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Discussion in 'NorthEast Regional Discussion' started by CernStormrunner, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000

  2. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    anybody pick this book up yet?
  3. greencat336

    greencat336 Jedi Knight star 5

    Jan 27, 2001
    yep. I liked it, although to be honest I liked the part before the regular characters showed up. The first part of the book, which is just random people in the SW galaxy, was really good. Having the regular characters show up felt very forced. Reminded me of the Adam West Batman TV show, where they'd be going up the side of the building and a random celeb would open a window and talk to Batman and Robin.

    I guess they figured if there weren't any regular characters, then people wouldn't buy the book. As if zombie stormtroopers weren't enough :)

  4. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    Zombie Stormtroopers...i think i know what my next custom figs are going to be.

    Love this [link=]trailer [/link]also.

    the weird thing is, back when i was writing scripts for a fan film, i had something very similar.
    The heroes would have intercepted a New Republic distress signal, and found a derelict Star Destroyer, the REVENANT. Basically after the Dark Trooper project was shut down, some of the scientists behind it tried to create genetically enhanced troops. They ended up making horrific mutant berzerkers, maybe more like Reavers.

    I still have the script on my drive from back in the early 00's
  5. CernStormrunner

    CernStormrunner Jedi Master star 4

    Jul 6, 2000
    I found the txt file with that old script i was talking about.

    a few notes. the character listed as "Kathy" was the persons name who was playing the part. I never came up with a name for the character I liked.

    Zar was the Han Solo type, Kun is his droid co-pilot / muscle. Their ship is called the Grey Ghost

    Cinaen is the brother of Cern Stormrunner (my character). He had this whole arc where he went dark and is hunting down the other Darksiders who had escaped.

    Boka Shonn is a bounty hunter hired to capture Cinaen for stuff he did while Dark.

    anyway, it sucks but it was a first draft so wtk:

    PART 2

    The Grey Ghost flies through space. On the bridge, Zar and Kun pilot the ship. A light begins flashing.
    ZAR: Are you picking that up, Kun?
    KUN: Mutters something in robotese
    ZAR: Thats what I thought. Distress signal. (hits button on control panel) Hey guys, you might want to get up here.
    CINAEN:(through intercom) Whats going on?
    ZAR: We've picked up a distress signal. It looks like its New Republic in origin.
    CINAEN: New Rep? What are they doing out here in the Unknown Regions?
    ZAR: Guess you'll just have to ask them yourself. Set course Kun.

    CGI shot of the Ghost approaching an old battered Star Destroyer.

    ZAUBER:I have a bad feeling about this.
    ZAR:Sensors indicate its the REVENANT. Kun, do a search.
    KUN: (babbles something in robot)
    ZAR: The ISD Revenant. Listed as missing almost 21 years ago.
    CINAEN: But there's a New Republic distress signal coming from it?
    ZAR: Yep.
    CINAEN: Then we're going in.
    ZAR: Why? We don't know what could be on that thing. Booby traps, self destructs....
    CINAEN: Credits, advanced technology, classified Imp data...
    ZAR: Good point. Wheres that main hangar again?

    SHONN: Hmmm, a New Rep distress signal. this might be interesting....
    CGI shot of the Spitfire flying past.

    DISSOLVE to inside of the REVENANT
    Cinaen and the gang are exploring the ship. Zauber looks around cautiously.
    ZAUBER: I am sensing several strange creatures in the Force. It's almost like there are multiple signatures in the same position.
    CINAEN: I feel it too.
    ZAR: Hey Kun, do your sensors pick anything up?
    KUN:(makes scanning noise for a few seconds) mutters something in robot.
    ZAR: He said there is a sensor blip approaching quickly from that direction.
    CINAEN: Lets go then.
    ZAR: Kun, go wait by the ship. i don't want to get cut off if something goes wrong.

    They walk down the hall, and suddenly Kathy jumps out of a hallway and fires a shot at the guys.

    KATHY: Identify yourselves!! Who the hell are you!
    CINAEN: Take it easy! we picked up a distress signal and came to rescue you!
    KATHY: (Lowering her rifle.) Well it's about damn time. They killed all the rest of my squad. We have to get out of here.
    ZAR: Who killed your squad?
    KATHY: Not who. What...

    The group begins walking down the hall back towards the ship. Kathy begins talking...

    KATHY:(Here comes the exposition) After the Dark Trooper project was destroyed, some of the Imperial Generals began trying to create a replacement. They used this ship as an experimental base to preform genetic experiments. They hoped that they could create a Super Storm Trooper Biologically, instead of Robotically. Anyway, an accident occurred and the ship was abandoned. The New Republic Intelligence has been looking for this ship for years. We finally found it two days ago. Then members of my team began disappearing. Finally my ship was sabotaged and exploded. Luckily I managed to get into the air ducts. These BioTroopers are too big to fit inside, and I was able to get out a distress signal.
    ZAR: So...what do these things look like?
    KATHY: Big, ugly,covered with bone spurs...

    Just then a horrible growl echoes down the hall.

    KATHY: And they sound like that.
    ZAR: What the hell was that?
    CINAEN: They're coming!

    Shot of dark shapes moving down the hallway.

    ZAR: AAHHHHGGHHH!!!!(whips open coat, draws two blaster pistols and begins fireing. One of the creatures arms flies off, but it just keeps coming)

    CINAEN: Lets get out of here!
    The group runs dow
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