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Krash's Bowling charity - need help

Discussion in 'FanForce Activities' started by Krash, Apr 14, 2003.

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  1. Krash

    Krash RSA Emeritus star 5 VIP - Former Mod/RSA

    Oct 11, 2000
    In my constant efforts to "do some good"...I'm participating in Bowl For Kid's Sake 2003 bowling for Big Brothers, Big Sisters here in Cleveland (both personal and as a representative of my FanForce) Now, all I need to do is try and raise $100 for the April 27th event...that's where I need everyone's help!!!

    Would anyone (or Fanforce chapters) be interested in helping sponser me for this event?

    I happen to be on my cousin Bob's team (with guys from NASA Lewis/Glenn in Cleveland) called "Rocket Guys Who Bowl". (seemed ironic given MY affiliation)

    Here's the link to that website:
    [link=]Bowling For Kids' Sake 2003[/link]

    I've already been asking CRs from other cities, and Bobafemme says I can use it as an artical for FF news as an example of Fanforce charity work.

    The website asks for a minimum donation of $10 (but you can request an invoice, in the mail for smaller donations). I figure a bunch of small donations from alot of people (and I've had the pleasure of meeting alot of good people here on TFN) could go a long way!

    "you say the biggest problem in the universe is that nobody helps each other" - Anakin Skywalker (TPM)
Thread Status:
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