedi. You will fall to the Dark Side and join me as my new Apprentice. The galaxy will tremble before us.? The dark lord laughed.
  4. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    Siul jump and ignitad his lightsaber and block the firepower from the sides then lilandrak jump behind him and start bloking the attack from oposite side than siul; then she fel the force to strong than siul impulse a great energy from his body that couse the attackers stun then siul nearly week said to lillandrak finish them all, when lillandrak finish with all the oponets, she said to siul what was that master, is part of the force ,sometime on my live a learn the ways of the darkside, is to easy to do but deadly if you try alone, that tecnic is called by the sith the deadstuner is just rise youre all anger and hate and the produce a electromagneticshock wafe that stune youre oponets, but cuase to you to weeken all youre body, but am ok now thank you , it was my pleasure master, then bouth still looking each other and the force conect them with a force aura that means that they are conected in the force...

    meanwill they walk tru the old library in the city, but siul felt the force there, and lillandrak said to him did you felt that, then siul reply yes a felt but only a object a can sense not a n individual. but it cna be then bouth ran to the item and they found some kin of old books and pergamisn and an inusual jedi holocrome, siul take the holocrome and then get activated , and starts the holo wiht a old figure named oddan nodds, a old jedimaster and jedi archivist from the old republic when the first great wars were started, and then nodds star to ask to siul " this is the jedi holocrom archives from jedi master oddan nodds what a jedi in this days of darknes needs my wisdom form the force" , then lillandrak ask " master "odds what wisdom you can tell to us in this era of darkness" then odds said"the darkness will prevail only if the dakside of the force prevail on the galaxy, and the non jedi a dark jedis that born in the shadows from the dead mediclorians will rule if the jedi donth slain the primary shadows, a new treat will rise fromthe darkness, a boy that the force is strong got the aswers of the riddle a make....." but salvation will rise if the center of the galaxy orginize to prevent the chaos that will rise, a master that walks from the sky and his sister will rise this treat... but it will slain this treat as well if he survive the rise"

    siul were stun and mearly confused but he undertant all the info that the holo give, then siul ask to odds, master odds we the jedi are criple the war with this shadow criple us all, what we do to prevail or prevent this treat to over shadow us"

    then odds told"the jedi never oing to been vanish from the galaxy, because the time of time that the jedi fouhgt to this darkness allways found the way to survive, but if the remain of the jedi fallows the dark path then only then the jedi will be vanish form the galaxy, but a new spark will rise form nowere, but be aware of this spark if the dakside gets on hi`s heart a lord of the sith more powerfull than marka ragnos will be and conquer the galaxy.. then siul look up and said Fer no to FER not you..... it can be.

    then Siul took his comlink and try to comunicate to esoj zetineb, esoj this is master Siul do you copy................................
  5. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    Esoj and Alisa made their way to the main Bridge of the Stardestroyer to find out how much longer till they reached the secura sector. Once they reached it they saw that everyone was dead.

    "What the..." Esoj said surprised. "Alisa check the power generator. Ill see our destination."

    "Esoj, I cant. All the computers are locked down and it apperes the hyperdrive is till activated."

    "Your right about that and I get the feeling our destination isn't The Secura sector."

    "Esoj. Over here!"

    Esoj ran towards Alisa to see she was over a corpse of a republoc soldier. He had a circular burn on his chest that went all the way thru his body.

    "A lightsaber wound? but the only Jedi here are You, me and.... no It cant be Fer."

    "What are you saying? Fer wouldnt do this. There must be a......"

    Alisa was interupted by Esoj's communicator.

    "Esoj this is Siul. Do you copy?"

    "Loud and clear master. What's wrong?"

    "Esoj I must warn you that......[static]"

    "Master Siul? Master Siul!" Esoj tried to bring him back but he was cut off.

    "Esoj, I dont like this. First we find all the soldiers are dead, the computers are off-line and now comunications have been Jammed. A Sith is here there must be."

    "Alisa have you noticed that we cant feel any disturbance in the Force? I have heard of this before. Somehow the Dark Side is clouding everything even our powers. we must be very close to a Dark Side world."

    "Your right. It is strange."

    Suddenly gas was coming out of the vents on the bridge.

    "Gas. Lets get..."

    Before he could finish his sentence all doors were seald shut instantly. Alisa was going for her lightsaber when;

    "Alisa no! Youll...(Cough)...ignite the gassssssss..."

    Esoj fell to the floor unconscious. Alisa followed. They were on their way to Korriban Home of the new Dark lord of the Sith.

    On the secondary bridge more bodies were found dead on the floor except one. He deactivated the communications jamming unit and activated his own communicator.

    "Its been taken care of Master. We are on our way."

    "Well done my young apprentice. Soon he will become one of us." The Sith Lord Laughed.
  6. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    The sith lord speak to one of the sith aprendices there on korriban academy an old fortres that has been destroy by a jedi that was darth revan on the old wars long time ago. then the renew Dark lord of the all sith named FREEDOM NADD was alive and more powerfull and want to conquer the galaxy for the sith and for him, he`s eyes were on fire with he`s red,dark red eyes, and he`s body more bulk that before,and the dark and renew sith armor in goldish color but dark robes and dark garps alike bane sith clothes on the old days. then he construct a new lightsaber, with the relics the sith acrhives troopers found on the ruins of the sith lords deadlong ago, a memory nadd had ,when he was betray and murdered by the others sith lords that rest in those ruins, then a vision of the old sith lords long gone start to talk to freddom nadd and nadd said to them begon with me Am the real lord of the sith so leve me be to qunquer the galaxy as we suppose tobe done long time ago, then he just finish constructin he`s new lightsaber using and combine from that power to create more weapons to bring death to the jedi. then freedom nadd walks tru the blasters doors and saw luke and leia and tell in that dark and strong voince of nadd do you really think that you`ll seethe light or a know you fool jedi, he used the force to levitate like and give an old trick the force choke but luke block that choke and nadd used the force to bring him down with a force grip, than leia said to him leave him alone you monster, leia used the force to push back nadd. but nadd was to much powerfull that never move from that. then nadd said to her you foolish jedi never learn then with the other hand used the force to used the old force lighting to her, then luke used the force to push him back to erase the attack of nadd, nadd go`s down and then laught to them thats all you got tiny jedi`s, but ahhh as a said a know youre soul jedi youre the son of the traitor lord vader hahahahahahaha he was only a puppet from the sith and sidious was wrong to put him to be aprendice to that element of light spark a tld him that vader will not been trusted because he wasth had the darkside in he`s heart like the old aprendices like darth maul and dooku, but ahhh youre sister is no longer the future of the force anymore, because a had another dark spark more powerfull than youre family linage.....

    then Siul told lillandra" we need to move fast to korriban a sence everything we`ll be over in that place, my old aprendice is in danger let`s herry and go over there to finish this war once for all" yes Siul let`s go. then bouth of them get tru one of the sith shuttle that remain flyable from that palce, ok lillandra get the navigation system and calibrate and let`s pun**** ok..........
  7. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    Esoj tossed and turned on the ground. He woke up to find himself in a strange place. It was cold and disturbing, like the Dark Side. As he awoke a comlink close to his body chimed.

    ?Welcome to Korriban Master Zetineb? the comlink said.

    Esoj was surprised to see that the figure coming from the comlink was Freedom Nadd, a Sith Lord from the old republic from over 2000 years ago.

    ?Its not possible, you?re the Sith Lord? Your suppose to be dead.? Esoj said.

    ?You still have much to learn Master Zetineb. The force can terrible and wonderful things to anyone who wants it bad enough.? Nadd answered. ?Enough of this my resurrection is not important, the life of your precious Alisa is?

    The comlink changed from Nadd to Alisa hanging on Force resistant binders and was ravaged and clearly bleeding. She was still out but ha saw she was still alive.

    ?What your game Nadd?? Esoj asked in anger but quickly set it aside although it was harder on Korriban.

    ?By now you have realized your inside one of the Sith Tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords, more precisely the??
    ??The tomb of Naga Sadow? They both said at the same time.

    ?Your insights serve you well but not for long. You see I have sealed you in this tomb and sent you some surprises that I believe you will enjoy ha, ha, ha, ha! Oh don?t worry I left you your saber so you have a chance but only a single saber.?

    ?Gee thanks! That was nice of you!? Esoj replied.

    ?You are beginning to test my patience Jedi. I hope you survive so I can KILL you myself. But I doubt it. I sent some of my best Sith to kill you.? Nadd said. And cut the transmition.

    Esoj Picked up the comlink and tried to contact the council but the communications were immediately jammed. He felt like a failure. Not able to protect the woman he loves, not being able to detect the traitor in their midst and not sensing the immediate danger on his way to The Secura Sector. He wanted to stay there and just let the Sith kill him, but he knew that this wasn?t the end. He had to fight to save Alisa, Luke and Leia. He had to hide this negative feeling and turn it into positive energy to survive this cumming solo war he was about to embark on.

    All of a sudden, he felt a dark presence approaching. It was very powerfull and graceful. His first battle was about to begin. He had nowhere to run so he stood his ground and waited for the warrior to approach.

    ?Are you that eager to die Zetineb. You are more foolish than my old master Revan?

    ?Malak! I see you have all your features together. Isn?t cloning wonderful?? Esoj replied.

    ?You?re a fool Zetineb. You think you can survive all of us even If you should win you will lose in the end. Now,? Malak said activating his crimson red Lightsaber, ?lets see how good you really are.?

    Esoj activated his lightsaber before Malak finished talking and blocked most of Malak?s moves using his Form VII: Juyo Vaapad moves. He had studied Master Mace Windu?s and also most of the old masters Holocrom for years trying to learn all that he could from them and has been able to learn most of the forms. But mostly uses Form VII the Juyo/Vaapad form.

    ?Impressive form. I never knew this existed. Hmmm! I?m going to enjoy this battle? Malak said.

    They continued fighting. Esoj Blocking every move Malak was dishing out. Esoj started attacking Malak and was met with lightsaber blocking every time. Esoj kicked Malak down to the floor and tried to use an overhead slash on him but was blocked and Malak trips Esoj and uses a side slash to finish him off but is blocked and followed by a Force wave pushing Malak away from him. They both arise ready for battle and unleash a horde of lightsaber moves and force powers to try an defeat each other. It was very difficult as both warriors were almost matched. But Esoj knew he was a little weak. He didn?t know how long he was unconscious and he could still feel the effects of the gas. But he was driven by something Malak didn?t expect, Love. His love for Alisa gave him the strength to defeat Malak and anyone who tried to stop
  8. siul-fer-nando

    siul-fer-nando Jedi Youngling star 2

    Dec 30, 2002
    It was Darth Furia but esoj saw Fer with a ligthsaber on hand and with the eyes that the sith looks like when hate is on the blood vains, but furia used the force to make esoj suffer with the force lightning form furia`s hands, and more that esoj resisted more furia get more hate from the jedi, furia saw the past and future of the jedi order, he saw when a black shadow destry the jedi and ended the order to crple, but an spark ofthe skywalkers emerge, and destry the empire from with in, and the fure of the jedi was unreal, he can see the jedi criple on the galaxy and the new sith lords emerge from the shadows to rule......

    UHRGGgggg master siul are you ok, no a can feel it can you, no master a can only feel an echo in the force, thats because youre not bounded from it , a had the feeling that esoj and my son are in danger, but a got a feeling that one of them will be lost in the darkside of the force... we had to make it quikly as we can to finish this once it for all.....

    korriban ohh master Luke skywalker and the other skywalker solo the sith lord of the all sith march in fron of them and then said to them the time is close to buth of you, a got one of the falling jedi at my hand and the other is going to be executed for treason, Luke said "what had you done" ooo nothing just finishing the work that lord sidious never finish becasue of the fail of he`s aprendice vader. lia in anger said to him if you touch one of them you`ll be banish and the order the new order of the jedi will destry you and youre fallowers forever then the sith lord laught "hahahahahahahah" you jedi never learn do you, the jedi fall because theire weak, decadent, and for the last powerless from the nature of the force..............
  9. esoj-zetineb

    esoj-zetineb Jedi Youngling

    Jan 23, 2006
    "Fer you traitor! How can you do this to the Republic, the dark side is never the answer" Esoj said after being taken down by the Force lighting thrown by Fer.

    "That name no longer has any meaning for me. My true name is Darth Furia! Learn it well for it is the sound of your and the Republics doom." Furia replied in anger.

    "How can you have forgotten your name so quickly? I thought you were my friend and how your father will react to..."

    "Do you think I care about my father? You are a fool just like him. You Jedi are all fools, and now that we have your Master's they will never be able to stop us." Furia screamed in fury and laughed at the end.

    "Their here aren't they? Were are they Fer? Tell me!"

    As Esoj said this Fer activated his lightsaber wish glowed a crimson red and attacked him towards his head but Esoj was able to activate his blue lightsaber in time to block his attack.

    "Don't you ever call me that I am Darth Furia your destroyer."

    Esoj attacked him on his right leg but Furia was able to leap over Esoj. Furia tried to plunge his saber on Esoj's back but Esoj rolled before the blow. Esoj stud up in his ready stance lightsaber in both hands. Furia came towards him with a barrage of lightning fast attacks to his left and right shoulders but Esoj was able to block them all and was able to counter-attack with a swing over Furia's head, trying to slash down towards his head, a plunge towards his body and a swing towards his left shoulder wish Furia was able to either dodge or block but he was not able to block the roundhouse kick Esoj launched after all these attacks towards the right side of his head.

    Furia was a little stung but was able to compose himself quickly and blocked the attack that Esoj was throwing towards his right shoulder.

    "You are better than I thought Esoj. No wonder Master Freedom Nadd wants you alive!"

    "What do you mean? I would never turn!" Esoj replied.

    "That's what I thought at first, but he showed me the true nature of the force. I am more powerfull than any Jedi even you." Furia said as he attacked using force lightning but this time Esoj was ready for it and used the force to block it and send it towards the ceiling wish made some rubble come down. "That doesn't mean that I can tell him that I accidentaly killed you defending myself. He shouldn't pick someone as weak as you over me. Ill make sure he doesn't receive his new apprentice and I will destroy him myself."

    "Only a Sith deals in absolutes. This quest of yours is futile. He would never allow you to kill me if I'm so valuable to him. Beside your counting your Dragons before they hatch. You have to get thru me before you declare victory."

    The continuing fight was intense and lasted for about two hours. They were both battered and bruised. Blood was dripping from their wounds and their robes were tattered. Both of them were exhausted but were able to keep going. This battle was one that both of them may not survive.

    "How long do we have to keep this useless fight going Furia?" Esoj said panting.

    "What? You tired already?" Furia replied panting as well.

    "I will go for as long as I must to stop you and your Master."

    Then an explosion was heard coming from the entrance of the Tomb of Naga Sadow.
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