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    "Ktah! Are you trying to get us killed!"

    "Sithspit!Uh...I think I broke it."

    *Explosion* "Broke WHAT!!!"shouted Kyp.

    "um.. we have a little situation here."

    "What did you break!?"

    "The breaks." Admited a sheepish Jagged Fel.

    *Another explosion*

    " We are swirling through Hyperspace, we are going to die if we can't
    stop at any civilized civilization with this bucket of bolts, and you say you jammed the brakes!"

    "Not jammed, broken."

    "My cape is stuck in your shoes."

    "That was flawed."

    " No seriously, why'd you take
    them off?"

    "Because I was looking for my blaster and my shoes couldn't fit..."

    "your big feet?"


    "Then why did I hear shriwook cursing?"

    "I was practicing!"

    "I don't think cursing at Wookies would charm them out of their trunks."

    "Their trunks?"

    "Yeah, Wookies like trees,right?"

    "Whatever," Jag continued,"Then my hand accidentally got thrust into
    the cooling vent and then it turned into a handcicle."

    "This sounds interesting." Kyp replied as he continued his avasive manuvers.

    " And then i stumbled back and my handcicle hit the brake and
    stuck to it and when i finally yanked it free I yanked the brake along with it."

    "Oy.Just help me figure out how to send a disress signal."

    "oh what, your jedi senses don't already know the button to push?"

    "There is no button to push this is a Yuuzhan Vong ship!"

    "Then how do you know I broke the brakes?"

    "Because They slowed us down!"

    "There is a big difference between slowing down and Stoping."


    "There shreds your cape,Jedi." Jag teased.

    "That was my favorite color!" Kyp cried in distress.

    "Would you like a teacup of brandy to consol your greivances?"

    Kyp almost laughed. "A teacup? Why a teacup? What is it with you and

    "That's all I have."

    "That's all you have or that's all you want to give me?"


    "I don't even want to know."

    "You sure?."


    And with a smile Kyp and Jag faced their doom with sarcasim and politics.

    *Kyp pops up* "Politics? Were you brainwashed Jag?"

    " Hey! I'm telling the story!" Jag retorted.

    "Hey! I'm not obsessed by teacups!"

    "I'm not obssesed! Just momentairily blinded by their beauty!"

    Kyp looks at the audience of sane people, (for the most part)

    "Shall we take a vote?"


    "Alright, which of us," *kyp points to himself and

    Jag* "Is obssesed by teacups?"

    Dum Da Dum Dum Da Dum Da Dum, dum da dum da da da dum dum dum dum.

    "The votes are in, and I'm the sane one!"

    "Oh but insane is SO much better!"

    [End Credits]

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    OK, I'm upping, but just so someone i know can c it...thnx! Courtney
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