VIDEO Kotaku details last days of LucasArts; provides video of LA's Battlefront III

Discussion in 'Games' started by Joe, Apr 10, 2013.

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    Disney guts LucasArts, stock prices are unaffected. Doesn't that interest anyone?

    What was the last great LucasArts game? Their final quality project was probably Republic Commando, and that was years ago - I am discounting joint-developed things here, so no, don't say Battlefront, as that was the now-defunct Pandemic - so I don't see what the furor is about. LucasArts was content to let IPs like Star Wars and Indy sit gathering dust, and at least Disney does things with the properties they own. You might not like that, and you might not like that their main goal was profit, but running a business based solely on fostering creativity does not a good business make (necessarily).

    I have to say, it seems that most folks are annoyed because of their nostalgia filter - LucasArts did make some absolutely incredibly and fantastic games, and a lot of their history is tied to gamers' personal histories. So while it's sad to see the studio go, it was very much not the same studio that made Dark Forces or Jedi Knight. 1313 looked fantastic, but we weren't given a hell of a lot to look at, and Battlefront 3 seemed like a longshot anyways - considering that game's past, my reaction to it being quietly cancelled before anyone even knew about it amounted to, "Figures."

    It seems many folks are getting angry or frustrated without having seen what Disney will do with the Star Wars IP - all the latest announcements have been business-oriented, and only VII is in the pipeline, which I get could be worrying, but I think I'll be waiting to see what the next Star Wars game looks like before I turn my back on them.
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    Disney's shoddy "justification" is my only complaint about the closure, because no "violent" games, not even an FPS, is just insane. I am already worried about being utterly alienated by the ST, whether it be the end of the post-RotJ as we know it or continuing with the depressing post-NJO, so this "violent" games nonsense just makes me mad.
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    ^ My opinion exactly. Good or bad movies are one thing, not releasing violent videogames is another. Boggling because it is not only a stupid decision in general, but also a stupid business decision. Surely, even the most humble moron would realise that releasing Battlefront 3 is likely to be a goldmine. Surely.
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    It depends. Disney may be playing a Roddenberry game here. According to Will Shatner's Star Trek Movie Memories, it was in large part Gene Roddenberry who kept Star Trek off the live-action screens from about 1960 until the Motionless Picture was started on. When Star Trek started to pick up good numbers in syndication, the empty suits came circling around Roddenberry trying to convince him to relaunch the series. Roddenberry refused, figuring he had more leverage with Star Trek in his back pocket and waiting for the clamour for Star Trek's return to become overwhelming. Even the cartoon series was a sort of test bed to see how popular the show really was. As it was, Roddenberry only returned to Star Trek once all his other ideas (from Pretty Maids All in a Row through to The Questor Tapes) had fizzled out.

    In short, Disney shutting down most if not all Star Wars properties to focus people's minds on a new series might be thought of as a decent tactical PR move. We've gotten used to a drip-feed of Star Wars properties over the past few years. Disney is trying to make the fanbase hungry again.
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    I am already getting ready to move to a more "stable" francise if much else happens.

    Well people think violent games are the cause of these mass shootings. I think we should ban Mario because kids could try to jump down pipes and hurt themselves.
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