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SWRPF Archive Knights Of The Old Republic:Atris' Story (Night Version)

Discussion in 'Star Wars Role Playing Archive' started by Darth_White, Jul 14, 2005.

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  1. Darth_White

    Darth_White Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 7, 2005
    The night can be dangerous and the night's cold can be deadly.Sith Lords creep around in every dark shadow,waiting to catch their pray.Jedi rule the day an the Sith rules the night.Everyone runs with terror when both sides clash into eachother,killing all of exestance until the last warrior standing.Night,became a battlefeild and a grave for all,but much more chaos.I,Atris,will help the Jedi conquer the night and stop this chaos from spreading over villages and cities,even if it takes my life away.No one will stop me,not even a Sith army can over take my by shinning light where it never shines and give the people freedom and justice.We,the Jedis shall be victorious!!This is my story when night became a war...

    1.No Godmoding (exept me :D )
    2.No Spamming
    3.No Flaming
    4.PM me your character sheets or they will not be accepted
    5.Keep on topic
    6.Keep OCC down to minimum (if possible)
    7.We start out with 100 hp
    8.We will use the d20 online dice (website) for battles
    9.Obey the GM
    10.Don't kill others with out my permission
    11.All made up or from the KOTOR Series will be acceptable
    12.Have Fun

    ~Relationship With Other Characters In The Game~
    Everyone must ask a person,but they must say yes in order to have a relationship with them,if they want their character to be related with eachother.One or more is acceptable,but must approve by me.

    ~Character Sheet~
    Force Sensitive:
    Lighsaber Color: (Only for Jedi and Sith users)
    Lightsaber Perfered Form: (Only for Jedi and Sith users)
    Weapon(s) (3 MAX):
    Millitary Experiance:
    Death Experiance: (seeing people die,etc;)

    My Character Sheet...
    Affitiation:Jedi/Galatic Republic
    Rank:Jedi Masster
    Force Sensitive:Yes
    Weapon(s) (3 MAX):Lightsaber
    Lighsaber Color:Cyan
    Lightsaber Perfered Form:Single
    Millitary Experiance:None
    Death Experiance:Here Jedi Master dying by getting shot in the heart.
    Bio:She is one of the few surviving Jedi, most of the rest having fallen to the Sith Lords Darth Nihilus and Darth Sion, and their army of Sith assassins. She has taken refuge under a polar ice cap on the planet Telos, where she has hidden most of the Jedi's valuable artifacts and resources, such as Sith Holocrons. She sought to remedy what she saw as a fundamental flaw of the Jedi Order: the lack of any mechanism to prevent Jedi from falling to the Dark Side, and repeatedly wreaking havoc on the galaxy. To that end, she trained a group of half-sisters, specially equipped and trained to resist Force powers and if necessary use their Echani combat skills to subdue wayward Jedi.Atris planned to eventually rebuild the Jedi Order, but she became corrupted by her own arrogance and by delving into the forbidden knowledge of her collection of Sith Holocrons.

    @};- DW. @};-

    NP edit: Locked at author's request.
  2. Darth_White

    Darth_White Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 7, 2005
  3. Delta_36

    Delta_36 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 3, 2005
    [link=]COOKED HOTDOGS[/link]
    [link=]DANGER ZONE[/link]








  4. Delta_36

    Delta_36 Jedi Youngling star 3

    Jun 3, 2005
    Name:Ryan Kidio
    Homeplanet:Echani homeworld
    Force Sensitive:YES
    Lighsaber Color:sliver,cyan
    Lightsaber Perfered Form:5
    Apperance: [image=] boy
    Weapon(s) (3 MAX):Lightsaber X 2
    Spacecraft:Ebon Hawk
    Millitary Experiance:Served in Republic for 2
    Death Experiance:Killing mandalorens,anyone who attacks him or his friends
    Bio:Ryan is the best male Echani fighter there is and his sister is Brinna(handmaden).He was born and rased on the Echani homeworld like his sister he never saw his mom and revan slayed his dad.Ever sence he was trained as a jedi he been going to telos to see his baby sister.

  5. Darth_White

    Darth_White Jedi Youngling star 2

    Jun 7, 2005
    We will start when we get more players.
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