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Labor Day Weekend Cookout ....Saturday September 3rd

Discussion in 'Boston, MA' started by Fat_Daddy_Pimp_Stain, Aug 27, 2005.

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  1. Fat_Daddy_Pimp_Stain

    Fat_Daddy_Pimp_Stain Jedi Youngling

    Jun 18, 2005
    I hope many of you can attend and will bring a friend or two.

    We will be having a whole bunch of hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, chicken and boca burgers for those who are vegetarians. I will also have many snacks foods, (chips and dip, corn chips and salsa, cheese curls, popcorn, etc.) Cheese-crackers & pepperoni also. We will also have many sides dishes like potato salad , macaroni salad, garden salad, etc.

    If a game is on the T.V. it will be on so you won't miss anything.
    For the kids we will have goodie bags with all sorts of little toys and items to keep them busy and freeze pops are never in short supply.

    If anyone is interested, please let me know soon. This way we can make changes if needed.
    And also so I know how many of you are coming and if you will be bringing a guest. I don't have a lot of parking on the street so try and carpool if possible, motorcycle are always welcome and encouraged. If you get hungry again and you see no food ready just ask we will make more.The party does not stop until it stops. One year we went until 4:00 a.m.

    It is not required but if you like to bring something to add to the cookout that is fine. I usually just tell everyone to bring themselves. But if you do bring something it will be greatly appreciated.

    I live in Milford which is about 45-60 minutes southwest of Boston. I will supply directions later, and if you cannot get a ride, you can take the T Commuter Rail from South Station to Forge Park Station in Franklin. I live 10-15 minutes by car and we can pick up people.

    E-mail me, Private message me, and post to this thread or on the [link=,_MA/b10654/21108022/?15]Foxboro thread[/link]
    so you can let me and everybody know your going and you can make arrangements with others. And I will answer any questions you have.

    Hope to hear from some of you soon.
  2. BellaSabrina

    BellaSabrina Jedi Padawan star 4

    Oct 13, 2002
    Gary and I will be there Sunday :)
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